[interview] takahiro sakurai exclusive! digimon xros wars emergency round-table talk (the first) “the protagonist team”


Part 1 published on 10/14/2011 [After Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 2 (56)]
Source: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/digimon_xw/special_01.html

  • ※ Names have been listed without honorifics.
  • ※ Thank you to all of the voice actors who have gathered!

■ Character name and introduction

Takahiro Sakurai (Below, Sakurai): This is a Digimon xros talk.

Minami Takayama (Below, Takayama): Oh, nice one! As expected!

Sakurai: I just came up with it now!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: For the first interview, we’ve gathered everyone on the protagonist team. Now, please introduce yourself along with your character’s name!

Marina Inoue (Below, Inoue): I’m Marina Inoue, who voices the new character Tagiru Akashi. It’s a pleasure to be here! And this is my partner.

Kumiko Watanabe (Below, Watanabe): On the left, I’m also a new character!

Takayama: You mean the right.

Watanabe: Ah, the right? Huh?

Chika Sakamoto (Below, Sakamoto): I’m also on the right~

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Well, now that we’re all charged up… (lol)

Watanabe: We’ve barely even started and I’m worried about what lies ahead. I’m Kumiko Watanabe who voices Gumdramon.

Takayama: Carrying on from the previous series, everyone, and thank you for your support. I’m Minami Takayama who voices Taiki Kudou. And this is my aibou!

Sakamoto: Yes. Ehm, I’ve become the Digimon world’s king.

Takayama/Inoue/Watanabe: Yo, king! Your Majesty~!

Sakamoto: Um… what was his name again…? Ah, Shoutmon!

Takayama: Oy, oy. (lol)

Sakamoto: I’m Chika Sakamoto who voices Shoutmon. Pleasure to be here.

■ Impression of your character

■ Gumdramon’s voice, Kumiko Watanabe-san

Sakurai: First, let’s hear more about your characters. What impression do you have of the character you’re voicing?

Inoue: Tagiru Akashi is a simple-minded and straightforward… idiot… No, I mean that in a good way!

Sakamoto: We’re all idiots. (points at everyone)

All: (LOL)

Inoue: But I think from Tagiru’s point of view, Taiki-san is much like an older brother.

Takayama: He may be your senior now, but originally he was just like you guys.

Sakamoto: Now we’re the role models guiding them on the road of idiocy.

Inoue: So you think the two of us will become like Taiki-san and Shoutmon as we mature?

Sakamoto: You’ll grow up learning by watching the backs of idiots and become new-type idiots.

Watanabe: So cool!

Inoue: I get the feeling that [Tagiru] is a different type of idiot from Taiki-san already though.

Sakurai: Yes, they would be different. But even if you broke them up into four separate categories, they’ll probably still be placed in the same area. (lol) What about Gumdramon?

Watanabe: It’s not that I’m complaining now, but…

Takayama: So suddenly?! (lol)

Watanabe: Before evolving, I made him sound strong and vibrant… but now that I realize I’ll have to make him even stronger-sounding than before…

Sakurai: Because it’s a story about growth.

Sakamoto: Yeah, but when they get that big, you can’t help but think “Ehhhhhh~?!” (lol)

Sakurai: They do change drastically when they super-evolve.

■ Taiki Kudou’s voice, Minami Takayama-san

Sakamoto: Also, there were tons [of characters] added on that weren’t really a big help in battle. It was enough to make me think “Just bring out the strong guys already~”

Takayama: The more the weaker people combine together, the stronger they become, or something like that.

Sakurai: But seriously, the Death Generals were all wearisome.

Takayama/Sakamoto: They were!

Takayama: Getting over something as tough as that is what leads to growth.

Sakamoto: You can get stronger, stronger!

Inoue: We haven’t reached our stage of evolution yet.

Takayama: This is just the beginning for you.

Sakurai: Right. For the time being, go at it with a loud voice! Or something like that. (lol)

Sakamoto: You make it sound like we’re an athletics club.

Inoue: [Note: Imitating a coach] Raise those voices!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Taiki’s position has changed in the new series, hasn’t it?

Takayama: Yes. He’s more like a hot-blooded advisor now. Of course, his instincts of “not turning his back on others” and the basic parts of him haven’t changed… Since he went through some hard experiences in the Digital World, maybe he’s going at it with some detachment now.

Sakurai: He probably feels that he’s looking at his past self.

Takayama: Yes, that’s possible too. Watching either Tagiru or Gumdramon reminds him of someone. Like that guy who said “Don’t!” but jumps into the fray himself, or that guy who said “Stop!” but won’t stop himself. (lol)

Sakurai: He definitely “can’t turn his back” on them.

Takayama: Nope, he can’t.

Sakurai: But well, then again, his partner is a king.

Takayama: Yep, a king! He’s sure gotten big~ (lol)

■ Shoutmon’s voice, Chika Sakamoto-san

Sakurai: How does it feel, being a king?

Sakamoto: He’s gotten to be such a big man. Just the other day, I was all “Ah~” (makes motion with her hand as if waving a fan at herself), just very, I suppose you can call it Shinbashi-ish?

Sakurai/Takayama: Shinbashi?

Sakamoto: I’d feel Shinbashi-ish or period drama-ish, except in a more dignified way as I could.

Takayama: But you do have a presence about you, you’d agree?

Sakurai: Even your appearance!

Sakamoto: So much presence… (And grabs her belly fat)

Sakurai: Wait, wait, wait! (lol)

Takayama: We’re not talking about you, Chika-nee, we’re talking about Shoutmon!

Sakamoto: Well, he’s definitely gotten more mature. He reminds me of the time when I was younger myself, so I cheer him on thinking “Do your best!” Probably everyone feels like that though.

Takayama: The rate of time is different between the Digital World and the human world, so even if a long length of time has passed for him, it would only be the equivalent of a few minutes in the human world… That’s how dense a time it was.

Sakurai: More and more members kept joining us, and things went from X3 to X4, and at the very end, X7. Whenever we Xrosed, we’d all (turn to Chikamoto-san and) say, “Go for it!” Sorry that was so much fun. (lol)

Takayama: Whenever we Xrosed, things would turn into “Take care of the rest, Shoutmon!” after all. (lol) I guess the easy part about this new series is that the world or lives don’t hang in the balance.

Sakurai: The previous series made a rather real, severe illustration about that.

Takayama: This time it isn’t a story where someone would say “Earth is doomed!”

Sakamoto: There’s a sense of distance involved. Like “Kinjo no Miyo-chan” (lol)

Takayama: Right, right, right.

Watanabe: That’s why when I auditioned, I tried two different attitudes besides cute. But in the end, I forgot to ask which style to go with.

Inoue: Um, we’re already well into a couple of episodes! (lol)

Watanabe: It’s just, the storyline and the expressions used in it, as I watch Chika-san’s back, are quite the romantic yakuza cliche. [Note: They use the word ‘ninkyou’ to describe the series, which literally indicates the Japanese mafia (yakuza) and is the equivalent to the spirit of Robin Hood; fighting the strong and helping the weak. I translated this as “chivalrous” at times throughout this interview, but this is the connotation behind the word.]

Sakamoto: I’m so sorry.

All: (LOL)

Watanabe: It isn’t just cute and cool, but has a bit of impertinence to it…

Sakamoto: There was a middle schooler who said “I wanna scarper”. [Note: Episode 2, “tonzura shitai” which is an old slang]

Takayama: Indeed.

Sakurai: “Scarper”… It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that word.

Sakamoto: There are old expressions scattered throughout that we’ve heard long ago, like in some taishuu engeki.

Sakurai: They are very cool masculine words.

■ About the addition of new members

■ Astamon’s voice, Takahiro Sakurai-san

Sakurai: Our next question is about what you think of the new members, which I’d like to ask first to Chika-san and Minami-san.

Takayama: The previous series was like a training camp during summertime, but now it’s like an all-girls school so it’s really fresh! The studio has such a nice smell.

Sakamoto: A really good smell!

Watanabe: What smell did you have before? (lol)

Takayama: Like I said, a training camp during summertime… like the thick air you get at the gym…

Sakurai: She means it smelled of sweat. (lol)

Sakamoto: Also, with all the old men… you know, the strong enemies we were fighting…

Takayama: Yeah, there were more guys than girls. But this time the number of girls is higher so the studio is like a field of flowers!

Watanabe: So the previous series was a lot more about the chivalrous spirit…

Takayama: The minute the guest character came in and said “Good morning,” I’d think “We can’t win this one!” (lol)

Sakurai: Well, they were Death Generals.

Inoue: “Death General” is such a nice name.

Watanabe: Death General!

Takayama: It’s hard to say too. (lol)

Sakurai: At the end, all seven came out and it developed into a “Wanna fuse?” sort of plotline.

Takayama: Why fuse?! (lol)

Sakurai: I didn’t question it, but I did think ‘This is how much they change’.

Takayama: It’s amazing how different the atmosphere [of the story] is.

Sakamoto: It changed like a snap of the fingers.

Sakurai: There is the possibility that the number of people who join us will grow in the coming future…

Takayama: It’ll turn back into a shouting contest. (lol)

Sakurai: It does feel like you have to bring out a louder voice than the person before you. (lol)

Sakamoto: Everyone put in so much effort in the first episode, it was enough to make me think “You’ll even go this far?!” or “You’re so energetic~”

Takayama: The first episode sure was amazing~ (lol)

Sakurai: I’m sure that the kids watching love that sort of thing.

Sakamoto: It’s enough to wake them up!

Sakurai: Yes, early in the morning they shoot right up from bed! (lol)

Takayama: And wake up all refreshed-like.

Sakamoto: Through manual labor.

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Just as Kuu-san (Watanabe-san) has said, there will probably be a lot [of various Digimon] showing up in this series as well?

Inoue: You mean someone with an even louder voice?!

Sakurai: Strong guys that you’d want to hunt.

Sakamoto: I bet there will be. Loads and loads.

Watanabe: Hunting all of them was how you became king after all.

Takayama/Sakamoto: Ours wasn’t about hunting!

Sakurai: It was more like a brawl.

Takayama: The sort of war where soldiers would fling themselves at the enemy.

Watanabe: In the first episode, there was a scene where you stood up and said “It’s gotta be this tough to be interesting!”, remember? I really wanted to do a something like that that was a little violent, so personally I was crazy excited.

Sakamoto: “Facing down the opponent even though you’re all bruised up” kind of thing feels pretty good, doesn’t it!

Takayama: Since I’m sure it’ll be a story where the characters mature, a lot is probably going to happen to you two.

Sakurai: Well, for Tagiru, his name means “boiling”.

Inoue: He is boiling! Since he’s a prepubescent boy, his power’s just boiling over!

Sakurai: He shows promise by keeping up without giving in, but I believe it’s quite a lot of work for you…

Inoue: Right, I’m carrying all sorts of extreme pressure…

Watanabe: Really?

Inoue: Yes, actually, in secret… (lol)

Sakurai: And it’s a well-known series.

Inoue: Honestly, when I was informed that I’d gotten the part, I was all “This is gonna be a battle.”

Sakurai: What was your audition like?

Inoue: For the time being I thought, “Let’s do this boiling over!” Just like his name, I decided to face it down straight-on without thinking of what lay ahead or behind me.

Watanabe: Is this your first time voicing a boy role?

Inoue: No, this isn’t a first for me, but I don’t have many roles that are… how do I put this…

Sakurai: “Idiotic”?

Inoue: “Chivalrous”!

Sakurai: You just wanted to say that, didn’t you. (lol)

Inoue: I didn’t have many opportunities to act roles like that, so I feel pressured about not knocking down the history that my seniors have built up.

Takayama: It’s okay, you don’t have to think that hard about it. (lol)

Inoue: Well, right now, I think that putting in too much energy isn’t a good thing either.

Sakamoto: I think you put in enough energy~ In the first episode, everyone had veins popping out, they were turning bright red, and their shoulders were going in crazy directions, it was pretty amazing! That kept growing and growing and growing and growing until it got to the point where you wanted to cry out “Someone, help turn it down!” (lol)

(End of Part 1)

Part 2 published on 10/20/2011 [After Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 3 (57)]

■ The best parts of the new series

Sakurai: Since the new series has started and the atmosphere’s turned 180 degrees, I’d like to ask you all what points you think the viewers should watch out for.

Inoue: There are three main protagonists, so I think it would be interesting watching each of their personalities, their relationship with their partners, and how each have their own way of doing things.

Sakurai: I see. Yes, their relationships with each other is interesting.

Inoue: There will also be different characters per episode, so I think the variation will keep people from getting bored.

Sakurai: What about you, Kuu-san?

Watanabe: Since the series has just started, I don’t even know yet how the two will act as a pair… but basically, I love characters who are really dumb.

All: (LOL)

Watanabe: Also, I feel good about a character who is needed.

Sakurai: It’s the taste that you wanted to do, Kuu-san.

Watanabe: During my audition my hands shook so badly that the mic picked up noise from my script… after it ended, I didn’t think I would get accepted.
Even my manager told me later on that I shook too much, I was that nervous. (lol)
That was how much I wanted the part.

Sakurai: That feeling is what makes you great, isn’t it?

Takayama: I mean, it fits your character.

Watanabe: Really? Really? I get carried away easily, so words like that only raise my tension?!

Sakamoto: She’s the type who gets confident whenever she’s complimented. She even made my General go buy her milk, after all!

Watanabe: No, no! That time I was offered anpan [Note: Red bean paste filled bread], and when I said “Anpan sure goes well with milk!” not meaning anything behind it, Minami-san came up to me and said, “Here, I bought you milk”… Do you know how much pressure from that I felt when I went into the first episode post-recording? (lol)

Takayama: I only wanted you to drink it and cheer up~ (lol)

Sakamoto: And there was a ton of different milk types she had to choose from too! Close to ten!

Takayama: There were three types, three.

All: (LOL)

Watanabe: When I said then “I’ve gotta do my best!” Chika-san said, “No, you gotta do better”…

Sakamoto: “After you drink this, you know what you gotta do?” like.

Watanabe: So totally yakuza.

Sakamoto: But first we had to feed you.

Inoue: I like how the menu turned out to be anpan and milk, too. (lol)

Sakurai: Very sports-oriented. Like “You know what you gotta do once you’ve eaten, right?” sort of thing. (lol)

Watanabe: Like pressing the official stamp on a club registration form, pash!

Sakurai: Your teamwork is already perfect, and you’ve produced many wonderful episodes, but…
What do you think, Chika-san, Minami-san? We’re close to 55 episodes now since you began…

Takayama: It’s fun, right?

Sakamoto: Yeah, it’s fun.

Takayama: A lot of new characters show up, not just Tagiru and Gumdramon. I think with many more things coming up, it’ll get even more fun.

Sakamoto: Those human children (Ryouma and team) are still a mystery, aren’t they? There’s that feeling where you think “Who are they?” “What are they going to do?”

Takayama: Also, what’s different from the previous series is that it was a team battle before but now it’s one-on-one. The Digimon partner and human will have to raise their own power by themselves, I take it? The differences in the rules also make it interesting.

Sakurai: There are gonna be moments “when Tagiru and Gumdramon rush ahead, Taiki and Shoutmon will back them up”. Seeing the flow and variation as it moves on from the previous series makes it extremely interesting.

Takayama: Yeah, yeah!

Sakurai: Whether or not they’ll keep this relationship as it is, or change even bigger from this point on… There are all sorts of possibilities.

■ What Digimon would you like as a partner?

Sakurai: A lot of different Digimon show up, right? Among them, is there a Digimon whom you would want as a partner?

Inoue: I can’t choose that. (lol)

Sakurai: Then how about your favorite character or a Digimon you’d like to hunt?

Inoue: That’d be Gumdramon, of course!

Watanabe: I didn’t know what I was going to do if you answered differently. (lol)

Inoue: He grows cuter by the minute, like a little puppy. As he got more and more attached [to Tagiru], I thought “Oh, he’s so easy to win over~”

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: What about you, Kuu-san?

Watanabe: Gumdramon does what he wants to do, and I really like that, so it’s gotta be Gumdramon for me~ I’m not that smart myself, so an idiot x idiot team combination would be interesting in itself.

Sakamoto: You two also haven’t played a part in the previous series [so you don’t know many options].

Watanabe: It’s possible I might just get along with a Death General!

Takayama: The Death Generals are pretty amazing~ There’s even one who’s really smart. There were also a lot of other awesome Digimon!

Sakamoto: There were even a lot of good guys. Also that weirdo who kept saying “Boom, boom”.

Sakurai: That would be Yanada-san’s character.

Takayama: That’s AncientVolcamon. (lol)

Sakurai: What about you, Minami-san?

Takayama: Just as you’d guess… Shoutmon would have to be my first choice.

Sakamoto: Nothing less from my General!

Sakurai: That’s how it usually ends up in a partner sense. Do you have another Digimon you like?

Takayama: I love all of the Digimon in my X Loader! They’re all friends who fought along with me up to now, so I keep thinking, When are they gonna come out, when are they gonna come out?

Sakamoto: Even if we’re a whole group of idiots, as long as we have Shou Hayami-san’s Wisemon, we’re okay!

Sakurai: He’s the brains of the outfit.

Takayama: I hope Dorulumon comes out soon too.

Sakurai: Dorulumon will be coming out every once in awhile. Also Cutemon.

Sakamoto: I suppose it’s Cutemon for me.

Takayama: You want Cutemon?

Sakamoto: Yeah, if I’m hurt somewhere whenever, he’ll heal it for me.

Sakurai: He’s very useful, that Cutemon.

Sakamoto: One in every house would be nice~

Watanabe: Right~

Takayama: But if he gets in a little bad mood, he’s a handful.

Sakamoto: He might be a little too much trouble. (lol)

Sakurai: Once he starts singing, he destroys everything around him.

Inoue: But it’s Houko-san, right?

Sakurai: Right. Houko Kuwashima!

Inoue: Then that’s all right.

Takayama: You forgive everything just for that?!

■ What Hunter are you?

Sakurai: For this series the keyword “Digimon Hunt,” which involves capturing Digimon in DigiQuartz, acts as a large focus. Our next question moves away from Digimon but, in your everyday lifestyles, do you have an item that you’re obsessed over or collect regularly? For instance, what sort of Hunter would you call yourself?

Takayama: I don’t have the instinct of a Hunter… I don’t get attached to anything, really.

Sakamoto: But we buy a lot of stuff that come in boxes.

Takayama: Like energy drinks or that sort?

Sakamoto: We do a lot of online ordering.

Takayama: Whenever we order online, we just end up doing it all in a single go, don’t we. (lol)

Sakurai: Do you have any preferences in terms of “appetite”?

Takayama: I suppose food, if it comes to my number one preference.

Sakurai: You often talk about how you go out to eat, right? Sometimes a little far-off.

Takayama: Yes, I do travel out of the city sometimes to eat. But I could live my entire life off of cup ramen.

Watanabe/Inoue: Ehhhhhh?!

Takayama: It’s totally fine! I could eat it forever.

Sakamoto: But on the basic level, it’s about “meat” isn’t it?

Takayama: Yeah. But cup ramen has meat in it too. (lol)

Sakurai: And you, Chika-san?

Sakamoto: I like shoes.

Sakurai: You’re wearing a very adorable pair today!

Sakamoto: Yep, I really like shoes.

Sakurai: Even sneakers and such?

Sakamoto: I even have straw sandals and a ton of other shoes at home. It’s enough to make someone say, “Oh, do you have friends over today?”…

Takayama: Oh, so you line them up outside, not stash them somewhere?

Sakamoto: People are always telling me to tidy them up.

Sakurai: By the way, how many do you own?

Sakamoto: …Um, not that much.

Sakurai: That sounds like you have quite a lot~

Inoue: Maybe enough to fill an entire room?

Sakamoto: …I really like shoes!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: What about you, Marina?

Inoue: …

Takayama: She’s having a hard time. (lol)

Inoue: I don’t get attached to anything either. Gathering collections and such just seem like more trouble than they’re worth.

Sakurai: Very straightforward.

Sakamoto: A very rational way of thinking.

Inoue: But, going with the flow of this conversation, I guess I’d have to say clothes. Except that I don’t really keep them around.

Sakamoto: Aw, you throw them out?

Inoue: I either throw them out or give them to someone as a present.

Inoue: Sakurai-san, you seem like the type to hold on to yours forever though.

Sakurai: You make it sound like “I bet the likes of you keep what you can get,” like you’re looking down on me. (lol)

Watanabe: He got dragged into the fire. (lol)

Sakurai: I normally give them away to people. Like my mother.

Takayama: I see.

Sakamoto: But that’s kind of a happy thing, knowing that your mother wears the clothes you give her.

Sakurai: I give them away to my aunt too.

Takayama: It’s nice to have a lot of people who’d take them.

Sakurai: They often ask me “How do I wear this?” (lol) Also stuff like “Your sense of style sucks.” (lol)

Watanabe: Would your aunt wear this big dotted shirt you have on too?

Sakurai: She normally wears stuff like camo fleece without even blinking.

Takayama: Wow!

Sakurai: Life is all about survival…

Takayama: Sakurai is like the fashion leader in Xros Heart.

Sakurai: No, no, not at all. (Sweats)

Inoue: I want that handbag.

Sakurai: …Eh?

Takayama: You should all say what you want now while you can!

Watanabe: Give me a present!

Sakamoto: Something, anything!

Inoue: I want that blue handbag!

Sakurai: You keep saying you want my blue handbag.

Takayama: Just write “Reserved” on a piece of paper and stick it on. (lol)

Sakurai: Do you have any collections, Kuu-san?

Watanabe: I actually don’t have an attachment to things like that either…

Sakurai: No one here really does, I see.

Watanabe: It’s not an object but I really love combat sports, so there were a ton of mobile sites that I’d registered to… I’ve had to cut down on some lately.

Sakurai: Ooooh~

Watanabe: I recently switched to a smartphone, but sometimes the service that I really want to watch can only be seen on the regular mobile, so I own both.

Sakurai: That’s amazing!

Watanabe: The sites are all about combat sports. I get buried in things like *** Pro Wrestling or Pro Wrestling *** or Martial Arts ***.

Watanabe: I went over 15, so I cut down since I was pushing it.

Takayama: Don’t you also collect [wrestling] masks and stuff?

Watanabe: I don’t collect them, but I do wear them when I go to bars.

Inoue: Ehhhh?!

Takayama: You should wear one next time!! When we go out for drinks!

Sakurai: It’s gonna turn into “Maskman is here!!” (lol)

Sakamoto: If you fall over drunk, I’ll wake you up at count 2.5.

Watanabe: 2.9! Please do so at count 2.9!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Everyone besides Chika-san doesn’t have much of an attachment to material things.

Sakamoto: I’m sorry…

Sakurai: No, no, no! I’m a collection maniac too, so I understand you very well!

Inoue: Ahh, I can kind of see that.

Watanabe: Totally!

Takayama: You look like the type to be very picky about what you own.

Sakurai: I am picky, but I get told that my tastes are hard to understand. You have to see the difference between “this is good, but this isn’t right”…

Watanabe: I bet you have mail order boxes you’ve gotten from online at home, right?

Sakurai: Actually, I don’t use online ordering much. I get afraid that I’ll end up buying loads.

Sakamoto: You don’t buy books or CDs [that way] either?

Sakurai: The box with the smiley face on it comes, right?

Sakamoto: The kind where you rip open the side.

Watanabe: It comes in a pretty big box!

Sakamoto: So we all buy online! (lol)

■ About upcoming developments

Sakurai: Do you have anything you expect to see in the future, or something you wish to happen?

Takayama: Mmm, but it’s still in the early stages.

Sakurai: There’s still a lot we don’t know, but feel free to let your imaginations expand!

Inoue: Since the mystery team also has three people, I’d like to see fights that are 3-3 or them helping us out.

Sakurai: The rival team’s Digimon partners are… rather unique, I should say…

Sakamoto: They have strong peculiarities.

Takayama: And their true natures haven’t been revealed yet.

Sakurai: Dracmon seems like a Digimon that was made exactly for Daisuke Kishio.

Takayama: For his judgments on what tastes good or bad. (lol)

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: What about you, Kuu-san?

Watanabe: Mmm, let’s see. We talked earlier about how the studio changed into a flower field, but for me the previous series…

Takayama: The summer training camp?!

Watanabe: The summer training camp, I would’ve liked to dabble my feet in a little.

Sakurai: If you say that here, you might just influence what happens in the story later~ (lol)

Watanabe: I want to carry the world on my back! Ah, no, the universe!!

Inoue: Carry the universe on our backs as we fight!

Sakurai: Carry the universe on your backs?!

Sakamoto: That’s real manual labor, you know? You can’t carry the universe on your back with a cute voice like that? Your throat is going to get all raw and blistery?

Watanabe: But I really want to try it!

Sakamoto: But you’re always saying “I can’t do anymore…” when you reach a point. You promise, right? You’ll definitely do it, right?

Takayama: This relationship right here, it’s really fun to look at. Seriously, it’s like an exact duplicate of the relationship between King and Gumdramon.

Sakamoto: Really?

Sakurai: Seriously, it’s what I think when I look at you two.

Inoue: (Nods)

Takayama: Whenever Chika-nee says something, you can see Kuu’s shoulders jump with fright.

All: (ROFL)

Sakamoto: That’s not true, right? Kuu-chan? Grin.

Watanabe: N—Not at all, sir! Never, ever, sir! I’ll go get that anpan and milk you want, even if it means traveling through land and sea, sir!!

Sakurai: So, are you hoping for powerful developments to come, Kuu-san?

Watanabe: It’s more like, that’s what I would like to see. This might sound a bit cocky, but you two (Sakamoto-san and Takayama-san) have pride in what you’ve done so far, right? It would be nice if we could do that part too.

Sakamoto: But, see, it’s only just started after all. From this point on, everyone’s going to reach great heights and keep rising up!

Takayama: I’m sure strong guys are going to keep coming in floods.

Sakurai: Right. I’m sure they will.

Takayama: But for that, first Yuu would need his partner, right?

Sakurai: Ah, that’s right!

Takayama: Even though it’s already revealed on the poster.

Sakurai: There aren’t many characters with a form like his that can appear in the main visual so openly!

The reaction is gonna be “What? What the heck is this?”

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Those who’ve watched the previous series naturally know who he is.

Takayama: I really want him to come back soon…

Sakurai: Yeah. It was a very sad parting.

Watanabe: There were many scenes, including today’s episode, that had a lot of sadness in them.

Takayama: It keeps being shown over and over.

Watanabe: Also you get to hear Kikuchi-san’s Damemon voice! Such sad words!

Sakurai: Yes, indeed. This Damemon character is really…

Watanabe: I mean, even his name is sad. (lol)

Sakurai: Well, he is “Damemon.”

Takayama: Even though he isn’t “no good”. (lol)

Sakurai: What about you, Minami-san?

Takayama: Well, let me see. First, I want everyone’s Digimon partners to be together! That way, we can have team battles. Also, I’d like to hunt a big Digimon!

Sakamoto: Going back a bit to what we first set out to do.

Sakurai: What about you Chika-san? You’re already in the high position as king.

Sakamoto: Right~

Sakurai: It feels like you may sit back and say “Young masses, go and do your thing!” (lol)

Sakamoto: No, no, that’s not going to happen. They’ve gotta work their way up!

Sakurai: So you like being at the scene of action?

Sakamoto: Yes indeed.

Inoue: Even though he’s King, he does often come to the scene.

Sakamoto: I can’t leave it all to you young ‘uns just yet~ (lol)

Sakurai: “Being there ahead of anyone else!” is Shoutmon, after all. It would be interesting to see him taking part in the circumstances.

Takayama: No matter how many times he gets beaten and bashed up, he stands back up again. I’d like to see that again.

Sakamoto: Except a lot less of the bashing up this time. (lol)

■ A message to the viewers

Sakurai: In closing, please give a message to the viewers.

Inoue: While I feel pressure by participating in Digimon Xros Wars, I’m also full of excitement and nervousness! I think the story itself is loaded with excitement and nervousness, so I’ll do my best to give everyone plenty of dreams! Please watch over me with care.

Watanabe: Ehh, Tagiru said something really good, so I’ll just go straight to my main intentions… By receiving a world view and role that I really wanted to take part in, I want to race together with Tagiru into it while chasing after the backs of my seniors, so please enjoy.

Takayama: I’m performing in the new series with all the force of my soul, so I think the atmosphere in the studio will reach everyone unfiltered.
(Turns to face Inoue-san and Watanabe-san) It’s okay! We’ll pick up your remains later, so do whatever you want!

Watanabe/Inoue: Thank you!!

Sakamoto: Everyone is doing their best with all they have.
But, um…. even though I’ve become king, I’m not planning on just sitting around and fanning myself. I’m hoping from now on to get into tons more messes with all sorts of Digimon and make it a fun story. Even as someone watching, that’s how I think.

Sakurai: We’ve had many questions, how do you feel everyone? All of the cast and staff are energized for it, so please be sure to wake up a little early at 6 every Sunday morning and watch “Digimon Xros Wars The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time”! Thank you for today, everyone.

All: Thank you!






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