[drama cd] digimon adventure 02: original story, spring 2003

デジモンアドベンチャー02 オリジナルストーリー

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Note: Some tracks, especially Miyako’s, MUST be heard to be fully appreciated. :]

Daisuke Motomiya : Reiko Kiuchi
Miyako Inoue : Rio Natsuki
Iori Hida/Armadimon : Megumi Urawa
Hikari Yagami : Kae Araki
Takeru Takaishi : Taisuke Yamamoto
Ken Ichijouji : Romi Park

Producer : Kousei Baba
Script : Hiroyuki Kakudou (Daisuke & Hikari)
Shizuma Doronuma (Takeru & Miyako)
Genki Yoshimura (Iori & Ken)
Director : Hiroyuki Kakudou

01: タイトルコール~2003年-春-~ : TITLE CALL ~2003nen – Haru~
02: 本宮大輔/ゴーグル : Motomiya Daisuke/ GOGGLE
03: 高石タケル/キーボードを打ちながら : Takaishi Takeru/ KEYBOARD wo Uchinagara
04: 火田伊織/お墓参り : Hida Iori/ Ohakamairi
05: 井ノ上京/中学生になりました : Inoue Miyako/ Chuugakusei ni narimashita
06: 一乗寺賢/春の陽射し : Ichijouji Ken/ Haru no Hizashi
07: ヒカリのパートナー入門講座 : Hikari no PARTNER Nyuumon Kouza

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Title Call ~Year 2003 – Spring~

Digimon Adventure 02! Spring of the Year 2003!


All right! I’m finally a regular! A center-forward. Haah, I’m getting all pumped up! I’ll show ’em all my power!
But… Taichi-san was already a regular in his fifth year. I heard he was big. Ahh, he was awesome!!

Did someone give you those goggles?

Yeah, Taichi-san. He didn’t ‘give’ them to me, more like he ‘entrusted’ them to me. Before that, I found a pair in my house that looked the same and wore them… but they got broken.

If you wear goggles… do you become strong?

Not really… but when I wear them, I guess it’s like, my feelings become stronger…

I…want to be stronger.


I want to become stronger and protect my sister, my Mom, and my Dad! I want to beat the bad guys!

“Bad guys”…?

Like… the light, white ones, or the big, scary ones! The black bad guys that are hidden in the shadows!

Are you talking about… Digimon?

They rounded everyone up, and threatened us. Then they made us go to sleep…

That was from… three years ago… when Taichi-san and the others were the first Chosen Ones. Vamdemon was attacking Odaiba back then. I was captured along with my dad and the others…

I wasn’t enough to stop them myself. But… I saw him. A person wearing goggles and riding something that looked like a huge dinosaur! I saw him beat the bad guys!

You saw that? I… by the time I woke up, it was already dark. But you’re right. In that night sky—

These big, shadowy, bad guys were all spread out across the sky! But the person wearing goggles… and his friends… they combined their powers and defeated them all!

I forgot about that. Yeah, I did see that. Dad, Mom, and Sis don’t really remember much about that time… and I only have faint memories of it myself…

If I have that kind of power, I can protect everyone. With power, I wouldn’t have allowed us to be captured in the first place. I would have stopped the tears!

It’s alright! You’ll become strong! Anyone can become what they want to be.


Yeah, really! But, you have to realize, just being strong doesn’t cut it. You can’t become something just by simply having power. To beat the bad guys, you have to make sure first who the bad guys are. You have to make distinctions on whether or not they’re really bad.

Can you do that?

Yeah, of course! Because I have these goggles. Even I didn’t know a lot from the start — well, I probably still don’t even now — but when I wear these, I kinda feel motivated… to do anything!
I feel like, instead of looking around at others, I should look more inside myself…

[A disappearing sound]

That’s right… It might be time for me to pass these goggles on to the next child.
The number of children in the world who have partner Digimon is growing. But we’re still the only ones who can open the Digital Gate freely to the Digital World. That means there’s still plenty of things left for us to do!
All right! I’ll go do my best!

If I run away
I don’t have the right to wear these goggles

It’s a promise between us guys
That we’ll keep fighting, no matter what.
I don’t understand the troublesome things,
But I’ll beat the crap out of them all.

Rather than saving the world
I just don’t want to lose. (Oh yeah)

These goggles know
The meaning of battle and courage.
They’ve always watched alongside me.
These goggles are the proof
Passed on from him to me
They’re as precious
As the Crest given to me
Aren’t they cool?

“As I Type on the Keyboard”


Eh? You want to know what part I’m up to? Well, what I’m writing now is… Remember when you had a sumo match with Elecmon in the Village of Beginnings? That part.
“As the gyogi[1], I began the match.”
And then… let’s see…
…Huh? Who was it that won that match, you or Elecmon?
[laughs] Really?
Let’s see then… [tapping]
[laughs] Sorry, sorry! I clearly remember how relieved I felt after the match… but after all this time, not the smaller details…
[sips from cup]

I’m sure that the incident that occurred from the Christmas of 2002 to the end of that year is still fresh in everyone’s minds. In fact, even though three months had passed since then, the TV, newspapers, and magazines are still making reports about the Digimon.
My mother, who followed the Hikarigaoka incident as a non-fiction writer, along with Sora-san’s father, are known today as “Digimon critics.” Although the two weren’t sure whether they appreciated their new titles or not, they accepted it and went from investigators to people who were most sought after.
Even my mother herself was surprised by how this came to be. Of course, since my father is a TV reporter, this isn’t something we’re unfamiliar with.
Speaking of which, my mother was once requested to appear in my father’s television program. According to him, it would be more obvious to ask about details directly from us, the children, but the reason why none of it happened was all due to my father. He has a policy of never gaining the advantage over his colleagues in an underhanded way, so he let the others earn their keep. I guess it’s what you call a “gentleman’s agreement.”
Thanks to him, we were saved from publicity.
It’s sort of like… we’d like to keep our identities and the Digimon a secret. I don’t mean forever, when I say that, but the relationship between us and our partner Digimon is unique and other people probably wouldn’t understand that.
For example, we can’t have people thinking that Digimon are slightly strange pets. If they do, then they won’t take us seriously either, and of course, the Digimon wouldn’t like that perception themselves. That’s why, until we get the general public to acknowledge Digimon and the Digital World for what they really are, we’d like to lay low.
But in order for that to happen, someone must go out there to explain about the Digimon to others. It was both my mother and Sora-san’s father who accepted that role wholeheartedly.
We told the two everything we knew, and they spoke for us to the TV, newspapers, and magazines.
Then one day, my mother off-handedly said this: “Instead of me acting as the third-person messenger, the public will be more persuaded if they heard about it directly from you, the ones involved.”
Then she went on to suggest that I should write a memorandum. She wasn’t being serious when she said this, so the conversation ended there.
But I….
I haven’t told my mother yet… but I have already begun to write.
I wanted to keep a record of our memories before they were forgotten.
From the day when I first flew into the Digital World and met Patamon… towards everything we’ve experienced that I can remember. The things that the younger me had seen, heard, touched, and felt in my heart…
There were things that I remember too vividly, and things that are fuzzy. There are also things that make me feel embarrassed upon re-thinking them. For example, like the time when I separated from my big brother and became alone… I was so swayed by PicoDevimon’s lies that I had a fight with Patamon and threw away my digivice. Or last summer, when I let my blood rush to my head and punched Ichijouji-kun, the former Digimon Kaiser. Really… when I remember those things now, my face turns bright red with embarrassment. I feel like digging myself into a hole.

Ah… are you awake?
How far am I up to now? I’m writing about the time Leomon was controlled by the black gears and he was about to capture us.
[pause] …”Good luck”? Are you going back to sleep again?!
[resignedly] …Patamon, all you’ve been doing lately is nap.

I’ve asked my big brother, Taichi-san, Daisuke-kun, and the others about their versions on the parts that were vague to me, or when I wasn’t there. The details of the general incidents themselves were similar, but when we went over personal affairs, we realized how differently everyone had felt about the situation.

The part where Angemon fought Devimon on File Island and turned into an egg… is still left unwritten. It’s hard for me to re-live, but also… the feelings that overflowed in my heart that time, as though it had been cut to shreds… Knowing how to write about it, or even describe it, is beyond me at the moment.
[chuckle] I also have problems with writing itself.
I feel as though I should personally settle this mess of feelings within me first.
That’s why… for this part alone… until I’ve become more of an adult…

[1] Gyogi = the ref in sumo wrestling matches.

“A Visit to the Grave”

ARMADIMON: Where are we?
IORI: The cemetery where my father is. We’re visiting graves today.
ARMADIMON: Eh?! I can meet your dad?!
IORI: Well, my father has already passed away, so we won’t be able to meet him directly… But we can go to his grave several times a year like this, and greet him there.
ARMADIMON: So we go here to say “Hi~”?
IORI: Yes… something like that. I also tell him about what’s been happening to me recently, or consult him about things I don’t understand.
ARMADIMON: EH?! I thought these gravestones were just rocks, but you can consult with ’em? These rocks can talk?!
IORI: [laughs] Don’t be silly, Armadimon! Gravestones can’t talk. I meant, when I pray here from the depths of my heart… I’m somehow able to figure out what I should do.
ARMADIMON: Hmm. Visiting graves is a mysterious thing… Well then, what recent things are you gonna talk about, Iori?
IORI: My adventures in the Digital World with everyone, of course. I want to tell my father that I was able to go to the Digital World that he really wanted to see. I also wanted to introduce him to you! That’s why I asked you to come along.
ARMADIMON: Really?! Aw, you’re embarrassing me~
So? Is that all for today? You’re not going to discuss anything?
ARMADIMON: What’s wrong?
IORI: There are many things I don’t understand.
ARMADIMON: Like what?
IORI: Like what kind of person Oikawa-san was.
ARMADIMON: He was a bad guy, obviously…
IORI: Was he really? I haven’t been sure of the answer to that lately. What Oikawa-san did was truly a bad thing, but as a result, he ended up doing something to help the Digital World.
ARMADIMON: [reluctantly] Yeah, that’s true…
IORI: Since my father was friends with him, I’m sure he must have known a lot about him.
ARMADIMON: That’s right! Your dad would know the answers! But would you ever forgive Oikawa for what he’d done, Iori?
IORI: I… can’t.
IORI: But, because of this experience, I’ve started wanting to know what goes through a person’s heart when he’s doing something wrong.
IORI: In other words, I want to know why Oikawa-san did the things he did.
ARMADIMON: It’d be nice if your dad told us why.
IORI: Yes. But it may be something I’ll have to spend a lot of time studying on.
ARMADIMON: Studying?? You sure like to study, Iori!
IORI: It’s necessary if one is to become a capable adult.
ARMADIMON: Well, I don’t care if I become a capable adult or not.
IORI: Don’t say that. Let’s study together, Armadimon.
ARMADIMON: Mrrgh… since it’s you asking me, I guess I have no choice!

Even if there are plenty of painful things
I want to continue living honestly.
I don’t want to forget the happy things
nor the sound of the same laughing voices.

Ah, I want to tell our future selves
Not to lie to ourselves.
Ah, when we become our future selves
I want to continue keeping these feelings.

Even in the rain,
the sun shines its light behind the clouds.

“I’ve Become a Middle-Schooler”

Bingo! Long time no see, everyone! ♥ This is 02’s idol, Inoue Miyako~! ♥
Hey, listen, listen! I’ve become a middle-schooler! Chuu chuu!
This is just my opinion, but I think I look considerably more mature, and I’ve filled out into an E-cup!! ♥
Nah, just kidding. Since this is a CD drama, I shouldn’t lie. Okay.
But y’know, I tried changing my glasses recently. Look, they’re more pointed at the edges a little bit, like fox eyes. It’s silver-framed. It makes me look like those company presidents that go, “OHOHOHOHO, so sorry m’dear!”
I’ve asked others what they think about my new look… mmm, it’s gotten pretty mixed opinions. But, oh well, I think they’ll grow to like it. Okay!
By the way, I’m still in the computer club even in middle school. Izumi-senpai is its captain, of course. I’m making some background music for Yamato-senpai’s band, the Teenage Wolves. Or rather, I’m making it for them.
And so, this is what I came up with the other day.


I had quite a lot of confidence in this piece, but when Yamato-senpai heard this, he said: “What the heck is this?! We’re not a techno band!”
And he threw it out.

But you know, I like this stuff! Besides, Yamato-senpai, aren’t you the weird one for playing Rhythm and Blues when you’re only in middle school?!

…Well, I didn’t say that out loud, but I thought it very strongly in my head.

So I thought, I’ll become leader and make a hip-hop/techno unit that also dances! Let’s go, Chosen Children!!!

So I talked to my 02 friends about it, but…

Iori: “Ehhh?! I can’t do that!”
Armadimon: “Dagya!” (Yeah!)

Hmph! This coming from the two who were having fun singing a duet in the character songs!

Hikari-chan: “Ah, then I’ll be in charge of the digicams!”

I’m grateful, but… in charge of the digicams…?

Tailmon: “I’m not interested.”

Yes, yes. I’ve already predicted this one.

Hawkmon: “Uhhh…. uhhhm…. if I had to make a choice, I’d rather go for Hard Rock…”

You like stuff like that?!

Daisuke: “Oh, cool, I’ll do it! I’ll take the guitar and vocals!”

I don’t need vocals. I need an MC.

V-mon: “‘Dee-jay’ is short for Di-Gi-Mon , right? Then I’ll do that!”

Digi is spelt as D-G. Not ‘jay,’ but ‘gee’!

Ken-kun’s answer came through e-mail.

“Thank you for your invitation. But because I’m not good with music”
“Dot dot dot”
“I’m sorry I cannot cooperate with you.”

No, not at all. I’m sorry for asking for such an impossible request.
And sent.

So with that, the super unit of dreams was over without even gathering any members to begin with. Sorry!

By ~ the ~ way! ♥
There are plenty of things I’m interested in, but Miyako Inoue’s current obsession is black tea. It tastes surprisingly strong. I’ve found I have a knack at boiling water in the kettle at the right temperature and making the perfect-tasting black tea. Isn’t that cool?! Did you know?
Among the many black teas out there, my favorite is Second Flush Darjeeling. It’s very delicious when you drink it with milk. It doesn’t matter how you put the milk in, but I prefer to pour the milk in first. That’s when you put in the milk before the tea. Shortcake complements the taste very well! ♥ Thanks to that, I’ve lately….
Ahhh! I think I’ll keep this a secret! ♥
Anyway, thank you very much for hanging out with me for so long. This was Inoue Miyako! ♥

It won’t matter to anyone if I’m not there, won’t it?
Please don’t sulk. Let’s go help them!
Don’t talk so big to me! I’m still troubled!
This isn’t a game but a real adventure!

If I become more honest with myself
I can run forth and fly high

Fly higher and higher
Cut through the wind
Become stronger and stronger
Moving towards the glittering future

“Spring Sunlight”

While I was walking home from school yesterday, I saw a white cat sleeping on a roof. When I saw how comfortably it stretched out as it slept, I realized, Oh. It’s gotten warmer.

This is the third spring since you’ve died.

I’ve changed a lot since then. You’d probably be surprised if you saw me now. I’ve even grown ten centimeters taller.
Around 1999, you were still using the top bunk of our bunk bed. I slept on the bottom, even though I wasn’t happy about it and wanted to sleep on top. When it became spring and it got warmer, the room would get so hot that I’d often pull the covers off the bed in the middle of the night… but you’d gently cover me with them again. I knew the truth then.
You were always in a bad mood and you were cold to me, but now that I think about it, maybe you really wanted to be nicer to other people. I don’t know what happened to you that made you act like you did, but now, I finally feel like I understand a bit.
You were demanded to grow up fast, weren’t you, Brother?
Because we were always being evaluated and compared by someone, we didn’t get a chance to have more freedom. We didn’t have any chances to run down an alley because we felt like it, or pull up weeds, or tumble around… meaningless things, things that didn’t bring any value to us at all.
Just like the cat napping on the roof… we weren’t able to fully enjoy any everlasting freedom.

[sound of wind blowing past]

I was a fool.
I understood too late.
I… tried to become like you, Brother. Without even considering the suffering you went through, I felt like I had to become you… no, that I had to beat you or else I was a failure. Blindly, I continued to spit my contempt at everyone around me.
I had to be the only genius.
Someone that no one would be able to beat.
Only I…

Only I am the best in this world.
To support that, I have to eliminate other humans besides me.
Any method will do. In the meantime… I have no choice but to do it.
In truth, is there anyone else who is as great as I am?

…It was revenge. But who was this revenge against? Did I want to triumph over the ones who made fun of me? The ones who looked down on me and used me?
But… In the end, it was revenge against myself. I couldn’t do anything but deny the kind of human being that I was.

Brother. I may have surpassed you in age… but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to surpass you.
[laughs] But now, I feel comfortable about that. I never thought acceptance of things you can’t win over could feel this comfortable. It’s strange. The times when I thought I had to be the best or else are unimaginable now.
There are still a lot of times when I think about how I should have “done this back then.” But I discovered that there are many things I can do over afterwards.
I’ll stop counting the things that I can’t do. Because I’m sure there are many things that I can do.

Brother. Thank you.
For teaching me many things.

“Hikari’s Introductory Course to Partners”

[sound of tape whirring]

Hello, everyone! I’m Hikari Yagami. I have a Digimon partner named Tailmon. She’s white and as big as a cat. But even though she looks like a cat, she’s really more like a mouse—

[sound of banging on keys]

Eh, what Tailmon? I shouldn’t call you a mouse? Okay, have it your way. Let’s start over from the beginning.
Yeah, it was a little stiff anyway.
Um… yeah, rewind it. When it’s done, press the sixth button.
Let’s go.


Hello, everyone! I’m Hikari Yagami.
I have a partner Digimon named Tailmon. She’s white and as big as a cat. She even looks just like one! Although small, she’s an Adult level.
You know that Digimon have different stages of growth, right? Those who are just born are Baby level. When they get a little bigger, they’re Child level, and when they become Adult Level, they get pretty strong. Tailmon’s previous level, which is Child, is named Plotmon. She looks like a really cute puppy, but she rarely turns into that form.
Does everyone already have a partner Digimon? Most people first become partners with a Digimon at the Baby level. So they’d probably be as big as Tailmon. Occasionally, there are people who become partners with a Child level. But even if your partner is a Baby level, something will push it to evolve to the Child level. When it does, it looks completely different. It also usually gets bigger, so don’t be scared, okay?
But even if they’ve changed in shape and size, once you’ve become partners, they’re still somehow conscious of who they used to be. It’s strange, but that’s what it means to be partners with a Digimon.
Is there anyone who has siblings with Digimon? I have an older brother who also has a partner Digimon. His Digimon is Agumon, who’s completely different from my Tailmon! I also have a friend whose older brother also has a partner Digimon; his older brother has a Gabumon while he has a Patamon. Apparently we four are the only ones in Japan right now who are siblings with Digimon partners. I’ve also met three brothers in Hong Kong who have Digimon. All three of them had a Shakomon.
As siblings, you can have the same partner Digimon, or a different one. You can even get your partner at the same time, or between a little waiting period. I’m still not sure why that is, but if your sibling gets a partner first, that doesn’t mean you won’t get one. So don’t get downhearted, okay?
It looks like a majority of those who become partners are elementary school students. But because our numbers are growing, we might begin to have middle school, high school students, and even adults becoming partners.

Now then, if you were able to get a partner Digimon, what will you do?
But keep in mind that usually the reason you have a partner Digimon is because there’s something you must do. There will be people or Digimon, either in our world or the Digital world where the Digimon live, who may need your help. You might feel discouraged by this, but the Digimon will surely be helpful to you, so don’t worry. Besides, we, the children who had partner Digimon beforehand, will also come to help you.
That’s why if you get a partner Digimon, you should contact us right away, okay? You can reach us at—


Eh? What’s that?

[button pushed]

I was on a roll… Now I have to record the video all over again…

[pop up noises]

Huh? I have an e-mail from Daisuke-kun.
Eh?! Daisuke-kun’s older sister got a partner Digimon?!


Ah, another e-mail!
Ehh?! Miyako-san’s older sisters also got partner Digimon?! And it’s both sisters at once! Unbelievable!

[pop up noises]

Ah!! Jyou-san’s older brother has one too! Um… Shuu-niisan is the one in university, isn’t he? Four people at once, just what…?


It’s from the Digital world… since when did Brother go there…?
Ah! It looks like something terrible’s happened to our four new comrades! This isn’t the time for me to be making videos! Let’s go, Tailmon! Digital Gate Open!

CHILDREN: Let’s go, Chosen Children!
HIKARI: You guys…!
DAISUKE: Heh! Hikari-chan, everyone’s all here!
TAKERU: Let’s hurry to the Digital world!
IORI: Let’s get going!
MIYAKO: We girls have to show our stuff!
KEN: It’s been a long time, Hikari-san. I’m coming along.
DAISUKE: Let’s go!!

The story has begun to revolve at full speed
Dyeing the earth red
On the map there is an empty paradise
Let’s try to save it ourselves

We’re running as fast as we can now
Up the endless hill, far away

Stand up! There’s a hero inside of me
A target that towers over everything, there’s no way I can lose!
Burn up! My heartbeat burns within my chest
We’re gonna get back the tomorrow we’ve forgotten
With a heated battle!

Afterwards, the world met with even greater trouble.
These children, and the others who were chosen in 1999, were shown to be doing very well even 25 years later, but that doesn’t mean that they had lived their days in peace all that time. Even in 02’s final episode, it was stated that “The road each had taken to get there had not been an easy one.”

The video that Hikari had begun to make grew to be surprisingly useful, while the memorandum Takeru had started writing was delayed in publishing until he was able to calmly and objectively describe the situations.

Nevertheless, these children were able to survive, without being trampled by defeat…
Never forgetting their adventure and the things they had gained from their Digimon.

Their courage and friendship.
Their purity and love.
Their knowledge and sincerity.
Their hope.
Their kindness.
And all of their light.

The tale of these 12 children, which extended from 1999 to 2002
(※ 6 of these children appear in “Digimon Adventure: Original Story, 2-and-a-Half Year Break)
is now brought to an end.
But even in 2003, and the years after that, they continue to live.

Please remember that sometimes, that is simply enough.

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