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Taichi Yagami : Toshiko Fujita
Agumon : Chika Sakamoto
Sora Takenouchi : Yuuko Mizutani
Piyomon : Atori Shigematsu
Yamato Ishida : Yuuto Kazama
Gabumon : Mayumi Yamaguchi
Koushiro Izumi : Umi Tenjin
Tentomon : Takahiro Sakurai
Mimi Tachikawa : Ai Maeda
Palmon : Shihomi Mizowaki
Jyou Kido : Masami Kikuchi
Gomamon : Junko Takeuchi
Takeru Takaishi : Hiroko Konishi
Patamon : Miwa Matsumoto
Hikari Yagami : Kae Araki
Tailmon : Yuka Tokumitsu
Narrator: Hiroaki Hirata

01: Butter-Fly (TVサイズ)(和田光司) – Butter-Fly (TV Size) (Wada Kouji)
02: ドラマ: 光子郎, 愛の行方不明 – Drama: Koushiro, Ai no Yukue Fumei
03: VERSION UP ~泉光子郎のテーマ~ (天神有海) – Version Up ~Koushiro no Theme~ (Tenjin Umi)
04: ドラマ: ミミ, 自意識過剰で世界征服 – Drama: Mimi, Jiishiki Kajou de Sekai Seifuku
05: いつでも逢えるから ~太刀川ミミのテーマ~ (前田愛) – Itsudemo Aeru Kara ~Tachikawa Mimi no Theme~ (Maeda Ai)
06: ドラマ:ヒカリ,虚弱体質! – Drama: Hikari, Kyojaku Taishitsu!
07: Holy light ~八神ヒカリのテーマ~ (荒木香恵) – Holy Light ~Yagami Hikari no Theme~ (Araki Kae)
08: 次回予告 – Jikai Yokoku
09: Keep On (TVサイズ) (前田愛) – Keep On (TV Size) (Maeda Ai)
10: VERSION UP (オリジナル・カラオケ) – Version Up (Original Karaoke)
11: いつでも逢えるから (オリジナル・カラオケ) – Itsudemo Aeru Kara (Original Karaoke)
12: Holy light (オリジナル・カラオケ) – Holy Light (Original Karaoke)

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KOUSHIRO: Koushiro and the Missing Whereabouts of Love

[KOUSHIRO is typing. TENTOMON flies over.]

TENTOMON: Koushiro-han, what are you doing?
KOUSHIRO: GRK! …O—Oh, it’s just you, Tentomon.
TENTOMON: Why are you so surprised? Do you have something to hide?
KOUSHIRO: Not really, but…
KOUSHIRO: I… I was writing a love letter…

[TAICHI suddenly bursts out of the bushes.]

KOUSHIRO: T—Taichi-san!!
TAICHI: Koushiro, that’s so cold of you! If you wanted to introduce yourself to your love, I could’ve done it for ya! Now, c’mon, show me that love letter!
KOUSHIRO: P—Please stop!
YAMATO: Stop that! Can’t you see he doesn’t like it?!
KOUSHIRO: Yamato-san!
TAICHI: Oh stop acting like the noble one around here all the time. Don’t tell me you’re not interested in Koushiro’s love letter, Yamato!
TAICHI: See? You want to see it too, right?
YAMATO: I—I wasn’t really…!
SORA: Cut it out, you two! You’re worrying everyone with your yelling.
JYOU: Well, actually… it’s not worry we’re feeling…
TAILMON: In any case, we’d sure like to see it.
KOUSHIRO: Everyone, since when did you…?!
MIMI: I want to see your love letter, Koushiro-kun!
PALMON: Me too, me too!
AGUMON: [snickering] Hey, before that, who did you write it to, huh? Who, who?
GABUMON: That’s what’s most interesting.
YAMATO: How are you planning to show the other person though? You can’t print it out without a printer.
TAKERU: Hey, so you really do want to see it yourself, big brother.
YAMATO: …W—Well, yeah…
TAICHI: A love letter, huh? Koushiro’s in his youth!

[EVERYONE starts talking at once about love letters and wanting to see.]

KOUSHIRO: Geez! Please, stop this, everyone!
KOUSHIRO: Tentomon, evolve!
KOUSHIRO: Just do it!
TENTOMON: Um, er… O—Okay! Tentomon, evolve! Kabuterimon!
GOMAMON: Geh! Tentomon evolved into Kabuterimon!
TAICHI: Koushiro, a—are you mad at us?
JYOU: Y—Y—You’re not thinking of attacking us are you…?!
KOUSHIRO: Of course not! Let’s get out of here!

[KABUTERIMON flys away]

HIKARI: Ah. He ran away.
TAICHI: “Ah. He ran away”? …Hikari, there’s no time to be saying that!! Hey, don’t let him escape! After him, everyone!!

NARRATOR: Kabuterimon and Koushiro were easily captured by Palmon’s Poison Ivy. To top it off, Koushiro was tied up and gagged.
As they gazed thoughtfully at Koushiro, the children cheerfully reasoned over who the receiver of that love letter could be.

MIMI: Mimi’s Overly Self-Conscious Plans for World Domination

KOUSHIRO: Mmmrgh! Mmmr mrrghh!!
YAMATO: I wonder who he wrote it to…
JYOU: All right! Since I’m the oldest—
TAICHI: I’ve solved all of the riddles!
SORA: Taichi! What’s with that costume?
TAICHI: Hey, I can change clothes once in awhile. Anyway… just leave this case to me, young Kintaichi! I stake my grandfather’s name on it! [1]
EVERYONE: Kintaichi?
HIKARI: How original.
TAICHI: Since it’s a love letter, it’s most likely he’s written it to a girl. And when you consider the girls we have here…? There’s only Sora, Hikari, and Mimi-chan!
AGUMON: You’d never expect such a matter-of-fact deduction as that from Taichi…
MIMI: Oh, I knew Koushiro-kun liked me! I always suspected he did. It really must be a sin being too beautiful. ♥
…But this is going to be troublesome. After all, it’s not just Koushiro-kun who likes me, but there’s also Taichi-san, Yamato-san, Takeru-kun, and Jyou-senpai, and everyone else! I’m sure if this keeps up, all of the boys in the world will be kneeling before me before long~.
PALMON: Mimi… Why are you striking a pose?
MIMI: A—Ah… No reason…
TAICHI: Let’s first go to Sora. If he wrote the letter to Sora…
GOMAMON: He’ll be hen-pecked 100%!
GABUMON: He’ll clearly be unhappy.
EVERYONE: [nodding and clapping]
SORA: What do you mean by that?!
TAICHI: Then Hikari…
JYOU: Wait a minute! If it’s Hikari-kun he was writing to, you’re gonna end up being his older brother in the future, Taichi!
YAMATO: If that happened to me, I’d refuse!!
TAICHI: Hey, are you picking a fight or somethin’?!
[coughs] Anyway, whatever. I wouldn’t allow their relationship anyway.
SORA: So that means, the girl that Koushiro likes is…
EVERYONE: Mimi-chan?!
MIMI: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew it, the world belongs to me!! ☆
♫ With my pride riding the wind~ ♫
HIKARI: That’s probably wrong.


TAICHI: Hi…Hikari…
HIKARI: Well, it’s true.

[1] A spoof on “Kindaichi Shounen.” Kindaichi solved cases putting his grandfather’s reputation on the line. It’s also another Toei animation. Google the rest yourself. ♥

NARRATOR: The children mulled over who Koushiro’s love letter belonged to. But just when they concluded that it was Mimi, Hikari disagreed.
As Mimi and Hikari face off on the brink of disaster, will the two be able to avoid battle…?!

HIKARI: Hikari’s Weak Constitution

MIMI: Just what do you mean by that?!
HIKARI: What it sounds like… that Koushiro-kun’s love letter wasn’t written for Mimi-san…
MIMI: So are you saying that it’s for you?! It looks like you’re pretty confident, but what proof do you have for what you just said? You came into the series right in the middle anyway! You just want to take away all the good parts for yourself, right?!
HIKARI: I… have a little cold…
EVERYONE: Staaaaaare.
MIMI: W—What are you doing, you guys? Why are you staring at me like that?! What did I do wrong?!
TAICHI: Mimi-chan… I think you went too far…
TAILMON: I’m not gonna stand by and watch if you keep criticizing Hikari!
MIMI: W—What? Don’t think I’m gonna let her get away with everything just because she’s a little sick!
HIKARI: Ahhh…. now I’m feeling slightly feverish…!
TAICHI: Hikari! Are you okay?!

What do you want from me?!
Fine, you’re right, I’m wrong!
I’m the bad one!
I’m always the bad one!
What else do you want from me? What?!
Darn you and your cold!!
Sora, are you not going to join them?

Nope. I’m not interested in younger men.

Oh, is that so.
Anyway, things are really heating up, aren’t they?

I wonder if this’ll ever end…

I dunno…

JYOU: GAARRRRR! I don’t know why but now I’m angry, too! Listen up, everyone! My glasses are not the same pair as Shou Tsurube! [1]
YAMATO: [slumps to the ground] Damn it… Why don’t I ever have any impressive lines to say? I’m the most good-looking one here…
SORA: Let me have my say, too, then! Who said I acted like a stinky old woman?!
PATAMON: I want to evolve every week like everyone else!
TAICHI: And my socks are not super loose!!
MIMI: Get ’em, Palmon!
PALMON: Palmon, evolve! Togemon!
HIKARI: [coughs] I… have a little cold…
TAILMON: I’ll protect you, Hikari. Tailmon, evolve! Angewomon!
TOGEMON: Chiku-Chiku Bang Bang!
ANGEWOMON: Holy Arrow!

[EVERYONE fighting/arguing/running away in the background.]

TENTOMON: Koushiro-han, are you okay?

[TENTOMON loosens KOUSHIRO’s bonds.]

KOUSHIRO: T—Thanks for helping me.
TENTOMON: By the way, Koushiro-han. Who was the love letter for?
It’s (beep)-san.


HIKARI: Please listen to my song.

[1] I believe Jyou means this guy: ttp://www.tsurube.net/

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  1. that is so funny. It’s talk about a love letter that Koushirou is typing. Being interupted by Taichi and the other Chosen Children. They want to see a love letter. Koushirou stops the group and Tentomon evolves to Kabuterimon. He makes his partner escape from the group. As then, the children and their digimon run after them.

  2. Hahaha..! Lovethe mini drama… I wanna see who Koushiro wrote that love letter…

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING ME KNOW THIS EXISTS!!! I’ve found parts 1 and 2 on youtube, thanks for providing the whole translation! This is now my favorite Digimon CD Drama!
    Best line: ” You came into the series right in the middle anyway!”
    LOL for Mimi breaking the fourth wall! XDDD

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