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01: 勇気を受け継ぐ子供達へ(和田光司,AiM,宮崎歩,Hassy,太田美知彦,WILD CHILD BOUND,Sammy,谷本貴義) – Yuuki wo uketsugu kodomotachi e (Wada Kouji, AiM, Miyazaki Ayumi, Hassy, Oota Michihiko, WILD CHILD BOUND, Sammy, Tanimoto Takayoshi)
02: 勇気を受け継ぐ子供達へ(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Yuuki wo uketsugu kodomotachi e (Original Karaoke)
03: チームアーティスト コメント – TEAM ARTIST COMMENT
04: 未来へのメッセージ(オルゴール ヴァージョン) – Mirai e no message (ORGEL VERSION)

TRACK 03: Team Artist Comments
This is Kouji Wada. I’ve had a lot of experiences during these last four years and it was all thanks to you. I’ll continue to do my best, so please continue to favor me with your support.

Hello, everyone, this is Ayumi Miyazaki. I’ve sung insert songs for two years, and I’ve evolved along with the Digimon. I’m deeply honored to make a return in this way. I hope all of you too continue to evolve strongly and enjoy yourselves with a bang. Goodbye.

This is Hassy. I was able to meet a lot of lovely people and make wonderful memories through Digimon. I am grateful to Digimon and everyone else. Please continue to give me your support.

Hello, everyone. This is Takayoshi Tanimoto. I sang the insert song for Digimon Tamers called “One Vision.” To me, this song is my debut and ever since then, I’ve met many people, had many experiences, and I’ve grown along with Digimon Tamers progression. It’s really all thanks to your support. Thank you. I’ll continue to work hard, so please keep on supporting me.

This is WILD CHILD BOUND. I’m very happy to be able to participate in such an event. I was very surprised to realize that there were so many songs already made, and surprised again that there were this many artists and staff involved. The song that all of us have sung today is included with this, so please listen to it and enjoy singing it at your homes.

Hello, this is Sammy. I sang the insert song “Tomodachi no Umi” for the summer 2001 movie, “The Adventurers’ Battle.” I’m very happy to be a part of the Digimon music world. Today’s recording was a pretty outrageous project, but I had fun. Thank you for allowing me to participate in it. Good work, everyone! Thank you. This was Sammy.

This is the songwriter, Hiroshi Yamada. I happened to be just dropping by for a visit, but I got pulled into making a comment. I’ve written a lot of lyrics throughout these four years and it was a series in which I learned a lot from. I would be very happy if the songs I have written — even one phrase would be nice — are still remembered by you all in the future. Please continue to give us your support. Goodbye.

This is AiM. Hello. Now that I think about it, seeing how the handheld Digimon game became an anime and reached up to its 100th CD is a real surprise. It’s all thanks to your support. Thank you very much. Being able to have come across Digimon and having people all over know me as both Ai Maeda and AiM is a very thankful and happy experience for me. I’ve sung a lot of main theme songs, but if there is even one of those songs that still remains in your heart, that would make me very happy. Last of all, to all of the actors, the artists, the staff, and above all, to everyone who has given Digimon their support, I thank you very much. Digimon is the best! Digimon banzai! And with that, thank you very much. This was AiM.

This is Michihiko Oota. A lot has happened during these past four years but I have many good memories where I was allowed the opportunity to compose songs and even sing some of them. I, too, love Digimon very much and even my children and family are fans of it. I hope the rest of you as well continue to keep sending us your support. This was Michihiko Oota. Goodbye.

中文翻译 by Edward

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