[interview] takahiro sakurai exclusive! digimon xros wars emergency round-table talk (the third) “the lone female (?) team”


Part 1 published on 2/8/2012 [After Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 18 (72)]
Source: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/digimon_xw/special_03.html

  • ※ Names have been listed without honorifics.
  • ※ Thank you to all of the voice actors who have gathered!

■ Character name and introduction

■ Performs as Astamon as well
as the interviewer once again, Takahiro Sakurai-san

Takahiro Sakurai (Below, Sakurai): We’ve gathered today’s members for the “Digimon Xros Talk Round Three, The Lone Female (?) Team”. Now, introduce yourself and your character name, please, starting with Oki-san.

Kanae Oki (Below, Oki): Okay! I’m Kanae Oki who voices Yuu Amano.

Masami Kikuchi (Below, Kikuchi): Masami Kikuchi who voices Damemon.

Megumi Han (Below, Han): I’m Megumi Han who voices Airu Suzaki.

Ryouko Shiraishi (Below, Shiraishi): I’m Ryouko Shiraishi who voices Opposumon.






■ About the new series

■ Members gathered up for “The Lone Female (?) Team”!

Sakurai: Who here has joined us for the new series?

Han: Me! (Raises hand)

Sakurai: Han-san, is it? The other three are continuing performance from the previous series. We also have someone acting a new character.

Shiraishi: Yes, that would be me. I’m glad to be able to perform in the new series as well!

Sakurai: Now then, about the new series. Quite some time passed before Damemon made his appearance, hasn’t it?

Kikuchi: Yes! By the time he finally showed up, I was thinking ‘Finally!’ I kept being told that he’s coming, he’s coming, but since he wasn’t doing it in a hurry I was getting worried.

Sakurai: It’s like they were setting you up for fraud. (lol) [Note: Sakurai describes it as “deru deru sagi” (fraud that something is coming) which is a pun on “ore ore sagi” (fraud that involves someone calling and pretending to be someone you know to donate them money)]

Kikuchi: In fact, I didn’t think I would be participating in the new series. When he died in the previous series’ climax, I thought, “So this is the end of Damemon.”

Sakurai: It was a really sad parting.

Kikuchi: I didn’t think he would be reborn from that, so I was very happy to hear he was coming back!

Sakurai: Damemon’s flashback scenes would play once in awhile as we were post-recording, so whenever we saw that, we’d all talk about when he’d be showing up again. By the way, what are your thoughts on the post-recording of his reunion?

Kikuchi: There were many new members there along with Han-chan, so I found it to be a good studio filled with fresh feeling.

Sakurai: The atmosphere [of the story] made a roundabout change.

Oki: Also, I think the amount of snacks has grown!

Sakurai: Yeah, I think you’re right. Our snack pile keeps growing every time.

Oki: With everyone bringing these delicious snacks, it unintentionally ends up being piled on.

Sakurai: You can see how good our teamwork is in that sense too. Even today, Kumiko Watanabe-san (Gumdramon’s voice) has added to the snack box. (lol)

Shiraishi: Kusao-san would always be the first to crack open the snacks during breaktime. Since Kusao-san was here every week for the previous series, there would always be snack boxes open. But now, since we don’t have many that come in the individual packs but instead the big bag kinds like potato chips… you need courage to open them… (lol)

Kikuchi: It’s harder to lay a hand on them when they’re not already opened. (lol)

■ What impression do you have of your character?

■ Yuu Amano’s voice, Kanae Oki-san

Sakurai: What are your thoughts, Oki-san? Since the new series has begun, Yuu seems to be the character who has grown and changed the most in obvious ways.

Oki: Well, since he endured a very harsh fate as an elementary school student… (lol)

Sakurai: I—Indeed. (lol)

Oki: I think that in the new series, he has a very “senior” type of view. Kind of looking down at Tagiru from above and seeing his past self, taking a bit of a philosophical outlook.

Sakurai: So a different point of view from Taiki’s… Taiki sure is regarded between them as “the older brother”.

Oki: Right. Also, Yuu has gotten more straight man lines. (lol)

Sakurai: So he plays the straight man in a double act?

Oki: I’m basically the comedic one, myself.

Sakurai: You’re a comic, Oki-san?

Oki: I get told that I am often. That’s why I’m currently practicing how to be the straight man.

Sakurai: What are your thoughts on Damemon’s return?

Oki: I was waiting so, so long for him! It made me really happy!

Kikuchi: It’s great they got to meet again. (lol)

Oki: It was a touching reunion.

Sakurai: The relationship between Damemon and Yuu is something of a symbol of the previous series. Having that come back sure does fire things up.

Oki: I was waiting for it so anxiously.

Kikuchi: Thank goodness. (lol)

■ Opposumon’s voice, Ryouko Shiraishi-san

Sakurai: Next up is Opposumon!

Shiraishi: Okay. I’m Ryouko Shiraishi who voices Opposumon, a new character in the current series!

Sakurai: The number of roles you play has grown again.

Shiraishi: In fact, when the series began, I was told “Shiraishi-san, we want you to be voicing Opposumon” and from that I heard “Shiraishi-san will have to challenge herself AGAIN for us”.

Akari in the previous series is a high tension character that I’ve hardly had much experience with before, so it was a challenge for me every time. But Opposumon has a… I guess you would say, a small animal-like tension…

Sakurai: The amount of tension she has is far higher than Akari’s. (lol)

Shiraishi: Right… She also thinks very highly about her cute appearance. (lol)

Sakurai: When Opposumon super-evolves, it’s even more amazing.

Shiraishi: She turns into Cho-Hakkaimon.

Sakurai: It’s a very big turn. (lol)

Shiraishi: Indeed. (lol) That in itself was pretty difficult, but she’s a character who makes it worth challenging myself for!

Sakurai: She also has the immense support of the cast members.

Shiraishi: Gumdramon’s voice Kumiko Watanabe-san kept saying “Wow, she’s so funny, Cho-Hakkaimon is so funny” and praising her tremendously as an enemy character, which made me really happy!

Sakurai: So she approves of her?

Shiraishi: But she said that she doesn’t want to fight [Cho-Hakkaimon] because she’ll end up laughing her guts out. (lol)

“I want her to come out! But I don’t want to fight her!!” she said. (lol)

Sakurai: [Cho-Hakkaimon] is a character who wears a cartoony costume and there’s something about her that makes it a little hard to dislike her.

Shiraishi: She’s like a regular human wearing a costume. Her background was written in such detail that I thought she was a human moe character.

Han: She wears a school-regulated swimsuit underneath, doesn’t she?

Shiraishi: Right, right, right!

Sakurai: Oh, that’s right! The school-regulated swimsuit!

Kikuchi: It’s hard not to get an eyeful of that~

Sakurai: The more additional [Digimon] characters you voice, the greater the chances that your Digimon who’s appeared in the past will show up.

Shiraishi: They pop out in all sorts of places.

Sakurai: Can’t keep your guard down. (lol)

Shiraishi: You can’t keep your guard down and you have to be careful at making them sound different!

Sakurai: Since it’s come to this, there’s also the possibility that the characters you’ve voiced will all show up at the same time.

Shiraishi: All of the roles so far by Kusao-san, Kishio-san, and Kuwashima-san, that’s quite a lot!

Oki: It sure is!!

Shiraishi: That’s why I also kind of don’t want that to happen…

Sakurai: [The staff] is going to think that you’re baiting them!

Shiraishi: I’m making sure to not look in the direction of where the producer is standing! (lol)

■ Airu Suzaki’s voice, Megumi Han-san

Sakurai: Now, moving on to Han-san who’s newly joined us for this series. What are your thoughts on post-recording?

Han: Yes, well! I get nervous every time, so much that I scrunch my shoulders together, but even so I do my best!

At the studio Takayama-san would sit next to me and say “Okay, that’s good, that’s good~”, calming me down… While I feel nervous every time being amongst my big-name seniors, I do my best!

The truth is, my personality is more like Tagiru’s rather than Airu-chan’s, so I have a hard time thinking about how to bring out the cute Airu-chan. (lol)

When I saw her key visual, she appeared to be a very adorable, cute little devil type, but looking at her personality description I saw “Selfish, proud, steals from others without a second thought,” and there wasn’t a single good thing written about her. But I suppose that’s why her cuteness allows her to get away with it. That’s how I feel.

Sakurai: Han-san, are you usually very energetic?

Han: I’m just bursting with energy! I’m Bursto!

Sakurai: Bursto, huh? (lol) I thought you were the opposite. You project a very girl-like image.

Han: Not at all!! Not at all!! I do stuff like Comaneci! [Note: A gesture that was made famous by Beat Takeshi, a Japanese TV host and comedian among other accomplishments. He came up with the gag based on Nadia Comaneci, a famous Olympic gymnast, and her tight leotard. You can view more about Comaneci and Beat Takeshi here.]

Sakurai: You’re totally opening yourself to me asking you to do it, but will that be alright with your bosses? (lol)

Han: Comaneci! (She performs right in front of the camera!)

Sakurai: It’s no wonder that even Takayama-san “can’t turn her back” on you! (lol)

Kikuchi: Can’t turn our backs in a lot of ways. (lol)

Shiraishi: Actually, ever since we first met she’s shown me a lot of strange faces and set herself free, which is what made me think, “Oh, I’m going to follow her!” She is my master and all. (lol)

Sakurai: Do you have similarities with Airu-chan?

Han: I guess what we have in common is that she and I have very expressive faces. Her expressions change on the spot: her cute face, her scheming face, her face when she’s really happy and pleased, and also the charming “young girl in love” face she has whenever she thinks of Yuu.

Oki: Except what she’s doing in the meantime can be pretty scary. (lol)

Han: Yeah, she was sticking a Yuu doll with needles one time. (lol)

Oki: Right, right. (lol)

Sakurai: That was quite a provocative scene. Your thoughts?

Han: She’s a very invigorating character.

Sakurai: One where you may uncover discoveries about yourself?

Han: I’ll challenge myself, uncover those discoveries, and hunt, hunt every day!

Sakurai: As Airu’s partner, Opposumon, what are your thoughts on the character, Shiraishi-san?

Shiraishi: Opposumon calls herself “atachi”.

Sakurai: Was that an ad-lib?

Shiraishi: No, the katakana “atachi” was written in the script. Since that bit of novelty was given to me, I thought that I would like to make her an even stranger character inside myself. But when I tried half-heartedly to add character to her, it didn’t go well and I ended up doing it normally. That time, Minami Takayama-san gave me much advice, saying things like “I know what you’re trying to do, Ryouko” and “It’ll be better if you shook yourself free from it more!”

Sakurai: Oh my. But I got the feeling that you’re plenty freed up from it as is right now.

Shiraishi: In a way, I might have freed myself up by becoming Cho-Hakkaimon.

Sakurai: She looks even more flashy after evolving, so on the flip side things may be better that way.

Shiraishi: Oh, I see! If I free myself up too much as Opposumon, I might not know what to do when I super-evolve into Cho-Hakkaimon. (lol)

Sakurai: Airu might tell you you’re not cute. (lol)

Shiraishi: Opposumon thinks that she’s the cutest in the world, which isn’t a character that’s in me, so I do my best with all my might.

Sakurai: Then how about saying “atachi” in your daily life as an act of effort? (lol)

Shiraishi: So it’s better for me to say (in Opposumon’s voice) “atachi”?

Sakurai: Except people around you will be asking “Shiraishi-san, are you okay? Lately you’ve been…” (lol)

Shiraishi: Then I’ll just say “atachi” in Digimon post-recording sessions. (lol)

Sakurai: For real then. (lol)

Shiraishi: Eh?! I-I will when I feel like it…

Sakurai: Ha ha ha (lol). I look forward to it!

Sakurai: Yuu has grown remarkably, but what do you think? Are you enjoying his change?

Oki: Ah well, as I thought, every week is rough.

Sakurai: You mean because of the straight man act you mentioned earlier?

Oki: There’s that, but also because I was surrounded by many senior actors around me. I performed Yuu while being very nervous alongside him. Luckily my position as both character and actor has reached a good point, so I’m both enjoying myself while suffering, a very “What is this! This itching!” feeling.

Sakurai: Was that itching a pleasant feeling?

Oki: It’s getting there.

Sakurai: That’s the best position to be in.

Oki: I would like to move on a little further ahead though!

Sakurai: Yuu’s position is quite interesting in the new series.

Oki: He understands Tagiru and knows Digimon battles like Taiki-san, although in a different way. Come to think of it, he’s been saying Taiki-san’s catchphrase “I can’t turn my back on them!” lately. (lol)

Sakurai: Is Taiki’s influence on him showing strongly?

Oki: It sure is! I also think Tagiru is starting to influence him. Yuu may be the character who’s easily influenced by those around him.

Sakurai: Since it’s a story about growth, he may be on the road to becoming a “completed” character right now.

Oki: I think it’s great that he got to meet a wonderful older brother like Taiki-san at the end of the previous series.

Sakurai: It’s a very manly plot type, this downward slope to “meeting the big bro” (lol).

Oki: That it is indeed. It wouldn’t have been any good if he’d followed a different person.

Sakurai: That may be true. There are many unique characters with one or two peculiar features, but among them Taiki is in a class of his own. He’s a really imposing protagonist.

Oki: Right. When they played basketball together, the atmosphere between them hasn’t changed that much. It was a bit like Taiki was allowing time to play with Yuu. He’s a wonderful guy.

Sakurai: The relationships between Taiki, Tagiru, and Yuu have a very good balance.

Oki: Right. It has a real “school” feeling to it, so it’s fun.

Sakurai: There are a lot of scenes where Tagiru acts as backup.

Oki: At first, since Damemon wasn’t around… In times like that, Tagiru would cheer him up. In that sense they’re close friends, and in a real way they provide backup for each other. It feels that they’re forming a very important bond between them!

Sakurai: Indeed, the strength of their bonds isn’t something to laugh about!

■ Damemon’s voice, Masami Kikuchi-san

Sakurai: And now, the Damemon that everyone’s been waiting for! “Even though he shows up in the poster!” I thought. (lol)

Kikuchi: Yeah, well (lol), that’s right. It’s just, he was a bad Digimon until now, right?

Sakurai: He was. The moment he changed sides was when his teamwork with Yuu began.

Kikuchi: Right. So, he was a very sarcastic guy, purposefully insulting others and saying “no good, no good!”. Ever since the new series began though, he hasn’t been saying “no good, no good” as much, so he got kind of hard for me to act.

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: He also has “no good” [Note: ‘dame’] in his name. (lol) You can’t help wanting to say it!

Kikuchi: What’s more, his first words were “I’m back, Yuu.” Since all of the lines he’d said before then were insults, those words were very hard for me to say from within. So the first time I said it, it came out a little too cute and I was told to do it over. (lol)

Sakurai: He’s a bully who’s always about “no good, no good!” And when he super-evolves to Tsuwamon, his character becomes the complete opposite and he’s very cool!

Kikuchi: Yeah! That difference is pretty amazing. (lol)

Sakurai: It’s gap moe. (lol) [Note: Gap moe is slang for when a character does something contradictory to their personality or usual course of action, which is meant to make them attractive.] To think that such a cool guy would come out from that form that’s hard to put into words… I can’t explain it very well… (lol)

(All laugh)

Kikuchi: At first I thought “Huh? This character… his shape is…?” (lol)

Sakurai: We got to wondering about what color he was too. (lol)

Kikuchi: Yes, I remember. (lol)

Sakurai: There was a point where we were wondering if it was okay to say it out loud, but when he evolved into Tsuwamon, we thought “Oh, thank goodness!” (lol)

Kikuchi: Yes. I also think that I was saved by that.

Sakurai: I really love this poster (Pointing at the official poster tacked onto the wall). You could say that it’s never happened before, finding within the main characters (Pointing at Damemon) someone with this… how would you say… this very unique shape (lol).

All: (LOL)

(End of Part 1)

Part 2 published on 2/15/2012 [After Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 19 (73)]

■ The impression you have about your character’s partner

Sakurai: What image do you have of your partner?

Han: Since Airu uses traps to hunt, I’m sure she needs Opposumon’s help to do it. Maybe those balloons or other items are necessary for the job. But personally I want to bring out Cho-Hakkaimon again!

Sakurai: You’d like a Cho-Hakkaimon that’s always a “cho hakkai mon” [Note: ‘super destructive one’] (lol)?

Han: I want to keep watching that forever. Keep her at a point where she just makes it within gross-cute. (lol)

Shiraishi: I don’t get the feeling she often calls Opposumon cute though.

Han: For Airu, it feels like she’s not so hung up about it. Kind of like “Yeah, you’re cute, you’re cute! But that one’s also cute! Cutemon is cute!!”

Shiraishi: At the moment, I don’t have many memories of her doting on [Opposumon].

Sakurai: She [Airu] may be the type who doesn’t feed her pets once she’s got them. (lol)

Shiraishi: That’s why I think she’s very good at manipulating. I’m the one who ends up saying “Airuuu!” and running after her. I think she’s a very charismatic master who’s able to charm Digimon into following her.

Sakurai: A bit like a little devil, you think?

Shiraishi: Indeed like a little devil!

Han: You think so?!

Shiraishi: So she probably won’t treat her [Opposumon] coldly until they reach a point where she thinks “Enough!” At any good point, she’d keep saying “Cute!”

Sakurai: So that fine line is what appeals to her. Airu has exquisite taste!

Han: I’m sure she plans out her moves. She’s definitely a girl who can make bargains with the heart.

Shiraishi: Well, when she faces Yuu, she slips in naturally right next to him and acts very sexy (lol).

Han: She was sexy! She was practically twirling (lol).

Shiraishi: Even her voice sounds sexy. It made me think, “Huh? How old are you again, Airu-chan?” (lol)

Han: But I think she’s the type who bullies the person she likes. She frequently uses her traps to bully him hardcore.

Oki: She does indeed… She’s something of a sadist, isn’t she. Not that Yuu is particularly a masochist or anything.

Sakurai: The bond between Yuu and Damemon is very strong.

Kikuchi: I think that the both of them view the other as having changed in a good way, a change that both feel from each other.

Oki: I want to fight alongside Damemon as soon as possible and brag about him, now that he’s finally back.

Kikuchi: Even if he is a Digimon with this shape. (lol) (Points at the poster)

Oki: T-Tsuwamon is cool! I want to show off to the others that he’s actually an amazing guy!

Sakurai: In terms of strength, he’s pretty strong!

Oki: Right. He’s pretty active in battle.

Kikuchi: Well, since he is a ninja, he uses a lot of ninja techniques.

Sakurai: Boys can’t get enough of ninjas and ninja arts! He gets high points for that alone!

Kikuchi: Right, right. I loved that sort of thing too when I was young.

Sakurai: So do I. It’s so cool when special attacks are all in kanji.

Oki: That’s true!! (lol)

Sakurai: It makes it seem like he’s strong unconditionally. Also his sickle and chain weapon are so analogue that I love it. (lol)

Kikuchi: Right, right. (lol)

■ The arrival of the question box & A question for Megumi Han-san!

Sakurai: We’ve had much discussion about our characters, but from here on comes our Digimon xros talk’s ultimate weapon, “Golden X Loader, Digimon Xros Talk Full Customize Version!”

All: (Applause)

Sakurai: In here are questions that the Digimon Xros Wars staff has hunted beforehand. Everyone here will “Reload” a question inside and answer it, like a question corner that you may or may not have seen on a TV variety show somewhere! Now, we’ll start immediately. Anyone want to go first? Should we do rock-scissors-paper?

Han: Meeee! (Raises hand)

All: Oooh!

Sakurai: Which question will you pull out? Ah, please say “Reload” when you do.

Han: Ah, okay. Reload!

Sakurai: Now, what’s the question?

Han: “How would you describe Damemon in one word?” (lol)

Sakurai: Ah, you took out a good question (lol)! So, in one word. (lol)

Kikuchi: But make sure not to say that word! (lol)

Oki: This is a bit scary! (lol)

Sakurai: Now, in one word??

Han: …(After thinking for a while) C-uhh-ap!

All: (LOL)

Kikuchi: Ahh! If you say that it’s “no good, no good”!! (lol)

Sakurai: He finally said it! (lol)

Han: But! Since he has a more metallic color than Sukamon, he seems a lot stronger!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: Well, color-wise he looks like an ice cream swirl, so let’s say he’s ice cream!

Oki: That. Let’s go with that!

Han: Please go with that…

■ A question for Ryouko Shiraishi-san!

Sakurai: This is a good flow we have going. Next, Opposumon’s Shiraishi-san, please.

Shiraishi: Okay! Reload! …”Which character would you want as a friend?”

Sakurai: There are a lot of characters, but we’ll limit it to humans only. Who would you want as a friend?

Shiraishi: Hmm… Let me see… Taiki!

Sakurai: And your reason for choosing Taiki?

Shiraishi: Because he’s a very reliable character, of course.

Sakurai: So Ryouko Shiraishi likes a man who can be depended on.

Shiraishi: He seems like the kind who you can act spoiled with. When we hang out together, he seems like he’ll let you take him wherever you want and sometimes even show the kiddy side of him.

Sakurai: That sort of thing must tickle the maternal instincts. But yes, Taiki definitely is the type that everyone likes.

All: (Nod)

Shiraishi: Right. Each of my characters have their own individualism, but I think it also may be because I know him the best?

Sakurai: You were Akari in the previous series. I see, that’s true.





■ A question for Kanae Oki-san!

Sakurai: Next, Oki-san!

Oki: Then I’ll go ahead of our senior member Kikuchi-san! Reload! …Ahh…

Sakurai: What is it?

Oki: “What line left the biggest impression on you?”

Sakurai: Or a scene, if you like.

If you can remember a specific line, you can just answer the original question.

Oki: I’ll go with scene. When Damemon disappeared and said “You’ll have to fight by yourself from now on,” “No good, no good…” that scene when he died was very memorable to me. When I saw that scene, I felt that I couldn’t afford to lose to everyone else, that I have to do my best alone. It teared me up a little… (And Oki-san casts her eyes down) Whenever I remember it, I feel close to crying. As you’d expect, I think farewell scenes were the best turning point for me, or rather, for Yuu.

Sakurai: And after accepting that, he’s reborn for the current series. Were you happy?

Oki: I sure was.

Sakurai: The first thing he said to you was “I’m back”.

Oki: Yes…

Sakurai: That’s great!

Oki: Yes…!

■ A question for Masami Kikuchi-san!

Sakurai: Now, what will your partner Kikuchi-san pick for his question?

Kikuchi: Okay, Reload! Let’s see… “Your thoughts when you first received your character?”… (lol)

All: (ROFL)

Sakurai: You picked the best one! As expected!

Kikuchi: Well, actually, I also… (lol)

Sakurai: It’s okay to speak your honest mind here!

Kikuchi: Okay then, well, what Han-chan said is exactly what came to my mind… (lol)

Sakurai: That’s how it is, huh? (lol)

Kikuchi: I also thought that this character wasn’t going to live for very long (lol).

All: (ROFL)

Kikuchi: Yeah. (lol) I’m happy that he’s managed to stick around though.

Sakurai: Right. This is a strange way to put it, but Damemon has climbed up the hierarchical ladder on a super-evolution level and now he’s a main character.

Kikuchi: At the beginning the characters didn’t have color, so I thought he was probably going to be that color… (lol)

Sakurai: It sure stirs the imagination. (lol)

■ Another round of questions from the question box! A question for Kanae Oki-san!

Sakurai: Then let’s go for another round!

Oki: Okay! Reload! …(Bursts out laughing) Um, “What would you like to say to the producers?”

Sakurai: Go at it in high spirits!! Since it’s an original series, what you say could influence what will happen!

Oki: Okay then! I want to try voicing an extra! I want to challenge myself with a girl character.

Producer: The other day, Kakihara-san said the same thing so we requested him of it today. [Note: Could be referring to episode 10 where Kakihara first voices an extra as Nene’s manager]

Sakurai: In that case, if the rest of you have something to say, go ahead!

Kikuchi: All I want is more showtime. (lol)

All: (LOL)

Shiraishi: Okay then! I want ChibiKamemon to super-evolve!

Sakurai: Then what about you, Han-san?

Han: I want Airu and Cho-Hakkaimon to have more showtime!

■ A question for Ryouko Shiraishi-san!

Sakurai: Then Shiraishi-san, pull!

Shiraishi: Reload! This is… “Which character’s clothes would you want to wear?”

Sakurai: I think you have the character sheets at hand, but which set of clothes would you like?

Airu wears cute clothes and everyone else has very cool fashion sense!

Shiraishi: It’s gotta be Cho-Hakkaimon for this one!

All: (LOL)

Sakurai: It’s pretty much a school swimsuit, are you okay with that?

Shiraishi: The other characters’ costumes are pretty much just regular clothing… If I am to wear something, I’d rather it be something like full-body tights with the school swimsuit on top.

Sakurai: Full-body tights?!

Shiraishi: I wore it once at an event.

Sakurai: You sure do a lot of different things for your job… Her costume is pretty “cho hakkai mon” [Note: ‘super destructive’], you know, that Cho-Hakkaimon.

Shiraishi: It explodes outward…

Sakurai: I think for the fans, though, getting a glimpse of her swimsuit outfit is satisfying for them. (lol)

Shiraishi: She says “oink oink”. (lol)

Sakurai: I think that’s good in its own way. It’s necessary!

Shiraishi: Oink oink. (lol)

■ A question for Masami Kikuchi-san!

Kikuchi: Then here I go! Reload!! “A word to your partner.”

Sakurai: We touched upon this earlier, but please, give us something.

Kikuchi: Please mature into a fine, upstanding man!

Oki: Thank you!

Kikuchi: I feel that he’s still a touch neurotic as always. But I think it’s a very good thing that he’s popular with the girls. (lol)

Sakurai: He’s super popular!

Oki: I was surprised by that. (lol)

Sakurai: He even has his own fan club. (lol)

Oki: There was even a time when he said outright to Airu-chan, “Are you another of my fans?” (lol)

■ A question for Megumi Han-san!

Sakurai: Last but not least, Airu-chan!

Han: Reload!! “I can fight if it’s with this guy! If you were a Hunter, what Digimon would you want for a partner?”

Sakurai: Think about it in terms of “If Megumi Han was a Hunter”.

Han: Beelzebumon!

Sakurai: Ooh, and why is that? Because he’s cool?

Han: He’s very cool! He has a dark side, and I personally wouldn’t be able to “turn my back” on him.

Like, I want to fight alongside him and support him! Except he has Mervamon…

I’ve gotta say though, it’s also a hard choice with Cho-Hakkaimon! (lol) Her oink-oinks are so cute!

Shiraishi: I-I’ll do my best!

Sakurai: And I’ll continue to look forward to seeing a sharper Cho-Hakkaimon in the future. (lol)

■ A message to the viewers!

Sakurai: Well then, the banquet’s been in full swing but our time is up!

Now everyone, please leave a message to the viewers!

Oki: As a new series, the taste of it has changed from the previous series, and I think it would be great if you enjoy the atmosphere of “Let’s go on an adventure first thing in the morning!” that it has. Please keep supporting us to the very end!

Kikuchi: Damemon may be the shape that he is, but please regard him with fondness! I’ll continue to perform as him with all that I have, so please keep watching.

Han: I come from the position of the rival team who’s in conflict with Tagiru and the others, but…

I would like you to keep an eye on how their relationship with Ryouma and the others unfolds!

Shiraishi: Will Opposumon be able to stay as Airu’s partner to the very end?!

For Airu who loves cute things, I’ll work hard not to have that position taken from me. Also, please don’t miss everyone’s Hunter activities!

Sakurai: Thank you for today!!

All: Thank you!

(End of Part 2)