[comic translation] Digimon World Re:Digitize Part 2

マンガ版「デジモンワールド Re:Digitize」後編

Published in V-Jump September extra-large edition, released July 19, 2012.

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Large text: Don’t shrink back and degenerate, move forward and evolve!!

The continuing 2nd part of a 2-part series!!

Original Concept: Akiyoshi Hongou
Comic: Kouhei Fujino
Original Product: Bandai Co., Ltd.

☆Like a fierce, black god!!

Taiga: Uwah…!

Mirei: !!!
Mirei: Oh no…

Yuuya: One down.

Yuuya: !?

Akiho: Hey!!
Akiho: Just what do you think you’re doing?!
Akiho: How dare you two barrel in on our important match!!

Nico: W–Whoa, that’s scary…
Nico: Nyanko Tamer is flipping out…
Taiga: Y–Yeah…

Yuuya: Tch…
Yuuya: Interfering bugger…
Yuuya: This is bad…
Yuuya: The damage is giving me temporary restrictions…
Sfx bubble: Beep beep beep

Mirei: Now…!!
Sfx bubble: Tap tap tap
Mirei: Run, Angewomon, LadyDevimon!
Mirei: I’ll make an exit!

Mirei: Once the exit is closed…
Mirei: He’ll lose all trace of me.
Sfx bubble: Tap tap tap

Yuuya: …Grh!

Sfx bubble: Fwooom

Taiga: Ah…
Taiga: T–They disappeared.

Mirei: Phew.
Mirei: I managed to escape.

Mirei: That overwhelming power and the authorization to move freely within Gigo’s server…
Mirei: Who on earth could he be?
Mirei: No doubt he must have special status in Gigo…

Yuuya: What you’ve done to me was very irksome.
Yuuya: I don’t have time to play along with your game.
Akiho: Huh?!!
Akiho: So rude!! How dare you talk to me like that!

Akiho: Besides, you’re the one who got in the way of our battle!!
Taiga: Yeah!!
Taiga: It was a serious match!!

Yuuya: Hehe…
Yuuya: But it is all a game, to me…
Yuuya: Both Digital Monsters and your low-level battle.

sfx: annoyed
Akiho: I can’t let that go by unchallenged.

Yuuya: Then do you want to test me?
Yuuya: Both Black and I are a little irritated though, so I warn you to be careful.

Akiho: Digitorin!

Nico: Damn… he’s done it now!!
Taiga: I’ve got to help him!!

Nico: Yeah!!
Nico: I’ll go too!!
Nico: Sashenka!!

Agumon: Agumon, warp evolve!!!
Agumon: WarGreymon!!!

Yuuya: Regardless of how many people join in or evolve to Ultimate, you are no match.
Yuuya: I will teach you that in an instant.

Taiga: Wha…
Taiga: What is he doing?


Taiga: WarGreymon!!
Sfx bubble: Pyuu

Taiga: Are you okay, WarGreymon?!!!

Yuuya: Now do you understand…
Yuuya: …your own helplessness?
Yuuya: I am a chosen one.
Yuuya: Unlike you guys.

Taiga: No…

Taiga: Someone like you who only flaunts his power around is chosen?
Taiga: That’s definitely got to be a mistake.

Yuuya: Does the sight you see before you not prove it?
Yuuya: Sounds to me like the howling of a losing dog.

Yuuya: Now.
Yuuya: It’s time I cleaned up here and put an end to this.

Akiho: Oh crap! Oh crap!!
Nico: He’s coming!!

Announcement: This is an emergency announcement for those who are playing Digital Monster on Gigo!!
Announcement: At this moment in time, we will be updating this battle field building to the Digi Tower Interior set up within the Digital World!!
Taiga: W–What?

Akiho: !?
Akiho: What, what?!

Taiga: !!?

Announcement: Update completed!!
Announcement: Update completed!!

Yuuya: !?
Yuuya: How strange…
Yuuya: I never heard plans for this large update.

Mirei: …I don’t believe this.
Mirei: It’s already progressed this far?

Mirei: The technology to transfer materials of the real world into the Digital World…
Mirei: “Digitize”.

Nico: Whoa, whoa, here he comes!!
Nico: Okay, if you’re coming then bring it on!!
Akiho: Eh?!

Akiho: Don’t be crazy!!
Akiho: You’re in no shape to fight!!
Nico: I know that, damn it!!!

Nico: But there are times when you’ve got to fight no matter what happens to you, aren’t there?!!

Taiga: Oh no!!
Taiga: At this rate, we’ll all die!!

Taiga: WarGreymon, please!!
Taiga: Help us!!!

Taiga: WarGreymon!!!

Yuuya: Impossible…
Yuuya: He should have been near death…!!!

WarGreymon: Gaia Force!!

Sfx bubble: Beep beep beep
Yuuya: Why is there so much damage?!!
Yuuya: Gaia Force doesn’t have this much power!!
Sfx bubble: Tap tap
Yuuya: I need to retreat for now…

Sfx bubble: Bzzt

Akiho: You did it, you did it!!!
Nico: You won!!!

Nico: That was awesome, Taiga!!
Nico: I thought you guys were goners!!
Akiho: So did I!!
Taiga: Mmm…

Taiga: I thought we were goners too…
Taiga: But when I called out to WarGreymon as if I was in a trance…
Taiga: I felt like he responded to it.

Nico: …Hmm…
Nico: Sure, nice explanation…
Akiho: …You’re a mystery.
Akiho: Both you and your partner Agumon.

Mom: Taiga.
Mom: I bought dorayaki, do you want?

Nico: Yeah, okay.
Mom: Oh Nico-kun, you’re here.
Mom: Would you like some as well?
Nico: Hello, ma’am!! Pardon my intrusion!!
Nico: I will have some!!

Akiho: Hmm hmm.
Akiho: So we’ll continue our battle another day, huh?

Akiho: Roger!
Sfx bubble: Shut

Mirei: That last Gaia Force he fired…
Mirei: It showed far greater power from its original configuration.

Mirei: There is also WarGreymon’s mysterious resuscitation…

Mirei: His human Tamer’s strong, unique ability to adapt to the Digital World…
Mirei: …must have temporarily awakened the Digimon’s abilities.

Mirei: How interesting…

Mirei: The son of Dr. Petrov who developed the Digitize technology…

Mirei: The world’s number one Digital Monster Tamer…

Mirei: The one with a privileged account on Gigo who holds overwhelming power but lurks in darkness…

Mirei: And…

Mirei: The Tamer who shows incredibly strong adaptability to the Digital World.

Mirei: They seem the most appropriate right now to receive this e-mail.

E-mail: Before everything returns to the void, digitalize and renew the world…

Text: The battles of Taiga and his friends begin!! View the continuation in the PSP game!!

Scanslation of this chapter done by A Bored Tamer.

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