[audio translation] We Love DiGiMONMUSIC disc 1 – seiyuu comments


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01: Butter-Fly(八神太一,アグモン,石田ヤマト,ガブモン,城戸丈,ゴマモン,泉光子郎,テントモン) – Butter-Fly (Yagami Taichi, Agumon, Ishida Yamato, Gabumon, Kido Jyou, Gomamon, Izumi Koushiro, Tentomon)
02: I wish(武之内空,ピヨモン,太刀川ミミ,パルモン) – I wish (Takenouchi Sora, Piyomon, Tachikawa Mimi, Palmon)
03: Butter-Fly(和田光司) – Butter-Fly (Wada Kouji)
04: I wish(前田愛) – I wish (Maeda Ai)
05: チームアドベンチャー コメントその1 – TEAM ADVENTURE COMMENT sono 1
06: チームアドベンチャー コメントその2 – TEAM ADVENTURE COMMENT sono 2

TRACK 05: Team Adventure Comments (Part 1)
I’m Yuuto Kazama, who voices Yamato Ishida. This song, Butter-Fly, is memorable to me in a lot of ways. Being able to sing it has been a very happy experience for me. Thank you.

This is Mayumi Yamaguchi, who voices Gabumon. [as GABUMON] I tried to copy Yamato and sing in a cool way but I couldn’t do it. I want to be as cool as Yamato!

This is Umi Tenjin, who voices Izumi Koushiro. [as KOUSHIRO] Tentomon. Do you think I’m able to smile naturally now?

This is Takahiro Sakurai, who voices Tentomon. [as TENTOMON] So, listen. I heard about this happy event where we reached 100 CD titles, so I was saying, how about we sing some kind of memorial song when we reach 200– but what’s this, we’re already singing it! Eh? What the heck?! It’s been years since I’ve last seen everyone, and none of them’s changed a bit! Seriously, it’s as if time never passed at all. Still, I was happy to have been able to sing Butter-Fly. Singing in this voice– [in his normal voice] Singing in this voice is hard. It’s really hard! [laughs] Yeah. It’s a little– [back as TENTOMON] It’s really different, isn’t it? See? Well, I hope people who listen to this and see it think to themselves, “Oh, this brings back memories!” That would make me, Tentomon, very happy. And I’ll leave you at that. Petit Thunder! Bye-bye!

This is Masami Kikuchi, who voices Jyou Kido. [as JYOU] My head feels all giddy. But I was able to sing magnificently, just like always.
GOMAMON: Critical kick!
JYOU: Ouch. I was kicked off.

This is Junko Takeuchi, who voices Gomamon. [as GOMAMON] Um, I have a secret I want to tell you guys. You listen to this, too, Jyou. The thing is… the thing is, I… I–I–I like someone! Her name is Gomamonko. She ends everything she says with “~goma”. But you won’t catch me saying that, too. I’m thinking of introducing her to Jyou, but not to anyone else. It’d be too embarrassing. Okay, see you! Bye-bye!

This is Chika Sakamoto, who voices Agumon. [as AGUMON] Agumon will always be evolving! As for singing… Agumon, evolve! [in her normal voice] And something or other… [back as AGUMON] Follow me, everyone! Bye!

This is Toshiko Fujita, who voices Taichi Yagami. [as TAICHI] After all these years of seeing the old members again… and singing Butter-Fly together… it’s really tired me out. With one thing or another, the inside of the studio is always noisy. Our recording situation hasn’t changed a bit– I mean, when you compare it to how we did post-recording during the series. In other words, it means that none of us have grown up! I guess Agumon is just about the only one who’s evolved. Bye!
TRACK 06: Team Adventure Comments (Part 2)
This is Atori Shigematsu, who voices Piyomon. [as PIYOMON] Sora! I’m going to a haunted house with your mother next time. Don’t worry! I’ll make sure to protect her!

This is Yuko Mizutani, who voices Sora Takenouchi. [as SORA] I hope we see each other again. “I wish.” ♥

This is Shihomi Mizowaki, who voices Palmon. [as PALMON] Hey, Mimi. If I eat a cactus steak, does that make me a cannibal?

This is Ai Maeda, who voices Mimi Tachikawa. Now, as Mimi. [as MIMI] Hello, this is Mimi Tachikawa! Long time no see! How are you all doing? Wow, it’s the 100th title. Congratulations! Thank you! We owe it all to your support! Thank you very much! See, I happen to go karaoke with my friends a lot, and — just what you’d expect from 100 titles — there were a lot of Digimon songs! From what I’ve heard, it seems like everyone made requests for them. Thank you! I’m going to put all of them up and have a songfest with everyone; it’ll be really fun! If there are people out there who haven’t done so yet… oh, right, right, how about practicing the song “I wish” that we just did and sing that? If you sing along with all of your friends, just like us, I’m sure it’ll make you forget all of the bad things that happened that day and cheer you up again 100 percent! Of course, singing alone is fine, too. Sing away!
And so, I’m glad I got to meet all of you again! A lot may happen, but let’s keep doing our best with smiles on our faces! I hope we see each other again someday! Mimi out!

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  1. lol Wow, you’ve put it up so fast. Thank you very much – I mean it. 😉

    As expected from Mimi to be so… ‘impulsive’ in her comments. xD

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