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You must contact me and ask my permission if you wish to re-translate or use my translations in any way. Please give credit to this site when you do.

Everything you see on this site was scanned by me, unless otherwise indicated. You are not allowed to tamper with the scans’ watermarks in any way.

I try to answer to all emails/private messages, although you will have to excuse me if I take a long time to do so.

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  1. Dear Onkei,

    I love all you have done for the Digimon Drama CDs! Great translations! I’m glad to finally know what they are talking about in the Digimon Adventure Mini Drama 1 (it’s been a long while :P). However, I must be a greedy brat again and request another translation from you, if it is possible.

    There is a CD special called the “Digimon Music 100 Title Memorial Box”. At the end of each disc, the seiyu of the characters give a few comments in a special track called “Team [insert name of season] Comment” (meaning it’s “Team Adventure Comment”, “Team 02 Comment”, etc. It comes in two parts for each disc, each track lasting not more than five minutes or so. Hence, I would appreciate it if you could translate them. Some of these tracks could be found on YouTube: – Team Adventure Comment 1 – ” ” Comment 2 – Team 02 Comment 1 – ” ” Comment 2 – Team Tamers Comment 1 – ” ” Comment 2

    I cannot find the comments from Frontier’s seiyu, but that’s alright (never really a big fan of the fourth season :P). In fact, there is one more track on disc 5 with comments from the artists’ who brought us the theme songs; Wada Kouji, AiM and all those folks. So, if you manage to find them and translate them, it would be much appreciated to me and all Digimon fans, I’m sure. ;D

    That’s all for now, and may our adventure continue on forever!

    ~ Flare

    • Hi Flare,

      I have a lot of other projects I’d like to finish first, but your request is duly noted for the future. I actually own the Memorial Box anyway, so finding them for translation isn’t a problem. :]

      I’m glad you enjoy the site!

      • Thanks, Digitalscratch, for the fast reply. I’m just glad to hear you are going to translate them. lol At least I know that Digimon is not abandoned and forgotten about in this world. xD

        ~ Flare

      • Thanks for the notice, though I’ve noticed their completion when you first put it up. Really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Hi !

    My name is Alounet, I’m French. We discovered your site with a friend, and we find it fabulous ! We were looking for the digimon OST’s translations and we found yours’ on youtube, with the link to your site. We thank you so much !

    We are great digimon’s fans. I just created a french site about Digimons, to permit us to share our fictions and also the French translations of the OSTs which are in your site, to permit to French fans to finally listen them, and mostly understand them !

    If you have interest to see it

    This is the website link :

    and the Youtube link :

    Of course I’m going to link your site, clarifying that I’m translating from your English translation.

    Thank you again

  3. Hiya, onkei-kun! :3 It’s been a while.

    I was wondering if you have done translations for the Girls Festival Oyasumi/Hayaoki calls yet? If you haven’t, thought you would add that one to your list. :3

    No rush. Thanks again!

  4. Hello!
    I am a Chinese digimon fan. I planed to translate the novel into Chinese and deliver it to other Chinese fans, using your English version. Would you give me the permission to translate it into Chinese? I will definitely give respect to your work when releasing it.
    I am looking forward to your early reply!

    • It is on my to-do list. However I already have a bunch of other translations that I’d like to finish first, so it’s been put in the backburner for now. Thanks for visiting the site!

      • Omg really?? no matter if it delay, I would like to see your translation of this drama cd!
        thank to you, we the fans who don’t know Japanese we can learn more about the history of Digimon! I hope to hear news of their projects coming soon! =)

        Thank you for your responded! Regards!

  5. Hi Onkeikun! My name’s Sebastian. I’m writtin’ u because I have a blog where I’m tranlating your traductions of Digimon Adventure Novels. If you can and want…visits the blog and tell me (if you speak Spanish) if that’s a correct traduction. Bye…Thank u for reading me.

    • Hi Sebastian! I actually know very little Spanish, so I’m not the right person to ask if it’s correct or not. ^^; I’ve put your blog on the masterlist. Thank you!

      • Onkeikun thank u for answer me. I want to ask u when u gonna translate the novel 2 of Digimon Adventure. I see your blog each day, waitting you publish the translations of Digimon Adventure Novel 2. I’m a Fan of Digimon like u.

  6. Dear Onkei,

    Is there any English translations to the rest of the chapters? And thanks very much for the great translations of Chapter 1 to 3, I hope to see the rest soon! 😀

  7. Hi Onkeikun~

    I am a DM fan and I have been reading your translation works since three years ago. I love the Digimon Adventure novel and the Original Story series best. Thank you very much for these fantastic translations!

    I found that you haven’t posted any new works this year. I understand that you might be busy working on other things and have no time to do this, so I do not mean to urge you. But would you mind telling me your progress on the DA novel? All of my friends and I are looking forward to later chapters.

    Thank you very much again and best wishes!


  8. Hello everyone,

    do you translate the other chapters from digimon adventure novel? I´ve read the first chapters and I like the novel very much. It´s much better than the Mangas. Please go on !!! 🙂


    PS: Excuse my english. 🙂

  9. Hello Onkeikun ! How are you? I write to ask when will publish translations of the last book of Digimon Adventure novel. I tell you that I have a nephew Digimon fan and your blog. Would be happy to know if it will take much longer. Of course, I congratulate you for your work.

  10. Hello,

    I thank you so much for your hardwork so much.
    I’m posting here to ask for your permission to use your translation of “[drama cd] osomatsu-san sextuplets’ work experience dramatsu CD series: karamatsu & ichimatsu “defense attorney” with an audio/video clip so people can listen and understand at the same time.
    Additionally, with the same work, I hope you would also give me permission to translate it to Vietnamese for Vietnamese fan to read!

    Thank you for your prompt attention to my message.
    Kind regards,

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