Fansubbing and Scanslating profile for onkeikun, besides what can be found on this website.
-JLPT N1 certified since 2012.
-JLPT Level 2 certified since 2006.

(By the way, I get questions a lot about how to study for JLPT, but… since my family has Japanese background — meaning I had immediate conversation partners, novels, and TV at hand — I didn’t actually study for them… I’m sorry… orz
For me, I guess the certification is more to assure myself of my skill since I started learning Japanese as a second language after my childhood… the most I can do is provide you with JLPT links that I consider helpful, although I haven’t tried them for myself…
My main two suggestions are: www.renshuu.org/index.php , http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/jlpt1/
If you would like more help, contact me!)

Side blog for fanart/partial translations

Current Fansubbing Projects

Digimon Tamers DVD w/ The Wild Bunch (translating, timing)
Inazuma Eleven / GO w/ Ryuu-Rogue (translating since episode 15, TLC, editing, timing)
Digimon World RE:Digitize PSP w/ patch team (translating)
Digimon Adventure PSP w/ patch team (translating)
● etc

Completed Fansubbing Projects

Digimon Adventure DVD w/ Ryuu-Rogue (translating)
Digimon Savers w/ DATS [TV version] and Ryuu-Rogue [DVD version] (translating)
Digimon Savers Movie w/ DATS and Ryuu-Rogue (translating)
Kyo Kara Maoh Season 3 w/ Atelier-Thryst (translating)
Nabari no Ou PV w/ DATS (translating)
Ryuusei no Rockman / Tribe w/ DATS (translating at episode 12+)
Switch OVA w/ Ryuu-Rogue (translating, timing)
Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS w/ DATS (translating)
Digimon Xros Wars w/ Ryuu-Rogue (translating)
Digimon Xros Wars Hunters w/ The Wild Bunch (translating)
Kami☆Voice w/ Ryuu-Rogue (translating, timing)
● etc


● D.Gray-man
● Switch
● 07-Ghost
● A whole bunch of doujinshi
● etc
As a responsible person, I should be filling out this list to completion but I did a whole lot of projects in my translating career, sometimes under different names, and can’t remember them all okay hot damn

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