[scans] digimon adventure 02: routes in america

デジモン 公式大図鑑III

One illustration that came in the Digimon Adventure Zero Two illustrated guide book, “Digimon Official Encyclopedia III.”

Where to buy: No longer in production. Try sellers on Amazon.JP

In this page, you’ll find more information on where each Chosen Child was during their adventures in movie 3, “Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!/ Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals”.
Wallace — Takes the train to Indiana, and from then on, hitch-hikes. From South Dakota, he goes with Lighdramon!!
Daisuke — Deserted by Miyako and Iori in South Dakota, he travels to Summer Memory with Wallace and Lighdramon!!
Takeru & Hikari — While on the train heading to Denver, they were attacked by Wendimon and end up taking the bus…
Miyako & Iori — Ride the airplane heading to South Dakota. There they leave Daisuke and arrive to their destination by hitch-hiking!!

It’s possible that I’ll edit this post in the future with more information if I deem it worthy enough to share, etc.

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5 thoughts on “[scans] digimon adventure 02: routes in america”

  1. Plothole: How did Tailmon become Angewomon when she doesn’t even have that power?

    Unless this is after Ken’s turn-age, which then you ask, where the hell is Ken?

    1. This takes place right after the first part of the second season. Ken (as the Digimon Emporer) has been defeated, but has not yet come to term with his mistakes and has not made the journey to retrieve Wormmon. This also explains why only the Digimon of the original Chosen Children can Digivolve to Champion. It’s funny, Magnamon appears for the first time, and then the second almost immediately afterward, but then is not seen again until the Season 7 finale. It’s a shame, he was one of the coolest Armor Digimon.

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