[masterlist] デジモン 10th ANNIVERSARY-夢への架け橋-

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Digimon 10th Anniversary ~The Bridge To Dreams~

Where to buy this CD: Amazon.JP, CDJapan, YesAsia

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[scans] digimon series memorial book: digimon animation chronicle

-In progress-

Reserving this page for the Digimon Animation memorial book that is supposedly meant to come out on February 23rd (February 25th for online stores). I plan to fill this page up with translated info from the book that I think is new or interesting, with scanned images of only specific parts of the book if I think a scan is necessary. Obviously I won’t be scanning the entire book.

デジモン シリーズ メモリアルブック

Where to buy: HMV Japan, Amazon.JP, CDJapan

If you have any anticipated questions you’d like answered, etc, please leave a comment and I’ll respond back as soon as I have my copy.

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[staff] digimon adventure

I composed a detailed list of the major staff that worked on “Digimon Adventure” a few months ago for a project, and now I’ve posted it up here to share. Just goes to show I’m just that much of a loser anal of a person.
I hope it helps you to appreciate the individual styles that encompass the entire series, though. You’ll also see that it isn’t just the voice actors and music artists who participate across series, which I thought was interesting.

“Unlisted Credits” here are a list of character voices that didn’t get into the official credits, but I’m going to credit them anyway. These lists are going to be added/deleted to as time goes on, when I find the time to re-watch episodes. They’re definitely not final right now.

Last of all, I’ve also found this→ convenient widget on the right side here called “Email Subscription” that you can use to be notified through email when I update. I’m not really sure if it’s working properly, so let me know! (Please be aware that not everything I update will be Digimon).

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