[3ds game walkthrough] osomatsu-san matsu festival!

A thorough translation/walkthrough of the Japanese 3DS game “Osomatsu-san Matsu Matsuri!”
If you are stuck or have found something that is not part of this walkthrough, don’t hesitate to comment.
Link to official website.

Choose which Matsu is your favorite (推し松) and head outside to begin the mini-games. You can easily change between Matsus during the game.


Each character comes with 48 character pictures, 48 voice clips, and 48 backgrounds.
Some character pictures and backgrounds are shared among the brothers, with the others being unique to that brother. The voice clips are solely of that brother.
Character pictures and voice clips are unlocked for each brother when you increase their Love Meter. Their Love Meter comes in six levels, and as you increase to each level, you are led to a roulette for either their character picture or voice clip. I’ve found that earning gold in a mini-game is the quickest way to increase this level.
Reaching 6 on their Love Meter will earn you a half a heart, before the cycle starts over.
At the very least, you have to play a mini-game 120 times to get all ten hearts.


通信: When you want to collect/send favorite Matsus with others who are also playing the game.
すれちがい通信をやめる: Stop wireless
受け取った推し松カードをみる: Look at the cards of other people’s favorite Matsu that you’ve received over wireless
送る推し松カードをかえる: Change the card of your favorite Matsu that you want to send to other people
Green 推し松カードのボイスを再生: You can play the voice of the card you have to check it.
便利機能: Watches, calculators, and voiced timers of that brother. I’m not sure why these exist, but they’re “convenient tools.”
コレクション: The collection of character pictures, voice clips, and backgrounds for that brother. Here you can choose which ones you want to make your own “card” for that brother.
外へ出る: You leave the house with the Matsu you have chosen to play mini-games.
Notebook: Lists the records that you have accomplished in the game. There are 100 in total. More detail can be read in the NOTEBOOK section.
TV: Lists the video clips that you have unlocked. All of these scenes can be obtained by playing the mini-games and reaching records listed in them. There are 100 in total.


もどる: Go back
説明を見る: Look at the game explanation. The top screen will show what records you have to complete to unlock video clips and backgrounds, while the touch screen will explain how to play the game.
At the top screen, from left to right is
-金: Number of gold won
-最高: Highest score obtained
-合計: Total score overall
Depending on what you have to unlock, it may be
-Total score
-Number of gold
-Getting gold with a specific brother
-Playing the mini-game with all brothers
Once you have reached a record, it will say that you have cleared it (クリア)
あそぶ: Play the game


This mini-game consists of 4 rounds. Your Matsu will appear on the touchscreen, while your rival Matsus will appear above. Whoever is the “Boss” (親) starts off the round. If you are a Boss when you win a round, you also receive a Boss bonus in your score.
Your tiles are dealt to you and the other Matsus, so you always have nine tiles total. The tile that appears on the right is what is dealt to you. You can either choose to discard it (パイをすてる) or choose another tile that you already have to discard.
You win when you have three sets of three tiles of the same color. These sets, if you’re lucky, can even be all the same color.
When you have 2 sets and 2 out of 3 of the third set, you have the choice of saying “Reach.” This allows you to take discarded tiles from your opponents to complete your set. Be aware, however, that your opponents can also call “Reach” and take tiles that you discard. This will result in you losing points.
The combination of tiles that you have result in different bonuses. There are 120 bonuses in total. You can see what bonuses you have currently earned with your hand by looking at the green (そろっているボーナス) in the middle of the touchscreen. The blue Bonus List (ボーナスリスト) at the left of the touchscreen shows all of the bonuses that can be obtained.
TIMED: No, but the game will end when all tiles are used.
TIP: There’s really no science to winning, everything depends on what tiles you choose to keep or not. But don’t worry if you don’t win a round, as long as you end the fourth round in first place, you will win a gold medal.

Hybrid Oden
Connect three of the same (or more) to erase them.
When you touch golden oden, it erases its own oden.
When you touch golden Chibita, it erases oden that are vertical and horizontal to it.
When you touch golden Dayon, it erases everything around it.
When you hit Fever, you get even more points.
TIMED: 60 seconds
TIP: I’ve noticed that golden items only appear as one (you wouldn’t have two golden items at the same time), so it’s best to touch it as quickly as possible to continue getting more golden items.

Whack a sextuplet to earn 200 points.
Whack a golden Hijirisawa to get 500 points. When you touch three times, you enter Fever Time which is all Hijirisawa for 10 seconds.
Don’t Whack Totoko, or you lose 500 points.
TIMED: 60 seconds

High Color Cafe
Choose what was ordered in the correct order to earn points.
When Dayon appears, hit as many as you can to earn points.
TIMED: 60 seconds

Mixer Front Line
Protect the front line so your other brothers don’t interfere with your mixer. When the orange Matsu symbol appears, tap on it to block them. Sometimes they might change course, but tap the Matsu symbol and it should be okay.
If they get past you, you lose 1,000 points and a girl leaves. If all three girls leave, it’s game over.
When Mixer God (神) appears, he can:
-Bring back the girls if you have lost girls up to this point, OR
-If you have all girls present, he will give you invincibility and block all brothers approaching for 10 seconds.
TIMED: 60 seconds

Fishing Grounds
Touch the area within the circle where you want to place your hook. Fish will approach it and one will take a nibble at it.
When the hook sinks underwater, touch it to pull the fish. If the hook does NOT sink underwater and you touch it, it will result in a failure at catching the fish.
Once you have the fish hooked, keep touching continuously to keep the gauge at yellow.
If the gauge goes blue (line is too slack), a pink popup will tell you to keep touching the screen to increase the gauge to yellow. If you continue to have a blue gauge, you will lose the fish.
Release if the gauge goes red (line is too tight), or you will lose the fish.
Keep the gauge at yellow until you have successfully reeled the fish in.
Small fish are easy to reel in, but have low points; the bigger the fish, the higher the points but the harder to reel in.
TIP: When you look for awhile, you can see that there are XS, S, M, L, and XL fish. Wait until you see a big XL fish approaching and place your hook a little bit ahead of its direction to catch it. L and XL fish are always Totoko and Hijirisawa. It’s very much like real fishing and requires patience.

Akatsuka Stakes
Win first place in the horse race.
When you touch the pink Speed Up button on the right, you speed up but lose one energy bar in your gauge.
When you touch the green Jump button, you can pick up carrots to increase your gauge or Mystery Boxes to earn items.
The blue Item button, when touched, will release items that interfere with the other riders.
Jump to avoid items being thrown towards you.
TIMED: No. Ends when you reach the goal line.

Snowball Fight
Win a snowball fight among your brothers.
When you are not touching the screen, your Matsu will make two snowballs. Drag your Matsu close to the other brothers and touch the brother that you want to throw a snowball at. If it hits them, it will lower their power gauge. Hitting them three times will cause them to go out of the game.
Snowballs can also be throw at snowmen to eliminate them.
Once in awhile a giant snowball will come rolling down. If it hits you, it will decrease your gauge, but it will turn you into an invincible snowman that causes damage to those you hit.
TIMED: No. Ends when you either win or lose.
TIP: I don’t recommend getting hit by the giant snowball because sometimes you walk too slow to hit other brothers. My trick is running around and letting the brothers eliminate themselves unless I see a chance.

Flag Dancing
Touch the green or red button accordingly to the music of your choice.
The three different song choices are, from top to bottom, “Flag Dance,” “White Snow,” and “Outer Space.” Choose the green button (ハードモード) at the bottom to choose Hard Mode and then OK.
Combos will earn you more points.
TIMED: No. Ends when you finish the song.

Zero Gravity Spiral
You are traveling in space towards your goal. Grab Matsu coins to earn 250 points, and Hijirisawa coins to earn 500 points.
Avoid being hit by objects, otherwise you will lose oxygen and need to grab O2 to restore your oxygen gauge.
When you grab the shooting star, you are invincible for 10 seconds and can hit objects to earn points.
TIMED: No. Ends when you lose oxygen or reach the goal line, although you are forced towards it.
TIP: No tip, I just like that each goal line is tailored to each brother. Enjoy when you see it!



001- Played your first mini-game.
002- Won your first gold medal.
003- Won your first collection item.
004- Won your first heart.
005- Became close with Osomatsu (need 1 heart).
006- Became close with Karamatsu (need 1 heart).
007- Became close with Choromatsu (need 1 heart).
008- Became close with Ichimatsu (need 1 heart).
009- Became close with Jyushimatsu (need 1 heart).
010- Became close with Todomatsu (need 1 heart).
011- Became closer with Osomatsu (need 5 hearts).
012- Became closer with Karamatsu (need 5 hearts).
013- Became closer with Choromatsu (need 5 hearts).
014- Became closer with Ichimatsu (need 5 hearts).
015- Became closer with Jyushimatsu (need 5 hearts).
016- Became closer with Todomatsu (need 5 hearts).
017- Became besties with Osomatsu (all 10 hearts).
018- Became besties with Karamatsu (all 10 hearts).
019- Became besties with Choromatsu (all 10 hearts).
020- Became besties with Ichimatsu (all 10 hearts).
021- Became besties with Jyushimatsu (all 10 hearts).
022- Became besties with Todomatsu (all 10 hearts).
023- Became besties with Osomatsu and Karamatsu.
024- Became besties with Osomatsu and Choromatsu.
025- Became besties with Osomatsu and Ichimatsu.
026- Became besties with Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu.
027- Became besties with Osomatsu and Todomatsu.
028- Became besties with Karamatsu and Choromatsu.
029- Became besties with Karamatsu and Ichimatsu.
030- Became besties with Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu.
031- Became besties with Karamatsu and Todomatsu.
032- Became besties with Choromatsu and Ichimatsu.
033- Became besties with Choromatsu and Jyushimatsu.
034- Became besties with Choromatsu and Todomatsu.
035- Became besties with Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu.
036- Became besties with Ichimatsu and Todomatsu.
037- Became besties with Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu.
038- Became close with all sextuplets (need 1 heart from each).
039- Became closer with all sextuplets (need 5 hearts from each).
040- Became besties with all sextuplets (all 10 hearts from each).
041- Caught a big fish in Fishing Grounds.
042- Won gold medal in Fishing Grounds.
043- Caught Hijirisawa Shounosuke in Fishing Grounds.
044- Caught only Totoko or Hijirisawa Shounosuke in Fishing Grounds. (all big fish)
045- Played Zero Gravity Spiral.
046- Won gold medal in Zero Gravity Spiral.
047- Crossed goal line in Zero Gravity Spiral without hitting objects.
048- Won over 18,000 points in one play in Zero Gravity Spiral.
049- Met Hijirisawa Shounosuke on a segway in Zero Gravity Spiral.
050- Played Hybrid Oden.
051- Won gold medal in Hybrid Oden.
052- Won over 70,000 points in one play in Hybrid Oden.
053- Connected five consecutive oden in Hybrid Oden.
054- Played Akatsuka Stakes.
055- Won gold medal in Akatsuka Stakes.
056- Attacked with an item over 3 times in one play in Akatsuka Stakes.
057- Avoided opponent’s attack in Akatsuka Stakes.
058- Played High Color Cafe.
059- Won gold medal in High Color Cafe.
060- Won over 30,000 points in one play in High Color Cafe.
061- Gave Dayon over 20 food items in High Color Cafe.
062- Cleared High Color Cafe without making a mistake once.
063- Played Donjara.
064- Won gold medal in Donjara.
065- Collected over 8 different bonuses in one round in Donjara.
066- Found all Osomatsu-related bonuses in Donjara.
067- Found all Karamatsu-related bonuses in Donjara.
068- Found all Choromatsu-related bonuses in Donjara.
069- Found all Ichimatsu-related bonuses in Donjara.
070- Found all Jyushimatsu-related bonuses in Donjara.
071- Found all Todomatsu-related bonuses in Donjara.
072- Found all Totoko-related bonuses in Donjara.
073- Found all Chibita-related bonuses in Donjara.
074- Found all 100 bonuses in Donjara.
075- Won over 4,000 points in one round in Donjara.
076- Played Flag Dancing.
077- Won gold medal in Flag Dancing.
078- Won over 30,000 points in one play in Flag Dancing.
079- Won over 50 combos in one play in Flag Dancing.
080- Cleared Flag Dancing without making a mistake once.
081- Cleared Flag Dancing with Excellent in all plays. Any song is OK.
082- Played Whack-A-Sextuplet.
083- Won gold medal in Whack-A-Sextuplet.
084- Won over 40,000 points in one play in Whack-A-Sextuplet.
085- Earned Fever time twice or more in one play in Whack-A-Sextuplet.
086- Played Mixer Front Line.
087- Won gold medal in Mixer Front Line.
088- Won over 20,000 points in one play in Mixer Front Line.
089- Obtained Mixer God in Mixer Front Line.
090- Cleared Mixer Front Line without making a mistake once.
091- Played Snowball Fight.
092- Won gold medal in Snowball Fight.
093- Took down all five brothers in one play in Snowball Fight.
094- Turned into a snowman in Snowball Fight.
095- Made over 10 hits in one play in Snowball Fight.
096- Made 20 hits in Snowball Fight.
097- Won 50 gold medals overall in mini-games.
098- Won 500 gold medals overall in mini-games.
099- Collected all video clips.
100- Reached all achievements in the notebook.


The pros are that the mini-games are very easy and the records easily obtainable, even for the non-serious gamer. I like that whichever brother you pick to play as, the other brothers will appear in the game, so it’s as if you really are playing against them.
The con is that voice clips are only of the brothers; other characters do not come voiced in the video clips. Another con is that there is no new material in this game. It is simply for fun.
You can easily complete all mini-game records without completing the Love Meter for a Matsu if it just so happens that you don’t like that Matsu. However, you won’t complete the Notebook records that way.

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