[audio translation] We Love DiGiMONMUSIC disc 3 – seiyuu comments


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01: The Biggest Dreamer(松田啓人,ギルモン,李健良,テリアモン,秋山遼,サイバードラモン,塩田博和,ガードロモン,北川健太,マリンエンジェモン,インプモン) – The Biggest Dreamer (Matsuda Takato, Guilmon, Lee Jianliang, Terriermon, Akiyama Ryo, Cyberdramon, Shioda Hirokazu, Guardromon, Kitagawa Kenta, MarineAngemon, Impmon)
02: My Tomorrow(牧野留姫,レナモン,加藤樹莉,レオモン,李小春,ロップモン,クルモン) – My Tomorrow (Makino Ruki, Renamon, Katou Juri, Leomon, Lee Shaochung, Lopmon, Culumon)
03: The Biggest Dreamer(和田光司) – The Biggest Dreamer (Wada Kouji)
04: My Tomorrow(AiM)
05: チームテイマーズ コメントその1 – TEAM TAMERS COMMENT sono 1
06: チームテイマーズ コメントその2 – TEAM TAMERS COMMENT sono 2

TRACK 05: Team Tamers Comments (Part 1)
This is Mayumi Yamaguchi, who voices Jianliang Lee. [as JIAN] Um… if you hear Takato getting the lyrics wrong, don’t say anything weird. It’ll just bring trouble for everyone. Also, Sun Visor-kun and Glasses-kun did some interesting singing there. [Note: They sing the “Hey, hey, hey!” part of the song] Also, um, right after the part where Impmon sang, I was wearing headphones, but I guess my headphones were too big! [laughs]

This is Aoi Tada, who voices Terriermon. [as TERRIERMON] Long time no see, guys! How are you? It’s Terriermon. I really love singing, so I had lots and lots of fun. I hope you guys sing our song tons, too, okay? Bye now! Moumantai!

This is Yukiko Tamaki, who voices Hirokazu Shioda. [as HIROKAZU] All right, Guardromon! A song! I finally got to sing again! All right, now’s my only chance… Card Slash! I’ve always wanted to do this… uhh, give it up, huh?

GUARDROMON: Dadada! Hirokazu! Don’t Card Slash out of nowhere like that! It won’t do any good anyway… Why did I de-evolve? After I fought so hard… I’m Andromon, you know! [sighs] Well, never mind. MarineAngemon, you know… pi po pa pu pu… pi po pi po pa pu pu… he goes like that and he’s an Ultimate Level?! Why can’t Guardromon… Why can’t I be Ultimate Level, too? All this time, until the story ended, that’s all I kept thinking about and talking about. Was there anything else I talked about? …Hirokazu, did you eat yet? Huh? I forgot. Everyone, make sure you eat your meals every day! So you can get bigger and stronger! [Note: Tsuyoku ookiku naru tame ni, a line from The Biggest Dreamer] This was Kiyoyuki Yanada, who voices Guardromon! See you again!

This is Touko Aoyama, who voices Kenta Kitagawa. [as KENTA] Hey, MarineAngemon. It’s great that we get to see everyone again. Takato, Guilmon, Jian, Terriermon, Ryo-san, Cyberdramon, Hirokazu, and Guardromon — they’re still the same as always. Where did our girls go? Eh?! They’re singing the ending?! We’re the Danshi Team again?! [Note: Danshi Team = Boys Team = Hirokazu and Guardromon’s duet song]

This is Ai Iwamura, who voices MarineAngemon. [as MARINEANGEMON] Pa pi pa pi pu pa pi pu pa pa pu, po pa pi pu po po pa pi pa!

IMPMON: Pika, pika! [clears throat] What do you want? Don’t listen to that! What are you, a moron?! Hehe.
[in normal voice] This is Hiroki Takahashi, who voices Impmon. Hello. [as BEELZEBUMON] Ah. Beelzebumon’s voice is in the song, too. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Yo! This is Jun’ichi Kanemaru, who voices Ryo Akiyama. I’m really glad to have participated in such a wonderful show. In here, um, I’d like to perform an ad-libbed act. It’s a special version. [as RYO] Enough, Cyberdramon! We’ll have to evolve to Ultimate Level to win. Justimon! Evolve! —Hey! Wait! Why did you go ahead without me? Ah… oh man, I’m still naked… Hey! Cyberdramon! Wait for me!

CYBERDRAMON: Are you my enemy? Erase Claw!
[in normal voice] Is Cyberdramon, as voiced by me, Ikkei Seta. Well, since he’s not a character of many words, I was planning to leave it at that, because if I keep chatting away it’ll just destroy his image. But now I’ll add on a little act. It’s a continuation of Ryo’s ad-lib from earlier.
[as CYBERDRAMON] (panting while running) Why does Ryo keep getting naked every single time we evolve?! I’m getting sick of it! At least evolve with your clothes on once in awhile, damn it! Ahh, I gotta get away while I still can!

This is Makoto Tsumura, who voices Takato Matsuda. Um… eh… It’s been a long time since I’ve met everyone here, so I had a lot of fun. And since it’s been awhile since I performed as Takato Matsuda, I kind of… am not sure what’s going on. Everyone, please listen to this song, and… how can I put this… Yeah. Please compare how different it is to Wada-san’s intensity! The end.

This is Masako Nozawa, who voices Guilmon. [as GUILMON] I’m Guilmon! I’m super happy to meet everyone again after all this time. Takato seems so happy that he doesn’t know what to say. Everyone was saying how we should all sing together, but it went so, so fast and I tried with all my might to keep up. So I hope you guys enjoy listening to this and sing along! Let’s go!

TRACK 06: Team Tamers Comments (Part 2)
LOPMON: One offers one’s sincere compliments to the Digimon CD’s 100th title. One hath felt nothing but honor for being able to participate in this memorable event. This hath been without doubt due to the support of everyone—
TERRIERMON: You’re talking too long!
LOPMON: Eh? …Terriermon got mad, so one shall leave it at that today!
[in normal voice] And so, this was Aoi Tada, who voices Lopmon!

This is Youko Asada, who voices Juri Katou. Juri-chan had a very harsh fate, woof— and along the way, I slipped into character, woof! Um, I hope she ends up living a happy life with Takato-kun in the end, woof. So I guess that would mean she ends up making bread for a living… and since Guilmon Bread is selling so well, I think it would be nice if Leomon Bread was made, too. I should ask. This was Juri Katou.

This is Tomoko Kaneda, who voices Culumon. [as CULUMON] Culu, culu, culu, culu! Everyone, be happy, happy, happy! Culumon has fun with everyone together! Culumon will play with everyone! Yay! [giggles] That tickles, culu! That was fun! I hope we continue to stay friends, culu culu!

This is Hiroaki Hirata, who voices Leomon. It’s been awhile since I last participated in a Digimon song. Leomon showed up as an evil character in his first appearance, and since he was a muscley character that I rarely have the opportunity to perform, I did my best to make my voice as deep as possible [in deep voice] about as deep as this [return to regular voice] but then he evolved and got even more muscley, and I remember thinking that I had to give my lines out as fast as possible before my voice gave out. That was how the first series ended and I was feeling sad about that until, wonder of wonders, I was brought back to perform as Juri-chan’s Digimon partner. He had a surprisingly short life, but it was the first time in awhile since I’d received a Digimon script and I was so engrossed that this stupid old man here even checked on Renamon’s lines by accident. It was a very enjoyable series. Even now, everyone seems to be working hard on it as things keep evolving, but please continue to do good work! And so this was, not Renamon, but Leomon’s voice, Hiroaki Hirata. Thank you.

Congratulations on the 100th title! Yay! [claps] This is Ai Nagano. The truth is… well, since we’ve reached the 100th title that’s amazing as it is, but the truth is, there is another amazing thing that I treasure personally. I actually have appeared in all Digimon series, but have all of you realized this? There may be some people out there who already know, but in unlabeled [Note: The Japanese abbreviate “Digimon Adventure” as the “unlabeled” (mujirushi) series, compared to the series that came after it] and 02… [as LADYDEVIMON] Hahahaha! It’s LadyDevimon! [in normal voice] So I performed as LadyDevimon. And in Tamers, you already know who, right? [as SHAOCHUNG] Lopmon, Terriermon, I love you! [in normal voice] So there was Shaochung Lee and… [as REIKA] We’ve detected a Wild One! [in normal voice] Reika Ohtori, one of the female operators. Also in Frontier… [as TOGEMON] It’s time for lunch! Everyone please return to your seats! [in normal voice] I was Togemon-sensei! Those are one of the many things that I’m happy about personally, but as Shaochung, what else can I say but that being able to sing a song was the happiest thing. So, in closing, here is a comment from Shaochung. [as SHAOCHUNG] I hope we see each other again, everyone! Bye-bye!

Okay! This is Yuka Imai, who voices Renamon. I spent a very enriching and fun year, being able to meet Ruki and the others in Digimon Tamers. Even after it’s ended, being able to sing songs with everyone like this makes me really think that I’ve made a lot of good memories. And so, a comment from Renamon. [as RENAMON] Are you protecting someone? Those feelings of wanting to protect someone you love will become a weapon that will grant your dreams. But if there are times when you lose heart or feel confused, remember us Digimon somewhere within your heart. I guarantee that it will bring you strength. It’s a deal! [in normal voice] And so… Ruki-chan!

RUKI: Yes, yes, this is Ruki Makino reporting from the studio. Congratulations on the 100th title! I just finished singing right now myself, and as the Digimon Queen, I enjoyed it. There’s a lot of memories I have of Tamers— h–hey, this chair is kind of hard to sit in. Evolve into a sofa! Card Slash! Matrix Evolution! …What are you looking at me like that for? Of course it won’t turn into one! [in normal voice] And so, it’s almost time to say goodbye. This was Fumiko Orikasa, voice of Ruki Makino! Bye-bye!

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  1. “Um, I hope she ends up living a happy life with Takato-kun in the end, woof. So I guess that would mean she ends up making bread for a living…”

    lol… I guess she would. I love Juri-chan and Juri-chan’s seiyuu comment so much <3

    Everybody is so cute! I remember enjoying this series so much

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