[interview] memories of our digimon adventure 02 pt. 1

SPECIAL INTERVIEW! with Reiko Kiuchi
A special interview that came with the “Digimon Adventure 02” DVD Box released on December 22, 2006.

Purchase of the DVD Box (Region 2 only) available at: Amazon.JP, CDJapan

Reiko Kiuchi :: Daisuke Motomiya
“Bouken-Ou Beat” (as Beat), “Happy Lucky Bikkuriman” (as Genki), etc.
Born in Tokyo, she is a voice actor affiliated with Ken Production. She performs many young boy characters, such as Daisuke and Beat in “Bouken-Ou Beat”. Together with Ai Maeda, Mimi’s actor, they are currently managing their blog, Reiko Kiuchi and Ai Maeda Want to Make an Anime!!

[ The main character who acts as a pivotal center among the cast and whose positive attitude drags the others along with him. We interviewed Reiko Kiuchi-san on her excellent performance of Daisuke. ]

How did you feel during the recording of the first episode?

We had a large cast for the first episode, and since it was also my first time playing the main character, it was a difficult time for me because of all of the things that had to be done. Now that I think back on it, it was probably during the first episode that I was the closest to blowing my fuse. With so many people needing to speak, we had to plan on our lineup at the mic.[1] Once we got used to it, we could piece out who would use which mic, but I think everyone was very nice about it in the initial confusion.

Was Daisuke easy for you to perform? Is there any part of him that you two have in common?

▲Kiuchi-san described her acting experience back then as “a rather heavy year, as well as the sort of happy year you experience as a [carefree yet responsible] student”.

I don’t have many ties with smart characters[2], but since Daisuke isn’t the clever type to begin with, I thought he was a considerably easy character to perform. (laughs) As the story progressed[3], the staff would embellish on his tone of speech and so forth in the script, so he became even more and more easier to synchronize with…. But I don’t think I have any similarities with Daisuke at all. Daisuke is the type to act first rather than think, but I’m more the type to sit on the fence and think about something until I’ve worn my brains out. (laughs)

Was there a memorable episode or line that left an impression on you?

Each and every episode is memorable to me. If I dare to mention it, in episode 22 when V-mon evolves to XV-mon[4], Daisuke was attacked by another Digimon, but that Digimon happened to be using the toilet at the time, so in that scene when he says, “If you’re going to attack us, at least wash your hands,” I thought he was pretty pathetic. (laughs) And also, when Lighdramon evolves[5], his line “I’m such a loser” was so sad that I remember it well.

How did V-mon appear to you from your point of view, Kiuchi-san?

He can be naughty, but he’s pretty brave. I think it’s also a part of the ambience that his actor Junko Noda-san gives off, but he’s like a small prankster that is selfish, but still incredibly cute at the same time. I like V-mon, but I don’t think I could ever live with him. He’s a glutton[6], so we’ll only end up being a family with a high Engel coefficient. [Part of Engel’s law in economics, in which a high Engel coefficient indicates a low standard of living] (laughs)

How about Daisuke’s relationship with Ken? We believe it’s very different to that between the Kaiser and Ken.

Daisuke is somewhat unreliable and he’s really the type that needs looking after, but he himself always feels as if he’s running out on top. I think to someone like him, Ken is the one whom he feels like an equal[7] to, for the first time in his known life. I’m sure that with a type that lives stress-free, like Daisuke, you could never become the Kaiser. (laughs)

Please leave a message to all fans who have watched this show since its broadcast.

Six years is both very long and very short. By carefully watching from the first episode onward, I think that not only will you digest the feelings you had back then and feel nostalgia, but you will also experience new feelings because of the person you are now. I know it will be a big job[8] to watch all 50 episodes in one go, but if possible, please view the series in an orderly fashion and prepare yourself. (laughs)

N1) Our lineup at the mic — During postrecording for an anime, a recording takes place with a number of mics being switched about between voice actors. Depending on the scene, there are times when the number of characters who appear in it are greater than the number of mics available, so often people will have to change places by timing their use of the mic with the character on screen. This creates a bustling environment.
N2) Don’t have many ties with smart characters — Performing in many boy roles, Kiuchi-san has not performed many girl characters by comparison, although she has performed once as Puria in “Gaiking.” On the occasions she acts with the voice of a cheerful and energetic boy, she demonstrates a greater charm by expressing their force and energy rather than their intellect.
N3) As the story progressed — When a series continues on for half a year, one year, or more, the actions of characters that are broadcasted lend an influence to the show. Exactly what sort of influence that is is talked about in our interviews with the staff, so be sure to check them out as well.
N4) Evolves to XV-mon — Episode 22 (“Brave Evolution! XV-mon”). The two interrupt Tortamon while he is in the middle of taking care of business. Enabling V-mon to evolve because of that is rather fitting for Daisuke.
N5) Lighdramon evolves — Episode 11 (“Blue Lightning, Lighdramon”). In the scene where Daisuke is unable to attack MetalGreymon, who is controlled by the Kaiser, Daisuke calls himself pathetic.
N6) Glutton — This goes for Agumon and Guilmon from “Digimon Tamers” as well. Many of the successive main character Digimon partners eat like pigs. Then again, all Digimon grow hungry whenever they evolve, so it is apparently tough to live with any Digimon, no matter who they are.
N7) Feels like an equal — In episode 26 (“Jogress Evolution! Now, Two Hearts Become One”), Daisuke and Ken begin to understand one another. When Ken despairs and says, “I don’t care what happens to me,” Daisuke tells him fiercely to “Live!”
N8) A big job — Even when skipping the opening and ending parts for all 50 episodes of “Digimon Adventure 02,” it is calculated to still take up over 19 hours. If you are to watch the entire series non-stop, please don’t push yourself too hard, and be sure to stop for food and rest in between.

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