[drama cd] digimon adventure 02: yamato ishida, tegami -letter-

石田ヤマト 手紙 -Letter-

“At the seaside during winter, the sun shines dimly in the afternoon.
A cold wind prickles at my skin like needles.
There is no sign of people when I look left and right,
only driftwood and trash lying on the sandy beach.
The steady rhythm of the waves goes on uninterrupted.
I, am standing before the sea…”

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Yamato Ishida : Yuuto Kazama
Gabumon : Mayumi Yamaguchi
Surfer/ Owner of the Shaved Ice Stand : Shigeru Chiba
Acoustics Man, Sakurada : ?
The Girl : Masami Suzuki

Producer : Hiroyuki Sakurada
Script : Akatsuki Yamatoya
Music : Michihiko Oota
Director : Mamoru Hosoda

01: 1通目の手紙 : 1tsuume no tegami
02: 海 : Umi
03: サーファー : SURFER
04: 彼女 : Kanojo
05: かき氷屋の親父 : Kakigooriya no oyaji
06: 彼女2 : Kanojo 2
07: 音響櫻田 : Onkyou Sakurada
08: 鬼戦車T-34 : Oni sensha T-34
09: 2通目の手紙 : 2tsuume no tegami

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TRACK 01: The First Letter

[Sound of someone walking through the front door, keys jingling. The sound of ripping paper and a cassette player turned on. The tape rolls.]

GIRL: Ah. Ah. [clears throat] Ahh. [clears throat again]
Dear Yamato Ishida-kun. How are you? I’m— Well… I’ll survive.
Thank you for visiting me the other day. I enjoyed being able to talk with you, even if it was only for a short time. It’s a bit embarrassing for me to say that to you directly, so this is my letter of thanks— or rather, my cassette tape of thanks. Hehe.
How are you doing at school? Try not to spend so much time in band practice, or else you’ll turn stupid! But I suppose I shouldn’t be saying that, since I haven’t been attending high school these days myself…
Oh, right! Your friend stopped by the other day. He’s an interesting person! Is his nickname really “Gabumon”? It’s kind of funny in—

[Cassette is abruptly turned off. There is the sound of footsteps walking out]

TRACK 02: The Sea

[YAMATO puts on his trenchcoat, picks up his guitar, and leaves the building. There is the sudden sound of gulls and waves]

YAMATO: The dim sunlight of the afternoon. A cold wind prickles at my skin like needles. The clouds hang low. There is no sign of people when I look left and right. The steady rhythm of the waves goes on uninterrupted.
I, am standing before the sea.

[YAMATO settles onto a rock and takes out his guitar. He begins to tune it]

GABUMON: [off to the side] Are you going to play?

[YAMATO continues to tune his guitar without answering]


[Strumming, YAMATO sings wordlessly for awhile. He cuts himself off.]

GABUMON: Why did you stop?
YAMATO: No reason, Gabumon.
GABUMON: [comes running up] Look at this shell, Yamato, isn’t it pretty?
YAMATO: [sighs]
GABUMON: What’s the matter? You’re acting sort of weird today, you know… frowning deeply and being all silent and the like.
YAMATO: Sorry, but can you be quiet?

[GABUMON pauses and then starts walking away]

GABUMON: See, weird.

[YAMATO sighs and closes his guitar case. Then he stands up]

YAMATO: We’re going, Gabumon.
GABUMON: Oh! Wait for me!

[The two walk. The gulls cry overhead]

GABUMON: It’s pretty cold, Yamato.
YAMATO: That’s because it’s winter.
GABUMON: There’s no one here but us, Yamato.
YAMATO: That’s because it’s winter.
GABUMON: It’s quite a big place.
YAMATO: That’s because it’s winter.

[A ship horn blows]

GABUMON: Look, there’s a ship!
YAMATO: That’s because it’s winter.
GABUMON: Are you even listening to me, Yamato?
YAMATO: Of course I am.
GABUMON: [looking at him thoughtfully] …Hey, Yamato.
GABUMON: Yamato!
GABUMON: Where are we going?
YAMATO: Nowhere.
YAMATO: [as if absentmindedly] The wind’s pretty strong.
GABUMON: [with a bit of a whine in his voice] There’s no point walking then.
YAMATO: Do you hate walking?
GABUMON: Not really…
YAMATO: Then it shouldn’t bother you.

[They lapse into silence]

GABUMON: You are acting strange.
YAMATO: I’m the same as always.
GABUMON: Really?

[YAMATO’s cell phone rings]

GABUMON: Your phone’s ringing.
YAMATO: I know.

[YAMATO takes out his phone. Beep]

YAMATO: Hello? …Oh, it’s you, Taichi… What, school? Never mind that, I’m busy right now.
[sigh] No, idiot, that’s not what this is about… Yeah, I just felt like coming here… Yeah… Yeah, sure… No, no thanks.

[YAMATO starts walking again]

YAMATO: No, seriously, that’s not it… Yeah, I’m fine… Yeah… Yeah, bye.

[YAMATO hangs up]

GABUMON: Was that from Taichi?
GABUMON: What did he want?
YAMATO: He wondered why I’m not at school today.

[Thoughtful silence. GABUMON stares at YAMATO]

GABUMON: So, why aren’t you at school today?
YAMATO: No idea.
GABUMON: Oh, honestly. You’re always like this, Yamato.


YAMATO: —I thought that if I saw the sea…
YAMATO: …then I could figure something out…

[Silence. The sound of their combined footsteps melt into a solitary pair]

YAMATO: It was just that— Something was bothering me. I feel as if the inside of my head is trapped in a gloomy daze. Am I feeling irritated because I don’t know what’s causing it? Or did I think that by coming here to the ocean and playing some guitar, I would refresh myself? Even I’m not sure what’s wrong.

But still… something was bothering me.

[Guitar interval]

GABUMON: Hey, there’s someone there!

[The sound of waves return]

GABUMON: Yamato, I’m going to slip by the other side of that fishing boat so he won’t see me.

TRACK 03: The Surfer

SURFER: Hey, boy!
SURFER: Yeah, you!
SURFER: You see anyone else around?
YAMATO: [under his breath] What’s with this old man?
SURFER: Just get over here!

SURFER: There you are, boy, glad you could make it!
YAMATO: Do you require me for something?
SURFER: Take a look at this!

[SURFER presents something with a flourish]

SURFER: Doesn’t it look fine? It’s my own personal surfboard! It’s fully customized, making it one-of-a-kind! This one’s sure in a different league from the regular, flimsy cardboard you can get anywhere!

[Silence. A group of playing children run past]

YAMATO: Sorry, but I’m busy. [walks off]
SURFER: [grabs] Now wait just one minute!
YAMATO: Quit pulling me!
SURFER: That’s the problem with you young people these days, you don’t know value when it’s staring right at you! [thumps it] Take a good look!
YAMATO: I told you, I’m—
SURFER: What do you think? Cool, isn’t it? There’s the four roses, the goddess of the sea, and this over here? That’s wakame seaweed!
YAMATO: I said, I’m not interested!
SURFER: Oh, fine, I’ll let you off on that one… Okay, then how about this? This star symbol! You know what it is, don’t you? These six stars that lay at the feet of the goddess! You’ve gotta know what these mean!
YAMATO: Hey, gramps. Are you even listening to me?
SURFER: I see, so you don’t know what they stand for after all. In that case, I’ll let you in on it — but only as a special exception, got it? These stars stand for the number of times I won the Surfing Tournament they hold here — in other words, they’re like surfer medals!
YAMATO: This guy is hopeless.
SURFER: [ignores him] And you know what that means, don’t you? That’s right, I won six times! Amazing, isn’t it?
YAMATO: [claps wearily] Yes, yes, that’s very amazing. Now I’ll just be on my wa— I said, quit pulling me!
SURFER: [sternly] Stand still.

[There is tense silence, and then the sound of a zipper pulled open]

SURFER: Nice wetsuit, isn’t it?
YAMATO: Oh, come on
SURFER: It’s purple! I’ve always liked purple, I wear it all the time so it’s like my theme color. Do you like purple? Hmm, hmm, hmm? Don’t tell me you hate it. You’ve gotta admit, purple can be pretty stylish!
YAMATO: Just cut it out already! I’m in a hurry, you know!
SURFER: Alright, I get’cha. I’ll just give you the condensed version then. First, let me start off by telling you about the lines of this shoulder area—
YAMATO: That isn’t condensed at all!
SURFER: What are you talking about? Normally I’d begin by telling you about how waterproof and flexible it is! I’m cutting out two hours of my usual demonstration, you know!
YAMATO: Listen, old man—
SURFER: These three lines here going from top to bottom each have a unique meaning. Here’s the first! “I-See-You-Roses”! And then there’s the second! This one is very significant—
YAMATO: [talking over him, his voice rising] Why do I have to stay here and listen to you talk? Can’t you hear what I’ve been telling you?!
SURFER: —Hey! I’m sharing my time with you, so you’d better be grateful and listen! Can’t you understand something as simple as that?!
[calms down] Now, I think I’ll tell you something about my history…
YAMATO: What about the third line?
SURFER: [ignores] The sea and I have been together ever since I was born. Let me see… I think it’s been about forty years now…


SURFER: I first started riding the waves when I was thirteen. The sea’s held me captive ever since. She’d keep swallowing me up and spittin’ me out, I must have been close to death about thirty-four times — and about seventeen times out of that thirty-four, I thought I had really kicked the bucket. Heh heh heh. But damn me if I ain’t still as healthy as a horse. Whether it’s almost drowning or getting bitten by sharks, there are times when you’re just not meant to go yet.
Surfing is like leaving all of your reasoning at the shore. All you can do is trust your instincts and go full blast the instant you’ve picked a wave. You have no idea how exhilarating it feels when you’ve caught the perfect wave — it’s damn indescribable. Whether it’s the waves you’re seeing now, or the ones you get during a typhoon… it’s still the same. These waves just keep smashing forward one after another on you like a frickin’ tsunami! Once you go under, it’s like walkin’ a tightrope!
Even so, the entire reason why I’m still alive and kickin’ is because I love this ocean. I bet the grim reaper sees my passion and the goddess on my board, and just runs off with his tail between his legs, heh heh heh.
…In any case, this sea here and I are held together by a deep, deep love.

[Silence. An ember crackles]

YAMATO: Are you done?

[Assenting silence]

YAMATO: Gramps. I’ve been thinking…
YAMATO: You don’t have any friends, do you?

[Silence. The fire sparks again]

YAMATO: Go tell your life story to the waves.

[YAMATO walks off]

SURFER: Hey, boy. Why did you come to the sea?
YAMATO: [stops] Eh?
SURFER: You came here to confess your worries to her, too, didn’t you?
YAMATO: [turns around in surprise] Eh?
SURFER: I know what you’re worried about. What you’ve got, my boy… is girl trouble.

[SURFER laughs ruefully]

SURFER: See you around, boy.

[SURFER lights a cigarette. Guitar interval]

TRACK 04: The Girl

GABUMON: Yamato!

[GABUMON runs up and giggles]

YAMATO: Why are you smiling so much?
GABUMON: I’ve figured out why you’ve been acting so strange today.
YAMATO: What do you mean?
GABUMON: It’s just like that person said. It’s because of a girl.
YAMATO: [mortified] You were listening?
GABUMON: Only the last part.
YAMATO: [sighs]
GABUMON: She is cute.
YAMATO: What are you talking about?
GABUMON: That girl. She’s the one you’re thinking about, isn’t she?
YAMATO: Don’t be stupid. She’s got nothing to do with this.
GABUMON: [smiles] So you know who I mean.
GABUMON: Hey, Yamato.
GABUMON: I think she’s a nice person.
YAMATO: So? It’s not her.
GABUMON: [laughs quietly]

YAMATO: That old man was right. This depression I’m feeling is because of her. But at that time, I couldn’t do anything to help her.

[Flashback. YAMATO is playing the guitar. The sound of a phone ringing]

YAMATO: Hm, caller unknown. Who could it be?


YAMATO: Hello? …Oh… No, I know… I was wondering for a second who it was… No, don’t worry… Yeah… Yeah…

[Pause. A siren passes by]

YAMATO: Is that all? …No, it’s just, since you took the time to call me, I thought something big had happened… Huh? Really? That’s great!… Huh?… Oh…. Yeah… Eh? …You can’t decide? Why?… The possibility of— What do you mean? …Yeah… Yeah… I see. So, what are you planning to do?

[Pause. An airplane flies overhead]

YAMATO: …You don’t know?… But that’s—

[The other end hangs up]

YAMATO: Hey! …Hello? Hello?!

[Silence. The sound of a kettle boiling]


[End flashback. Scene changes to sounds of a train station]

YAMATO: I couldn’t give an answer that satisfied her. She didn’t even say what was on her mind. Maybe she wanted me to say something first.
But what could I have said? My words that were supposed to mean something — they would only have been clichés.
That’s why I came here… because I thought I could find a solution.
She told me that she loved the sea… so if I came here, I thought maybe I could hit upon something. I want to take away everything that she fears.
But if I were in her place… would I have had trouble deciding, too?

[Guitar interval]

GABUMON: Hey, Yamato.

[The sounds of the sea return]

GABUMON: Why are you acting so surprised?
YAMATO: No reason.
GABUMON: Yamato, what’s that?
GABUMON: Over there.
YAMATO: Oh, that.
GABUMON: What is it?
YAMATO: It looks like a stand.
GABUMON: A stand?
YAMATO: Like the kind that sells ramen and oden.
GABUMON: Makes me hungry to hear that.
YAMATO: Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.
GABUMON: Go ahead and get something to eat, Yamato. I’ll grab myself some yellowtail from the ocean or something.

[The sound of GABUMON evolving]

YAMATO: Oh… sure.
GABUMON: See you later!

TRACK 05: The Owner of the Shaved Ice Stand

[The sound of a radio playing. The OWNER is busy making something]

YAMATO: Excuse me!
OWNER: Welcome, young man. What can I get you?
YAMATO: Do you have anything warm?
OWNER: I’m sorry, we only serve shaved ice here.
YAMATO: Shaved ice?
OWNER: Yes, shaved ice.
YAMATO: [pause] …Shaved ice?
OWNER: Yes, shaved ice.

[The cold winter wind blows]

YAMATO: …Are you serious?
OWNER: Is it so wrong for a shaved ice stand to be open during the winter? …But yes, rationally, it is a dumb idea to serve ice in the middle of winter. I’m just about the only person in the world to do it!
YAMATO: [relents] …Oh, no, I’ve just never encountered something like it before.
OWNER: Here you go, sir.
YAMATO: U—Um, I didn’t order this.
OWNER: All just a matter of how I feel. It feels like I’m working hard when there’s something on the counter.
YAMATO: Sorry, but—
OWNER: Take a look. The ice sparkles prettily, doesn’t it?
YAMATO: [looks] Yeah, I guess.
OWNER: That’s because it’s winter.
OWNER: You don’t see it this way during the summertime. Because of the cold temperature, the ice stays sparkling even after you’ve shaved it. You’d never see it like this in hot weather, it’ll just start melting!
YAMATO: [noncommittally] Mm…
OWNER: It’s just like how snow doesn’t fall during the summer… Normally, a shaved ice stand that’s open during winter just wouldn’t exist!
YAMATO: Right…
OWNER: But me, I have a reason why I must stay here and keep open.
OWNER: It pains me to remember it, and it’s embarrassing to talk about… so, if possible, I don’t want to tell you about it.
YAMATO: Oh, then you don’t really have to—
OWNER: I stay here waiting.
YAMATO: So, like I said, you don’t have to—
OWNER: I. Stay here. Waiting.


YAMATO: [obligingly] Waiting, huh?

[OWNER turns the radio off]

OWNER: You might not believe it, seeing the man I am now, but I used to have a wife and child of my own. I had a normal job at a company and a normal life, despite my current appearances.
YAMATO: I suppose…
OWNER: But one day, I lost everything in the blink of an eye. All my personal items I’d used to decorate my cubicle were packed into a cardboard box and sent back to me. After that, the boss called to tell me that I didn’t have to come in anymore.
YAMATO: Does that mean…?
OWNER: The thought that stuff like that could happen to me had never crossed my mind. That job was the only one I’d ever had, and I’d worked a long time on it, you see. I had no idea what to do next.
YAMATO: So, what happened?
OWNER: Well, I still had to support my wife and child, so I searched for work desperately. Desperately. Most places, I couldn’t even get an interview, but there was one that offered to hire someone like me. I worked very hard on that job… my life depended on it, you see… But, in the end, they wouldn’t let me keep it.
…I wonder why. I gave it everything I had.


OWNER: After that, it was an endless cycle of the same thing every day. And then, one day… when I came back home, I couldn’t find either my wife or my child. At first, I thought they had gone shopping, but then I spotted this scrap of paper on top of the kitchen table. A small, square one, about this size. The words written on there were a masterpiece.
[pause] What do you think it said?
YAMATO: [reluctantly] Well…
OWNER: “I’ve realized that I made a mistake marrying you.”


OWNER: Makes you laugh, doesn’t it? Heh heh heh. It was all a mistake. Ha ha ha ha.
OWNER: Her last words to me was that it was all a mistake. A masterpiece, isn’t it?
…I lost everything. That’s what I thought. I went into a deep depression. Couldn’t stop thinking about what a loser I was. I didn’t feel motivated to do anything. I think I barely even ate during that time. All I could do was stare blankly at the ceiling…
But… for some reason, while I was in that blind stupor, I recalled a time when I’d come here to visit the ocean with my family. I don’t really know why, but the memory of when all three of us sat here on this beach and ate shaved ice really stood out in my mind.
…It sure was fun back then. Now that I look back on it, I think that is the most fondest memory of my life.
YAMATO: I see.
OWNER: Yes. That’s why I’m now the owner of a shaved ice stand. It was the only thing I could think of.
But even so, I’m still waiting. Maybe there’s a small possibility that the two of them will come back! If they come here and they see that I’m not around — that would really worry my wife and my child, you know? That thought is what’s been keeping me going.
There may not be much I can do for the two of them, but one thing I can do is wait.
Yes… just wait.
YAMATO: [slowly] Hey… to tell you the truth, I—
YAMATO: Never mind. I’ll eat this.

[YAMATO hastily begins to eat the shaved ice]

OWNER: U—Um… sir… You don’t have to force yourself to… Um…

[YAMATO continues to eat]

YAMATO: [in a muffled voice as he throws money down] T—Thanks for the food. [coughs]
OWNER: Are you all right?
YAMATO: [choked] Give my regards to your wife and child.

[YAMATO walks off. The OWNER begins to cry]

OWNER: Thank you for your patronage… Thank you…

[Guitar interval]

TRACK 06: The Girl 2

GABUMON: I’m stuffed!
YAMATO: Achoo!
GABUMON: Are you okay?
YAMATO: Achoo!
GABUMON: Want me to catch a yellowtail for you?
YAMATO: No, forget it.
GABUMON: Your lips are purple.
YAMATO: Shut up.
GABUMON: Normal people don’t eat shaved ice in the middle of winter.
YAMATO: I said, shut up!
GABUMON: Although, I suppose it’s just like you to act that way.
YAMATO: What do you mean by that?
GABUMON: [innocently] Oh, nothing.

[YAMATO and GABUMON walk for awhile]

GABUMON: So, anyway, Yamato.
GABUMON: About that girl…
YAMATO: Stop bringing her up.


YAMATO: What, just say it.
GABUMON: It’s strange. She thinks I’m a human being.
YAMATO: I know.
GABUMON: That’s why, when you weren’t around, I had the chance to talk to her alone a few times.
GABUMON: She talked a lot about you then. Want me to tell you what she said?
YAMATO: Not really.
GABUMON: Then I won’t.


YAMATO: What, just tell me.
GABUMON: She said you’re a delicate person.
GABUMON: She said that you’re the naive type that’s very sensitive and tends to brood a lot. But she also said that she worries about you, since you have trouble expressing that to other people.
…That’s totally you, don’t you agree?
YAMATO: Shut up.
GABUMON: Since you’re such a serious person, she thinks you shouldn’t handle everything all by yourself. Also…
YAMATO: [weakly] There’s more?
GABUMON: She also said that… despite all of that, those qualities are what she likes about you.
…I wonder how she’s got you all figured out.

[Silence. YAMATO stops walking while GABUMON keeps going]

GABUMON: [turns back] What’s wrong?
YAMATO: What do you think she should do?
YAMATO: What can I do for her?
GABUMON: Well, in her case–
YAMATO: She’s in a lot of pain! It’s a harsh situation she’s in.
GABUMON: But she always acts so cheerful and happy.
YAMATO: That’s just a façade. I’ll bet she’s really suffering a lot more that I can ever imagine!
GABUMON: Then you can offer her comfort.
YAMATO: How?! What am I able to do? You think she’ll brighten up just like that if I said a few words? Of course not!
GABUMON: But it’s your only option. There’s really nothing else you can—
YAMATO: Yeah, that’s exactly my point! There’s nothing I can do!

[YAMATO starts walking]

YAMATO: In the end… there’s nothing I can do.
GABUMON: H—Hey, Yamato!

[GABUMON chases after him]

GABUMON: [running up] Yamato! Hey, Yamato! What’s wrong? Where are you going?
YAMATO: They knew. They all knew.
GABUMON: What are you talking about? What’s wrong?
YAMATO: It wouldn’t matter if I told her I sympathized, it won’t help!
GABUMON: Hey, Yamato, where is all this coming from?
YAMATO: I’m not her. I’ll never be able to fully understand either the pain she’s feeling or her agony. I can’t fix things and I sure as hell can’t switch places with her. There’s no guarantee that it’ll even succeed. I don’t have the right to tell her that I know how she feels.
GABUMON: Stop acting so strangely. This isn’t like you!
YAMATO: What do you mean, “like me”? Then let me ask you this: What am I like?
YAMATO: The “me” you’re thinking of is just the person you see me as. It’s not who I really am!
GABUMON: That’s not—
YAMATO: It is true. I know now what kind of person I really am. All I am, in the end, is just a self-conceited jerk!
GABUMON: Yamato…

YAMATO: I didn’t even know who I am and you expect me to say something patronizing to her for encouragement? Don’t make me laugh.

I am powerless.

GABUMON: Yamato! Hey, Yamato! Wait for me!

TRACK 07: Acoustics Man, Sakurada

[Phone rings.]


[YAMATO takes it out and looks at the ID]

YAMATO: Caller unknown.
GABUMON: Maybe it’s her.

[Phone continues to ring]

GABUMON: Yamato.


YAMATO: Hello?
SAKURADA: Is this Yamato Ishida-kun?
SAKURADA: You’re Yamato Ishida-kun, aren’t you?
SAKURADA: Oh, thank goodness. I was hoping that I didn’t get the wrong person. Sorry, but do you mind turning around?

[YAMATO turns]

SAKURADA: Hi, it’s me, Sakurada.


SAKURADA: Huh? Have you forgotten me already? I work for your dad in the acoustics department. And long time no see to you, too, Gabumon-kun.

[The pop of a canned drink opening]

SAKURADA: Yeah, that’s right. I thought I saw a familiar person and a familiar Digimon walking by, so I called your father in the spur of the moment and asked for your number. I thought that way would be safer, see, because if I just called out to you and it turned out you were a different person, well, that would be enough for me to feel depressed for the entire day!
[turns around and speaks louder] Anyway, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it, Yamato-kun?


SAKURADA: Yamato-kun?
YAMATO: [in his own world] …I am powerless…
SAKURADA: [aside to Gabumon] Say, did something happen to Yamato-kun?
GABUMON: Mhm, it’s a little hard to explain.
SAKURADA: Eh? What is it? Tell me!
GABUMON: Never mind that. What brings you here, mister?
SAKURADA: Please, don’t call me “mister.” I might not look like it, but I’m still in my twenties.

[SAKURADA’s phone rings]

SAKURADA: Oh, excuse me.

[SAKURADA takes out his phone]

SAKURADA: Tch, damn, it’s Seki-san again.[1]


SAKURADA: Hello? …Yes, good work today. Yes… Yes, yes, I understand… Yes… Yes… Okay, then I’ll check up on it and call you back later… Yes, goodbye!


SAKURADA: [grumbling] I’m turning my phone off.
GABUMON: Are you sure?
SAKURADA: Completely sure. I don’t want to deal with her calling me again. So anyway, what were we talking about?
GABUMON: Why you were here.
SAKURADA: Oh, right. It’s for the job. I’m here to capture the sound of the sea.
GABUMON: The sound of the sea?
SAKURADA: That’s right.
GABUMON: But there’s an ocean right in front of your company building.
SAKURADA: Psh, in Odaiba? No, that place is completely different.
GABUMON: In what way?
SAKURADA: In everything. It gives a very different sound.
GABUMON: Really?
SAKURADA: There’s a lot one can be picky about when it comes to sound. On the other hand, there are a lot of standards one has to compromise due to time and company budget.
GABUMON: I’m not sure I understand.
SAKURADA: Never mind that, what are you two doing here? It’s freezing.


SAKURADA: Don’t you think it’s freezing, Yamato-kun?
YAMATO: [still in his own world] …I am powerless…
SAKURADA: [aside to Gabumon] What’s wrong with him?
GABUMON: Oh, this and that… We did meet a lot of strange people here, though. There was this old surfer man, and then this old man running a shaved ice stand, and then, well, there was you.
SAKURADA: [smiles brightly] I’m included?
GABUMON: Hehe, of course.
SAKURADA: [laughs]
GABUMON: So, mister, what would you do?
SAKURADA: Eh? About what?
GABUMON: If you were in trouble or if you had something on your mind, what would you do?
SAKURADA: Eh? Um… if I were in trouble or if I had something on my mind? Hmm…
GABUMON: What would you do?
SAKURADA: I think I’ll just be bumbling about while I think of that.
GABUMON: Bumbling about?
SAKURADA: If I’m going to end up being useless, then I’d rather be brought down after I’ve done everything I can first. Otherwise, it’ll just be a pain later.
GABUMON: A pain?
SAKURADA: Once something is over, there’s always this sort of latent period afterwards that you use to look back on, right? In that time, I keep thinking about how I “should have done this instead” so it can “turn out like this.” I think other people besides me do the same thing. If I’m going to do something, I want to do it in a way that makes sure my list of “Things I Should Have Done” is short or, preferably, non-existent.
SAKURADA: So, I think it’s best that I, at least, do something in the meantime while I think about what to do. Don’t you think so?
YAMATO: [mumbling to himself] There’s nothing I can do…
SAKURADA: [aside to Gabumon] Seriously, what’s the deal with him? What happened to him?
GABUMON: Just… something.
SAKURADA: Well, a lot of things happen in life, I suppose.
SAKURADA: Moving on to a new topic… I suppose the reason why I came all the way here to a real ocean, just to capture one sound of the sea, is because I really do want the listeners to hear it. I mean, I won’t be able to tell whether or not it’ll be audible once it’s mixed in, and maybe no one will even care… but even if they don’t hear it, I feel satisfied that I went out of my way in this bitter cold to record the sound, just because I want them to listen. Also, while I’m still talking, they played the movie “Demon Tank T-34”[2] on TV late last night, have you seen it yet?
GABUMON: What is it?
SAKURADA: Eh, you’ve never heard of “Demon Tank T-34”? It’s a Russian movie about the Soviet Union, and I recommend you watch it! It’s on rental!

[1] Seki-san is probably referring to Hiromi Seki, one of the producers for Digimon.
[2] Demon Tank T-34 (鬼戦車T-34, oni sensha T-sanjuuyon) is the real Japanese dub of the Russian movie, ЖАВОРОНОК (1964).

TRACK 08: Demon Tank T-34

SAKURADA: [in a dramatic voice] In the middle of World War II, the Nazis hold Russian soldiers prisoner in their maneuvering grounds. Every now and then, a few Russians are forced to board one of their own tanks that the Germans had managed to seize and they’re shot at as part of an experiment by the Germans to test their antitank guns. The Germans also use these experiments as a chance to find any weak points in the famous Russian T-34. The Russian prisoners die one after the other as they are used like lab rats. However, at one point, the prisoners manage to take control of the T-34 and successfully use it to escape from their confinement. The single tank runs like mad as it charges through retaliating German troops. Will they be able to escape from the Nazis in hot pursuit?
YAMATO: …I see…
YAMATO: That’s it!
YAMATO: I… just want her to listen.
SAKURADA: To Demon Tank?
YAMATO: I just want her to listen… Ha ha ha! What the heck! That’s all there was to it!
SAKURADA: [aside to Gabumon] Is something wrong?
GABUMON: No idea…

[YAMATO picks himself up and smiles]

YAMATO: Gabumon! Let’s go!
GABUMON: [smiles with relief] Okay!

[The two of them run off]

SAKURADA: Hey, wait! Yamato-kun! …Wait! Gabumon-kun, too, where are you both going? …Hey, hold on!

[SAKURADA’s voice fades]

TRACK 09: The Second Letter

[Cassette player click. A strong voice]

GIRL: Dear Yamato Ishida-sama.
I listened to your song. I was really surprised when I heard that a tape was sent to me. And, um… By the way, I finally took the surgery for my eyes! I was really scared to do it… but once I heard this song, I thought that I should try my best. That’s why I decided to go with it.
And, about how the surgery went… it seems it will all work out! They haven’t taken the bandages off yet, but the doctor says that everything went all right. I can’t help but feel excited about all of the things that I’ll get to enjoy soon. They’ve told me that I can leave the hospital right away after the bandages are off, so… so if… I mean… surely if— no, that’s not right, either… when… yes… when my eyes can see again, I’d like to go see the ocean that you went to see, Yamato-kun. Maybe I won’t be able to go there straight from the hospital, but, um, I promise you that I will go see it.

…Thank you.


Lyrics: Akatsuki Yamatoya (作詞:大和屋暁)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Vocals: Yamato Ishida (Yuuto Kazama) (歌:石田ヤマト(風間勇刀))

突然やってくる正体不明の不安 いつも僕等を狙ってる
受け売りの知識 下らない常識 僕等を惑わせる

そんな毎日に嫌気がさしたら 京都にでも行くのかい?
知らないフリして過ごすより 見つめよう僕等の真実
これだけは譲れない 自分のプライド胸に潜ませ…

走り出そう誰の為でもなく 止まってるよりましだから
透明な空気切り裂いて 眩しいあの海に向かって

新しい扉の前で ぐずぐずしてる暇は無い
助走つけて飛び出そうぜ その扉蹴り上げて


見えない不安が君を包んだ 君の瞳が迷ってる
揺らぐ自信 いつもと違う僕等 体を震わせる

そんな自分が嫌だから 膝を抱えているのかい?
目を閉じるのは早すぎる 見つめよう僕等の真実
無力なんてことない 僕等の勇気振りしぼって…

見つけだそう誰の為でもなく 諦めるよりましだから
臆病な気持ち振りほどいて 本当の答え探して

新しい世界の扉 鍵なんか掛かっていない
自信持って進もうぜ その扉蹴り上げて


走りだそう誰の為でもなく 止まってるよりましだから
透明な空気切り裂いて 眩しいあの海に向かって

新しい扉の前で ぐずぐずしてる暇は無い
助走つけて飛び出そうぜ その扉蹴り上げて


totsuzen yatte kuru shoutai fumei no fuan itsumo bokura wo neratteru
ukeuri no chishiki kudaranai joushiki bokura wo madowaseru

sonna mainichi ni iyake ga sashitara kyouto ni demo yuku no kai?
shiranai furi shite sugosu yori mitsumeyou bokura no shinjitsu
kore dake wa yuzurenai jibun no puraido mune ni hisomase…

hashiridasou dare no tame demo naku tomatteru yori mashi dakara
toumei na kuuki kirisaite mabushii ano umi ni mukatte

atarashii tobira no mae de guzuguzu shiteru hima wa nai
josou tsukete tobidasou ze sono tobira keriagete

kimi ni datte kitto dekiru

mienai fuan ga kimi wo tsutsunda kimi no hitomi ga mayotteru
yuragu jishin itsumo to chigau bokura karada wo furuwaseru

sonna jibun ga iya dakara hiza wo kakaete iru no kai?
me wo tojiru no wa hayasugiru mitsumeyou bokura no shinjitsu
muryoku nante koto nai bokura no yuuki furishibotte…

mitsuke dasou dare no tame demo naku akirameru yori mashi dakara
okubyou na kimochi furihodoite hontou no kotae sagashite

atarashii sekai no tobira kagi nanka kakatte inai
jishin motte susumou ze sono tobira keriagete

kimi nara kitto mitsukerareru

hashiridasou dare no tame demo naku tomatteru yori mashi dakara
toumei na kuuki kirisaite mabushii ano umi ni mukatte

atarashii tobira no mae de guzuguzu shiteru hima wa nai
josou tsukete tobidasou ze sono tobira keriagete

kimi ni datte kitto dekiru
kitto tadoritsukeru kara…

An unidentifiable anxiety quickly steals over us, as if it were after us
Second-hand knowledge and useless conventions confuse us.

When you grow tired of living like this every day, you escape to Kyoto?
Rather than passing your days pretending it doesn’t exist, try looking at our truth.
This is the only thing I won’t give up, this pride dwelling within my heart…

Let’s run, not for anyone else, but because it is better than standing still.
Cut through the translucent air and head for that glittering ocean.
Oh, keep on running, keep on running.
Find out your reality.

There’s no time to waste twiddling your thumbs as you stand before a new door.
Take a running jump and give it a flying kick.

I know you can do it, too.

An invisible unease surrounds you, clouding your eyes.
Our confidence wavering, we let our bodies tremble as they have never done before.

Because you hate that part of you, you hug yourself to your knees?
You shut your eyes far too quickly — try looking at our truth.
We are never completely helpless when we muster our courage…

Let’s find it, not for anyone else, but because it is better than giving up.
Shake off your cowardice and search for the true answer.
Oh, keep on running, keep on running.
Find out your reality.

The door leading you to a new world will never be locked.
Have faith in yourself and kick it open.

I know you can find it.

Let’s run, not for anyone else, but because it is better than standing still.
Cut through the translucent air and head for that glittering ocean.
Oh, keep on running, keep on running.
Find out your reality.

There’s no time to waste twiddling your thumbs as you stand before a new door.
Take a running jump and give it a flying kick.

I know you can do it, too.
You can get there…

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18 thoughts on “[drama cd] digimon adventure 02: yamato ishida, tegami -letter-”

  1. If you hadn’t translated, I wouldn’t know that this story is so depressing… Yamato really values friendship.

    Thank you for translating!

    1. It is depressing… the story from the shaved ice old man really threw me off… the surfer was kind of sad, too… but there is hope because of the hopeful ending? :3

  2. That was great. And sad. 😐

    Also, gotta love the little references to real life stuff in the CD Dramas. xD

    Thanks a bunch for translating!

  3. I heard a comment that the girl was Sora, although after reading this translation, it doesn’t seem so. Does anyone know?

  4. ARIGATOOOOOOOO!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve finally finished translating this drama CD.
    The story is awesome although the ending seemed a little incomplete. I couldn’t understand the relationship between the girl & Yamato. Is she a fan of him or something else? I’d be glad if you let me know.
    Even though I cannot thank you enough yet thanks a loooooooooot.

    1. You’re welcome! Their relationship is really open to interpretation — she could be a friend, a mentor, a fan, or a girlfriend. Whichever you want her to be. The only thing that we’re certain of is that Yamato really cares about her.

  5. Listening to the acutal CD Drama while reading this really makes it feel more emotional.

    If you think about it, if you picture an image, it might be like a dark gray color. At least, that’s how I pictured it. =D.

    Thanks for the translations. =D

  6. Thanks for the translation. I’m a big fan of Digimon in general, so its always bugged me that the series don’t have longer running times- you just don’t get enough time to spend with the characters.

    On a less serious note, clearly the girl in question is Joey’s sister Serenity from Yu-Gi-Oh.

  7. Thanks a lot for translating this.. This is so emotional for me and made me really cried. I finally understand the whole characteristic of Yamato, which made me impressed of him.. The story of the Kakigoori man made me cried at climax.. Thanks for this CD drama for teaching me many things about life, I really approved this..

  8. Is this after Yamato dated Sora or not? I really really hope the girl is Sora though. He sounds deep anyway. And call be selfish, Yamato is the kind of guy he rarely shows his affections on someone and if he cares this much, this girl must mean something. He even skips school. Plus Gabumon is teasing 🙁

  9. Love this! I love any content with Matt in it, I like to imagine that the call from Tai was regarding some relationship trouble between them hehe. I wish there were more Tai and Matt content too (romantic or not).

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