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Created June 6, 2009.
This page was updated on March 2022.


This site holds a collection of various translations written by me, Onkei, as I was getting sick of them being all over the place. At the moment, it only contains Japanese → English. It also only contains things that I personally enjoy and/or am a fan of.
I am not taking translation requests at the moment, although you could try your luck with song lyrics.

Everything you see on this site was scanned by me, unless otherwise indicated. You are not allowed to tamper with the scans’ watermarks in any way.

It is recommended that you use either the categories or archives sidebar to navigate. You can also use the search bar on the right side of the main page for a quicker find. I’m currently in the process of making master lists for large projects, but many of the links may not be available right now.

The name “Digital Scratch” comes from Koushiro Izumi’s main theme song, which also happens to be my favorite. [Ver 1] [Ver 2]

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

There are only two FAQs I receive the most, and they’re as follows:
1. Can I use your translation to (translate into another language/use for scanslation/etc)?
Yes, you may. I prefer that you ask me first, because it’s great for me to hear that my translations are useful — but I won’t hang you out a high window if you don’t. All I ask is that you please give credit to me or to this site when you do.
I happen to be very interested in languages in general, so if you’d like to advertise your translation with me, please send me a link. If you have created any other works, such as fanvids/dubs, out of my translation, I’d also love to put them up as related media.

2. Where can I find the songs/CD dramas that you have translated from?
While I understand that not many people are able to buy official merchandise due to rising import costs, it is important to me that franchises survive and this can only be determined by sales numbers. I wish for us fans to support each franchise by buying the official material, so downloads are not available here.