[masterlist] digimon series 1-4: We Love DiGiMONMUSIC


We Love DiGiMONMUSIC memorial box compilation

A special limited edition Digimon music box that was sold during the Christmas season in 2002. My God, has it been that long. I was lucky enough to be one of the number of people to buy it back when it was available, and even luckier that – despite some wear and tear – I still have it with me (To make a short story even shorter, many of my anime possessions were lost back in 2004. I weep for the ghostly remains of my 02 and Tamers full lineart books in particular). Here is a majority of the memorial box translated for your reading pleasure.
As you would expect from a special release, the CD box came with a lot of writing. I’ve tried making everything in the booklet available here, but not all of it is translated. You can request for comments by voice actors/staff/music artists in their respective pages.
○ A picture history of the first 100 Digimon CDs
● Comments on Digimon music by the voice actors
○ Comments on Digimon music by the staff and music artists
● A list of Digimon songs up in the first 100 CDs, and comments on Digimon music received by fans
○ Comments by Digimon’s music director on each of the four seasons

As requested by Flare, here are the comment tracks in each of the CDs translated. You can tell how well the voice actors get along with each other from their humorous ad-lib and the interaction between them.
Team Adventure
Team 02
Team Tamers
Team Frontier
Team Music Artists

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