[drama cd] digimon adventure: original story, 2-and-a-half year break

デジモンアドベンチャー オリジナルストーリー

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The eight children first met their partner Digimon on August 1999.
Their ordeal lasted for a mere 3 days,
after which the children and Digimon were forced to part from each other.

This story focuses on the 2-and-a-half year period
before their next adventure begins…
On their peaceful, ordinary, everyday lives.

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Note: If the icons here are yours, please let me know so I can credit you.

Taichi Yagami : Toshiko Fujita
Sora Takenouchi : Yuuko Mizutani
Yamato Ishida : Yuuto Kazama
Koushiro Izumi : Umi Tenjin
Mimi Tachikawa : Ai Maeda
Jyou Kido : Masami Kikuchi

Producer : Kousei Baba
Script : Hiroyuki Kakudou
Director : Hiroyuki Kakudou

01: Butter-Fly (TVサイズ)(和田光司) : Butter-Fly (TV Size) (Wada Kouji)
02: 1999年11月/八神太一/ホイッスル : November 1999/ Yagami Taichi/ WHISTLE
03: 2000年5月/城戸丈/電話 : May 2000/ Kido Jyou/ Denwa
04: 2000年10月/武之内空/父への手紙 : October 2000/ Takenouchi Sora/ Chichi e no Tegami
05: 2001年4月/泉光子郎/チャット : April 2001/ Izumi Koushiro/ CHAT
06: 2001年9月/太刀川ミミ/ビデオメール : September 2001/ Tachikawa Mimi/ VIDEO MAIL
07: 2002年3月/石田ヤマト/ベースを弾きながら : March 2002/ Ishida Yamato/ BASE wo Hikinagara

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Butter-Fly (TV Size)

I’ll become a cheerful butterfly that rides on the glittering wind
And come to see you right now.
It’s best to forget the unnecessary things
There’s no time left to be fooling around.
What do you mean, wow wow wow wow wow? I wonder if I’ll reach the skies
But, wow wow wow wow wow, I don’t even know what my plans are for tomorrow.
In this world of nothingness that arises out of an infinite dream,
It seems as though our beloved desires will be defeated,
But even with these unreliable wings, covered in images that tend to stay
I’m sure we can fly, on my love.

Digimon Adventure
Two-and-a-Half Year Break

November 1999


“…Huh? That sound… is Hikari’s whistle!”

For a second, I thought that Hikari was the one blowing it. But… she was out shopping with Mom. And besides, that whistle shouldn’t even be here anymore… not in this world…


“Where is it coming from?”

The windows were closed, so I couldn’t hear any noises from the outside. Then again, the whistling sounded like it was echoing from far away, so I don’t think it was coming from inside the house either…


That whistle… Three months ago, when the gate between the Digital World and the real world was closing, we had no choice but to part from our Digimon and return home. Hikari said that she gave it to Tailmon in the end.


“Oh yeah! My Digivice! Maybe the gate to the Digital World has opened again. Then… I might be able to go back there with the Digivice!”

[sound of running and rummaging]

“L—let’s see… where’s my Digivice? Where did I put it? I used to take such good care of it… because it was so important to me, I put it in here…”

The truth is… I thought of always keeping it at hand. But that actually made me feel even lonelier. I didn’t want to face the truth that Agumon wasn’t with me anymore.
Because… we’d always been together. Even now, I’ve never spent such a long time with another person like I did with him.
That was… Being in the Digital World only took three days in the human world. But… since the flow of time in the Digital World was much faster back then… the time I spent together with Agumon was… half a year? …a year?
And… it’s already 3 months since I’ve been separated from him…

[sound of rummaging]

“Ah, found it!”


“Huh? No. It’s not from my Digivice. Then… that sound is in…”


“Dad’s room!”

[sound of door opening]


“It was from the computer! Haha. Dad must have left the computer on before he went to work.”

But no, that wasn’t it. A normal computer doesn’t have that kind of screen.
In the middle of that screen shone a fuzzy light. The light was… like that time!
Yes, that time when Hikari and I met our first Digimon 4 years ago. It looked exactly like that time a Digiegg popped out of Dad’s computer in the middle of the night!

[computer sound]

“Agumon! And Tailmon! All of you…”


“Eh? I–I can’t hear you very well! I can only hear Tailmon’s whistling…”
“Agumon… you haven’t changed! You’re still as energetic as usual. Are you eating well?”


“Huh? What’s that, Agumon?”


“You’re imitating soccer moves? …Ah… but… soccer is…”

Something I haven’t played since then.

“…I’ll do my best! Tomorrow, no, today! Even right now, I’ll go back to practice!”

[sound of computer shutting off]

Just then, the Gate closed with the blink of an eye.
Afterwards, Hikari was so angry at me. “Why didn’t you keep it open until I got back home?!” she said. Haha, even so…
It wasn’t the end. Our adventure has still just begun!

Since then, the Gate has opened many times, so both the Digimon were able to come here, while we were able to go there. I never knew when the Gate would open next, since it was unstable and it did so whenever it wanted to… But still, just being able to see him once in awhile was enough. Agumon would always wait for me with a huge grin on his face. Even if we weren’t together, he was still so energetic. Just knowing that is enough.
I began soccer again. I put my heart and soul in playing.
After all, I can’t lose to him!
To Agumon. To the other me.

I’ll turn my courage into wings
And fly away right now
No matter what happens (No matter what happens),
I’ll always believe in you

May 2000

[telephone ringing]
[sound of Jyou walking and the receiver being picked up]
Shin-niisan? Yeah, it’s Jyou.
Is this about what happened recently? I’m okay. I just went to the Digital World. The Gate closes pretty quickly though, so I couldn’t stay there for very long.
It was the same as usual over there. Good thing it was Golden Week. I was even taking a break from lessons.
Yeah, I met Gomamon. He said, “Take good care of Jyou for me” to you, Shin-niisan. That guy’s still as cheeky as ever.
How are you doing?
Oh… it must be tough being an intern. Are you sleeping well? If that’s all, I won’t have to worry about you, Shin-niisan.
Yeah, middle school is going smoothly. I am studying properly! After all, I’ve gotta get accepted into a national university just like you guys. I can’t put much of a burden on Dad.
Don’t tell anyone, but the other day Shuu-niisan called me. He said he was going to change his major next year. Instead of medicine, he’ll be going into humanities. He even wants to work to pay for his own tuition. He still hasn’t told our parents though.
Well, he’d always wanted to be a movie director instead of a doctor.
Do you remember Takenouchi Sora-kun? Yeah, that slightly tomboyish girl. She’s been wearing skirts lately though, so she looks more feminine. Anyway, Sora-kun’s father is an anthropology professor at Shuu-niisan’s university, and he said he’ll be going to study under him. I never knew that Sora-kun’s father was in Kyoto!
Oh, yeah. I told Shuu-niisan about the Digimon. It was funny how extremely annoyed he got because he wasn’t in Tokyo at the time. ‘Though, if he was around, I think he would have just been captured by Vamdemon along with the others.
Shuu-niisan wasn’t even at home in Hikarigaoka when the Digimon first appeared 5 years ago, right? He was at a friend’s house or something. Yeah. Actually, I don’t remember this very well, but I think I was talking to him on the phone then. What were you doing that time, Shin-niisan? You were sleeping like always, weren’t you?
Mom hasn’t changed. But since the two of you left the house all at once, she makes too much food and forces me to eat it all. It’s been tough!
You’re right! It helps when Gomamon is there. He eats a lot despite his small appearance.
Dad’s… gotten a little quiet, I guess.
Eh? Me?
I… will become a doctor after all.
Yeah, but this is what I’ve decided on my own.
When we were in the Digital World last summer, many of the Digimon got injured and died. I couldn’t do anything for them, even though I was a doctor’s son.
I don’t want to ever feel useless again! Not when someone is hurt in front of me.
The Digital World doesn’t have a doctor. They need someone who’ll be able to heal them.
Even now, I carry around a simple first-aid kit just in case the Gate opens again. Because of it, my bag is always crammed. And my arms are becoming muscular. [laughs] Really!
By the way, I have a problem. Of course, I’ll be doing regular doctor studies, but I’ll be treating Digimon, you know? Don’t you think I’ll need to study veterinary medicine too in order to heal them?
Regular medicine and veterinary medicine… what should I apply to study for first? What do you think?

I’ll become stronger
Not so I can become an adult,
But so I can become myself
And when I do, I believe that
I can stand proudly before you one day

October 2000
“A Letter to my Father”

Dear Dad,
In my last summer vacation, when we were able to see Piyomon and the others again, I’m glad that we were useful for your research. I’d never thought of the possibility that the Digital World and our world could have had deeper connections with each other for a very long time. I’m so glad I got to talk with you about it!
Piyomon may no longer be able to evolve to her Perfect form, Garudamon, but since the Digital World is at peace right now, that’s all right.
More importantly, I was very surprised when I read your last letter. Who’d have thought that Jyou-senpai’s big brother would go to Kyoto and take your classes? That’s such a coincidence! Not only that, but he’ll be transferring from the medical department to your department! What kind of lectures do you hold, to have grabbed his interest, Dad? Is being a university professor really that interesting?
I’m thinking that next time, I will try reading one of your books. Mom keeps them locked safely behind the shelves. There’s so many of them! I wonder if they’re still too difficult for an elementary-schooler to understand…
But just by looking at the titles, I saw some that said “Youkai” and “Onmyoudou”[1]… It seems like you’ve been doing some strange research, Dad.

[sound of tennis]

I’ve picked up tennis recently. I play against Mom! Or, to be more exact, she’s teaching me how to play. She’s such a strict coach! *laughs* She’s even harsher than when she teaches flower arranging. I didn’t know that Mom was in the tennis club in high school.
I’ve also asked Mom how she and you first met. You were still in a university in Tokyo, and you met her while doing research in Kyoto… Yet, after you got married, you were relocated to a university in Kyoto just when you two had settled down in Tokyo. That’s ironic. And when Mom officially opened her flower office in Tokyo, she had to move again from Hikarigaoka to Odaiba.
But all of that wasn’t a coincidence.
A lot of things have happened, but because of that, I was able to meet Piyomon. That’s what I believe right now. I’m sure your meeting with Mom wasn’t a coincidence either. I’m not sure about Jyou-senpai’s big brother, but it’s possible that isn’t a coincidence either! There might be some meaning behind it. *giggle*
For the next school trip, I’ll be going to Kyoto. We’re given a little free time, so I’d like to go see the place where you and Mom first met. I’m looking forward to what kind of place Kyoto is like! I mean, I’ve seen it on TV, so there’s a lot of aspects about it that I know of… but I’ve never actually been there.
We traveled through a lot of places in the Digital World, but we’d almost never gone anywhere in Japan. Don’t you think that’s odd? *giggle*
Although you are busy traveling throughout Japan doing your research, I hope we’ll have an opportunity to travel together as a family some day soon.
In closing, happy birthday, Dad! I’m grateful for everything you and Mom have done for me.
Love, Sora.

Instead of hanging my head, I’ll fly away
Tomorrow I’ll be closer to that dream I held

[1] Youkai = Japanese folklore monsters/ghosts. Onmyoudou = an occult divination system that is based on the Taoist theory of the five elements.

April 2001

[sound of beeping. In the background there is the sound of a door opening and someone rushing in]

“Ah, it’s Gennai-san!”

[sound of bag being set down and then typing]

“Um, my name, and… ah, I have to put in my mail address! Don’t rush, don’t rush…”

It’s been a long time. This is Koushiro.
How long has it been since we’ve last chatted, Gennai-san?
Ever since you’ve turned younger, you’ve been particularly busy.
The black ball that was embedded in you is still a mystery, is it?
I’m a little worried about that…


Eh, is that true?
The number of your comrades have increased?
It’s kind of weird that they all have the same face as you, Gennai-san.


How is Tentomon doing?


Eh, he said that?
Don’t worry, I’m eating well. I even grew a little taller. Even though the fifth-grade girls that just joined the computer club this year are taller than me… I’m going to be Captain starting this year, though! I’m working hard!
Yesterday was Ohigan [1], so I went to visit the cemetery.
Yes. Now I can calmly say with confidence that the mother and father I have now are my parents. But my parents in Heaven are also important.

[computer sound]

“…What’s wrong with Gennai-san? He’s making such a glum face.”

“Oh. I see. It must be about that.”

Yes. I’ve figured it out… The meaning behind the term “Chosen Child.”
The number of “Chosen Children” has been growing at a steady rate. Having a partner Digimon isn’t really that special.
Being a “Chosen Child” means… to cease the hostilities that break out and inconvenience the Digital World. In order to do so, that child gains a partner Digimon faster than another.
In other words, we are children chosen to fight. That’s what it means, isn’t it?
Don’t worry. I haven’t kept this to myself. Everyone else understands as well.
Yet, we still fought. And now, other children are being chosen to fight against different types of danger.
We want to help those children. We’d like to do whatever we can to lend them our strength.
Although we can’t easily go to meet them in America and Europe, if a Chosen Child appears in Japan, we’d like to aid them right away.


I see. Tentomon said the same thing…


Very well.
If you find something, please contact me right away.


Oh, is that so? That’s surprising. I didn’t expect that not even you would know what countries the Chosen Children come from when they go to the Digital World…
It’s Qinglongmon that’s helping you, is it, Gennai-san? Do the other Holy Beasts who have revived not know either?
The Digital World is still so full of mysteries.
I’ll do my best to look for them over here.


I see.
Until next time then. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat.

“The new Chosen Children… I wonder what they’re like. Could there be about a hundred of them right now? From the unknown time that all of this started, for how long are our numbers going to keep multiplying? According to Gennai-san, the numbers seem to grow twice their original amount each year. So that means… in 1999, there were eight of us. Since there was apparently no other but us eight, then what about in 1995? ’95 was the time of the Hikarigaoka incident… just what was the story behind it…?”

“There are still many unknown things I have yet to discover… Tentomon.”

When we’re tired
My gags
Are the best medicine!

Let’s look at the world’s knowledge together
Let’s find enjoyable things
Let’s go, with you riding on my back,
Let’s slip through the clouds and evolve!

[1] Ohigan is a religious tradition for Japan. During Ohigan, the Japanese return to their homes and visit their family cemeteries and temples. Special services are conducted for a period of one week during the equinox to pay their respect to their ancestors. Ohigan is referred in Japanese as “San Butsu E” or “Gathering to Praise the Buddha.”

September 2001
“Video Mail”

Hello! How are you all? Here in America is Mimi in New York! ♥
Video mail is so convenient! Since, y’know, I can’t type very well, this is so much easier! ♥
Here, look, doesn’t the sky in America look like a different color? ….Err, since it’s a little cloudy today, I guess you can’t tell the difference~.
The new school term begins in September over here, so I’ve started school yesterday. I’ve already made lots of friends too!
We’ve moved here because of my Papa’s business, and I think I’ve already said that before. One of my Papa’s business buddies – or more like, his senpai, Kuriyama-san – told me something interesting! He’s not Japanese but a Native-American, so his real name isn’t Kuriyama, but… erhmm, what was it again…?
Anyway, he’s a mixer for recordings… and anyway! In Native American tribes, they have something called totems. You know about totem poles, right? Those wooden posts that have weird animal faces engraved in them, and they’re stacked on top of each other. Each of the Native American tribes have some sort of spirit that watches over them. I guess they’re similar to the shugorei in Japan.[1] But what’s a little different is that they’re shown as animals on totem poles. Like a wolf, or a hawk.
Hey, doesn’t that sound a lot like Digimon~? ♥
Digimon have developed from the computers, and they appear from digital machines as easily as I’m sending this video mail, but they might have been around longer than that! That’s what I’ve been thinking lately! ♥ Maybe not as Digital Monsters, but as Digital Totems, or Digital Shugorei! [laughs] What do you think? ♥
And then, and then! About my school here, it’s a really old building, but they have computers everywhere, and it’s great ’cause you can use them for as long as you want or something—

[sound of explosions]

[there is a silence]

Everyone… Thank you for worrying. Both I, and my mom and dad, were far away from that place, so we were okay.
But… the sound of the buildings collapsing was so loud, I could hear them as if I were right next to them. I also saw a lot of smoke. The sky almost looked pitch-black from it.
I remembered a lot of things… about Odaiba, and the Digital World…
That’s why, even though I was fine, I couldn’t stand still. I began to run.

[sound of running]

Although I didn’t have Palmon, I thought there might be something I could do on my own. I knew that was impossible, but still… I wondered if there was something I could do.
It was more chaotic than I’d expected. Everyone was covered in dust, and there were many who were crying. And yet, there were some who were already clearing away the rubble, and others who were doing their best to save the victims.
And then, I found them among the crowd! The Digimon and their human partners!
There wasn’t just one of them, but many! To keep the adults from seeing them, the children were helping their Digimon clear off the rubble, and the smaller Digimon slipped through the cracks to look for survivors! I still can’t speak English very well, but when I showed them my Digivice, they realized that I was a friend!
And then… I really couldn’t do anything significant, but I helped them carry away the injured and treat their wounds…
Gradually, the number of adults there grew, so we had to take refuge as fast as we could. Also, since we couldn’t let them find out about the Digimon, we broke up before we could introduce each other properly… But I’m sure I’ll see them again soon.
I’d heard there were other Chosen Children besides us, but it was my first time meeting them. Each of them knew fully well what the Digimon’s power was meant for. I thought that I too, should keep trying my best.
Ahh, it’s almost time to go, so I’ll see you later! Mama and the others are cooking for the people who are part of the rescue team. We’ve got to keep everyone’s spirits up! [smile] I’ll be helping her, of course! Even if Palmon’s not around, I can at least cook.
See you!

As time passes you by,
it’s okay to feel lost and be brought to a stand still
But because you’ll always have me by your side,
please don’t give up on your journey

[1] Shugorei = Japanese guardian spirits. They appear as human, making them different from the Native-American animal spirits.

March 2002
“As I Play the Bass Guitar”

Huh? Are you okay, Dad? Look at the time!
…Oh, I see. They’re done rebuilding the TV station. It’s nice that we live so close to it. Man, it took two and a half years…
Well, that’s true, but I told you! We weren’t the ones who destroyed it!

[sound of walking]

I’m gonna borrow another record. Oh don’t worry, I won’t damage it. You have so many of them anyway.

[sound of walking]

Speaking of which, I didn’t know you used to be in a band, Dad.

[sound of pages rustling]

Didn’t you say you sucked at singing? You won’t even go to karaoke…
Huh? Because you were the bass player, you didn’t have to sing?
Well, I sing.
Let’s see… I’ll pick this for today. Is this metal?
Eh? It’s hard rock? What’s the difference?
Where’s the music guide? Ah, here it is.


Oh, what does it matter? I can make friends, too, you know. Yeah, I’m getting along with other people. Instead of this huge record, it would be better if this was put on CD… I think it gives off a different sound.

[sound of strumming]

I wish I had my own bass… this one’s fine, but it’ll be a pain having to borrow it from you all the time…


Really?! Ah… then, I’m looking forward to your bonus.

[sound of strumming]

Do something about this mountain of videos once in awhile. You only take better care of the records. Just because you need them for work gives you no excuse… What was it called? The one from the other day… “I Was a Teenage Werewolf.” Is it an old horror movie?

[wolf howl]

Sounds like a B movie… Hmm? Oh, really? That actor’s in that movie. Hmmm…
No! The one that looks like a wolf is Garurumon. The one that looks like a werewolf is WereGarurumon. Remember that already.
He looked like he was doing fine, the last time the Gate opened.

[pause. sound of strumming]

Eh, what was that?


Oh, I already know. Mom and Takeru are gonna be moving back to Odaiba, right? I heard it from Takeru himself. They’re moving to the condo that was built last year, right? The one with a convenience store on the first floor.
I haven’t seen that guy with the glasses and bandana lately.
Oh, he’s covering an event over in Hiroshima. So he’s gonna be promoted to director soon, eh!
…I’m not changing the subject. I just talk to Takeru on the phone once in awhile. He said Mom was putting the events that occurred in Odaiba and Hikarigaoka in order for a report. Of course, she won’t write about us.
Even so, there’s still a ton of stuff we don’t understand either. There’s no record of what happened 3 years ago on video or anything… even though the entire world was watching…
‘Though thanks to that, we’re able to live in peace right now.


Yeah. I know things can’t stay this way for long. I am thinking, in my own way.

[sound of strumming]

Dad doesn’t remember. On the day when we had to decide whether Takeru or I would go with him… Neither Dad or Mom could decide, so I did. I thought, this way, Takeru would be able to stay with Mom. I chose for myself.
And after that, I always chose for myself. Or that’s what I’d planned to. Even though I was called a Chosen Child, it was me who was going to choose what to do. No way was I going to be used for other people’s convenience.
Maybe that’s why I went so far to keep myself from making friends.
But in the end, I acknowledged that what I was doing was unreasonable. After all, I’m not living in this world by myself. If I hadn’t met Gabumon, I never would have realized that.
The person I am right now, is not alone.


Alright then. Guess I’ll get going to practice!

1, 2, 3, 4!
In the middle of our individual paths, we met.
Everyone embraces something different close to their hearts.
Alongside the fighting spirit, the heart holds feelings of weakness.
Don’t forget that during those times, you have your comrades.

Why aren’t you using the weapon you’ve tucked away?!
It’s okay to cut loose and act without restraint
Don’t be afraid; just go straight for it!

You have the key that can grant dreams in your hands
The door that leads to them is right in front of you

Just place faith in your excited pulsation
Let’s open up a new world!

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