[audio translation] We Love DiGiMONMUSIC disc 2 – seiyuu comments


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01: ターゲット~赤い衝撃~(本宮大輔,ブイモン,火田伊織,アルマジモン,高石タケル,パタモン,一乗寺賢,ワームモン) – Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Motomiya Daisuke, V-mon, Hida Iori, Armadimon, Takaishi Takeru, Patamon, Ichijouji Ken, Wormmon)
02: いつも いつでも(井ノ上京,ホークモン,八神ヒカリ,テイルモン) – Itsumo itsudemo (Inoue Miyako, Hawkmon, Yagami Hikari, Tailmon)
03: ターゲット~赤い衝撃~(和田光司) – Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Wada Kouji)
04: いつも いつでも(AiM) – Itsumo itsudemo (AiM)
05: チーム02 コメントその1 – TEAM 02 COMMENT sono 1
06: チーム02 コメントその2 – TEAM 02 COMMENT sono 2

TRACK 05: Team 02 Comments (Part 1)
This is Reiko Kiuchi, who voices Daisuke Motomiya.
And I’m Junko Noda, who voices V-mon.
DAISUKE & V-MON: How to make delicious ramen!
V-MON: Hey, Daisuke!
V-MON: Speaking of which, you became a ramen store owner, didn’t you?
DAISUKE: Oh, that’s right, I became a ramen store owner. Listen, V-mon. I’ll make you some delicious ramen right now, so wait here, okay?
V-MON: Okay, I’ll wait!
DAISUKE: Now, which would you like?
V-MON: What do you have?
DAISUKE: I have shio ramen, miso ramen, and even tonkotsu shoyuu!
V-MON: Mm, well… it tastes closest to chocolate, so, miso! ♥
DAISUKE: You want miso because it tastes closest to chocolate? Oh, fine, just wait. So, I turn the gas on the stove like this… get the water boiling like this… oh, there it goes! Okay. So I put the noodles in like this… close the lid, and if you wait three minutes, you’ve got yourself a bowl of delicious ramen!
V-MON: It’s instant?!
DAISUKE & V-MON: Congratulations on the 100th title!

This is Megumi Urawa, who voices both Armadimon and Iori.
IORI: Head! Head! Body! [sigh] I was finally able to learn the body strike. Now how about I enjoy some of the ohagi that Mother made… Ah! Armadimon!
ARMADIMON: Mmfgh? Mfmgmfmhghfhgh! S–Sorry, sorry, Iori! [laughs nervously] I ate it all gaya… Let’s have your mom make some more!

This is Miwa Matsumoto, who voices Patamon. [as PATAMON] I can say “Takeru” correctly. Right, Takeryuu?

This is Taisuke Yamamoto, who voices Takeru. Are you well, everyone? Both Patamon and I are doing fine. I’m still being called Takeryuu, as usual.

RO MI PARK & NAOZUMI TAKAHASHI: Congratulations on the 100th title!
This is Ro Mi Park, who voices Ken Ichijouji.
This is Naozumi Takahashi, who voices Wormmon.
KEN: Huh, you sound a lot different today, Wormmon.
WORMMON: What? That’s not true.
KEN: Oh, there’s the worm voice we know! Y’know, everyone was just talking about this but, since there’s also the 100th title to celebrate, we were discussing about how we should all take a trip to the hot springs.
WORMMON: That’s right.
KEN: So… there’s a lot of suggested pamphlets here, but where do you want to go, Wormmon?
WORMMON: I want to go to the hot springs.
KEN: Wait, we are going to the hot springs, but—
WORMMON: Oh, you did mention the hot springs.
KEN: Yeah, I did. [laughs] Just look at the amazing night view this one has! “Who will you spend your dream night with?” Who would you spend it with, Wormmon?
WORMMON: You, of course!
KEN: Oh, what are you saying, Wormmon!
[Both laugh]
WORMMON: I can’t decide among any of these.
KEN: Yeah~
WORMMON: Ken-chan, you’re a little—
KEN: What?
WORMMON: You’re a little strange today.
KEN: It’s not that, I have a cold today.
WORMMON: So that’s why your voice sounds so weird!
KEN: Wha—?! [laughs] Oh, honestly, what about your own voice?
WORMMON: I always sound like this. Always.
KEN: [laughs] That’s true, Wormmon!
WORMMON: But Ken-chan, do you think you’ll feel better when you go into the hot spring?
KEN: Hot spring? Oh, there’s a hot spring— for the throat, there’s apparently a hot spring out there that’s good for throats.
WORMMON: Let’s look for that one then.
KEN: But I can’t find it anywhere… Ah, this one here is a little naughty.
WORMMON: Naughty?
KEN: The place is walled around with glass— Don’t look at it, Wormmon!
WORMMON: Show me.
KEN: No!
WORMMON: Show me!
KEN: No!
WORMMON: Oh, come on…
KEN: You shouldn’t look at stuff like this, Wormmon.
WORMMON: You’re such a bully.
KEN: I think I’ll go here with Miyako next time…
TRACK 06: Team 02 Comments (Part 2)
This is Rio Natsuki, who voices Miyako Inoue. [as MIYAKO] Digital Gate Open! Let’s go, Chosen Children!
I got to say it again after so long! So long! It sure makes me blush… Right, Hawkmon?

This is Kouichi Toochika, who voices Hawkmon. [as HAWKMON] Long time no see, everyone! I, Hawkmon, very much like Wormmon have been working like Miyako-san’s servant ever since I was taken up by her— [as POROMON] Ah, please stop, Miyako-san! Ouch! Ouch! That hurts! Ouch!

This is Kae Araki, who voices Hikari. [as HIKARI] Hey, Tailmon. Just like I thought… I love my brother the most.

This is Yuka Tokumitsu, who voices Tailmon. [as TAILMON] Hikari, I lost the whistle you gave me. I’m sorry. Buy me a new one.

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3 thoughts on “[audio translation] We Love DiGiMONMUSIC disc 2 – seiyuu comments”

  1. Thank you for this!

    Though it seems Hikari and Tailmon got shafted with the shortest comments.
    And what exactly am I supposed to take away from Hikari’s comment?
    Sibling love? Incest?

  2. Nunca habia escuchado de estos cds hasta ahora pero adoro a Ken es mi favorito, y escuchar que habla de Miyako es grandioso ojala y hubieran puesto como fue que empezaron a salir ellos dos al igual que Yamato y Sora. Aunque Digimon, no es un anime en donde pongan mucho sobre el amor… hubiera sido genial ver mas sobre los protagonistas de Adventure 1 y 2

  3. Sometimes it really seems like the cast ships Taichi x Hikari for real . . .
    Good work on these translations, man.

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