[audio translation] We Love DiGiMONMUSIC disc 4 – seiyuu comments


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01: FIRE!!(神原拓也,源輝二,柴山純平,氷見友樹,木村輝一) – FIRE!! (Kanbara Takuya, Minamoto Kouji, Shibayama Junpei, Himi Tomoki, Kimura Kouichi)
02: イノセント~無邪気なままで~(織本泉,ネーモン,ボコモン) – INNOCENT ~Mujaki na mama de~ (Orimoto Izumi, Neemon, Bokomon)
03: FIRE!!(和田光司) – FIRE!! (Wada Kouji)
04: イノセント~無邪気なままで~(和田光司) – INNOCENT ~Mujaki na mama de~ (Wada Kouji)
05: チームフロンティア コメントその1 – TEAM FRONTIER COMMENT sono 1
06: チームフロンティア コメントその2 – TEAM FRONTIER COMMENT sono 2

TRACK 05: Team Frontier Comments (Part 1)
TAKUYA: Yo! Takuya Kanbara here, [in normal voice] voiced by Junko Takeuchi. Now going back as Takuya. [as TAKUYA] All five of us boys sang the opening today, and so, I think I’d like to say a few things that came to my mind during that time. I’ll start first with Tomoki. You… are cute. You are really cute. [sternly] Be careful that you don’t end up being taken away by strangers.
Next is… Kouichi. Hey, you. You have a favorite singer, don’t you? Did I see you trying to copy him back there? No, no, no, no, I’m not saying this out of any hard feelings, it’s just what I thought. So don’t worry about it.
And next! Junpei. You’re a really jolly guy. That’s a surprise. It’s like you’re never out of character. That’s a surprise.
And last of all, Kouji. There’s a lot that I want to say to you. If you enjoy singing that much, couldn’t you at least have made happy faces like that while you were traveling with us? Seriously, I think you had more fun singing than anyone else. You were even chatting with the staff. Kouji, isn’t that… totally out of character for you? –is what I thought, but I still like that part of Kouji, too, so keep bringing out that part of you.
And with that, this is Takuya! Please continue to support Digimon Frontier!

This is Hiroshi Kamiya, who voices Kouji Minamoto. Uh, did I really look like I enjoyed singing that much? But I had fun singing with everyone. It’s true that I, too, don’t feel a link between singing and my role, but… if I was a cheerful guy during our adventures, that would change the story completely, don’t you think? [in cheerful KOUJI voice] “Let’s go to the Venus Rose!” [normal voice] If I said it that way, it would totally change his character… and well, singing is singing, so let’s just leave that as a separate category. But still, I sang the best I could. This is the 100th title, after all. I am extremely glad to have been able to participate in this commemorative series. Thank you very much. And so, coming up to comment after me is Kenichi Suzumura-kun, who will make his entrance by imitating a monkey. Go on, Suzumura-kun.

Keke! Kekekeke! Keke…ke… [mutters] What are you making me do, Kamiya, you bastard. Why did you have to say “monkey,” of all things? This is– why– what the– poss– asfjklwerjkl– this sounds weird, I’m going to talk normally. Hello, this is Kenichi Suzumura, who voices Kouichi Kimura. The person before me, Kamiya-kun, just went off and said I was to act like a monkey, so I did… why is my breathing– I must be out of breath. Um, in other words, I’m at my breaking point right now actually. I’m just like Amada-kun, I’m not very good at making comments, so… I’m at a loss. I really don’t know what to say… please guide me, Kamiya-kun, instead of saying stuff about acting like a monkey. Tell me what I should say. Yes. No. Keep talking. Um, congratulations on the 100th title. I’m really glad to have been a part of the cast. Thank you, everyone.

Um… This is Masato Amada, who voices Junpei Shibayama. Er… damn it, everyone did their turn so easily… mhmm, I’m not that good at making comments. Umm, and while I was thinking about what to say, everyone told me that it doesn’t have to be planned, so just say what’s on your mind, Amada-kun. Um… Even I… um… Ever since I started this show, I’ve done a lot of dancing and restricting my food intake and dieting, so, just to keep this clear… it’s all part of the act, okay? The act! So please, don’t call me slow. Um, sure, sometimes I couldn’t step in front of the mic or keep up with mouth movements, b–but please, everyone… don’t call me a clumsy performer!

This is Kumiko Watanabe, who voices Tomoki Himi. Now, as Tomoki. [as TOMOKI] Congratulations on releasing the Digimon memorial box. I had a lot of fun singing this much with everyone! Still, it’s amazing that Digimon has reached its 100th title. The truth is, there’s something I’ve always wanted to do, too. It’s an amazing plan that’ll surprise everyone. Want to know what it is? [giggles] It’s —(BEEEEEEEEEEEP)
You’re all being fooled by me, everyone.

TRACK 06: Team Frontier Comments (Part 2)
This is Kazuko Sugiyama, who voices Bokomon.
This is Masami Kikuchi, who voices Neemon.
BOKOMON & NEEMON: Congratulations on the 100th title (hara)!
BOKOMON: Hey, hey, Neemon, Neemon!
BOKOMON: I know this is a random question to ask during such a happy occasion, but maki… Do you have shoulders?
NEEMON: Well, yeah, as a matter of fact. They just slope.
[Both laugh.]
NEEMON: But on more important matters…
NEEMON: I sang really well, didn’t I?
[Both laugh.]
BOKOMON: Rubber Snap!
NEEMON: Ahhh, that really hurts!

Thsi is Sawa Ishige, who voices Izumi Orimoto. [as IZUMI] Wow, we’re commemorating Digimon’s 100th title! Commozione, commozione! And one more time, commozione! [in normal voice] Um… I receive a lot of fan letters asking who Izumi-chan ends up with, but… yes, I do wonder who she ends up with. But before that, I wonder if she even will or not. Um, all of them are lovely men, so it’s hard to choose, but if were up to me and Izumi… [as IZUMI] Hey, boys! Let’s see what happens after you’ve grown up some more! As for you, Junpei? You can slim down a little. Izumi out!

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  1. Hahaha. Glad to hear more from Frontier’s characters at last. Thanks for the translations! It was truly splendidly helpful. 🙂

  2. Simply hilarious. I nearly dropped my jaws out of laughing at their comments. Especially Junko’s and Hiroshi’s. =)

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