[drama cd] digimon tamers: days ~information and the unordinary~


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Guilmon: Nozawa Masako
Matsuda Takato: Tsumura Makoto
Terriermon: Tada Aoi
Li Jian Liang: Yamaguchi Mayumi
Makino Ruki: Orikasa Fumiko
Katou Juri: Asada Youko
Yamaki Mitsuo: Chiba Susumu
Nyx: Fujita Saki (Guest appearance)

Producer: Seki Hiromi
Screenplay/Song selection: Konaka Chiaki
Episode direction: Kaizawa Yukio
Acoustics direction: Kakudou Hiroyuki


Superscript footnotes are written by Konaka Chiaki from his liner notes included with the Blu-ray release. Subscript footnotes are mine for better understanding of the following translation.


1. CD Drama English translation
2. CD Drama outline translation


YAMAKI: Back when humans and Digimon worked together to defeat the D-Reaper, the digital world was still a very small place. But now, a majority of the world’s lifestyle communicates through network nodes[1] and that colossal amount of information has expanded the digital world ad infinitum. In our current standing, mankind must begin to anticipate that, from a place even deeper within the deep net, neither of which mankind can touch, something unimaginable will be born and materialize itself into the real world.

TERRIERMON: Ehhh, really?
GUILMON: Yeah, I think so.
TERRIERMON: Well, I want to see Jian and Shaochung soon too, but—
GUILMON: I don’t wanna just sit around waiting for Takato to come to the digital world!
TERRIERMON: But walking around finding them is only gonna tire us out!
GUILMON: [stops] Huh? But you’re not walking, Terriermon. You’ve been sitting on my head this whole time.
TERRIERMON: [jumps down] I can walk, too! I just have to walk a little faster than you so I can keep up.
GUILMON: [sighs and continues to walk] Where do you think Renamon went?
TERRIERMON: It’s strange, isn’t it? We haven’t seen her[a] for a long time. Besides, Guilmon, back then, if you hadn’t—
GUILMON: What… is that?
TERRIERMON: Wai— I can’t see it very well, so I’m climbing up your head again. [jumps up] Wow… That’s a really steep precipe.
GUILMON: Terriermon, didn’t you say that we were at the very bottom of the digital world?
TERRIERMON: From a place even deeper than this one…
GUILMON: Something… Something’s climbing out of there!

Wanna be the Biggest Dreamer
Run full speed through today and tomorrow.
Yeah, I’ve just realized,
that I’ve always been forgetting my homework.
It’s one big puzzle, puzzle, puzzle,
“Just who am I?”
Even if my knees hurt from sliding and getting skinned
I know that if I don’t get right back up,
my chances will slip away!
Big and Bigger, Biggest dreamer!
Dreaming is the start of it all,
I’m sure that it’s the answer!
I’ll show you that I can fly further than anyone,
going straight through all of my future days!
Wanna be the Biggest dreamer!
Run full speed through today and tomorrow!

TAKATO: Days ~Information and the Unordinary~

TAKATO: Let’s see now… If I do this…
JURI: There you are! Takato-kun!
TAKATO: Ah, Ju– Katou-san!
JURI: Sorry I’m late.
TAKATO: Don’t worry, I wasn’t waiting that long.
JURI: What’s that you’re holding?
TAKATO: Oh, this? It’s called a PDA. My dad got himself a new one, so he gave his old one to me.
JURI: Can you play games on it?
TAKATO: No, there aren’t many games on it. It’s more like an electronic notebook.
JURI: Hmm… Hey, have you seen Lee-kun and Ruki lately?
TAKATO: Now that I think of it, not really…
JURI: It’s harder to meet up when we’re in different middle schools, huh?
JURI: Do you think Guilmon and the others are doing well…?
TAKATO: It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since then…
JURI: [gasps] S–Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up—
TAKATO: It’s fine. Time really does go by quickly. It’s just… I haven’t been able to do anything to help me get closer to seeing Guilmon again… [pause] I wonder what we’d be like as adults?
JURI: Y’know… I think I know what I would be.
JURI: I want to be an elementary school teacher!
TAKATO: Wow, that’s amazing! Haha, you mean an elementary school teacher like Asanuma-sensei?
JURI: Haha, how did you know? Do you remember how unmotivated Asanuma-sensei was when she became our homeroom teacher?
TAKATO: Yeah, I remember. But then she changed.
JURI: Yeah. She faced us with more purpose.
TAKATO: How old is Asanuma-sensei now?
JURI: Hmm, I think she’s twenty-eight.
TAKATO: Twenty-eight, huh? I wonder what we’d be like at that age… and what the digital world and real world would be like…
JURI: Well… I’ll be heading home now.
TAKATO: S–Sure, see you tomorrow.
JURI: Bye bye!

TAKATO: I always end up coming here again… The place where I hid Guilmon when he first came. [raises his voice] Heeey! [pause] A digital field won’t be showing up here anymore, and yet… Huh? W–What’s that light? It… isn’t a digital field… I’m being sucked in!
[TAKATO bangs into the gate]
TAKATO: Ow! Wai– Wait, I can’t get through these bars! —Eh?! M–My body is changing into light!

TAKATO: Huh? Where am I? Am I in the digital world? But it feels different… Heeey!
[A spotlight turns on]
YAMAKI: [through speaker] Sorry to surprise you like that, Takato-kun.
TAKATO: Huh? W–Who are you? Where am I?
[A sealed door opens]
YAMAKI: [through speaker] Come out from that chamber.
TAKATO: [under his breath] Okay…
[TAKATO leaves the chamber]

TAKATO: Hey, I am in the digital world!
YAMAKI: Unfortunately, that’s not the case.
TAKATO: Huh? Yamaki-san…? It is you! Yamaki-san, long time no see— wait, what? Why has your hair gone white?
YAMAKI: Hey there, Matsuda Takato-kun. It really has been a long time.
TAKATO: It’s not just your hair… Your face… What on earth happened?
YAMAKI: Do you remember the time when you Tamers, we Hypnos, and Jian’s father with the Wild Bunch worked with the Digimon?
TAKATO: Of course! It was just two years ago.
YAMAKI: [sighs] Yes… Yes, it was… For you.
TAKATO: You mean it’s not?
YAMAKI: After that incident, I resigned from the government and worked for a couple of years as a civilian on long-term forecast of the World Wide Mesh[2]. However, not too long ago, I was reinstated and the Cybersecurity Act[3] was passed in 2015.
YAMAKI: This place you see here is Nyx[4], an organization under the direct control of the Cabinet Secretariat. Heh, it seems that I tend to feel insecure unless I’m working in secret bases like this one.
TAKATO: H–Hold on a second! Um, what year is this?
YAMAKI: Oh, sorry! I heedlessly ending up talking all about myself first. I want you to meet some people who’ve been waiting a long time for you. Please come with me.

TAKATO: Ehhhh?!
JIAN: Long time no see, Takato.
RUKI: Ugh, why does Takato get to be young? Heh, have you been well, Takato?
TAKATO: Jian and Ruki…? Why are you adults?!
YAMAKI: I’m sorry to confuse you like this. You’re in the year 2018.
TAKATO: W–Wait… Then, I’m…?

TERRIERMON: Hey, Guilmon… We’ve come this far, I think it’s moumantai now…
GUILMON: [slows down, gasping] That place back there was pretty intense, huh?
TERRIERMON: Yeah… but…
GUILMON: Hm? What’s wrong, Terriermon?
TERRIERMON: Don’t quote me on this, but if we rode into that huge rapids or whirlpool-looking thing, maybe we can enter the real world.
GUILMON: Ehhh?! W–We can see Takatomon and the others again?!
TERRIERMON: I just thought it could happen…
GUILMON: Then let’s go back!

VOICE: Don’t go there.
GUILMON: W–Who are you? Where is your voice coming from?
VOICE: You’ll find out one day. Listen to me, Guilmon, Terriermon. When you hear a voice calling your names, head towards that instead…
[The VOICE fades]
TERRIERMON: Who do you think that was?
GUILMON: Hmm… Mmmm… I had this feeling that it’s a voice I know[b]
GUILMON: Mmmm…… Hehe, I don’t know.

TAKATO: Um, so that means… Jian and Ruki are twenty-eight years old right now? You guys look really grown-up, but at the same time, it’s like you haven’t changed…
JIAN: After I graduated from Stanford University, I stayed in America to research the Digimon. Of course, it was all so we could see Terriermon and the others again.
YAMAKI: I asked him as a big favor to return here.
TAKATO: I see… What about you, Ruki? What have you been doing?
RUKI: Me? Um… When I entered university, my mom forced me to work as a model. But I got easily bored with it, so I did freestyle motocross instead. I guess challenging others is what I like most.
TAKATO: Wow… W–Wait a second. Then what about me? Me in 2018—
JIAN: The Takato that we know said that he couldn’t stand just waiting around until Guilmon came back, so he went off to travel the world.
RUKI: Juri’s been waiting for Takato for a really long time.
YAMAKI: Last year, you suddenly disappeared from the real world without a trace. Nyx is in absolute need of the Tamers’ help, and having Matsuda Takato around is particularly essential. However, you disappeared.
TAKATO: Ehhhhhhh?!

CHILD: Katou-sensei! Goodbye!
JURI: Goodbye! Be careful on your way home!
CHILD: Okay!
JURI: Guilmon’s home… I always end up coming back here again… I come here thinking that, maybe today, you’ll be back home… Takato, where are you? Wherever you are, you’re safe, right? I’ll be waiting for you.


YAMAKI: At around 2001, Hypnos, from within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building, was destroyed by the D-Reaper. However, the equipment there would have been quickly outdated anyway. During these last 17 years, the digital world has perfectly overlapped with the real world, with the digital world growing far more massive.
JIAN: The digital world that we once journeyed through has been completely transformed.
TAKATO: W–What about the Digimon?
JIAN: They’re there, of course! Because Yamaki-san made contact with me, I was able to devote my research efforts to Nyx here.
TAKATO: Is this device what brought me from where I came from?
YAMAKI: Yes. It’s still in the testing phase, but it’s finally begun operation this year. This is the realization system called the Re-Animator.
TAKATO: “Realization”?
RUKI: But I still don’t understand why Takato showed up as a middle school kid.
YAMAKI: Hmm… I suppose there’s no other way to interpret this than that this form had the highest bio-parameters in the digital world. The Re-Animator could only scan your information from the year 2003.
TAKATO: Huh? So, I’m not really me? But— Ouch! What was that for, Ruki?!
[RUKI laughs]
JIAN: [laughs] Ruki, you’re horrible.
TAKATO: Don’t tug other people’s cheeks out of nowhere!
RUKI: But it hurts, so that proves you have a physical body. You’ve Realized perfectly, so don’t worry.
TAKATO: Huh? —Oh, I see. I guess this is like the time when Guilmon first appeared in our world.
RUKI: Aww, this Takato is so small and cute! [pats TAKATO’s head]
TAKATO: S–Stop that!
[Alarm bells ring]
NYX: Warning. A digital zone has been detected in Shinjuku skies.
TAKATO: W–What’s going on?
YAMAKI: This is the reason why we need you and your Digimon’s help. Activate Terminal Defender!
NYX: Terminal Defender activated.
TAKATO: What’s happening?

JURI: Eh? Wha— The sky just suddenly—

NYX: Warning. Transfer displacement taking place in West Shinjuku skies above Nyx. Interference with digital world.
YAMAKI: Analyze.
NYX: I believe it to be a portal. Linkage to digital world confirmed. Materialization of matter detected.
TAKATO: W–What’s coming?
YAMAKI: I don’t know what form it will take, but we do know its true nature. That thing is a form of pure malice, a stand-alone created from inside the digital world’s deep zone… The Malice Bot[c].
JIAN: Ugh, that was faster than I expected. It’s already made contact with the real world.
RUKI: What exactly is the Malice Bot? Is it stronger than the D-Reaper?
YAMAKI: The D-Reaper wouldn’t even compare.
RUKI: Eh?!
YAMAKI: If you described the digital world during the time of the D-Reaper’s attack to be as big as the solar system, then this one is as big as the Milky Way. Soon, singularity[7]… the technological singularity will fall upon us. It won’t be just AI affected. All technological environments created by man will attempt to surpass mankind’s imaginations. However, unlike the D-Reaper, I anticipated that native intelligence from the Deep Mesh would come to invade the real world.
TAKATO: Eh… Wai—
JIAN: I made the same prediction when I was researching in the NSA[5].
RUKI: Then we’ll just have to fight it.
JIAN: The D-Reaper was big scale, but it was basically a simple program. But the Malice Bot has a mind that differs from a regular human’s.
YAMAKI: What’s more, its origin comes from mankind’s malicious intent. Calling it the clichéd “demon” wouldn’t even cover how bad it is.
TAKATO: And that’s why we had to come together again.
JIAN: Yes. And what we need… are our partners.
RUKI: But how will we get Renamon and the others to com— [gasps] This Re-Animator!
YAMAKI: Yes. In the past, the Digimon Realized into the real world with the help of the Digi-gnomes, who are fickle and thus unreliable. However, our current technology can make what was impossible in the past into a reality.
TAKATO: You can do it?
YAMAKI: A nanotechnology called foglets[6] has advanced to make materialization possible. We’ll load their data into the foglets of that chamber that you came from. That’s how the Re-Animator works.
TAKATO: Then, you can bring Guilmon and the others here?
JIAN: It brought you here, Takato, so I think it’s possible.
YAMAKI: But the data itself isn’t enough. If we want to summon them from the digital world, we need you, their Tamers, to set off the transistor.
RUKI: In other words… We need a strong desire to call them here, right?
TAKATO: Okay. I’ll do it!
NYX: Portal has reached its global maximum. Materialization process has begun.
YAMAKI: Put these on your heads.
RUKI: What is this? A VR headset?
JIAN: Don’t complain. Yamaki-san, send us the signal.
TAKATO: Oh, I’m starting to see something.
JIAN: This thing acts as a virtual machine for the D-Ark functions and the Blue card parameters. Search for your Digimon… Think strongly about the Digimon you want to find… Now, here we go!
NYX: Re-Animator booting up. Quantum supremacy[8] at maximum.

TAKATO: Guilmon.
JIAN: Terriermon.
RUKI: Renamon… please!

GUILMON: Huh? A tunnel suddenly appeared in front of us.
TERRIERMON: Ughhh, weird stuff keeps happening!
TAKATO: Guilmon!
GUILMON: Takatomon!
JIAN: Terriermon!
TERRIERMON: That’s Jian!
RUKI: Renamon! Hurry up and get here!
TERRIERMON: Renamon isn’t here…
GUILMON: That voice before said that when our name is called, to run towards the one calling us, right?
TERRIERMON: It’s coming from the other side of this tunnel.
GUILMON: Let’s go!
TERRIERMON: Ah, wait! Wait for me!

YAMAKI: Release the foglets.
NYX: Releasing foglets. Re-Animator power activating.
JIAN: Terriermon…
TAKATO: So this is how I got here. Guilmon!
NYX: Re-Animator Realizing two bodies.
RUKI: Two?
NYX: Type, Digimon.
JIAN: Yes!
TAKATO: They look like fog, I can’t see them! [takes off headset]
NYX: Gateway is opening.
TAKATO: Guilmon!
RUKI: Wait! I’m coming too!

TAKATO: Guilmon!
GUILMON: Takato!
TAKATO: Guilmon! Guilmon!
JIAN: There’s Terriermon!
RUKI: And Renamon?!
GUILMON: Yay, it’s Takato!
TAKATO: You’re heavy, Guilmon!
JIAN: Terriermon!
RUKI: Eh? Renamon? Where’s Renamon?
TERRIERMON: Well… Renamon apparently disappeared from the digital world a while back.
RUKI: What?
JIAN: Then could she be in the real world?
TERRIERMON: I don’t know…
GUILMON: Huh? Takato isn’t different at all, but Jian and Ruki have gotten bigger!
JIAN: Y–Yeah, I’ll explain that later. Yamaki-san.
YAMAKI: Yes. Guilmon, Terriermon. I need your help again. The enemy has already appeared above us, in our skies!
NYX: Materialization of Malice Bot in progress. Materialization of Malice Bot in progress.

JURI: What’s happening? A square hole appeared in the sky…

TERRIERMON: Is a bad guy trying to come out from that square zone, Jian?
JIAN: Yes. Terriermon, will you face it with me?
TERRIERMON: O~kay! It’s been a while since I’ve gone wild!
TAKATO: Guilmon, I’m sorry to do this to you right when we’ve met again.
GUILMON: We can play lots later!
TAKATO: Haha, even you seem to have grown up a little, Guilmon.
JIAN: Takato! Ruki! Let’s go!
RUKI: Renamon, where are you? You’re not here and I can’t stand it!

JURI: Ah! The hexagonal building[9] is rising up!
TAKATO: Wow, this acted as an elevator?
JURI: Ah… T–Takato?!
TAKATO: K–Katou-san!
JURI: Why… How… You’re the same as you were in the past…?
TAKATO: U–Uh, sorry! I don’t know much about this either! I’ll explain everything later, so could you wait right now?
JURI: Huh?

JIAN: Ugh!
YAMAKI: The Malice Bot is coming out of the portal!
JIAN: I think it’s gonna be gigantic…
RUKI: It doesn’t have a clear shape. How do we attack this?
[MALICE BOT roars]
TAKATO: Its voice is killing my ears!
RUKI: Just from its voice…
JIAN: The buildings are shaking! It’s ultra low frequency! At this rate, all of Shinjuku will be obliterated!
TERRIERMON: Well, taking quick action leads to victory. Petit Twister!
GUILMON: Okay… Fireball!
TAKATO: You got it, Guilmon!
JIAN: Wait, you’re just burning down what’s around you! There’s still more of the Malice Bot!
TAKATO: Damn it… Child levels won’t work, huh?
GUILMON: That’s not true, Takato!
JIAN: But…
RUKI: What are you guys doing? Your Tamers, aren’t you?!
JIAN: That’s… a Digimon card!
TAKATO: But we don’t have the D-Ark.
RUKI: Heh, scan it with a smartphone.
TAKATO: Smartphone?
[RUKI tosses TAKATO her smartphone]
RUKI: Use that.
TAKATO: Oh, so it’s like a PDA?
JIAN: Ruki, the card!

JIAN: Scanning! Card Slash! Terriermon! Take it!
TERRIERMON: Okay! Blazing Fire!

TAKATO: I got this. Ruki, give me the card! Scanning! Card Slash! Guilmon!
GUILMON: I got it, Takato! Crimson Sword[d]!

TAKATO: You did it!
YAMAKI: That attack just now gave it damage! Its power is decreasing!
[MALICE BOT moans]
JIAN: What an incredible voice…
RUKI: Is it crying…? [gasps] No way! What is that?!
JIAN: It can’t be…
TERRIERMON: Renamon? Is that Renamon?
TAKATO: The Malice Bot is Renamon?
YAMAKI: W–Wait! This could be a trap!
GUILMON: What do we do, Takato?
TAKATO: What do we do…?

The paleness of the sky and the blur of the day’s light
are endless.
I am unable to tell apart the excuses and lies
in these repetitious days.
I simply exist here,
questioning the meaning of my life.
Without saying a word, you stayed by my side
and gave me a smile.
Entangled with love and the ordinary,
bury this heart of mine with kisses.
Embrace me so tightly from now on
so that I may break.
Closer, much, much closer…

[“Next Episode Preview” music plays]
TAKATO: Where is the real Renamon? And where in the world is myself in 2018? It looks like we Tamers, rejoined with Hirokazu and Kenta, will have to go on another journey. Guilmon, the two of us will evolve too! Next episode– I don’t know if we’ll have one or not, but I’m sure there will be one! “Digimon Tamers 2018”! You, too, can be a Tamer!

[1] Node = While the word itself means “intersection,” in network lingo it means the computer pathway or server.
[2] World Wide Mesh = The future of the web takes the form of a “mesh.”
[3] Cybersecurity Act = This law actually exists in Japan.
[4] Nyx = The name of the organization “Hypnos” was the name of “the god of sleep” in Greek mythology. The name of Yamaki’s newly established organization “Nyx” is the name of “the god of night” that Hypnos gave birth to. Nyx is managed by an AI, and responds with a synthesized voice. It’s (probably not) a coincidence that it’s a voice that everyone loves.
[5] NSA = The National Security Bureau in America, which Jian is affiliated with. In 2013, Edward Snowden disclosed their mass surveillance of civilians. Of course, their primary objective is to protect its citizens.
[6] Foglets = A term coined by J. Storrs Hall, a molecular nanotechnology researcher, to indicate nanobot utility fog. However, currently, it is only at the stage where it is anticipated to contribute to MR (mixed reality), the extension of AR (augmented reality). Its use of Realization and Materialization in this CD Drama is fiction.
[7] Singularity = The word indicates technological singularity, but it was first used by a science fiction writer. Ray Kurzweil made the hopeful prediction that when AI surpasses human knowledge, mankind itself and its mode of life would grow rapidly. Naturally, there are scientists who take the opposite view and predict a dystopia.
[8] Quantum supremacy = While I was writing the third draft of this scenario (pretty much the final draft), a news report was published that a computer developed by Google gained rapid knowledge with this type of technology.
[9] Hexagonal building = One of the icons of Shinjuku Central Park, the Old Yodobashi Water Treatment Plant Rokkakudo. It appeared in Tamers episode 8.
*Digimon are genderless in the Tamers universe, but for the sake of easy reading, I’ve forced on pronouns.
**The mysterious voice is spoken through a filter, so it is meant to be unidentifiable. However its speech pattern is distinctly male-inclined.
***Spoken as “malice bot,” which I take to mean is a form of “malicious bot.”
****Konaka has revealed on his Twitter that “Crimson Sword” (Kurenai-maru) is a sword that Guilmon uses, an idea which was not implemented during the TV series.


Source tweet by Konaka
“Digimon Tamers” Blu-Ray Box Special Drama CD
Digimon Tamers 2018 (Tentative title)
by Chiaki J. Konaka

【Basic settings】
Timeslot: Year 2004 (2 years after series’ ending) with Takato and Juri

Takato arrives in the year 2018 (present time) and fights with Guilmon and others to prevent danger.

If I make the setting take place 2 years after, it’s an old series that’s more than 15 years old, so the feeling that it’s a story that has come too late is strong. Even if I followed in the footsteps of “tri,” whose story takes place in 2005 (3 years after the original series), I feel that it wouldn’t help.
If I’m going to make a story “now,” then I want to depict Tamers in a realistic sense.
Even so, it’s impossible to expect Tsumura Makoto-san to voice a 28-year-old male.
That’s why I will make it into a story about middle schooler Takato appearing in the present time.

【Appearing characters】
Matsuda Takato (age 14)     CV: Tsumura Makoto
(age 28)      ?
He studies to become an I.T. researcher because he wants to see Guilmon again, but because he can’t sit still, he travels the world looking for a digital field. He is engaged to Juri. In 2018, his whereabouts outside the country are lost.

Katou Juri (age 14)     CV: Asada Youko
She becomes a teacher who teaches at Yodobashi elementary school. She has plans to marry Takato when he returns home.

Li Jian Liang (age 28)      CV: Yamaguchi Mayumi
Goes to Stanford U and works at the NSA’s advanced research division.

Makino Ruki (age 28)      CV: Orikasa Fumiko
She debuts as a fashion model because of her mother’s strong hopes, but has become a FMX (freestyle motocross) rider that does games with boys.

Guilmon      CV: Nosawa Masako
Terriermon      CV: Tada Aoi
Renamon      — (Put as absent)
The Digimon aren’t any different from their original setting.

Yamaki Mitsuo      CV: Chiba Susumu
He retired to a civilian job, but by the government’s orders he becomes leader of Nyx, an organization that predicts and suppresses digital hazards.

The series depicted a real reflection of the internet that existed in 2001 at the time of broadcast(officially though, it’s not specified what year and set to the year 200x). If I was to create a story again “now” with the internet (digital world) motif, then I believe that I should be addressing the internet’s “current” and “future” conditions.

The “singularity” that is said to arrive in the year 2045 is said to be the turning point of artificial intelligence surpassing mankind, and researchers from every country are considering how to welcome this (this much is truth).
However, in truth, the singularity has already begun in the year 2018.
The network (digital world) has already begun to overlap with reality (real world), and all sorts of people are using it unconsciously.
However, in the Deep Net, the depths of the internet where normal people can’t enter, an abnormality has occurred. A bot program that initially had simple actions abruptly evolves into “pure evil malice,” and it begins to affect the real world.

Yamaki, who once led the MEXT’s network surveillance organization, researches the singularity in a civilian organization after the series’ ending, which is where he senses the Malice Bot’s presence. He negotiates with the government and establishes a facility that will oppose it. However, the effects of the Malice Bot have already begun to invade the real world. Yamaki decides that the only ones who can defy it are the Digimon, and summons the young folk who were once Tamers.
However, Takato is the only one whose location is unknown…

TV anime format with length of 22 minutes, broken into parts A and B. No narration.

† OP “The Biggest Dreamer” TV Size

† Subtitle Call “Days -Information and the Unordinary-

† A-part
○ Year 2004
Takato and Juri are 2nd years at Yodobashi Jr. High. They’re an innocent couple that’s still at the stage of just walking home together after school. They haven’t seen much of Jian and Ruki lately, since Jian has gone to a private prep school and Ruki attends Kagurazaka’s All-Girls College’s middle school section. Takato still remembers his adventures with Guilmon and the others as if it were only yesterday, but feels the loneliness of having separated from Guilmon.
The topic turns to what they’ll be doing in the future, and Juri reveals that she is vaguely thinking about wanting to be a teacher. Takato… has a lot of things that he wants to be, but for now, what he really wants most of all is to see Guilmon again.
As they wonder what they would be like as adults, they both go to their own homes.

○ Central Park
Takato gets curious and approaches the Shinjuku Central Park that had Guilmon’s Home. He peers into the tunnel, but as he expects, does not see a digital field (an electromagnetic field that Realizes Digimon). Disappointed, he’s about to go home… when he faintly hears Guilmon’s voice.
“Takato, come here!”
Just then! All of a sudden, a time-space whirlpool with terrible suction abruptly erupts there.
Takato is sucked into the whirlpool and taken somewhere far away…

○ Takato wakes up in darkness
Takato thinks that he’s come to the digital world again, but that isn’t the case. He is in the center of a gigantic chamber. The room surrounding it looks like a large-scale experiment facility of some kind. He hears a familiar voice.
“Takato-kun, you’ve come.”
“Eh?! Yamaki-san…?”
When he opens the giant, thick door, he sees standing there a man who’s past middle age. It is without a doubt Yamaki Mitsuo, but aged-looking with gray hair.
“Come with me. There are people who wish to see you.”

They’re in Nyx’s* control room, a dreadnought communications facility built deep underneath Central Park.
Takato is led by Yamaki into a brightly lit room, where an adult man and woman are waiting.
“Long time no see, Takato.”
“Why does Takato get to be young? Are you well, Takato?”
Takato can’t believe it. They are adult Jian and Ruki.
“What’s going on?”
“It’s the year 2018. You must be confused, but the truth is, we still don’t understand what’s going on either.”

Yamaki’s explanation
After the fight with Digimon + human VS D-Reaper, the real world and digital world briefly normalized, and the digital world grew even bigger due to the rapid development of communications and phone equipment. Now, all sorts of children and even old people use the digital world unconsciously.
However, the digital world wasn’t simply expanding its surface side. The deepest depths in the network used by humans was also expanding. An autonomous “pure evil” program called the Malice Bot slipped into those depths to gain complete control over it, and has already begun to break down the barrier between the digital world and real world. Although right now the extent of it being traced are it being recorded in photos and videos uploaded to social media, Yamaki anticipated that it would soon advance into a force even more destructive than the D-Reaper and, by the request of the government, built an intervention organization. This was Nyx.
Humans alone cannot oppose the Malice Bot. Now is the time to borrow the power of the Digimon. Yamaki calls together the Tamers to re-group. Jian is working in the NSA (America’s security bureau), but he has also predicted the threat of the Malice Bot and answers to Yamaki’s call. Ruki had put distance between herself and the digital world, but thinks that her true nature is being a Tamer and answers his call. Hirokazu and Kenta will also join in shortly.
However… No one knew where Takato was.
“We don’t know where 2018 Takato is.”
Takato is astounded.

*Nyx: In Greek mythology, it is the name of the “Goddess of night” that gives birth to Hypnos (the god of sleep). Originally it had a straight-laced name of “Office affiliated with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications” but when Yamaki was invited on board, he renamed it to fit his eight-grade syndrome sense. It is, in reality, a post-Hypnos.

† Eyecatch (only once)

† B-part
○ Nyx Control Room
In 2017, Takato hated just waiting for the Digimon to appear again, and goes off saying that he wants to travel the world. He promises Juri that when he comes back, they will marry. However, Takato’s whereabouts suddenly disappear.
Nyx’s quantum transporter “Re-Animator” is still in its testing stage, but Yamaki continues to spearhead its construction as a system to Realize Digimon. They give it a test run in response to Juri’s wish to call up Takato, but for some reason, 14-year-old Takato from the year 2004 appears instead.
“Does this mean, then, that I’ve time-traveled?”
“No… I don’t think it’s just simply time-traveling.”
This 2018 isn’t simply the world as it is 16 years after Takato’s 2004. It appears to be one of many parallel worlds. Apparently the “Mandela Effect” of a different parallel world’s mutual interference was occurring. This was also due to the effect of the Malice Bot.

○ 2018 Shinjuku
Juri, now a teacher, prays for Takato’s safety wherever he is.
Just then, a strange whirlpool begins to develop in Shinjuku’s skies. The high-rise buildings begin to warp.

○ Nyx
The Malice Bot begins to invade quicker than expected. The radio signals in Shinjuku area have already been cut off, and the digital world begins to overlap with the real world.
Nyx is protected by a strict Faraday cage, but its security will be broken with time. The only ones who can defy the Malice Bot are Digimon who are friends with humans.
Yamaki, Jian, and Ruki boot up the still incomplete Re-Animator. Takato watches, holding his breath in fear.
Within that tremendous anxiety—
“Fufufufufu~~n, heeeey!”
“Ah, Guilmon is here too!!”
Takato rejoices at reuniting with Guilmon, who bursts through the door.
“Where’s Renamon…?”
“We don’t know where Renamon is right now~”
Ruki’s face turns pensive.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Nyx’s defense is being broken down. The Malice Bot’s target is them, unsurprisingly.
“What are you guys doing, Takato! Guilmon! Hit back!”
At Ruki’s voice, Takato comes to his senses.
“Let’s go!”
Guilmon and Terriermon jump out of Nyx and face the Malice Bot which has now become an enormous monster.
However, they are no match as Child levels.
Ruki: “Use this card!”
Ruki throws a card at Takato and Jian.
Card Slash! Matrix Evolution!
They evolve to Perfect levels Growlmon and Galgomon! Then they charge!!!!

† Ending “Days -Love and the Ordinary” (Thanks Version 1)
(Full chorus: h Digimon Tamers single best parade recording)

† Next Episode Preview (joke)
Takato: “At last, the Digimon Tamers re-group! Where could Renamon be?! If everyone wishes for it, you just might be able to see it: “Digimon Tamers 2020″! You, too, can be a Tamer!”

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“Days -Love and the Ordinary-” (Instrumental Short)

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