[drama cd] digimon series 1-4: original story special, ~with~

デジモン オリジナルストーリー スペシャル

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Before you read on, be sure to have read:
Digimon Adventure Original Story, Two-and-a-Half-Year Break
Digimon Adventure 02 Original Story, Summer 2003
Digimon Tamers Original Story, Message in the Packet
Digimon Frontier Original Story, Things I Want to Tell You

01: デジモンアドベンチャー : Digimon Adventure
02: デジモンアドベンチャー02 : Digimon Adventure 02
03: デジモンテイマーズ : Digimon Tamers
04: デジモンフロンティア : Digimon Frontier

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TAICHI: This is Taichi Yagami. How are you guys doing? Are you eating wel– oh, sorry, that’s exactly what I said to Agumon. Let’s all go on another adventure again, some day! Bye!

JYOU: Hello, this is Jyou Kido. It’s been awhile! As usual, I’m still falling into holes and rivers. Whenever I step onto the train, I trip immediately. But I always keep thinking that I’d like to get into university without dropping. Mmm… I’ll do my best!

SORA: This is Sora Takenouchi. My favorite foods are watermelon, Kyoho grapes, and liverwurst — I’m sorry, that isn’t right! Those are Yuko Mizutani-san’s favorite foods. Well, anyway, thank you for always supporting Digimon. The Digital World is forever as long as no one forgets about it. I will never forget it for the rest of my life, either. Please continue to keep the Digimon in your hearts.

KOUSHIRO: This is Koushiro Izumi. It has been awhile, everyone. Um… [pause, then awkwardly] There are still a lot of things that I don’t understand about the Digital World yet… and I’d like to collaborate more with Tentomon and Gennai-san in many ways… and clarify each mystery one by one. Ehm… [pause] I’m doing fine. How about you, everyone?

MIMI: And so, to do this properly once more, long time no see! ♥ This is Mimi Tachikawa. Did you make sure to get my video mail? I’m doing totally well, as you can see. ♥ [in a bit more solemn tone] Hmm… a lot of things happen in life, wouldn’t you agree? But no matter what sort of troubles I face, I can do my best because it makes me feel alive. [giggles] If I’m going to live, I might as well do it enjoying myself! So, let’s do our best together, okay, everyone? Until we see each other again. Bye!

YAMATO: Yamato Ishida. Hello, everyone. Are you living your days in happiness? I am. Bye now.

DAISUKE: This is Daisuke Motomiya. I’m trying to grow taller right now, so I’m drinking three liters of milk every day! [drinks] All right, I’m not going to lose to Takeru and Ken! [takes a breath and immediately stiffens] …Ah… wait… ouch… M–My stomach… I’ve got a little… uh, guys, I’ll see you another time… bye! Owww…

TAKERU: This is Takeru Takaishi. It’s really great that I am able to meet all of you, who have supported the Digital World, like this once more.

IORI: This is Iori Hida. I knew that we would be able to see each other again as long as I kept believing in it. Thank you, everyone.
ARMADIMON: This is Armadimon! I’m glad I had the chance to meet all of you! Thanks!

MIYAKO: This is Miyako Inoue. All Digimon fans around the world, it’s been awhile! How are you? I’m doing well. Lately these days, um, well… there’s something that I appreciate. [giggles] I still receive fan letters addressed to Miyako! Oh, but, but you know, every. Single. One of them… Are from girls! And, I’m happy about that, don’t get me wrong! Really happy! Of course that makes me happy! Makiko Tanaka-san once said that being liked by girls is proof that you have a good personality, after all! But as you’d expect, now that I’m in middle school… I WANT FAN LETTERS FROM BOYS, TOOOOOO! …I’m done.

KEN: It’s been a long time, everyone. Are you well? I am doing very well. I go jogging with Wormmon every day. Jogging is great. The sky at six in the morning when you run is exceptional. I’d like to keep up jogging with Wormmon every day from now on. So then, everyone, I look forward to the day when we can meet again. Goodbye.

HIKARI: This is Hikari Yagami. How are you? I’m really happy that we have this chance to see each other again. Please don’t forget that you will always have us with you.

[TAKATO and the others are walking on one side, while RYO walks up to them from the other.]

TAKATO: Ah! There’s Ryo-san!
HIROKAZU: Whoo, he looks even cooler than ever!
RUKI: More like he made a strange attempt at sex appeal with that outfit, except it doesn’t really suit him at all.
RYO: Hey, guys!
HIROKAZU: Congratulations on your victory!
JIAN: Are you heading back to North Kyushuu now?
RYO: Yeah. That’s why I wanted to see all of you before I left. Sorry to take up your time on a Sunday morning.
KENTA: Not at all! Besides, it’s been awhile since the last time the Tamers were all together.
JURI: Now that you mention it, you’re right! I haven’t seen Ruki-chan in a long time.
RUKI: That’s because you never come over to hang out.
JURI: [apologetic smile] Sorry.
SHAOCHUNG: I’ll go hang out with you!
RUKI: Eh? You?
SHAOCHUNG: Yup, I’m going! Let’s play together as two girls!

[The rest laugh]

JIAN: Shaochung…
JURI: It’s all right. They certainly are two girls, after all.
KENTA: Say, Jian, what did you do with everyone’s messages?
JIAN: Oh, I e-mailed the voice data to Yamaki-san yesterday. Yamaki-san said that he’ll change them into packets and send them to the Digital World through his Yuggoth Transer.
TAKATO: I hope everyone’s voice reaches them.
JIAN: Yeah.
RUKI: …Of course they will!
JIAN: Ruki…
RUKI: All of our messages contain how lucky we feel about meeting our Digimon. There’s just no way our wishes won’t reach them!
TAKATO: I’m not really sure I understand, but… you’ve changed a little from yesterday, Ruki.
RUKI: [smiles] I’m me.
JURI: You’re right. Everyone’s voices will definitely reach them. I can believe that.
RYO: Yeah. The future we want won’t come to us if we don’t believe in ourselves first.
TAKATO: Then that still makes us the Digimon Tamers, does it?
JIAN: Yeah, you’re right!
HIROKAZU: Man, if only we had that flag now…
KENTA: Why would we want a thing like that for?
HIROKAZU: Don’t be stupid. That kind of thing is necessary for when a large group is united under a common goal.
JURI: Well, we may not have a flag, but this feels exactly like that time when we first left for the Digital World, doesn’t it?
HIROKAZU: All right, then, everyone! Let’s show our unity by giving off a yell, okay? Here we go! Ay–
TAKATO: Wait, wait! I can go make a flag right now!

[The rest of the group sag and laugh awkwardly]

HIROKAZU: Hey, what gives, man? I was just getting everyone all charged up!
KENTA: [resignedly] Oh well, this is how we usually roll.
TAKATO: [flustered] O–Oh, sorry! We’ll make that yell, all right, guys? Here we go! Ay, ay, oohh!

HIROKAZU: Geez, Takato. Cutting in right when I was about to run this show.
TAKATO: S–Sorry, Hirokazu. I thought we’d lose the atmosphere if I didn’t go with it soon.
JIAN: [laughs] No, I think you came in at a good timing.
JURI: You looked cool, Takato-kun!
TAKATO: Eh? R–Really?
RUKI: This is dumb. I’m going home now.
RYO: Huh? Ruki, aren’t you going to stay to see me off?
RUKI: Why would I do that for you?!
RYO: [sighs] You’re just not honest with yourself. [laughs]
SHAOCHUNG: Brother, let’s all go to the amusement park!
JIAN: Eh? B–But everyone probably already has plans for today–
TAKATO: It’s okay, let’s go! It’s been awhile since all of us hung out together.
RYO: I’ll… leave for home later in the evening, then. Let’s go!
KENTA: I have cram school today, but… I guess it’s okay to skip once in awhile!
RUKI: I’m not going.
HIROKAZU: What’s with this chick, saying whatever she wants…
RUKI: What did I ever do to deserve being called in such a demeaning way by you?!
HIROKAZU: It’s because you have no inclination of cooperating with the team!
RUKI: And what gives you the right to act so bossy?!
TAKATO: [breaking in] Hey, all of us have to stick together, all right? Until the day we meet our Digimon.
RUKI: Then consider myself accompanying you guys until that day.
JURI: [giggles] The truth is, you want to come with us, don’t you?
RUKI: The amusement park is for little brats. Who would–
RUKI: …Fine, I’ll go with you! Honestly, what a bunch of kids.
JURI: Then it’s decided!
TAKATO: Okay, let’s go!

[The group chats indistinctly as they leave together]

TAKUYA: Yo! It’s Takuya Kanbara. Digimon Frontier has ended, but the Digital World will still keep on going. This time, it might be your turn to go there.

IZUMI: This is Izumi Orimoto. When I’ve become a wonderful lady, I’d like to see everyone again. Bye for now!

JUNPEI: I’m Junpei Shibayama. Thanks for supporting Digimon Frontier the whole year! Huh? How is my diet going? [laughs] I’m a man who never gives up fighting! See you again!

TOMOKI: This is Tomoki Himi. As long as you continue to have courage and believe in yourself as you walk down your path, you can become a hero, too! Let’s see each other again someday!

KOUJI: This is Kouji Minamoto. Thank you for following us on our adventures up to now. May all of you be blessed by the light.

KOUICHI: This is Kouichi Kimura. I’m glad I’ve met you guys. Because of you, I was able to do my best. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “[drama cd] digimon series 1-4: original story special, ~with~

  1. It kinda irks me that in the Tamers series they don’t tell us if they get to see their digimon again. Like sure, the Tamers have Yamaki send their messages but I want to know if the digimon actually received the messages. I want to see more of their pov (point of view) and if they sent their responses back to their Tamers. But, I guess this impossible since the cd drama was put together a long time ago and I doubt they would continue on with the Tamers anymore. Just more cliffhangers… Anyways, I thank you okeikun for translating this for us! I really appreciate it!

    • Hey Nick! I actually finished that very idea for the Digimon getting back to the Tamers. It’s a bit of a cross with Adventures 01/02, but I think you’d like it! It’s on my fanfiction.net page under my Author Name which is also Digidestined of Trust

  2. “RYO: Huh? Ruki, aren’t you going to stay to see me off?
    RUKI: Why would I do that for you?!
    RYO: [sighs] You’re just not honest with yourself. [laughs]”

    The RyoRuki fan in me rejoices
    Neverthless I enjoyed this very much! ;w; it feels kinda nostalgic after so many years

    • I love that part too xD
      Go! Go! Ryo x Ruki

      I hope they will make second season of Tamers or maybe a movie.
      I wanna see Ryo x Ruki become a couple lol

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