[drama cd] inazuma eleven: revival of the bonds!!


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Mamoru Endou : Junko Takeuchi
Shuuya Gouenji : Hirofumi Nojima
Yuuto Kidou : Hiroyuki Yoshino
Shirou Fubuki : Mamoru Miyano
Ichirouta Kazemaru : Yuka Nishigaki
Jousuke Tsunami : Shuuhei Sakaguchi
Heigorou Kabeyama : Megumi Tano
Yuuya Kogure : Nami Miyahara
Yuuki Tachimukai : Shinnosuke Tachibana

Script : Ken’ichi Yamada, Atsuhiro Tomioka
Music : Yasunori Mitsuda, Natsumi Kameoka, Kazumi Mitome
Music Director : Masafumi Mima

01: イントロダクション~バーベキューしようぜ!
02: ポジションチェンジに挑戦!!
03: Intermission「公式戦」
04: それぞれの夕食!
05: Intermission「決死の攻撃」
06: 恐怖!雷門中七不思議!?
07: Intermission「走るイナズマ」
08: ありがとう!イナズマキャラバン!!
09: やっぱり最後は、サッカーやろうぜ!~エンディング
10: 今日の格言
11: 【スペシャルトラック】アフレコやろうぜ!! (綱海、立向居、風丸、木暮、壁山、豪炎寺、鬼道、円堂)

TRACK 01: Introduction ~Let’s Have A Barbecue!
ENDOU: Hey, everyone! When listening to the Inazuma Eleven CD, adjust the volume and be sure not to bother other people around you!

ENDOU: It won’t be long before you go back to Hokkaido, huh, Fubuki?
ENDOU: A lot happened in our fight with Aliea Academy.
FUBUKI: With aliens.
ENDOU: [laughs] Yeah. And they were actually humans. We were totally had.
FUBUKI: Normally no one would think that an alien meteorite was what increased their powers.
ENDOU: And also, what happened later surprised me too.
FUBUKI: The Dark Emperors?
ENDOU: Yeah. Just when we finally settled the Aliea incident and came here, Kazemaru and Someoka and the others challenged us to a game. I really wondered how things would end up then.
ENDOU: But when I think about it now, I feel like it passed by really quickly.
ENDOU: It’s all over…
ENDOU: What are you going to do when you’re back in Hokkaido?
FUBUKI: I’ll be playing soccer with the rest of my Hakuren team, of course. This time it won’t be practice matches, but training so we’ll be good enough to fight against Raimon Junior High in the FF Nationals.
ENDOU: I see. I’ll be looking forward to that!

[TACHIMUKAI runs up]

TACHIMUKAI: Endou-san! Fubuki-san! We’re ready to have the barbecue!
ENDOU: Oh, okay! But you all sure came here late, for people who were excited about the barbecue.
TACHIMUKAI: That would be because of Kabeyama-san.
ENDOU: Kabeyama?
TACHIMUKAI: He bought a staggering amount of food! It’s no wonder we were slow to get here.
ENDOU: [laughs] I see.
FUBUKI: Thanks for planning this training camp trip, Captain.
TACHIMUKAI: I want to thank you too.
ENDOU: Oh, no, I just… I just thought we should all do something fun together before everyone leaves for home.
FUBUKI: Captain… / TACHIMUKAI: Endou-san…
ENDOU: Well, let’s hurry. This is Kabeyama we’re talking about. He might have already started on the food.

ENDOU: Inazuma Eleven Drama CD!
ALL: Revival of the bonds!!

It’s all right! Don’t worry!
I’ll keep those sentiments tightly in my heart!

KABEYAMA: [dashing around] Meat, SO GOOD! Fish, SO GOOD! Veggies, SO GOOD!
FUBUKI: [off in the distance] He really has started.
TACHIMUKAI: I told them to wait for us…
ENDOU: It’s okay. Let’s go eat too!
TSUNAMI: Hey, Endou! Here, your plate.
ENDOU: Thanks, Tsunami!
KIDOU: You even have a grill prepared… Nothing less from you, Endou.
ENDOU: I wanted to start right away once everyone got here.
FUBUKI: Still, you guys brought a lot of food. I wonder if we can finish it all…
KABEYAMA: Meat! Fish! Veggies!
GOUENJI: With that appetite, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.
ENDOU: [laughs] Gouenji’s right.
KABEYAMA: It’s all so good!
KOGURE: Here, have an extra helping of sauce.
KABEYAMA: Thank you. [tries] It’s sour!!!
KOGURE: I made sure to put in a lot of vinegar. Ushishishi!
ENDOU: Kogure…
TSUNAMI: Come on, guys, there’s still plenty of ingredients left!

[TSUNAMI thunks something on the table]

ENDOU: That’s a giant piece of meat!
TSUNAMI: Tachimukai, you got the plates ready?

[TSUNAMI grabs knives with both hands]

TSUNAMI: Here I go! Killer technique! Tsunami Cut!
KIDOU: I can’t see his hands!
ENDOU: That knife handiwork!
GOUENJI: It’s amazingly fast!
FUBUKI: The thickness of the meat!
KOGURE: It’s the same for every piece!
TACHIMUKAI: Killer technique! Mugen The Catch!
ENDOU: Whoa!
KIDOU: The same number of meat…
GOUENJI: Is being put one after the other onto each plate!
KABEYAMA: Thank you for the food!
ENDOU: What an amazing technique.
TSUNAMI: Heh! Not bad, Tachimukai!
TACHIMUKAI: You too, Tsunami-san! You work wonders with the knife no matter how many times I see it!
TSUNAMI: When it comes to surfing, soccer, and cooking, you gotta ride the rhythm!
TSUNAMI: Come on, guys! Let’s eat!
ALL: Yeah!
KABEYAMA: Fish! Veggies! Meat!
TACHIMUKAI: Ah, the meat I was piling up!
KABEYAMA: [mouth full] Sorry!
TACHIMUKAI: [forlorn sigh]
TSUNAMI: No use getting back what’s already been swallowed. Here, you can have mine.
TACHIMUKAI: Thank you!
KABEYAMA: [wild dash] Meat!
TACHIMUKAI: Not again!
KOGURE: That’s what you get for not guarding your plate properly like I am! Ushishi!
ENDOU: [laughs awkwardly] …? Kazemaru, why are you eating here all alone?
KAZEMARU: Endou! …Hey…
ENDOU: Here, have this meat.
ENDOU: Hm? What’s wrong?
KAZEMARU: It’s still raw…
KIDOU: [seriously] Endou, that one was just put on the grill.
GOUENJI: [seriously] The cooked ones are over here.
ENDOU: Oh, I see. Sorry, Kazemaru.
KAZEMARU: Uh… it’s okay…

KABEYAMA: Meat! [eats and immediately stops chewing] It’s bitter! [falls over]
KOGURE: That’s because I added Goya vinegar to the sauce! Ushishi! [Note: Goya = Okinawan word for bitter melon]
TSUNAMI: Until you overcome the Goya’s bitterness, no one will recognize you as a full-grown man of the sea!
KABEYAMA: That’s not the problem…
TACHIMUKAI: [tries] This sauce could use some more kick…
ENDOU: All of us eating together like this under the sky is definitely the best thing ever.
KIDOU: We did the same thing during the time we traveled in the caravan.
GOUENJI: Friends make the food taste at its best, huh?
ENDOU: Exactly. Right, Kazemaru?
ENDOU: I wish the others could have joined us for this barbecue.
TSUNAMI: Yeah… what are they up to right now?
GOUENJI: Ichinose and Domon are at Kidokawa Seishuu.
KAZEMARU: Because Nishigaki was in the Dark Emperors.
GOUENJI: Yeah. He was afraid of going back since he might get chewed out, so they went together to apologize with him to Coach Nikaidou.
ENDOU: Those three are pretty close since their days together in America, after all.
TACHIMUKAI: Megane-san invited Kurimatsu-san to come with him to go buy pretty girl figurines.
KABEYAMA: Shuuyou Meito Academy’s soccer club is apparently with them too, since they hit it off so well with Megane-san.
ENDOU: Aki and the girls are at Touko’s vacation house, right?
TACHIMUKAI: Yes. They’re having a camping trip there for girls only. I hear that they’ll be coming back tomorrow.
TSUNAMI: The Prime Minister’s vacation house, huh? I wonder what sort of place it is. I’d like to go see it if it’s near the ocean!
KABEYAMA: They probably get to eat a lot of fancy foods there!
ENDOU: Now that you mention it, we got a letter of thanks from the Prime Minister, didn’t we?
KIDOU: I never expected Prime Minister Sousuke Zaizen himself to give us a public recognition ceremony.
GOUENJI: Endou was pretty nervous.
KOGURE: His right hand kept coming out with his right leg, ushishishi!
TACHIMUKAI: There were a lot of cameras flashing! And a ton of TV reporters and radio hosts!
ENDOU: I’m not nervous when it comes to soccer…
TSUNAMI: Oh, right. During the ceremony Touko was wearing a dress! She looked like a completely different person!
KABEYAMA: Speaking of dresses, there was Rika-san!
TACHIMUKAI: Oh, she was wearing a wedding dress, right? And forcefully walking arm-and-arm with Ichinose-san, who was trying to resist her!
KOGURE: She said it was practice for their wedding rehearsal, ushishishi!
KABEYAMA: She even asked the Prime Minister to give a speech at the wedding.
TSUNAMI: It’s a tough job, being so popular.
FUBUKI: We all dressed up on that day, so everyone looked pretty.
KIDOU: Yeah. Haruna was beautiful.
KOGURE: He’s choosing favorites with his sister, ushishishi!
KIDOU: Not at all. I just spoke my honest opinion. [glare]
KOGURE: [draws back in fear] Hiiih!
ENDOU: Coach Hibiki told me the other day that he got a call from Coach Hitomiko.
ENDOU: Coach Hitomiko said she and Hiroto are waiting together for Seijirou Kira to serve his sentence and come back.
KIDOU: I see.
ENDOU: I’d like to play soccer with Coach Hitomiko and Hiroto again one day.
KIDOU: Yeah.
GOUENJI: What about the other members in Aliea Academy?
ENDOU: They’re all with Coach Hitomiko. She said they play soccer every day.
GOUENJI: I bet they’re playing for fun now.
ENDOU: Yeah.
KIDOU: What about Coach Hibiki?
ENDOU: I’m not very sure either…
KABEYAMA: [slurping food] He’s back in Rairaiken.
ENDOU: You went there?
KABEYAMA: Yes! I ate ramen yesterday and I ran into him while I was passing by. He told me that he feels more at ease when he’s holding raw ramen noodles.
FUBUKI: I should go eat there one time before I go back to Hokkaido.
TACHIMUKAI: I’ll come with you!
ENDOU: Then let’s all go together!
KABEYAMA: [sighs] This talk about ramen is making me hungry again. Meat! [eats] It’s salty… [falls over]
KOGURE: Thanks to my special soy sauce loaded with salt! Ushishi!
TACHIMUKAI: [tries] It’s not stimulating enough… Where’s the spice?
ENDOU: Their physical examination results should be coming in soon.
TSUNAMI: Oh, the guys in Dark Emperors?
ENDOU: Kazemaru and Kurimatsu’s checkup finished quickly, but since Handa and the others started right after their wounds healed up, theirs had to be more thorough.
KIDOU: I’m sure they’re okay.
FUBUKI: They’ll be back tomorrow, right?
GOUENJI: Yeah. They’re planning to meet up with us here for the rest of the training camp.
FUBUKI: I hope a good result comes out and he gets back here soon.
GOUENJI: Someoka, right?
FUBUKI: Yeah. He told me he wanted to fight me one more time before I left.
GOUENJI: That’s just like him.

TSUNAMI: Kabeyama! Help us clean up instead of lying down!
KABEYAMA: I can’t… If I move, all of the food I ate will come out…
KOGURE: Here, I brought stomach ache medicine.
KABEYAMA: Thanks. [drinks] It’s spicy! Spicy!!
KOGURE: Hey, you can move around after all! Ushishi!
ENDOU: The nets… I guess we can wash them back in the school.
KAZEMARU: Endou! Hey…
ENDOU: Oh Kazemaru, you came at a good time! Can you help me bring in the grill?
ENDOU: One, two, pull!
ENDOU: Is it heavy?
KAZEMARU: N–No, that’s not it!
ENDOU: Then– Then let’s go carefully and carry this back to the school!

TRACK 02: Challenge With Different Positions!!

TSUNAMI: Now that we’ve eaten our fill, let’s do some exercise to get the digestion going!
ENDOU: Then Tachimukai and I will be goalkeeper, and the rest of you–
TSUNAMI: Hold on a sec, Endou.
TSUNAMI: This isn’t a match. It won’t be that interesting if we just went with the typical setup, right? So let’s all try a different position from usual.
KOGURE: A different position from usual?
KIDOU: Sounds interesting. Experiencing a different position may produce some good data for the future.
ENDOU: Okay then, let’s try it!

ENDOU: Are you ready, Tsunami, Kidou, Tachimukai?
FUBUKI: Gouenji-kun! Kogure-kun! Kabeyama-kun! I’m counting on you!
ENDOU: Kazemaru, are you really okay with being the ref?
KAZEMARU: Yeah. Then let’s begin! Kickoff!

[KAZEMARU blows the whistle]

ENDOU: Tachimukai!
TACHIMUKAI: Yes, Endou-san!

[Both ENDOU and TACHIMUKAI move up with the ball]

TACHIMUKAI: I never dreamed I’d have a chance like this to go for the opponent’s goal as a forward with Endou-san!
ENDOU: Me neither! It’s a rare opportunity, so let’s enjoy it while we can!
TSUNAMI: Go Endou, Tachimukai! Leave me and Kidou to protect the goal!
TACHIMUKAI: Endou-san!


GOUENJI: Bring it, Endou!
ENDOU: Gouenji in the defense… Interesting!

[GOUENJI and ENDOU faceoff]

ENDOU: I can’t get through… As expected of Gouenji!
KABEYAMA: It’s a matchup between Captain and Gouenji-san! That’s not something you see every day!

[GOUENJI reflects the ball]

ENDOU: Oh, crap! It’s been hit back!
KABEYAMA: Gouenji-san wins! Kogure-kun, the ball!
KOGURE: Way ahead of you!
TACHIMUKAI: I won’t let you have it! [intercepts]
ENDOU: Nice, Tachimukai! Bring it in!
GOUENJI: Fubuki, watch over the goal!
FUBUKI: Got it!
TACHIMUKAI: Endou-san! [passes]
ENDOU: Megaton Head!
FUBUKI: You’re not making it in! Eternal Blizzard!
ENDOU: What?
TACHIMUKAI: He’s facing Megaton Head with Eternal Blizzard?

[FUBUKI’s Eternal Blizzard]

TACHIMUKAI: He hit it back!
ENDOU: Pretty good, Fubuki!
FUBUKI: You too, Captain! It was a good shoot! All right, guys, attack!

[FUBUKI kicks the ball up]

KIDOU: What?
KOGURE: Let’s go, Kabeyama!
KIDOU: They’re coming!
TSUNAMI: Interesting! Come on, shoot at me with all you’ve got!
KOGURE: Let’s use it!
KABEYAMA: Eh? Really?
KOGURE: It’s time we showed them our power!
KABEYAMA: …Oh, all right! I’ll do it!
KOGURE/KABEYAMA: Inazuma Oneeeeee!
ENDOU: Inazuma One?
GOUENJI: With those two?
KIDOU: They’ve been practicing it?

[KOGURE and KABEYAMA kick the ball]

ENDOU: Eh? It’s a normal shoot…
KABEYAMA: See, I knew it wouldn’t work!
TSUNAMI: Interesting thing you did there! Then I guess it’s time I finally showed this special technique that I’ve been saving!
KABEYAMA: Special…
KOGURE: Technique?
TSUNAMI: God…!!!
ENDOU: God Hand?!
TACHIMUKAI: When did Tsunami-san learn that?!
KIDOU: I know he’s a man full of surprises but…
GOUENJI: This time is he really…?!
TSUNAMI: Hand!!!


TSUNAMI: Come on, there’s no way I could do that all of a sudden.

[EVERYONE falls]

TACHIMUKAI: Tsunami-san…
TSUNAMI: Kidou, it’s your turn to be goalkeeper this time!
TSUNAMI: [runs up] Come on, guys! Let’s keep changing positions!
ALL: Yeah!

ALL: Inazuma…
ENDOU: Eleven!

TRACK 04: Each Of Their Dinners

ENDOU: Fight! Yeah!

[Bell chimes. KABEYAMA’s stomach grumbles]

KABEYAMA: I’m hungry…
ENDOU: Me too. But I’m sure looking forward to dinner. Everyone’s going to be cooking their favorite dish. Now, let’s do it!

KOGURE: Kabeyama, what are you making?
KABEYAMA: I’m starving, so… with this, I’m all set.
KOGURE: Raw cabbage put on a dish?
KABEYAMA: I call it “One Whole Cabbage”! Time to eat! [digs in]
KOGURE: That’s not considered cooking…

ENDOU: All done!
TSUNAMI: Endou, what’s that?
ENDOU: Soccer ball onigiri! I put the seaweed pentagons on a big plain rice ball to make the pattern.
TSUNAMI: Oh, it’s a soccer ball? I thought it was the head of a melting snowman.
ENDOU: Eh? Is it really that artistic? You’re making me blush. Hahahaha!
TSUNAMI: It wasn’t a compliment. Hehehe!

KAZEMARU: Kogure, could you give me an egg?
KOGURE: Okay. [sniffs] This smells good. What is it?
KAZEMARU: [pulls off the lid] Oden. I asked about the recipe from the managers one time before.
KOGURE: Can I have mine with daikon radish and eggs?!

TSUNAMI: Fubuki, what’s your menu?
FUBUKI: It’s ramen.
TSUNAMI: Oh, nice! Then I’ll have shio ramen later. [Note: Shio = salt]
FUBUKI: Sorry, I only have miso ramen.
TSUNAMI: Huh? When it’s ramen, it’s gotta be shio! It tastes like the sea!
FUBUKI: In my hometown, it’s miso.
TSUNAMI: …Could you change it now to shio instead?
FUBUKI: No. I’m keeping it miso.
FUBUKI: …Miso.
FUBUKI: Miso!!
TSUNAMI: Shio!!! / FUBUKI: Miso!!!
TACHIMUKAI: Calm down, you two! Everyone’s free to have their own food preferences!
TSUNAMI: I know! Let’s have Tachimukai decide!
TSUNAMI: When it comes to ramen, is it… Shio?
FUBUKI: Or miso?
TSUNAMI/FUBUKI: Now, choose!
TACHIMUKAI: Uhhhm……………… tonkotsu! [Note: Tonkotsu = pork bone]

[TSUNAMI and FUBUKI fall over]

ENDOU: I cut this pumpkin and… [struggles and a part of the pumpkin goes flying out]
ENDOU: Oh, sorry, Kabeyama! You okay?
KABEYAMA: I’m fine. Are pumpkins really that hard to cut?
ENDOU: Yeah… apparently just digging the knife in it isn’t all there is to it… Cooking is deeper than I’d imagined.
KABEYAMA: The managers Kino-san and the others always looked like they had their hands full with it.
ENDOU: This is something I learned after trying it myself, but the onigiri that Natsumi made was pretty well done.

[TSUNAMI beatboxes]

ENDOU: Oh! Otomura’s rhythm! You sure know how to cut well!
TSUNAMI: I can prepare just about anything that comes from the sea!
ENDOU: Yeah, speaking of which, I remember when you treated us to sashimi in Okinawa.
KABEYAMA: A man who can cook is cool!
ENDOU: I’m sure looking forward to everyone’s cooking!

KIDOU: All right. It’s ready.
ENDOU: Wow, Kidou… You made a lot!
KABEYAMA: They all look delicious! But there are some dishes that I’ve never seen before…
KIDOU: French, Italian, Russian, Thailand, Indian, and Australian. I made a general selection of the world’s dishes so you guys could try whatever you liked.
ENDOU: Where did you learn all of this?
KIDOU: Cooking is one of the many subjects taught in the kingcraft curriculum.
KABEYAMA: The kingcraft curriculum is pretty amazing…
ENDOU: Yeah.
TSUNAMI: [from a distance] Whoa! Gouenji, that’s awesome!
ENDOU: ? What’s going on there?

TSUNAMI: Look at that! It’s takoyaki!
ENDOU: Takoyaki? Without Rika?
TSUNAMI: With Gouenji.
ENDOU: Gouenji is making takoyaki?
ENDOU: He sent the takoyaki balls flying up into the air with a single swish of his pick!
TACHIMUKAI: Each of them look like a revolving model of Earth!
GOUENJI: Hyahhh!
TSUNAMI: He got them onto a dish in the blink of an eye! Is he about to make the finishing touches?!
GOUENJI: Hiyaaahhh!

[GOUENJI puts on the toppings and holds the plate out]

GOUENJI: It’s done.
ALL: Whoa…
TSUNAMI: Impressive… The sauces take up exactly one-fourth of the takoyaki’s surface. What’s more, the balance of the dried bonito flakes as they waft in the steam coming from the takoyaki is simply exquisite!!
KABEYAMA: Just by looking at them, you can tell that they’ll taste good! [licks his lips]
ENDOU: Gouenji, how come you never did this in front of Rika?
GOUENJI: I didn’t want to end up like Ichinose.
ALL: I see~
KOGURE: Captain! Mine’s good too!

ENDOU: Kogure made ramen too, huh? [sniffs] It looks and smells good, seems tasty!
KABEYAMA: Wait, Captain. Since Kogure-kun made it, it could end up being really nasty for all we know.
KOGURE: If that’s what you think, then you don’t have to eat it.
ENDOU: Anyway, let’s just try it. [pulls apart chopsticks and slurps] …?!
ENDOU: It’s good!
TSUNAMI: [slurps] Yeah, it really is good!
KABEYAMA: N–No way. [slurps] You’re right, it’s really good! I can’t believe it, but my tongue is quivering from the deliciousness!
KOGURE: So you admit it!
KABEYAMA: But I feel like I’ve tasted this somewhere else before…
KIDOU: The reason for that is in this garbage can.
KABEYAMA: Eh? …Ahh! A bag of instant ramen! No wonder it was so good.
KOGURE: Boiling water and waiting for three minutes is considered a fine way of cooking. Ushishishi!
ENDOU: Tachimukai, what about you?
TACHIMUKAI: I made my special motsunabe.

ENDOU: This looks great too!
TSUNAMI: You designed it nicely.
KAZEMARU: No one can mess up a hot pot as long as they don’t go overboard.
KOGURE: …? What’s this smell stinging my nose?
KABEYAMA: Unlike you, Tachimukai-kun would never pull a prank on us. Now, let’s eat!
ALL: Thanks for the food! [gulps] …HOTTT!!!
ENDOU: W–Water!!!

[ALL except TACHIMUKAI run off]

TACHIMUKAI: Eh? Is it really that spicy? [tries] But that’s strange… it tastes really good…

ENDOU: Inazuma…
ALL: Eleven!

TRACK 06: Fear! The Seven Mysteries of Raimon Junior High

ENDOU: Inazuma Eleven.

[Bell chimes]

ENDOU: Now that we’ve had dinner, what should we do next? It’s too dark out to play soccer, but it’s too early to go to bed yet.
KOGURE: Since we’re in a school at nighttime, we’ve gotta have a test of courage!
KABEYAMA: T–Test of courage?
ENDOU: Oh, I see! There’s that. But did our school ever have any scary place in it?
KABEYAMA: N–No, no, not at all!
KAZEMARU: Yeah, we do. The Seven Mysteries of Raimon.

[KABEYAMA wails]

ENDOU: Really, Kazemaru?
KAZEMARU: Yeah. If I remember correctly, there’s one where you can hear a piano playing all by itself, another one where a skeleton model moves, and another one where, if you peer into the bathroom toilet at night, you’ll see something really frightening.

[KABEYAMA froths at the mouth]

TACHIMUKAI: They don’t sound all that different from the Seven Mysteries in Yokato Junior High.
KOGURE: In any case, that means we can hold a test of courage! Isn’t that great, Kabeyama?
KABEYAMA: Not at all!
TSUNAMI: All right then, let’s do it!
KABEYAMA: We don’t have to!
ENDOU: Let’s do the test of courage!
KABEYAMA: [slumps] No way…
KOGURE: Ushishishi!
ENDOU: Let’s split up into teams of two and look around for where the Seven Mysteries take place. When we’re done, we’ll meet up here again at the gymnasium.
KOGURE: Let’s team up, Kabeyama!
KABEYAMA: No! I don’t wanna go!
KOGURE: C’mon, we’re leaving!
KABEYAMA: Fubuki-san!
FUBUKI: If having only two people worries you, then I’ll come along.
KABEYAMA: That’s not what I meant! I don’t wanna go!
KAZEMARU: Endou, can I?
ENDOU: Of course, Kazemaru.
TACHIMUKAI: Tsunami-san!
KIDOU: And that’s that, Gouenji.

FUBUKI: When it’s this quiet, the place does seem creepy.
KOGURE: Well, the nights at Manyuuji are a lot quieter and darker.
KABEYAMA: Fire Tornado… Do-Dragon Cras-sh… Shoot Pocket…
KOGURE: What are you doing?
KABEYAMA: A shiritori game with killer technique names… I have to do something to take my mind off the fear…
FUBUKI: Aren’t you scared, Kogure-kun?
KOGURE: I don’t believe what I can’t see. Ushishishi!
FUBUKI: I see.


KABEYAMA: [screams] W–What was that?!
KOGURE: It was just water dripping from the faucet. You sure are a scaredy-cat.
KABEYAMA: I-I wanna go home already…
FUBUKI: Now, now. We’ll leave after we’ve checked the First Mystery, looking into a bathroom mirror at night to see if there’s anything frightening.
KOGURE: [bored] Right, right.
VOICE: U~ra~me~shi~ya~ [Note: A conventional phrase that Japanese ghosts say. It means “a curse upon you”]
KABEYAMA: [screams] A–A voice…
KOGURE: No way…
FUBUKI: It sounded like it was coming from a room further down the hall…
VOICE: U~ra~me~shi~ya~

[A door opens]

KABEYAMA: T–T–T–The door…
FUBUKI: Maybe someone’s hiding inside…

[FUBUKI opens the door further]

FUBUKI: There’s no one here…
KABEYAMA: Could it be…
KOGURE: A ghost…?

[Bang. KABEYAMA screams and runs away]

KOGURE: Ushishishi! Did you see the look on his face?! The voice was a recording of my own, and I pulled the door open with a string I’d attached to it earlier, and the banging was just from a noise maker.
FUBUKI: Kogure-kun… Don’t you think that was a bit too much?
KOGURE: It’s fine, totally fine. Haha! That was fun. Now then, I guess we should head back so I can reveal what happened.
FUBUKI: …Just in case, let’s look into the mirror before we go. I wonder what sort of frightening thing you can see from it.
KOGURE: You believe that? You won’t see anything.
FUBUKI: Well, just a peek—
KOGURE: No matter how many times you look, it’s just a regular mirror. It’s only reflecting the two of us, see? Let’s go.


KOGURE: ? Hey, why aren’t you saying anything?

[ATSUYA laughs]

KOGURE: W–What’s that laugh for?
ATSUYA: It’s been awhile, Kogure.
ATSUYA: Don’t tell me you forgot about me.
KOGURE: That rough way of talking… and the shape of his eyes have changed… C–Could you be…?
ATSUYA: That’s right. I’m Atsuya! I’ve come to take you to the other world.

[KOGURE screams and runs outside, tripping over buckets]

FUBUKI: Just kidding. I guess I put too much of the fear of God into him.

[FUBUKI looks into the mirror]

FUBUKI: Atsuya. It’s me. I’m doing all right. Thanks to Captain and the others.

TSUNAMI: The skeleton didn’t move.
TACHIMUKAI: Of course it wouldn’t! It would be bad if it did.
TSUNAMI: Really? I wanted to see it…
TACHIMUKAI: We’ll all be separating from each other soon…
TACHIMUKAI: Tsunami-san!
TACHIMUKAI: Please teach me how to surf next time!
TACHIMUKAI: Just like how Endou-san made the Fist of Justice, I want to get better at soccer!
TSUNAMI: Okay! Come by to Okinawa any time!
TACHIMUKAI: Thank you!
TSUNAMI: You could call this an exchange but I have a request too.
TACHIMUKAI: Yes, anything!
TSUNAMI: The more I play soccer, the more I come to understand that it’s a lot more than it appears. So… I want you to teach me everything you know! It doesn’t matter what it is.

KIDOU: Gouenji.
KIDOU: There’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you once.
GOUENJI: Don’t be so formal, just say it.
KIDOU: What sort of things do you talk about with your sister?
GOUENJI: Anything, I guess. I talk with Yuuka about what happened that day or random trivial things.
KIDOU: I’ve been living apart from Haruna… so I don’t often find a subject that we share in common.
GOUENJI: When that happens, I just listen to what she says. Yuuka likes to talk, and I think Otonashi does too, right?
KIDOU: I see… Listen to what she says, huh?
KIDOU: All right. I’ll try that next time.

ENDOU: The piano’s not playing.
ENDOU: The piano’s supposed to play by itself in an empty music room, isn’t it?
ENDOU: [sighs] Well, I should’ve known. Since it’s one of the Seven Mysteries, I guess it’s not something that you can see happen all the time. A lot of time’s passed, so I guess we should head back to the others now.
ENDOU: Kazemaru?
KAZEMARU: There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.
ENDOU: What?
KAZEMARU: …I’m sorry.
ENDOU: About what?
KAZEMARU: About challenging you to a game as a Dark Emperor! I’m really sorry.
ENDOU: Kazemaru…
KAZEMARU: I got so shocked at seeing the difference in strength with Aliea Academy that instead of leveling up my abilities, I chose to look for another way. It all happened because my heart was too weak.
ENDOU: [sighs] Raise your head, Kazemaru. I’m sorry, too. As captain, I should have reached out and listened to your concerns, but instead all I kept talking about was training more and more. I was the one who pushed you into it. Sorry.
KAZEMARU: No, it’s not your fault! It’s mine. Because my heart was so weak, I let myself be manipulated by the Aliea meteorite. I betrayed you.
ENDOU: But you realized that using the Aliea meteorite was wrong. So that’s enough. It’s all in the past now, Kazemaru.
KAZEMARU: You say that, but…
ENDOU: It made me happy.
ENDOU: Even when you were being controlled by the Aliea meteorite, Kazemaru, my voice still reached you.
KAZEMARU: My heart was bound by something dark and evil, and all I could think about was beating you. In that heart of mine, I could feel your passion echoing through it. That was how I was able to come back to my senses.
ENDOU: That was when I thought that we really are true friends. All of our hearts are connected.
KAZEMARU: So did I! No matter how bad the situation, it made me happy to know that your feelings to your friends never changed. But it’s exactly because of that that I can’t forgive myself.
ENDOU: Kazemaru…


ENDOU: In the match!
ENDOU: In the match, when you make a foul, it’s a moment when you stop the opponent, right?
ENDOU: But it’s not fun that way. It means that you acknowledge your opponent to be stronger, and what’s more, you’re defying the rules, which means you’re defying soccer.
KAZEMARU: That’s right.
ENDOU: But… I can understand how that must feel.
ENDOU: It’s because they want to win that they made the foul. If they want to win, it means they like soccer, right? Whoever likes soccer isn’t a bad guy at heart. Making the foul was a mistake, but I wouldn’t hate that guy for it.
ENDOU: What’s important is realizing when you’ve done something wrong and shifting yourself back towards the right direction, don’t you think? Then your friends will understand. Because they’re your friends.

KAZEMARU: Could you give me some time to think? I want to try thinking about what you just said.
ENDOU: Okay, Kazemaru.

[Gymnasium door opens]

TACHIMUKAI: Endou-san, Kazemaru-san!
ENDOU: You’re all back!
KABEYAMA/KOGURE: [quivering and crying] I–It was scary…
ENDOU: What’s wrong with you?
TSUNAMI: You must’ve had a pretty frightening experience.
FUBUKI: Eh? I–I guess you could say that.
ENDOU: So, Kazemaru. What’s the last Mystery?
KAZEMARU: After you’ve gone through all six places, you’re supposed to turn off the light and count yourselves off for something strange to happen.
ENDOU: I see… then someone turn off the lights!
GOUENJI: I’ll do it.

[GOUENJI goes to turn the light off. KABEYAMA and KOGURE wail]

ENDOU: It’s pitch black. I can’t see a thing. Well, let’s count off. One!
KIDOU: Three.
ENDOU: Ten?! Huh? Aren’t there only nine of us?!
KOGURE: There’s one extra person…!
KABEYAMA: Is it… a ghost?!?!

[ALL except KIDOU and GOUENJI run screaming]

KIDOU: Gouenji… it was you, wasn’t it.
GOUENJI: They all looked unsatisfied for not getting what they’d expected.
KIDOU: Well, I’m not against this sort of thing.

ALL: Inazuma…
ENDOU: Eleven!

TRACK 08: Thank You! Inazuma Caravan!!

ENDOU: Let’s play soccer!

[Morning. Birds are chirping.]

ENDOU: [stretches and yawns] So tired… We got to talking about old times and then had a pillow fight… We sure went to sleep pretty late…

[ENDOU sets down a bucket]

ENDOU: Well, time I got started.

[ENDOU wets a cloth and starts scrubbing]

ENDOU: I’ve said it to everyone else, but not to you yet. Thanks, Inazuma Caravan. [scrubbing] You’re a friend who traveled with us the whole time to help us beat Aliea Academy, too. So today I’ll give you a good, heart-filled washing as my thanks for all of the times you helped us.
KAZEMARU: [from behind] Endou!
ENDOU: Kazemaru? …A bucket and a washcloth… Haha, I see! You too, Kazemaru?
KAZEMARU: We had the same idea, huh?
ENDOU: See? We really are members of the Raimon soccer club.
KAZEMARU: Looks that way.

[KAZEMARU sets down his bucket]

KAZEMARU: I’ve been thinking since last night. I honestly still can’t forgive myself for what I’ve done. But it’s because of what’s happened that it’s been impressed upon me all over again… how important friends are.
ENDOU: [nods]
KAZEMARU: So this time, if there ever comes a time when my friend is about to do something wrong, I’ll stop them. It’ll be returning the same favor that you and the others did for me, to open my eyes.
ENDOU: Returning a favor? It’s not as formal as that. We’re friends, remember?
KAZEMARU: Yeah… [smiles] Thanks, Endou. To say this anew, I’m looking forward to working together with you!
ENDOU: Yeah, same here!
TACHIMUKAI: [from behind] Huh? Endou-san and Kazemaru-san?
ENDOU: Tachimukai, Kogure, and Kabeyama! [notices] Cleaning equipment? You guys, too?
TACHIMUKAI: Yes! We were planning to wash the caravan!
KABEYAMA: Kogure-kun, wake up already. How long are you going to keep riding on my back?
KOGURE: [yawns] I’ll start working when we reach the caravan, so let me sleep until then.
KABEYAMA: And I’m telling you, we’re already here.
TSUNAMI: [comes up] Hey, so we all thought the same.
ENDOU: Tsunami! Fubuki! Kidou! Gouenji!
KIDOU: So in the end, everyone’s here. Honestly, whose influence could this be from?
GOUENJI: Isn’t it obvious?

[FUBUKI and TSUNAMI laugh]

ENDOU: Well guys, let’s start!
ALL: Yeah!

TRACK 09: Last Of All Is, Of Course, Let’s Play Soccer! ~Ending

[Bell chimes]

ENDOU: The checkup results came in and Someoka and the others are in perfect health.
FUBUKI: [sighs with relief] Thank goodness!
ENDOU: Aki said that she and the girls will be flying in from Touko’s private helicopter.
TSUNAMI: A helicopter? Wow!
TACHIMUKAI: I hope we get to see everyone soon!
ENDOU: Yeah!

[ENDOU bounces a soccer ball]

ENDOU: While we’re waiting… let’s play!

ENDOU: Tsunami! Kidou! Gouenji! This may be a mini-game, but let’s go all-out!
KAZEMARU: Fubuki! Tachimukai! Kogure! Kabeyama! We have more people! Let’s win!


ENDOU: Kickoff!
GOUENJI: Here we go!
FUBUKI: Bring it!
KAZEMARU: Hurricane Dash!
FUBUKI: Eternal Blizzard.
ENDOU: Majin The Hand!
KIDOU: Illusion Ball!
GOUENJI: Bakunetsu Storm!
TACHIMUKAI: Majin The Hand Remastered!
TSUNAMI: Tsunami Boost!
KOGURE: Senpuujin!
TACHIMUKAI: Mugen The Hand!
FUBUKI: Wolf Legend!
ENDOU: Fist of Justice!

ENDOU: Soccer sure is great! I don’t know when it’ll happen, but one day let’s all definitely…
ALL: Play soccer!

ENDOU: Inazuma Eleven Drama CD – Revival of the Bonds! Performed by, Mamoru Endou = Junko Takeuchi.
KIDOU: Yuuto Kidou = Hiroyuki Yoshino.
GOUENJI: Shuuya Gouenji = Hirofumi Nojima.
FUBUKI: Shirou Fubuki = Mamoru Miyano.
TSUNAMI: Jousuke Tsunami = Shuuhei Sakaguchi.
KABEYAMA: Heigorou Kabeyama = Megumi Tano.
KOGURE: Yuuya Kogure = Nami Miyahara.
TACHIMUKAI: Yuuki Tachimukai = Shinnosuke Tachibana.
KAZEMARU: Ichirouta Kazemaru = Yuka Nishigaki.
ENDOU: This CD was brought to you by the people stated above!

TRACK 10: Today’s Proverb
ENDOU: The captain’s proverb today, drama CD version!
What’s important is realizing when you’ve done something wrong and shifting yourself back towards the right direction. Then your friends will understand.
That’s all!

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TRANSLATION. It really helped me a lot, for someone who cant really understand Japanese.

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