[scans] digimon series memorial book: digimon animation chronicle

-In progress-

Reserving this page for the Digimon Animation memorial book that is supposedly meant to come out on February 23rd (February 25th for online stores). I plan to fill this page up with translated info from the book that I think is new or interesting, with scanned images of only specific parts of the book if I think a scan is necessary. Obviously I won’t be scanning the entire book.

デジモン シリーズ メモリアルブック

Where to buy: HMV Japan, Amazon.JP, CDJapan

If you have any anticipated questions you’d like answered, etc, please leave a comment and I’ll respond back as soon as I have my copy.

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[storyboard] digimon adventure: children’s war game

デジモンアドベンチャー 絵コンテ

Information here was taken from the “Bokura no War Game” storyboard, drawn up by its director, Mamoru Hosoda.
It is a very detailed book that I’d recommend any good fan to purchase (You don’t even have to know Japanese because his handwriting is a mess). If you’re interested in how a storyboard is drawn up, this is a good book for you, too.
In this post, I’ve provided parts that I’d personally found interesting – locations of the world that featured in the movie, the use of real world sites for background, and miscellaneous information.

Where to buy: Amazon.JP.

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