[scans] digimon tamers: heartwarming picture book

デジモン 公式大図鑑V

Three illustrations for “Digimon’s Heartwarming Picture Book” that came in the Digimon Tamers illustrated guide book, “Digimon Official Encyclopedia V ~Digimon Tamers Ver.~”

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The Tamers are always fighting with Digimon. Naturally, because it wears them out, they’ve decided to have an outdoor picnic to refresh themselves. Will they be able to spend their time in quiet rest and relaxation?

Everyone has gone into the mountains today to have a pleasant picnic.
“Ah! Look, there’s a stream!”
Terriermon went into the water with Jian.
“Jian, look! I caught a fish!” Terriermon said happily.
Jian looked as if he was quite enjoying himself, too. “Now we’ll have plenty to eat for lunch.”
“Ahahaha! Moumantai!”

Once they had everything ready, all of them settled down to an amiable lunch!!
Takato and the other boys ate quickly and finished in a flash, while Ruki and Renamon chewed theirs unhurriedly.
“Renamon, want to try this?”
“O–Okay… What is it?”
“It’s deep-fried chicken gizzards. Here.”
Crunch, crunch, swallow.
“…You’ve sure brought a lot, Ruki.”

Guilmon was very full.
But oh? It looks like something has caught his attention.
“Takato! What’s that thing flying up there? Guilmon wants to know!!”
“Um, it says here that it’s… a Stern-us cin-ah-ray-shus.” [Sturnus cineraceus, the white-cheeked starling]
“Ah! It’s getting away!!”
“Let’s go after it! ‘White Wings’!!”
“Culumon is coming too, culu!!”

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, filled with nothing. A happy moment for the Tamers.

This is what seating arrangements look like in Takato’s class 5-2.

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  1. Renamon’s sitting position in that second pic is rather awkward. Or maybe it’s just her face.

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