[radio drama] voice drama, gyakuten saiban 5

ボイスドラマ 逆転裁判5

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What is “Voice Drama, Gyakuten Saiban 5?” It’s a radio drama broadcast on the website Onsen, an episode a week. There will be a total of 4 tracks broadcast, with the physical release of it coming soon.

Ryuichi Naruhodo : Takayuki Kondou
Housuke Odoroki : KENN
Kokone Kizuki : Megumi Han
Jin Yuugami : Shunsuke Sakuya
Minuki Naruhodo : Chieko Higuchi

00: プレ
01: トラック1
02: トラック2
03: トラック3
04: トラック4

TRACK 00: Preview

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MINUKI: Big news, Papa!
NARUHODO: What’s the matter, Minuki?
MINUKI: Gyakuten Saiban 5 has turned into a web drama!
MINUKI: What’s more, it will be four broadcasts in total, with the first one to be broadcast on August 22!
NARUHODO: W–When was this decided…?
MINUKI: What’s even more more, the case this time takes place at a circus and the ultra, super illusion of a drop-dead gorgeous magician girl becomes the key to solving the case!
NARUHODO: Hold it! Minuki… that drop-dead gorgeous magician girl you mentioned… you don’t mean…?
MINUKI: Also, that drop-dead gorgeous magician girl is suspected as the criminal! Aww! That poor, drop-dead gorgeous magician girl! Hang in there, drop-dead gorgeous magician girl!
NARUHODO: Um… so that magician is really…?
MINUKI: A drop-dead gorgeous magician girl caught in an ingenious scheme, a set trap, and the conspiracy lurking underneath it all… To save her, the man feared for his straight–man quips as well as his comrades take a stand!
NARUHODO: UMMM… so you mean, us…?
MINUKI: As each of them flourish their own ideals of justice, their words cut through each other like swords! What will be the fate of the drop-dead gorgeous magician girl?!
NARUHODO: Y–You’re very pumped for this…
MINUKI: The first broadcast will be on August 22, every Thursday! Be sure to check it out, everyone!
NARUHODO: B–Be sure~
MINUKI: If you don’t check it out–
MINUKI: Ah, Papa! No fair! I wanted to do that!


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CIRCUS WORKER 1: Hey, are you done packing? We need to move to the next performance location by tomorrow. If you don’t hurry, Ringmaster Takasaka will have your head.
CIRCUS WORKER 2: Yeah, I know. I’m almost done.
[A cat meows]
CIRCUS WORKER 1: H-Hey, there it is again. I can hear that creepy sound again.
CIRCUS WORKER 2: Yeah. It’s coming from the ringmaster’s trailer.
CIRCUS WORKER 1: I keep hearing it every night for the past week! What the heck is it?
CIRCUS WORKER 2: It’s that thing the ringmaster’s so fond of. There’s rumors going around that it’s a real cat monster.
CIRCUS WORKER 1: Cat monster?! Is that true?!
CIRCUS WORKER 2: Who knows. But it’s not much of a surprise if that ringmaster owned a cat monster or two, is it.
CIRCUS WORKER 1: Don’t freak me out! This circus already has enough spooky creatures as it is…

HOUSUKE: Naruhodo-san! I finished write-up on those files you wanted.
NARUHODO: Thanks, Odoroki-kun. Good work.
HOUSUKE: Um, if there’s nothing else left for me to do here, may I go home for today?
NARUHODO: Hm? I don’t mind.
MINUKI: Hey, Kokone-san. Don’t you think Odoroki-san has been leaving here early very frequently these days?
KOKONE: Yes! Something must be going on.
MINUKI: Something? Like what?
KOKONE: Like, maybe he’s made a girlfriend.
MINUKI: Ehhhh!! Odoroki-san has a girlf–
[KOKONE puts a hand on MINUKI’s mouth]
KOKONE: Shh! Keep your voice down, Minuki-chan!
MINUKI: [breaths] I’m sorry. I was so surprised that I couldn’t help myself.
KOKONE: Listen, Minuki-chan. The number one reason why men leave for home early from work and turn down invitations from their pals to hang out… is because of a girlfriend.
MINUKI: Is that so?
KOKONE: That’s so. Well, not that I know for sure though.
MINUKI: Then why don’t we just ask him?
MINUKI: Odoroki-san, is it true that you have a girlfriend now?
KOKONE: Wa– Minuki-chan?!
HOUSUKE: Eh? W-What are you talking about?
MINUKI: Am I wrong? Kokone-san said that the reason why you leave work early is because your girlfriend is waiting for you at home with a home-cooked meal ready.
KOKONE: I didn’t say that much!
HOUSUKE: [laughs] T-That’s not it! I don’t have a girlfriend.
MINUKI: Aw. Kokone-san, it looks like we were wrong after all. Odoroki-san doesn’t have a girlfriend. He said even when he’s back at home, he’s all alone!
HOUSUKE: ! …I didn’t say that much…
MINUKI: Then why have you been leaving for home early lately?
HOUSUKE: I found a cat the other day. Since it’s wearing a collar, I figured I’d keep it at home until I manage to find its owner. I want to get home as soon as I can so I can feed it.
MINUKI: Oh, a cat, huh? I thought it was strange since I didn’t think you would manage to find a girlfriend.
HOUSUKE: !! …So it’s strange if I make a girlfriend… I see…
KOKONE: Minuki-chan, your words are like a throwing knife hitting the bull’s eye one hundred percent…
MINUKI: [claps] Oh, that’s right! Speaking of cats, I have an announcement to make for all of you!
NARUHODO: Announcement?
MINUKI: I’m going to be holding a big magic show at a circus soon!
KOKONE: A big magic show at a circus? That’s wonderful!
MINUKI: The world has finally realized my talent! Now I’m one of the big-hat magicians!
HOUSUKE: How did talking about cats lead you to that topic?
KOKONE: Minuki-chan, what’s the name of that circus?
MINUKI: Um… if I recall… I think it was called Chirame Circus…
HOUSUKE: [to KOKONE] Have you heard of it?
NARUHODO: Hmm, it’s a circus that’s famous for its eccentric performing animals… right?
HOUSUKE: Naruhodo-san, you know of it?
NARUHODO: I haven’t seen it for myself, though.
KOKONE: What do you mean by eccentric animals?
HOUSUKE: Do you mean white tigers, or white lions, or white bears?
KOKONE: Wouldn’t a white bear just be a polar bear?
NARUHODO: There’s those, and then there’s also a black zebra with white stripes and a chameleon with a 256 color palette.
HOUSUKE: A black zebra with white stripes… I’m not sure whether that’s cool or not…
KOKONE: If it has a 256 color palette, that’s a really small difference in between colors, isn’t it? Is it even easy to tell?
NARUHODO: I’ve heard they also have UMA and goblins.
HOUSUKE: UMA are unidentified mysterious animals that aren’t proven to exist or not, right? And goblins? This circus sounds fishy…
KOKONE: Minuki-chan, are you really going to hold your magic show there?
MINUKI: Yes. The ringmaster Takasaka-san called our office the other day and asked for me directly.
HOUSUKE: I see… Maybe he didn’t want just eccentric animals but also an eccentric magician…
MINUKI: Odoroki-san, did you say something?
HOUSUKE: N-No, nothing!
KOKONE: So, what magic will you be performing, Minuki-chan?
MINUKI: Well, my main magic trick was assigned to me by the ringmaster. There’s a calico cat named Michelangelo who’s the circus mascot, and he wants me to make it disappear in front of the audience. Of course, I’ll be coming up with the trick.
HOUSUKE: Michelangelo? That’s a fancy name. Is there something eccentric about that cat, too?
MINUKI: Actually, I met with the ringmaster yesterday to discuss the contents of the show. He introduced me to Michelangelo then, and from what I can see, it was a normal calico cat.
HOUSUKE: Eccentric animals is their selling point, isn’t it? Why would they have a normal calico, then?
MINUKI: Hmm, well, according to the ringmaster, Michelangelo is a very rare cat.
KOKONE: In a circus filled with eccentric animals, there is one cat who looks normal at first glance. However, keep in mind that this circus has rumors that it houses goblins.
HOUSUKE: W–What about it?
KOKONE: What if that cat isn’t a normal cat, but really some sort of monster? I bet it has nine tails like the Nine-tailed Fox, and cries with a creepy voice in the middle of the night.
HOUSUKE: Domestic cat monsters in mythology only have two tails.
MINUKI: Hmm, Michelangelo had only one tail.
KOKONE: It transformed itself to look like a normal cat during the day! We even have ‘cat monster’ as a term for that. But when night falls, it reveals its true form and to the humans it’s next to, it opens its mouth wide and–
HOUSUKE: Then the ringmaster would already be inside its belly by now.
MINUKI: It was eating cat food when I saw it. It’s very cute.
KOKONE: Ah, you two have no imagination!
NARUHODO: Could that calico be…? Is Michelangelo a male cat?
HOUSUKE: Well, its name is male… but what about it?
NARUHODO: If it is male, it would be a very valuable cat. Male calico cats are rare to come by.
HOUSUKE: Eh, really?
NARUHODO: From what I’ve heard, one male calico cat would be born out of every 30,000.
KOKONE: That means it’s really rare, isn’t it?
NARUHODO: They’ll almost never be sold at pet shops. If you tried to buy one, the price for it would range from several thousand to several million yen.
KOKONE: S-Several thousand to several million?!
NARUHODO: Male calico cats normally can’t reproduce, but apparently right now in the world there is one male calico cat who can, and some rich person from some country has put up a bid of one hundred million yen for it.
HOUSUKE: O-One hundred million?! One hundred million for just one cat…?
MINUKI: Hmm, I see.
HOUSUKE: “I see”… Minuki-chan! This is one hundred million we’re talking about here! Even if we moved to a super luxurious office, we’d still have tons of money left over!
NARUHODO: Well, this is only conjecture on my part. It would explain why they have such a normal-looking cat there.
HOUSUKE: W-Will you be okay, Minuki-chan?!
MINUKI: Eh? About what?
HOUSUKE: If you hurt Michelangelo anywhere, imagine the indemnities we’ll have to pay! Even if we moved to a rundown office, we’d never pay it all back!
MINUKI: Are you trying to say that I’ll mess up my magic trick?
HOUSUKE: No, that’s not what I meant but… One hundred million…
MINUKI: Odoroki-san, do you know these words? “Magic is taking back what’s been erased.”
HOUSUKE: Sounds like an advertisement…
MINUKI: Don’t worry. No matter what sort of cat Michelangelo is, I’ll make sure my magic trick is a success. Personally though, I’d rather erase a bigger animal… Like an elephant, or a giraffe, or a panda… also, a whale!
HOUSUKE: Circuses don’t have whales.
NARUHODO: [laughs] In Minuki’s case, the value of the cat means nothing to her, I guess.
MINUKI: Well, if something does go wrong though, I know that my generous Papa will pay it off for me.
NARUHODO: …Don’t talk crazy…
MINUKI: In any case, come and watch my big magic show!
MR. HAT: If I may extend a warm welcome to you with the expectation of great entertainment. Please do come.

HOUSUKE: N-Naruhodo-san, did you just see that?! That chameleon really did change 256 colors!
NARUHODO: W-Well, I didn’t manage to count them all precisely, but… Odoroki-kun, you’re rather excited, aren’t you?
HOUSUKE: Actually, this is my first time seeing a live circus! It really is interesting!
KOKONE: But I get the feeling this circus is different from a normal circus…
HOUSUKE: Look at that clown! It’s a Yeti! A Yeti! A UMA as a clown, that’s quite a shock!
KOKONE: It really is a shock! The Yeti can even speak normal Japanese…
YETI: Yay! Next up, the drop-dead gorgeous magician Miss Minuki Naruhodo will perform the biggest magic show of the century! Yay!
MINUKI: Hello, everyone! I’m the drop-dead gorgeous magician, Minuki Naruhodo!
[Crowd cheers]
MINUKI: Welcome to Minuki’s magic show. Please enjoy the biggest magic show of the century that I’m about to perform!
NARUHODO: It’s her turn! We were waiting for you, Minuki!
HOUSUKE: You can do it, Minuki-chan! We’re watching over you! Minuki Naruhodo is OKAY!
KOKONE: Senpai, your voice is too loud…
NARUHODO: [laughs] That girl is actually my daughter. Eh, an autograph? Yes, of course that’s all right! I’ll ask her at the end of the show.
KOKONE: Naruhodo-san is too much of a doting parent…

MINUKI: Now, it’s time for the main event! Here I have this circus’s mascot cat, Michelangelo-kun! I’m about to make Michelangelo-kun disappear in the blink of an eye!
HOUSUKE: That’s the cat worth one hundred million yen, huh… It does give off a high-class aura…
KOKONE: We haven’t determined yet that it’s a rare cat.
MINUKI: What I’ve just pulled out here is this pink magic underwear! First, I put Michelangelo-kun inside this underwear…
You can still see that he’s underneath it, right? Now, are you ready? Watch very closely. 3… 2… 1… Disappear!
[Crowd cheers]
HOUSUKE: Whoa! It really vanished!
KOKONE: Wah! Minuki-chan, great job!
NARUHODO: That’s it, Minuki! That’s my daughter!
MINUKI: Now, everyone, look up! The Michelangelo-kun whom you thought had vanished will now appear on a trapeze!
HOUSUKE: W-What?! A cat on a trapeze?!!!!
KOKONE: Senpai, you’re way too excited about this.
MINUKI: Michelangelo-kun, come on in! …Come in, Michelangelo! …Um… Michelangelo-kun?
KOKONE: Michelangelo isn’t coming out…
HOUSUKE: Minuki-chan sure does know how to build the suspense!
KOKONE: Is this part of the performance?
NARUHODO: No, it’s not. Look, Minuki looks upset.
MINUKI: H-Huh? Michelangelo-kun? Heyyyy!
KOKONE: T-Then, does that mean… she messed up?
HOUSUKE: Eh?! W-Wait, that can’t be…
MINUKI: U-Um… this is, um…
TAKASAKA: [running up] Michelangelo disappeared?!
MINUKI: Ringmaster!
KOKONE: W-Who is that fat old man in the bright clothes?
NARUHODO: He seems to be the ringmaster. His name was Takasaka-san, if I recall.
TAKASAKA: What’s going on? Why en’t Michelangelo coming out?!
MINUKI: Why– What are you doing here, ringmaster?
TAKASAKA: I see, I got it! You used your magic show to take Michelangelo under me very nose!
MINUKI: Ehh? M-Me?
HOUSUKE: Take Michelangelo?
KOKONE: Under his nose?
NARUHODO: What is this?
MINUKI: T-That can’t be! I wouldn’t steal Michelangelo. I haven’t!
TAKASAKA: Then where is me Michelangelo now?! Bring him out now! Right now!
MINUKI: But… that’s…
TAKASAKA: You can’t, eh? Then it’s true! You pretended to make him vanish through magic and stole me Michelangelo! [to the crowd] You all saw it! This girl is the criminal who stole Michelangelo! Everyone here is me witness!
HOUSUKE: Naruhodo-san! What is going on here?
KOKONE: Minuki-chan would never steal Michelangelo!
NARUHODO: I agree with Kokone-chan. But then, why isn’t Michelangelo showing up?
TAKASAKA: Police! Call the police right now and have them arrest the criminal who stole Michelangelo!
HOUSUKE: This is bad, Naruhodo-san! If we don’t do something, Minuki-chan wil…
KOKONE: Let’s go down there.
NARUHODO: Yeah, let’s go.

CIRCUS WORKER: Ringmaster, the police have arrived.
TAKASAKA: You finally came! We’ve been waiting for you!
TAKASAKA: You’re… the police?
BAN: Verily. I, Gouzou Ban, a hero on the side of justice, have arrived!
HOUSUKE: Uwah… it’s Detective Ban.
KOKONE: I feel tired just watching him.
BAN: Oh, I thought you looked familiar! It’s you guys! Why on earth are you here?
HOUSUKE: We came here to see the circus. Minuki-chan told us she had a magic show here.
TAKASAKA: Hmph! You guys are friends of this thief then, eh?
KOKONE: C-Can I punch this guy?! Minuki-chan isn’t a thief!
TAKASAKA: Everyone in the audience saw her steal Michelangelo!
HOUSUKE: It was just a magic trick! It’s still too early to decide that she’s stolen him!
TAKASAKA: Then why don’t you bring me Michelangelo back right now? C’mon! Right now!
BAN: Now, now, calm down, sir! No need to rush! Now that Gouzou Ban, the detective of justice has arrived, the case has already been solved!
TAKASAKA: Now that sounds promising! Arrest this thief at once, sir! I claim damages against me!
BAN: A loud voice is proof that you’re energetic. By the way, who would you happen to be?
TAKASAKA: Oh, excuse me late introduction. I’m the ringmaster of this Chirame circus, Sakase Takasaka.
BAN: I heard the gist of the incident here while I was on my way. A cat has been stolen?
TAKASAKA: It en’t just any cat! My Michelangelo is a male calico cat, a very rare existence and of very, very, very high value! This girly here knew that and stole me Michelangelo from me! The damages I’ve suffered are enormous! You must pay me consolation money!
NARUHODO: So it was a male calico cat.
KOKONE: Now you listen here, Takasaka-san. Michelangelo vanished through a magic trick, not through a plot to steal him. If things had gone the right way, that cat was to appear next on a trapeze, right? Then we should be thinking that some kind of accident happened during that time to make the cat disappear!
TAKASAKA: No, this girl stole him! I can’t think that anything else is possible! I claim damages! I claim consolation money!
HOUSUKE: Please, be a bit more flexible… You’re so hardheaded…
TAKASAKA: Don’t you go talking about me head, boy! Look at you, you have a horn on yours!
HOUSUKE: ! This is a set hairstyle!
BAN: JUUUUUUSTIIIIIIIICE!!! Don’t get so heated up!! Let’s all think about this calmly and rationally!!!
KOKONE: Detective Ban, you look the most heated up.
BAN: Whatever the case, the fact that the cat has disappeared is unmistakable. Therefore, we must investigate whether the cat indeed has disappeared at some point during the magic trick.
KOKONE: But how?
BAN: Ha ha ha! With me around, that is simple! Asking the magician directly is the best way to go! Now, explain to us your magic deeds!
KOKONE: Oh, so you’re relying completely on Minuki-chan.
MINUKI: You… want me to tell you the secret of my magic trick?
BAN: Yes, of course. If we don’t know the secret, we won’t know where calico cat-kun is hiding.
HOUSUKE: Tell us, Minuki-chan. Then we can prove that you haven’t stolen Michelangelo.
KOKONE: For starters, tell us everything you know.
HOUSUKE: What’s the matter, Minuki-chan?
KOKONE: Don’t stay quiet, tell us.
MINUKI: I can’t.
HOUSUKE: You can’t?
KOKONE: M-Minuki-chan?
NARUHODO: Minuki, don’t tell me…
BAN: Hm? You are suspected right now. If you stay quiet now, that means you admit to your crime.
MINUKI: I… did it.
BAN: Eh?
HOUSUKE: W-What?!!


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(This translation will be filled in 9/5)


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(This translation will be filled in 9/5)


Airs 9/12

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