[drama cd] digimon adventure: character song + mini drama 3


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Taichi Yagami : Toshiko Fujita
Agumon : Chika Sakamoto
Sora Takenouchi : Yuuko Mizutani
Piyomon : Atori Shigematsu
Yamato Ishida : Yuuto Kazama
Gabumon : Mayumi Yamaguchi
Koushiro Izumi : Umi Tenjin
Tentomon : Takahiro Sakurai
Mimi Tachikawa : Ai Maeda
Palmon : Shihomi Mizowaki
Jyou Kido : Masami Kikuchi
Gomamon : Junko Takeuchi
Takeru Takaishi : Hiroko Konishi
Patamon : Miwa Matsumoto
Hikari Yagami : Kae Araki
Tailmon : Yuka Tokumitsu
Narrator: Hiroaki Hirata

01: Butter-Fly(TVサイズ)(和田光司) – Butter-Fly (TV Size) (Wada Kouji)
02: ドラマ「盗まれた初夢!(前編)」 – Drama: Nusumareta Hatsuyume! (Zenpen)
03: Walk on the Edge~石田ヤマトのテーマ(風間勇刀) – Walk on the Edge~Ishida Yamato no Theme (Kazama Yuuto)
04: ドラマ「盗まれた初夢!(後編)」 – Drama: Nusumareta Hatsuyume! (Kouhen)
05: Be All Right…~高石タケルのテーマ(小西寛子) – Be All Right…~Takaishi Takeru no Theme (Konishi Hiroko)
06: ドラマ「新春デジモン演芸」 – Drama: Shinshun Digimon Engei
07: 進化でガッツ!(デジモンシンガーズ) – Shinka de Guts! (Digimon Shinkers)
08: keep on(TVサイズ)(前田愛) – keep on (TV Size) (Maeda Ai)
09: Walk on the Edge(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Walk on the Edge (Original Karaoke)
10: Be All Right…(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Be All Right… (Original Karaoke)
11: 進化でガッツ!(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Shinka de Guts! (Original Karaoke)

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TAICHI: Everyone, we hope you have…
ALL: A Happy New Year!
AGUMON: Thank you for all of your support last year!
YAMATO: And we’ll continue to do our best this year!
TAKERU: So please continue to support us!
SORA: By the way, what sort of dreams did you guys have for the first day of the year?
YAMATO: My dream? I don’t think I had any.
TAKERU: I haven’t, either!
TAICHI: Me, neither!
HIKARI & MIMI: Us either!
SORA: That’s strange. Actually, neither have I.
TAKERU: So none of us dreamt anything?
PATAMON: Maybe it’s the work of a Digimon!
GABUMON: That can’t be!
YAMATO: No, it’s possible! Let’s go check it out!

YAMATO & TAKERU: The Stolen First Dreams of the Year (Part I)

SPEAKERS: Mitaka. Mitaka.
YAMATO: All right, we’re here.
TAKERU: But why are we in Mitaka, Brother?
YAMATO: Remember that old proverb? “Mt. Fuji, Mitaka, and an eggplant” on New Year’s brings you good luck![1]
TAKERU: Are you sure it’s “Mitaka”?
YAMATO: Maybe I’m wrong… but since we’ve come all this way, let’s go investigate anyway!

PERSON #1: Did you dream anything last night, ma’am?
PERSON #2: No, I haven’t! And neither has anyone in my family!
PERSON #3: Why, neither has mine! It’s so odd…
YAMATO: [whispers] Did you hear that? We’re not the only ones! No one in all of Tokyo has had their first dream!
GABUMON: But why?
BAKUMON: [giggles] Gulp.[2] That’s because I’ve eaten them all.
YAMATO: W—Who are you?
BAKUMON: My name is Bakumon.
TAKERU: Bakamon?[3]
BAKUMON: Not Bakamon, Bakumon.
NARRATOR: Bakumon. A Child Level Digimon in the form of a tapir, who eats dreams. After eating someone’s nightmares, he unleashes them on his opponents with his special attack, Nightmare Syndrome. The name may be the same as Digitamamon’s attack, but it’s a little different.
BAKUMON: Take this! Nightmare Syndrome!

[BAKUMON attacks, and YAMATO, TAKERU, GABUMON, & PATAMON fall screaming]

[1] The proverb is actually “ichifuji nitaka sannasubi,” which means “first, Mt. Fuji; second, an eagle; and third, an eggplant.” It is believed that when all three of these things appear in your dream at New Year’s, you will have good fortune for the entire year.
[2] “Baku” is an sfx for eating.
[3] “Baka,” meaning “stupid.”

The Stolen First Dreams of the Year (Part II)
YAMATO: This is… a park in my neighborhood. When did I get here?
PATAMON: [far away, with a lot of rustling] Someone help me!
YAMATO: Ah, that voice belongs to Patamon. [louder] Where are you? …Huh, that’s odd. All I see is a kite caught on a telephone line.
PATAMON: That’s me! Please, let me down!

YAMATO: Alright, I’ve got you. But why are you in this form? Have you evolved?
PATAMON: No, I haven’t! I don’t know why I’m like this!
GABUMON: [with a strange wooden clapping] Yamato!
YAMATO: What’s up with this lion head?[1]
GABUMON: Yamato, it’s me! Gabumon!
YAMATO: [tragically] Gabumon, you’ve changed so much!
PATAMON: What in the world is going on?
YAMATO: What’s this cat doing here?
TAKERU: I’m nyat a cat, I’m Takeru!
YAMATO: Takeru, not you, too! [angrily] Who did this?!
TAKERU: I think it was me-eew.
PATAMON: What do you mean, Takeru?
TAKERU: I remember now. This is the dream I had for New Year’s.
PATAMON: Why am I a kite?
TAKERU: You always keep telling me how you want to soar high in the skies.
GABUMON: Then why am I a lion’s head?
TAKERU: Because you kind of look like one…
PATAMON: Are we going to stay like this forever?
BAKUMON: That’s right. All of you will be trapped inside Takeru’s dream forever!
YAMATO: Bakumon! So this was your fault!
GABUMON: I wish I can evolve, but I can’t do that in this form!
TAKERU: I’m sorry, Brother!
YAMATO: You’re not to blame. But what should we— that’s it! Takeru! Since this world exists inside your dream, it should mean that it will answer to whatever you want! Now, try telling it what you wish for!

[pop. then there is a lot of metal clanging]

PATAMON: Wow, there’s so much New Year’s money! —that’s useless right now!
TAKERU: I’m sorry…


GABUMON: Now it’s a load of mochi! Mochi, really?!
TAKERU: I’ll get it right this time!


YAMATO: Pudding, pudding, pudding[2] ♫ — Hey, Takeru!
TAKERU: [giggles nervously]
TAKERU: I’m sorry! Turn back to normal, everyone!


GABUMON & PATAMON: We’re back!
BAKUMON: Damn it, I was so close…
GABUMON: Gabumon, evolve! Garurumon!
PATAMON: Patamon, evolve! Angemon!
ANGEMON: Heaven’s Knuckle!


BAKUMON: Ah, I’m beaten! I—I’m sorry! I’ll give everyone their dreams back!

YAMATO: We won the fight.
TAKERU: I’m sorry, Brother, Patamon, Gabumon.
YAMATO: Come on, let’s go back to our world.
TAKERU: Sure! Oh, by the way, Brother?
TAKERU: You were really cool.
YAMATO: [laughs] You think so?

[1] Picture of the Japanese shishimai. (picture credit to Tokyo5)
[2] Since pudding isn’t a New Year’s custom in Japan (like mochi and money), it’s believed by some fans in Japan that it is a reference to Ojarumaru, a character (also voiced by Takeru’s voice actor, Hiroko Konishi) who had a weakness for flan pudding.

DIGIMON: The Digimon’s New Year Performance
Hello! Digimon Shinkers de~su!
TAILMON: [sullenly] I came later, so I couldn’t join the group. Tailmon de~su.
PIYOMON: [laughs] Today, we’d like to perform impressions for everyone.

[the children cheer]

TAICHI: All right, go for it!
JYOU: Go go go!
AGUMON: Thank you for waiting! We’ll start with my impression first!
[coughs] I will now blow fire!

[AGUMON blows a flame]

YAMATO: What the heck, you do that all the time!
TAKERU: It’s boring!
AGUMON: Then I’ll evolve!
CHILDREN: Hey, hey, hey!
TAICHI: You do that all the time, too! Can’t you do something more interesting?

[AGUMON wilts]

GABUMON: Leave this to me!
AGUMON: [tearfully] Gabumon…
GABUMON: Gabumon’s impression! I will now take off my fur!

[GABUMON does so]

YAMATO: Wow! So this is what you look like inside!

PALMON: I’m next!
Palmon’s impression! I will now talk with a cactus!
[normal voice] So, how have you been lately?
[in Togemon voice] My skin has been, like, so dry these days.
[normal voice] Oh, you, too? Let me feel… ouch! You really need to get that trimmed, you’re a girl, remember?
[in Togemon voice] Toge!

TAICHI: She’s totally gone off into her own world…
MIMI: Palmon, that was wonderful!

TENTOMON: Now it’s my turn!
Tentomon’s impression! I will now speak without my accent!
[in a conventional voice] Hello, my name is Tentomon. My favorite food is watermelon. I’m so fortunate.

KOUSHIRO: You must have been practicing a lot in secret!

PIYOMON: Me, me, me! I won’t lose, either!
Piyomon’s impression! I will now mimic the sounds of a chick! “Tweet tweet!”
Next is the sparrow! “Chuu chuu!”
And last of all is the Okinawa rail! “GWEEEEEHHHH!”

SORA: [clapping furiously all by herself] That was amazing, Piyomon!
TAICHI: …Does the Okinawa rail really sound like that?

GOMAMON: I’m next!
Gomamon’s impression! I will now pretend to be a seal! “Bark! Bark!”

TAKERU: It looks really real!

GOMAMON: Next is my impression of the fur seal! “Bark, bark!”
And last of all is my walrus impression! “Bark, bark!”

JYOU: [clapping by himself wildly] That’s my Gomamon! Those were all perfect impressions!
MIMI: Actually, they all looked the same.

TAILMON: It’s my turn now, right? Tailmon’s impression!
[in a cutesy voice] I will now chase my own tail! Nyan! ♥

[TAILMON does so with accompanying “nyas”]

YAMATO: Amazing! She’s moving at a speed faster than anyone can even imagine!
TAILMON: [still with her cutesy voice] My eyes are spinning but I’ll keep it up!
HIKARI: [claps twice firmly] Tailmon, that’s not your character.
TAILMON: [stops] Nya nya…

PATAMON: I’m last. Patamon, de-evolve! Tokomon!
TAKERU: Patamon degenerated!
KOUSHIRO: It’s a new technique!
TOKOMON: Tokomon’s impression! I will now burn a mosquito-repellent inside of my mouth!

SORA: How wonderful! It reminds me of summer!
JYOU: It’s been a long time since I last saw a pig-shaped incense holder![1]
TOKOMON: Hey, I’m not a pig!!!
TAKERU: Tokomon! I think Tokomon’s impression was the best!
YAMATO: No, I say Gabumon deserves an MVP for his bravery!

[everyone begins arguing]

TAICHI: Hey, Agumon. Think of something better for next year, okay?
AGUMON: [sulking] I can do a good one, too… Hey, everyone! Look at my impression! [blows fire] Look, look!

[everyone ignores him]

AGUMON: Huh? No one’s listening to me…
Now I’m mad!
Agumon, evolve! SkullGreymon!

[SkullGreymon rampages about while everyone else runs around screaming]

NARRATOR: And so, their New Year’s party continued on long into the morning.

[1] Katoributa is a pig-shaped object that holds spiral-shaped incense inside. When the incense burns, smoke comes out of its nose to keep insects away. It is used in Japan often during the summertime. Picture here.

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  1. Even without the translation, I found this CD very funny!
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