[interview] takahiro sakurai exclusive! digimon xros wars emergency round-table talk (the second) “the rival team”


Part 1 published on 01/24/2012 [After Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 16 (70)]
Source: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/digimon_xw/special_02.html

  • ※ Names have been listed without honorifics.
  • ※ Thank you to all of the voice actors who have gathered!

■ Character name and introduction

■ Performs as Astamon as well
as the interviewer once again, Takahiro Sakurai-san

Takahiro Sakurai (Below, Sakurai): First, let’s start with introductions.

Tetsuya Kakihara (Below, Kakihara): I’m Tetsuya Kakihara who voices Ryouma Mogami!

Sakurai: Next!

Houko Kuwashima (Below, Kuwashima): T-Then… I’m Houko Kuwashima who voices Ren Tobari!

Sakurai: And!

Daisuke Kishio (Below, Kishio): Daisuke Kishio who voices Dracmon.

Sakurai: And I’m Takahiro Sakurai who voices Astamon. It’s good to be here.





■ Your impression after post-recording?

■ Ryouma Mogami’s voice, Tetsuya Kakihara-san

Sakurai: How did you feel about the post-recording? I’d like to hear first from Kakihara-kun, as he’s joined us for the new series.

Kakihara: I auditioned as a rival character, and I enjoyed my experience for the first recording since this is my first time acting as the bad guy. All of my previous roles were heroes of justice or hot-blooded characters. Back when Digimon was being broadcast, I knew about the show even though I wasn’t in Japan at the time, so being able to have the opportunity to audition for it alone was amazing to me. I thought, by being accepted as Minami Takayama-san’s rival role, it’ll greatly up my skills. Also, being in a show for children is one of the dreams I had on becoming an actor, so I’m happy to take part.

Sakurai: I see. What about you two? With our new member Kakihara-kun having joined us, did you feel a change in the studio atmosphere?

Kishio: Uh, well, it’s the same as usual. (lol)

Kakihara: We see each other all the time at other studios anyway. (lol)

Kishio: But I had absolutely no idea that Kakihara-kun felt that way, or even sense a smidge of that enthusiasm from him. (lol)

All: (LOL)

Kakihara: No way! That can’t be true!! (lol)

Sakurai: It’s because he’s the type to hold in everything inside. Seeing that quiet attitude of his in the studio, perhaps you can tell that he takes his role as Ryouma very seriously?

Kakihara: (nods vigorously)

Sakurai: …and we’ll just leave it at that.

All: (LOL)

■ Dracmon’s voice, Daisuke Kishio-san

Sakurai: How about you, Kishio-san? We’ve got a lot of other new members who’ve joined us.

Kakihara: Yes, how is it??

Kishio: What changed the most is the feel of the place, really. After all, the number of women has grown!

Sakurai: Everyone in the first round interview said that too. About how the place stank of sweat before but now things smell pretty.

Kakihara: So it got a better scent? (lol)

Kakihara: I get the image that the previous series had a lot of veteran voice actors, though.

Sakurai: Well, even though it’s a new series, what hasn’t changed is how the people who voice guest characters are all high-grade. The middle arc in the previous series was especially like that. The casting for the Death Generals was enough to make us wonder “Can we really beat these guys?!”

Sakurai: Well, Kishio-san. Here’s my personal opinion, but it seems to me that Dracmon was a character made especially just for Daisuke Kishio…

Kishio: Hey, hey, you can’t be so sure. But I did have to redo, or more like retake, my scenes. For a character who has no lines, I had to do a lot of retakes for a different reason altogether. (lol)

Sakurai: There was a lot of bargaining with the staff and arguing involved. (lol)

Kishio: It was a case of the actor wanting to do this, but the director wanting to go in another direction. This happened in the previous series too; I’d have to voice a variety of different roles, and there were many times when I’d say too much that was unnecessary and get scolded at by the director. (lol)

Sakurai: Fundamentally, neither of our roles have many lines to say. (lol)

Kishio: We’re more about reactions and special attacks and using laughing voices.

■ Ren Tobari’s voice, Houko Kuwashima-san

Sakurai: Now, Houko Kuwashima. What are your thoughts on the post-recording for the new series?

Kuwashima: With the number of cast growing, I feel a sense of security at being able to blend in with the large group. (lol)

Sakurai: A sense of security at blending in. (lol)

Kuwashima: Until now, I had the weight of so many roles leaning on me. I’ve had to act them up to this point while not having the luxury of letting myself relax, but now this, this is the relief of letting that responsibility go. (lol)

Sakurai: When the show started, we were told that “for the time being, one person will be acting various roles” after all… How many do you think you’ve done?

Kishio: For me, my main role didn’t show up until around episode 3, so until then I was always playing the bad guy.

Sakurai: And then, almost all of them disappeared. (lol)

Kishio: Wait, wait, since they’ve been hunted I’m sure they’ll show up again at some timing or other?

■ What impression do you have of your character?

Sakurai: This is only based on information of his current condition, but what impression do you have of Ryouma?

Kakihara: He still hasn’t had many lines yet. Since the story is told by the protagonists’ point of view, I think the rival team itself is pretty mysterious. But despite that, knowing that he’s the leader of the rival team makes my impression of him “The Rival,” I suppose…?

Sakurai: Your role position is still vague, isn’t it?

Kakihara: Their objective hasn’t been uncovered yet, after all. When his goal is revealed, I think the events on what made him go after such a goal will lend a big influence to the story in the coming future.

Sakurai: You mean to turn this into “your” story? (lol)

Kakihara: …W—Well, more like “our” story. (lol)


Sakurai: What image or impression do you have of Ren?

Kuwashima: When I read my character’s background, it was full of negative things written about him. He seemed more to me like a rival character rather than an enemy, so I had a very bigoted opinion of him at first. I acted as him with a lot of restraint. When I did that, he came off as a bit more snobby than Ryouma, as if he was the real leader. (lol)

Kakihara: Eh?!

Kuwashima: The episode director even told me “You can act more like you’re enjoying yourself, that you like to make fun of people around you,” which is where I’m at now. I finally had the chance to talk a lot as him, so I’ve begun to see his character.



Sakurai: The rival team’s target Digimon is always the same one that the protagonist team is after. In the eyes of Taiki and Tagiru, they’re an interfering bunch.

Kishio: Ryouma is quick at making snap decisions, though. (lol) He’s like “Ahh, this isn’t working! Since nothing good will come out of it, okay, time to retreat!” (lol)

Sakurai: The way he comes to such clean decisions is very mature, or rather cool, of him. (lol)

(End of Part 1)

Part 2 published on 02/1/2012 [After Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 17 (71)]

■ Question box “Golden X Loader, Digimon Xros Talk Full Customize Version” on the scene!

Sakurai: Tada!! This is sudden, but we have here our Digimon xros talk’s ultimate weapon! The arrival of “Golden X Loader, Digimon Xros Talk Full Customize Version”. In this box are questions that the Digimon Xros Wars staff has hunted for us in advance. We’ll have everyone here Reload the questions in it and answer them… Like a question corner that you may or may not have seen on a variety TV show somewhere!

Kishio: I’m not gonna comment on any bit of what you just said! (lol)

Sakurai: …Let’s enjoy ourselves with this! (lol) When you pull out a question, please shout out “Reload!”

Kishio: It won’t get conveyed to the people reading this, so I think that’s pretty meaningless…

Sakurai: It’ll all be written out!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Now! Who wants to pick first?!

Kuwashima: I’ll go.

Sakurai: Then, if you will, Kuwashima-san!

Kuwashima: Reload!!

Sakurai: Ooh, you’re a good person!

■ A question for Houko Kuwashima-san!

[ What character do you want as a friend? ]

Sakurai: Let’s restrict it to humans only!

Kuwashima: Um… human, human…

Sakurai: Tagiru, Taiki, Yuu… there’s a lot of them…

Kishio: Would it be okay to add in Zenjirou too??

Kuwashima: Then I’ll go with Zenjirou!

Kakihara: That seemed like a rather guided question. (lol)

Kuwashima: No, no. It’s like, with Zenjirou I feel that I’ll always be laughing. (lol)


■ A question for Daisuke Kishio-san!

Sakurai: Okay, next!

Kishio: Then I’ll go.

Kuwashima: Ah! You didn’t say Reload!! (lol)

Kishio: Okay, Reload!!… This rule feels like we’re playing Uno or something, what the heck. (lol) Let’s see… [ What were your thoughts when you were given your character? ]

Sakurai: What was your first impression upon seeing Dracmon?

Kishio: I thought, Oh! At last! I can do the acting that I was kept from doing in the beginning!

Sakurai: Ah… Yes, you did mention that now that I think about it. (lol)

Kuwashima: Eh? What sort of character is he?

Sakurai: You’ll see on air. (lol)

■ A question for Tetsuya Kakihara-san!

Sakurai: Now, next person. Kakki!

Kakihara: Reroad!

Kishio: With a more authentic pronunciation!!

Kakihara: [Note: Written in English in the original interview] Reload!!

Kishio: Is that English? German??

Kakihara: There is no “Reload” in German!!! (lol)

Sakurai: So, what’s the question? Please read it, Kuwashima-san!

Kuwashima: [ What would you like to say to the producers? ]

Sakurai: Now! Your answer!!

Kakihara: Let’s go out for drinks!

All: (LOL)

■ A question for Takahiro Sakurai-san & Another round of questions!

■ Astamon voiced by Takahiro Sakurai-san

Sakurai: So it’s me next. Reload!! [ How would you describe Ren Tobari in one word? ] How should I put this… he appears to be quite the tricky fellow. I feel that he’s going to be avant-garde in the distant future.

Kuwashima: Ehh?! …Oh, but I see your point.

Sakurai: Now then, there’s still a lot of questions in here, so let’s continue! Houko Kuwashima!!

Kuwashima: Reload, kyu!!

Sakurai: Oh! You used Cutemon’s voice!

Kuwashima: [ How would you describe Dracmon in one word? ]… Hmm….

Kishio: If you change just one letter in his name, he turns into a nationwide famous character… [Note: Dracmon is spelled ‘do-ra-ku-mon’ and when you change the ‘ku’ to ‘e’…]

Sakurai: Hey!! (lol)

Kuwashima: Hmmm, Dracmon… seems like he’d be quite the guzzler?

Kishio: I can see that. Also, quite merry.

Since he evolves from absorbing human greed, maybe he’ll evolve even higher than super-evolution if he absorbed an even stronger greed!

Sakurai: Okie dokie. Next!

Kishio: Reload! [ How would you describe Ryouma in one word? ]

Sakurai: Ooh, so what impression do you have of the cool boy Ryouma-kun?

Kishio: Hmm… I suppose in one word… a patriot of the Meiji Restoration era? [Note: Describes an educated warrior who possesses rare knowledge]

All: (LOL)

Kishio: No, but see, that’s how much ability I think he has. Also, he’s quite well-informed. He knew Taiki from the beginning.

Sakurai: That’s true. For something that happened in the Digital World, he’s very informed.

Kishio: So I guess in one word, he’d be “a mystery”?

Sakurai: Now, please give a message to our viewers. We’ll start off with Houko Kuwashima-san!

Kuwashima: It’s an even further evolved Digimon world. I really put everything into my roles each week while also enjoying it. I’d like to keep up this atmosphere as I race towards the finish. From what I’m told, there will be surprising plot turns later on, so it would be great if you’d enjoy watching as they come to you.

Sakurai: Next is Kishio-san.

Kishio: I’m doing my best as I put energy into the series that’s enough to rival the energy I put into the previous series, so it would be great for me if that fierce power reached everyone watching. Also, if you can use it at your workplace or wherever, “Reload”. I’d be happy if you’d use the word while drawing lots or calling forth some convenient subordinate or something, and make it into a trend. The early bird gets the worm, as the proverb goes, so I’d be happy if men and women of all ages, and not just children, watched the show.

Sakurai: And last, Kakki! Go for it.

Kakihara: I believe there are people continuing to watch from the previous series and people who started watching from this series, but I think that Taiki’s protagonist team will be clashing a lot with the new rival team led by Ryouma. Within those developments, I’ll continue to keep doing my best so that it’ll give power to you all, so I’ll be happy if you keep watching!

Sakurai: Thank you all for today, everyone!

All: Thank you!!

(End of Part 2)