[mini drama] digimon frontier: get the biggest fire!!

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Takuya Kanbara : Junko Takeuchi
Kouji Minamoto : Hiroshi Kamiya


[Sounds of a band tuning, while TAKUYA and KOUJI clear and test their voices. Then TAKUYA speaks]

TAKUYA & KOUJI: [coolly] Peace!
BAND MEMBERS: [with scattered unenthusiasm] Peace.
TAKUYA: You folks may have made a lot of Digimon songs up ’til now—
KOUJI: Hey, Takuya.
TAKUYA: I mean, up until now.[1]
KOUJI: Uh… so we’ve called y’all in here for one reason and one reason alone!
KOUJI: Oh. I mean, you all.
TAKUYA: We’ve got a new series in the making! Yes! In light of the upcoming start to Digimon Frontier Zero Two, we’ve gathered you all here today so we can get recordin’ its opening theme, I mean, so we can record!


KOUJI: S—So, there you have it! In order to make an opening song that’s better than its predecessors…
TAKUYA & KOUJI: It’s been decided that the two of us will rock it instead! — er, that is, will be singing it.
BAND MEMBER: Huh? It’s not W*da?[2]

[TAKUYA and KOUJI look on as people murmer amongst themselves]

TAKUYA: [whispers] Hey, Kouji. Everyone looks surprised by the news.
KOUJI: Yeah, you’re right. Feels kind of good, doesn’t it? A nice plunge into our second season.

[TAKUYA and KOUJI laugh evilly and then trail off into coughing]

TAKUYA: [importantly] Is the songwriter Hiroshi Yamada around? Yamada-kun?[3]
YAMADA: Ah, here, here I am.
KOUJI: Have you finished the lyrics? Hm?
YAMADA: Y–Yes, uh… they’re right here.
TAKUYA: Oh, this, huh? Let’s see… [looks] Kouji, what do you think?
YAMADA: Yes, how is it?
KOUJI: The lyrics are okay, I guess, but, meh, the title…
TAKUYA: Yeah, it’s a little weak…
KOUJI: [dramatically] We want to make a song that’s better than the opening themes that came before it.
TAKUYA: That’s right! You’ve got to keep that in mind, you know. How many years have you been doing this job?
YAMADA: [breathes between his teeth] I’m sorry, I’ll fix the title.
TAKUYA: Hmph. We’re counting on you.
YAMADA: Yes, I’m sorry.
KOUJI: Now, let’s regain control of ourselves and start this thing!
TAKUYA: We’ll begin with the bass!


TAKUYA: Oh, nice!
KOUJI: You can’t have a Digimon song without this man—
TAKUYA & KOUJI: Michihiko Oota![4]
KOUJI: Apparently he’s moved into a bigger house recently.
TAKUYA: Must be rolling in dough!
TAKUYA & KOUJI: Of course he is.☆
KOUJI: Next is the entrance, Atsushi![5]


KOUJI: Heh, nice timing.
TAKUYA: By the way, Atsushi! How’s that cute girl you met in ******** doing these days?

[The drums abruptly stop as drumsticks clatter to the floor and Atsushi goes into a coughing fit]

TAKUYA: H–Hey, don’t let it bother you, man. I was just joking.
KOUJI: Heh. Youth.

[Drums start up again]

TAKUYA: Now, to take back the mood we just had… C’mon, keyboard!


KOUJI: What was heck was up with that glissando?! Wahoo! That was awesome!
TAKUYA: I knew we could rely on the popular band **** ******* to get what we want!
KOUJI: Must be getting tons of profit.
TAKUYA: For sure.
KOUJI: Next up, the guitar!


KOUJI: He’s been all fired up these days because of the new baby, I bet.
TAKUYA: Yeah, the kid looks just like his mother around the eyes, he’s really cute!
KOUJI: Yeah, good thing he doesn’t take after the daddy! Viva your wife’s D.N.A.!!!
TAKUYA: Give your thanks to God for big blessings!
YAMADA: Uh… hello?
KOUJI: To put it simply, we are great!
YAMADA: Hello, you two? Hello?
TAKUYA: To put it simply, we are number one!
KOUJI: We’re awesome!
YAMADA: Hey!! Hello?!
TAKUYA: Now let’s get started!
KOUJI: Digimon Frontier Zero Two!

[The band stops]

TAKUYA & KOUJI: [annoyed] Huh?
YAMADA: I’ve come up with some titles.
TAKUYA: What did you do that for, things were just heating up!
YAMADA: [cringes]
KOUJI: There’s such a thing called “TPO,” you know. Time, Place, and Occasion!
YAMADA: I–I’m sorry.
TAKUYA: You’re hopeless, Yamada-kun. Anyway, show me.
YAMADA: Here it is.
TAKUYA: Let me see… Your first suggestion is… “Butter-Flying”[6]?

[YAMADA chuckles]

KOUJI: Let me see. Your second suggestion is… “Akai Targets”[7]?

[Some band members burst into laughter]

YAMADA: What do you think?
YAMADA: [flinches] …I understand.
TAKUYA: Geez, you don’t understand at all!
KOUJI: [sighs] Well, that spoiled things a bit, but let’s get back into the motion and start up one more time!!

[“The Biggest Dreamer,” the theme to Digimon Tamers begins]

Big and Bigger, Biggest Dreamer!
Dreaming is the start of it all, I’m sure that it’s the answer!
I’ll show you that I can fly further than anyone–

[KOUJI breaks off, TAKUYA keeps singing for awhile]

KOUJI: —Huh? Wait, wait, WAIT, this is wrong! Stop!
TAKUYA: ♪ Going straight through all of the–

[The band keeps playing, TAKUYA stops singing]

KOUJI: This is wrong!
TAKUYA: What the hell?!
KOUJI: Stop playing! Stop, just STOP!

[The band stops]

TAKUYA: [panting] The leaders of this band…
KOUJI: [catching his breath] Are the two of us! Don’t you dare—
TAKUYA & KOUJI: Go trying to look better than us.

[Band starts up again]

TAKUYA: [sighs] Seems like they finally get it now.
KOUJI: Okay then, let’s do this.

[“FIRE!!” — the theme to Digimon Frontier begins]

Once you jump the trash cans, you see the future ahead of you
Clad yourself in light and get a fire power—


[Band keeps playing]

TAKUYA: Not again!!
KOUJI: What the hell?!
TAKUYA: Don’t ignore us!
KOUJI: Stop dragging the previous series into this!
TAKUYA: Nya nya nya nyah!
KOUJI: This is supposed to be a new theme!
TAKUYA: For crying out loud!

[TAKUYA and KOUJI jump into the last line of the song]

TAKUYA & KOUJI: ♪ “I’ll take you with me”

[Band finishes]

TAKUYA: How many times are you going to keep playing Kouji **da?!
KOUJI: This is Digimon Frontier Zero Two!
YAMADA: Excuse me…
TAKUYA: It’s a new frontier!
YAMADA: Hello. Hello?

[TAKUYA and KOUJI finally notice him]

YAMADA: [nervously] Ha ha. I’ve come up with better titles.

[TAKUYA and KOUJI both sigh]

KOUJI: [in a tolerant tone] Well? Show me.
YAMADA: [smiles brightly] Here you go.
KOUJI: Let’s see here… Your first suggestion is… “Beat Hit Parade” [8]?

[TAKUYA snorts]

YAMADA: [pleased] Mm-hm.
TAKUYA: [suspiciously] Um, your second suggestion is… “An Endless… Talk?” [9]

[KOUJI rolls his eyes]

YAMADA: [smiles] Perfect, aren’t they?
YAMADA: [sags] …I’m sorry.
TAKUYA: This is Frontier Zero Two!
KOUJI: This is the new frontier, Yamada-kun!
TAKUYA: [turns] Also, do you guys even want to do this, Arrangers?!
KOUJI: ESPECIALLY YOU, MICHIHIKO OOTA! Did you really make a new song?
OOTA: [dutifully] Yes, I have. I have a feeling I composed it.
TAKUYA: [fumes] He’s just reacting the way we want him to.
KOUJI: [snarls] Honestly…
TAKUYA: Quit wasting your time playing damn street baseball!
KOUJI: Do your job!

[Band starts up a new tune]

TAKUYA: Hey, you did make up something!
KOUJI: You should have played it from the beginning instead of fooling around.
TAKUYA: Then I’ll start!

Shining and Burning!!
I am fire, you are light!
When they overlap, we make an invincible shine
Shining and Burning!!
It’s a new frontier
Paint infinity in the sky!!

TAKUYA: [voice straining] Hey, I think this is the wrong key…
KOUJI: Whoa, Takuya, this key is totally my key! I’m going to try singing now!
TAKUYA: [still out of breath] Nice…
KOUJI: All right, here I go… here I go… GO!

Burning and Shining!! –Huh?
I am light, you are fire
Grab the glimmer of the future
Burning and Shining!!
It’s an endless frontier
Throw infinity to the sky!!

KOUJI: Hey, this one’s wrong, too!
TAKUYA: What’s going on, damn it?!
KOUJI: What the heck?!
TAKUYA: In that case…
KOUJI: Yeah. We’ll just have to join forces!
TAKUYA: Come to think of it, when we overcame all those difficult things, we did it together.
KOUJI: Yeah. Compared to that, singing should be a piece of cake!
TAKUYA: This is easy. We can do it!
KOUJI: The combustion point is just ahead![10]

[TAKUYA and KOUJI nod at each other]

TAKUYA & KOUJI: Spirit Evolution!

[still off-key]
Shining and Burning!!
I’m fire and you’re light!
When they overlap, we make an invincible shine
Shining and Burning!!
It’s a new frontier
Paint infinity in the—


[TAKUYA and KOUJI turn in outrage to the band]

KOUJI: —Hey!

[The band keeps on]

TAKUYA: Stop ignoring us!!

KOUJI: What the hell is wrong with you guys acting all proper near the end of everything?! I can sing properly you know! Listen to this! [off-key] Shining and Burning!!

TAKUYA: I can sing too! [interrupting KOUJI singing] Never mind that, never mind that! I came here to sing with Kouichi, you know!

KOUJI: I’m not Kouichi! Why Kouichi?!

TAKUYA: I thought since I was gonna be singing with Kouichi that it would turn out to be a good song!

KOUJI: That guy’s at home sleeping!

TAKUYA: What? Why can’t I get a serious song for myself once in awhile? Go act like him or something, you’re already more excited than your usual self anyway!

KOUJI: Besides– Wait, you shouldn’t even let me do that sort of thing! Acting like Kouji is already like walking on a tightrope! If I take even the tiniest step off-kilter, I fall off completely, you know?!

TAKUYA: [in the background] Hey! Heeeeyyyyy! Don’t ignore me!

KOUJI: Who am I right now anyway?! Man, this is the worst! Besides, y’know the bass guitar thing, I just borrowed that from someone else!

TAKUYA: It’s not yours?! You charlatan! I bought my own, y’know! It’s bright red!

KOUJI: Bright red? (lololol) Ah whatever, I’m not going to deal with this anymore. Let’s just go home!

TAKUYA: Yeah! We’re just kids anyway…

YAMADA: [alone, his voice beginning to break] Hello? Uh, hello? I’ve come up with a title. It’s pretty good, so just stay there and listen to it.

“Get the Biggest Fire!!”

What do you think? It makes you feel like, whoa, it’s finally here!! I think I’ve heard something similar to it somewhere else before, but, you know, whatever. I happen to like it a lot. What do you think?

Um, hello?

[KOUJI and TAKUYA continue arguing]

Well, it may be sudden for me to be saying this since I don’t think many people know, but I’ve done a lot and… for about ten years I guess? I’ve written a lot of songs. And well, for Digimon’s case I’ve had to put up with the director’s crazy instructions and be patient with my scheduling… but even so, I did all of that while smiling the whole time, y’know. I was forced to work on this for the entire night, see? That’s what usually happens, though, but sometimes it would be nice if people would listen to what I had to say once in awhile…

[Silence as the band keeps playing on. YAMADA snaps]

YAMADA: You guys… YOU GUYS, LISTEN TO ME! LISTEN! I’m still young myself, you know, I can evolve one or two times—-
KOUJI: Yeah, yeah, I’m not happy with this, man!
TAKUYA: I haven’t even got to sing properly yet!
KOUJI: Then sing!

[TAKUYA starts singing “Get the Biggest Fire!!” badly off-key. KOUJI joins him, as does YAMADA]

TAKUYA: Oh damn, I forgot the lyrics!
YAMADA: —It’s a good song, for crying out loud!

[1] Despite being elementary school students, Takuya and Kouji both speak casually and superior to their adult audience. They jab at each other, trying to correct each other about their speech, but quickly give up.
[2] Kouji Wada has sung all opening themes for the Digimon series, except for Digimon Savers’ first opening “Gou’ing! Going! My Soul” and Digimon Xros Wars.
[3] -kun is a suffix used on people that the speaker considers himself on the same social level as or lower.
[4] Michihiko Oota has composed and arranged many Digimon songs, as well as make and sing a few of his own.
[5] Atsushi is the drummer for Kouji Wada’s live concerts.
[6] Parody of “Butter-Fly,” the opening song of Digimon Adventure.
[7] Parody of “Target ~Akai Shougeki~,” the opening song for Digimon Adventure Zero Two.
[8] Parody of “Beat Hit!,” an insert song for Digimon Adventure Zero Two.
[9] Parody of “An Endless Tale,” the second ending song for Digimon Frontier.
[10] In case this line is unfamiliar to you, he’s quoting from the line “Kanau sa kanau hakkaten wa mou sugu da ze” that is in Digimon Frontier’s opening song, FIRE!!

Related Media
Subbed video by PapXS.

Get The Biggest Fire!!
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition+Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Performed by: The Digimon Arrangers (演奏:デジモン・アレンジャーズ)
Vocals: Takuya Kanbara & Kouji Minamoto (CV: Junko Takeuchi & Hiroshi Kamiya) (歌:神原拓也&源輝二(声優:竹内順子&神谷浩史))

Shining!! and Burning!!
オレは炎 オマエは光
重ね合え 無敵の輝き
Shining!! and Burning!!

Burning!! and Shining!!
オレは光 オマエは炎
手に入れろ 未来の煌めき
Burning!! and Shining!!

Shining!! and Burning!!
オレが炎 オマエが光
重ねれば 無敵の輝き
Shining!! and Burning!!

Shining!! and Burning!!
ore wa honoo omae wa hikari
kasaneae muteki no kagayaki
Shining!! and Burning!!
aratanaru furontia
mugen o sora ni egake!

Burning!! and Shining!!
ore wa hikari omae wa honoo
te ni irero mirai no kirameki
Burning!! and Shining!!
owarinaki furontia
mugen o sora e nagero!

Shining!! and Burning!!
ore wa honoo omae wa hikari
kasanereba muteki no kagayaki
Shining!! and Burning!!
aratanaru furontia
mugen o sora ni egake!

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