[drama cd] digimon frontier: original story, things i want to tell you

デジモンフロンティア オリジナルストーリー

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Takuya Kanbara : Junko Takeuchi
Kouji Minamoto : Hiroshi Kamiya
Izumi Orimoto : Sawa Ishige
Junpei Shibayama : Masato Amada
Tomoki Himi : Kumiko Watanabe
Kouichi Kimura : Kenichi Suzumura

Producer : Kousei Baba
Script : Sukehiro Tomita (Takuya & Izumi)
Yoshimi Narita (Kouji & Kouichi)
Akatsuki Yamatoya (Junpei & Tomoki)
Director : Yukio Kaizawa

01: フロンティア メインタイトル : FRONTIER MAIN TITLE
02: 拓也の家族への手紙 : Takuya no Kazoku e no Tegami
03: 泉のラブレター : Izumi no RABU LETTER
04: 泉を狙え!究極の作戦!! : Izumi wo Nerae! Kyuukyoku no Sakusen!!
05: 兄ちゃんへ : Niichan e
06: 輝二から輝一へ… : Kouji kara Kouichi e…
07: 輝一から輝二へ… : Kouichi kara Kouji e…
08: an Endless tale(TVサイズ)(和田光司&AiM) : an Endless tale (TV Size) (Wada Kouji & AiM)


TAKUYA: Yo! Are you guys doing all right?
Thanks for always supporting Digimon Frontier!
Now, today we’ve decided on a little corner where all of us will write a letter of our deepest feelings to someone we normally can’t. Please listen to the end, okay?

“A Letter to Takuya’s Family”

Mom, Dad! I’m sorry I disappeared so suddenly. I didn’t run away from home. Oh, and I wasn’t kidnapped either! There’s just something here that I have to do. I don’t think I can go back home for awhile. It’ll probably be too much to ask of you not to worry, but don’t worry about me and wait for me to come back. I’m all right. Really, I am!

Huh? You think I’m just giving the usual “I’m okay” spiel? No, seriously, I’m really all right!
Oh, geez, fine. As proof that I’m all right… I’ll sing!

Mom, Dad, I’m sorry I disappeared on you so suddenly
This doesn’t mean I ran away from home
Oh, and I wasn’t kidnapped either
So don’t call the police to look for me
There’s something here that I have to do
I don’t think I can go back home for awhile
So please keep my room clean
It’s probably too much to ask for you not to worry
But don’t worry about me and wait
I’m all right
I’m really, really all right!

…Whoo, I’m getting into the rhythm! HERE GOES TAKUYA KANBARA!

Nama-mugi-nama-gome-nama-tamago! Nama-mugi-nama-gome-nama-tamago! Tokyo-tokkyo-kyoka-kyoku-nojou-mushou-tokkyo-kyoku-nippon-nyuukyou-kyoku! Tonari-no-kyaku-wa-yoku-kaki-kuu-kyaku-da! Kanda-kaji-chou-kado-no-kanbutsuya-no-kaji-kuri-wa-katakute-kamenai-kanbutsuya-no-kanbei-san-no-kakaa-ga-detekite-kaachan-ga-okoshite-karikari-kandara-karikari-tabeta! Nigeta!!![1]


—Ah… uh… what is it I’m trying to do here again?

Shinya. How are you? I’m sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate your birthday.
Oh, are you getting better at video games? I’ll teach you soccer when I’m back home. Just wait for me a little longer.
Huh? Where am I coming from? Hah, from the Digital World, of course! —Oh, crap.
[whispers] Hey, Shinya, don’t tell Mom and Dad about this, all right?
Now, don’t be surprised. I can evolve into a Digimon! And you know what else? It’s one of the ten legendary warriors!
…Huh? You don’t believe me? I’m telling the truth, serious! Look, watch me.
Spirit Evolution! Agnimon!
Burning Salamander!
The soul that is stained with evil, this digivice will purify! Digicode Scan!

Mom, Dad, Shinya! When I’m back home, let’s eat some meat!

[1] Most of these are a bunch of well-known Japanese tongue twisters. In English, it translates to “Raw wheat, raw rice, raw egg. Raw wheat, raw rice, raw egg. Tokyo patent licensing department free-of-charge farm patenting department Japan port entry department. The customer next to me eats a lot of persimmon. In Kanda-Kajichou, the grocery store in the corner sells chestnuts that are so hard that I can’t chew them but then the owner’s wife of the grocery store left and got my mom so I crunched on them and ate them all! And then ran off!!!”

“Izumi’s Love Letter”

My name is Izumi Orimoto. My family and I returned to live in Japan after spending my life in Italy. Ever since I came to attend a Japanese school, I couldn’t get along with the people in my class, no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t find a friend who I could open my heart to and confide in, and who would do the same.
But the people I met in the Digital World are a bit different. All of them have a self-centered part of them, but… but…

Takuya! Wait, where are you going in such a hurry? You should try thinking a bit longer before you start acting!
I know you may be the type who takes action once you’ve felt something, but in Japan, they have that saying “The shortest way around is the longest way home,”[1] don’t they?
…Huh? “You’re just a girl so don’t smart off to me”?
Now you listen here. You’re younger than me. True, we may be born in the same year, but I’m still a whole three months older than you are. You should listen to what your older sister tells you!
—Hey, I said, don’t go! It’s dangerous, Takuya!
Oh, what a hopeless boy.
But I… You may be impatient sometimes, but that boundless passion that always burns in your heart is what I like about you, Takuya.

Junpei? The first time I met you in the train, I was uncomfortable at the way you kept staring at me with wide eyes. You seemed like someone who didn’t know a thing about delicacy, and I couldn’t bring myself to like you. I felt that you were an egotistical person who didn’t consider the feelings of anyone but yourself.
But I was wrong. I learned that you are a person who says whatever is on his mind, while hiding how you truly feel inside.
Whenever I talk about Italian food, you listen as if you really enjoy listening to me. That makes me very happy.
But whenever you look at me, I’m left at a loss about what to do. So… for now… I’d like it if we can go out with each other without any special feelings attached.
Oh, right! Why don’t we go visit Italy together some time? I can show you around!
…No, Takuya, Tomoki, Kouji, and Kouichi will be coming, too, of course!

Tomoki. Are you able to walk by yourself in the dark now? I know you don’t like water, but are you able to swim now? Are you getting along with your friends? I doubt you’re being bullied anymore. After all, you found courage in the Digital World.
[giggles] I think that maybe, among the six of us, you are the one who grew up the most during our travels in the Digital World. Never forget that courage of yours, no matter what.

Kouichi-kun. I often wondered about the loneliness that I’d see in your face whenever I looked at you out of the corner of my eyes. You must have endured a lot of bitter moments ever since you were young.
I’ve actually wanted to talk to you more back then, but it’s a shame that we could never find the right moment.
But let’s call each other from now on and talk to each other about our problems and things, okay? After all, we must enjoy every day we live! I learned that during our adventures in the Digital World.
Well, I’ll call you again later.

Why do those blue eyes of yours speak of hidden grief and sorrow?
Why do your lips seal shut when you’re overcome by shyness?
Why do you let the wind play with your long hair as you refuse to look this way?
Say something.
…No, you don’t have to.
Just listening to me patiently as you perch quietly nearby makes me feel at peace in ways that I cannot explain.
[sighs] I wish I can spend more time talking with you.

These rambling words that float from my heart, disappear.
One day, when we’ve all become adults and we see each other again, I wonder if all of you will tell me… how much of a wonderful lady I’ve become.

[1] It means “slow and steady wins the race,” if you were too lazy to look up the meaning.

JUNPEI: “Get Izumi’s Heart! The Ultimate Strategy!!”

[wind blowing. Junpei is thinking very deeply]

JUNPEI: Aaah, what should I do to get Izumi-chan interested in me? The competition is high enough as it is, and now that Kouichi’s here, my number of rivals has increased, for crying out loud! I have to do something that will settle this once and for all!
Mmm…. Oh, that’s right!


JUNPEI: Strategy #1: “Make a Straight-Out Confession.”

“Izumi-chan, please go out with me!”
Izumi: “No.”

…is really likely to happen. Then, we’ll have to use Strategy #2: “Bribe a Digimon With Chocolate and Put On An Act!”

[thunder and lightning]

Izumi: “Aahh! W—What are you doing?”
Kaminarimon: “Geheheh! My name is Kaminarimon [1]! Become my wife or else! [emits lightning] Take that!”
Izumi: “Nooo! Neverrrr!”

“Stop right there!!”

Kaminarimon: “T—That voice!”
Izumi: “Junpei!”

“The warrior of justice, Junpei Shibayama, arrives with a flash of thunder!”

Kaminarimon: “What insolence! I’ll send you back home crying!”

“Junpei Jet Kick!”
“Junpei Lightning Quick Punch!”

Kaminarimon: “Waaaah! I’m beaten! H—H—He’s much too strong….” [collapse]
Izumi: “What a hunk! ♥”

…I wish that would happen. But in reality…

Kaminarimon: “Geheheh! My name is Kaminarimon!”
Izumi: “Brezza Petalo!”
Kaminarimon: “Gwaah! I’m beaten!”
Izumi: “A woman must be beautiful and strong.”

…and I don’t even get a chance to show off. [sigh] That’s what usually happens…
So then, we’ll move onto Strategy #3! “Pretend To Be Ophanimon and Communicate Through the Digivice!”


Ophanimon: “My name is Ophanimon. Izumi, go out with Junpei-kun.”
Izumi: “Absolutely not!”

AAHHHH! I’m so unlucky!
…but there’s no point in getting depressed! I’ll just have to use my last resort! Write a love letter and grab Izumi-chan’s heart with some well played writing!
[paper flip] I should start off with some form of acknowledgment of the season.
“Happy New Year!” [paper crumpling] …That makes this sound like a New Year’s card.
Let’s see… “Warmth has crept into the once cold days and it is around this time that I anxiously look forward to seeing the sakura peep out from their buds…”
[paper crumpling] No, it’ll just turn her off if I sound too formal.
Then, how about I make it perky and say…
[rips paper apart] ….DAAAAH! I don’t have any writing skills at all! Damn it… How do I write a love letter that will make Izumi-chan notice me?
[thinks] That’s right! In times like these….

Spirit Evolution! Bolgmon!

BOLGMON: As the cool Bolgmon, nice words should come to me naturally! Now, let’s see here…

[The pencil falls to the floor]


[1] Kaminarimon = Lightningmon

“To My Brother”

Dear Brother. How are you? Right now, I am in a place called the Digital World.
You may find this hard to believe, but this world is different from the real world that you are in. It has monsters called Digimon, and it is filled with many strange places and things. Each day brings a new surprise.
I’m sorry that I haven’t been at home for such a long time. I’m sure that Mom and Dad are also worried, but please don’t. I’m managing — and really, just managing — to do well.
There’s a reason why I am writing this letter to you right now. Strangely enough, there is a mailbox in the Digital World! That’s weird, isn’t it, the idea of a mailbox in another world? It was sitting all by itself in the middle of an empty field. That’s the sort of world the Digital World is.
So, while I’m not sure if this letter will reach you, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by, and so I picked up a pen and paper.

Right now, I am with a lot of older brothers (and one older sister). They’re a group that I can trust, and it’s with them that I journey through this world in search of adventures.

Junpei-oniichan gets excited easily and he’s a bit chubby. But when the situation calls for it, he’s your man! He may look irresponsible, but he is actually a very reliable older brother. He also looks like he isn’t thinking, but he is a very nice person who thinks about others first. He does seem a bit sleazy whenever he’s around Izumi-oneechan, though. Maybe that’s just me.

Next is Kouji-oniichan. He’s very cool and composed. Sometimes he can be too composed, so I had a bad first impression of him… but he’s really a very kind older brother who cares deeply for his friends.

And then there’s Kouji-oniichan’s real older brother, Kouichi-oniichan. He’s joined our team very recently. At first, he was kind of scary but now he’s one of us! I hope I can become better friends with him soon.

Last of all, there’s Takuya-oniichan. He’s the one who taught me real courage and the ability to fight back. Takuya-oniichan is really strong and straightforward and— I can’t really explain it well, but he’s really cool and— and straightforward. I admire him a lot.
I’m sorry. That’s not a very good description, is it? But because of Takuya-oniichan, I was able to change.

At first, I hated this world. I was forced to come here against my will and there were several times when I almost got really hurt. There are no modern conveniences here, either, so its like trying to survive in the wild. I cried every day. But now, I’m glad I’ve come. Because I came to this world, with friends that I can trust, I was able to grow stronger. I was able to fully understand what true courage means, and how not to run away when things get bad.
Our adventures aren’t over yet. There is still a lot I’d like to tell you, but I’ll leave that for another time. The next time I see you, Brother, I’d like to show you how strong I’ve become. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I promise that I will return home safely. So, until then, please be in good health.

From, Tomoki.

“From Kouji to Kouichi…”

Before I went to the Digital World, I’d often thought that the world may be filled with a lot of people — but we’re all still strangers to one another. In the end, you must live your life on your own. That’s why I was always alone.
But now… I’m not.

[Bell rings, signaling that the train doors are closing]

Kouichi. Today is our birthday. It’s the first birthday we’ll be celebrating together ever since we met. I’ve always had other people celebrate my birthday for me before, but today will be different. Today, we’ll be celebrating it for each other. It feels kind of strange. But I’m looking forward to it.
While we were in the Digital World, Takuya and Tomoki would often talk about their siblings. Takuya would always keep saying how cute his brother is, while Tomoki would always complain about the times he fought with his brother. Whenever they heard that, Junpei and Izumi would say how they wished they could have siblings, too, instead of being the only child. It’s not that I had never thought the same as they did, but I didn’t really have anything to say about it. I mean, you can’t get a sibling just by wanting one.
But then you appeared, Kouichi. My twin.
I guess I wasn’t too surprised. I mean, I was a bit, but I was able to believe rather easily that we were brothers. It made me happy. This isn’t something I could ever say to your face, but… I really was happy.
But a little while after I met you, I realized that I was disgusted with myself a bit. I wanted to talk to you so badly, but I couldn’t do it very well at all. The more I kept thinking that I had to talk about something, the more clueless I felt on what exactly I should talk about. Back then, I wished from the bottom of my heart that I was able to talk to you like Takuya and the others did— Although now, that’s something I can look back and laugh at.
Oh, yes. It’s become a routine for us to talk over the phone every day. Lately, whenever something interesting happens, you’re the first person I think about telling. It’s a little strange to see me react like that, after the person I’d used to be. But it doesn’t feel bad.
I can always talk to you on the phone, but I’ve been thinking that it isn’t enough these days. If only we lived closer. Then I’d be able to see you more.
The other day, I saw a variety program on TV about a pair of twins. Have you seen it? These twins answered the host’s questions in exactly the same way. Even when their eyes were clothed or when they were put into separate rooms— they were somehow able to figure out what the other was thinking.
Apparently, twins have some sort of telepathic link. Do you think we have something like that? I’d like it if we did. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I wish I knew you better.
I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what I should give you for a birthday present. What could I give you that would make you happy? I kept thinking about it, and I ended up thinking about it so much that I got a headache. If we had telepathy just like those TV twins, then maybe I’d be able to tell right away what you want.
[sighs] A present…
In the end, I couldn’t come up with anything.
I’m sure you’ll be happy with just about anything I give you, but I don’t want to give you something so half-hearted.
So, it might not be much of a substitute, but I brought an apple pie. My mom made it. Her pies taste the best, so I think you’ll like it, too.
Mom and I are doing well. I’ve never called her “Mom” before all this time, but now I’m used to saying it to her, so there are no worries there.
How is your mother doing? I heard that work is tough for her… is she okay? You seemed really worried about her, so I’m worried about her, too. I wish I could do something for you and your mother. It’s times like this that I hate being an elementary school student. If I were an adult, I’m sure I’d be able to do something about it. I wish I can be an adult soon. I really do.
Say, Kouichi. What do you want to be when you grow up? I think I’d like to talk to you today about our dreams. My dream is to travel around the world. Before I went to the Digital World, I wrote on my “What I Want to Do When I Grow Up” essay in school that I wanted to travel the world on my own. But now, I’ve given up on the “on my own” part.
Of course, I think it’s possible for me to do it alone. But I think it’ll be more fun if it were two people instead. Two people who will see things together, laugh together, and talk about nothing as they circle the world.
Kouichi. If I asked you to come with me, what sort of expression would you make?

[The train stops and the door opens. KOUJI steps out]

Kouichi. I’ll be meeting you soon. What should I say first when I see you?
Happy Birthday? That doesn’t sound very exciting…
Oh, I know. Here is what I’ll say.

Thank you, Kouichi… for being born with me.

“From Kouichi to Kouji…”

Before I went to the Digital World, I’d feel a sudden and deep loneliness come over me as I walked through crowds like these. Even when I was laughing along with my friends, I would feel pangs of sadness. I didn’t know what the problem was, but now, I think I do.
Kouji. I think it was because I wasn’t with you.

[The train doors open. KOUICHI steps in and the doors close behind him]

Kouji. It’s our birthday today. I’d always be happy whenever my birthday came around, but now, it’s even better. It’s a birthday that you and I share together. I was really happy when I asked if we could meet on our birthday and you immediately said OK… especially since I haven’t been able to see much of you these days. I’m really looking forward to today.
It was Grandma who told me that I had a twin brother. Kouji. I was really surprised that first time I heard your name. Normally, stuff like that would be hard to believe. It sounds like a twisted joke. I thought I was an only child, and here I find out that I have a younger twin brother.
But strangely enough, I was able to believe it right away— Believe that I had a brother who was born on the same day as me… believe that you were out there.
I wanted to see you. That was my most immediate thought. I wanted to see you so badly that I couldn’t stand still and not do something about it. That’s why I chased after you.
I still feel guilt whenever I think about the time I was Duskmon. How could I have hurt you and Takuya and the others so readily? There are times when I feel really wretched upon remembering… but whenever I see you smile, I feel better.
You found me, and you saved me. While I was in the hospital, the doctors and nurses would often tell me that it was a miracle that I was still alive. They said I was able to wake up because you, Takuya, and the others called to me on the bed.
I did hear your voice. I think it was because you called out to me that I was able to come back to life.
…I’m being saved by you all the time, aren’t I?
We’ve been talking to each other through the phone ever since then, but even if my day went really badly, I cheer up upon hearing your voice. This isn’t something I could ever say to your face, but… I think being able to talk to you like this now is the real miracle. I really do.
Kouji. There’s something I have to apologize to you about today. I couldn’t prepare a birthday present for you.
It’s not that I forgot! I’d never do that!
You might laugh at me, but… I kept thinking about it every day for the past month. What could I give you that would make you happy? That’s all I could think about. I think this may be the first time in my life that I’d ever spent that much time worrying over something.
While I was thinking about it, I got a little depressed. Because… I realized that I didn’t know what to give you at all! Normally, if you’re siblings with someone, you should be able to tell what they like or what they’d want, right? But even though we’re brothers… I still don’t know that much about you.
That’s why I couldn’t prepare a gift… because I got caught up thinking about that. You’re nice, so I think you’ll be happy with whatever I give you, but—
It isn’t much of a substitute, but, I brought a cake. Mom made it. She decorated it with our names, too. We can put candles on it and blow them out together. I know having birthday cake on your birthday is really conventional, but I want to spend this birthday doing conventional things like that with you.
Also, there’s something today that I want to bring up. We talk to each other on the phone every day, right? I think that’s fine, of course, and it’s the only way we can keep in touch since we live far away from each other… but… I still want to see you more. I’d have to take a lot of transfers on the trains to do it, so the train fare won’t be something to laugh at, but— calling each other on the phone just isn’t enough for me.
That’s why I asked my mom if, instead of getting the soccer ball I’d wanted as my birthday present, she could give me some money. I told her I wanted to use it to buy a train pass and go see you.
I want to go visit you this time, just like how you came to visit me while I was in the hospital. There’s not really anything in particular I want to do when I’m with you… just see your face… and laugh with you and talk about nothing.
I want to know more about you! If I told you that, what sort of expression would you make?

[The train stops and the door opens. KOUICHI steps out]

I’m almost there. Kouji. What should I say first when I see you?
Happy Birthday? That sounds a bit too conventional. There should be something more—
Oh, I know. Here is what I’ll say.

Thank you, Kouji… for being born with me.

🎵 For you and for me,
🎵 What can I do?

🎵 Guided by something unseen,
🎵 We came across each other again.
🎵 It was a promise that overcame time.

🎵 My feelings will become clear now (That’s right)
🎵 Into an eternal smile.

🎵 An endless tale
🎵 Chooses you as its main character.
🎵 The many hellos and goodbyes we face
🎵 Are our guideposts. (Our guideposts)

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  1. YOU TRANSLATED THEM, THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE AWESOME. I’ve been wanting to understand what Junpei’s track was, since his was the only one I didn’t understand that well compared to Kouji and Kouichi’s.

  2. Looks like Kouichi and Kouji really are telepathic, their entries are uncannily similar~

    Thank you for translating!

  3. Oh my word!!!


    Love Koji&Kouichi’s Part, that’s very sweet

    Thx for your wonderful translate

  4. hmmm since they try to say things to people they normally wouldnt i guess that means that Zoe was too nervous to say she liked Takuya, oh well it seems like they all meet up again

  5. Thank you for the translations! they are so awesome! I loved Kouji’s and Kouichi’s the best! next was Tomoki’s, then Zoe’s, then Takuya’s! Junpei’s was funny, but a little weird lol I wish they would make another one with Digimon Frontier! it’s one of my favorite seasons!

    [pencil falls to the floor]


    Me: just figured that now? lol

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved this CD so much. I never downloaded it before since I never knew what was going on, but…aw, it was all so nice 😀 Thankyouthanktyouthanktyouthanktyouthankyou for translating all of this! I’m extrememly grateful! I even signed up to this site just so I could write a comment to you here xD You’re amazing.

    I look forward to seeing more of your translation updates ^^ (especially “Get the Biggest Fire,” I really hope to see that one from you one day. I’ve been waiting for years to hear that one translated :x)

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  8. Thank you very much for the translations!! Kouji & Kouichi’s tracks are very “deep” for each other, and also, I think Izumi rather hinted that she likes Kouji by the way she describes that, but she also said that she likes Takuya… Okay, that made me all confused now…

    Regardless, thanks a lot!

  9. Izumi said that about Takuya “You should listen to what your older sister tells you!”, SISTER so I think that Izumi likes Takuya as a brother.
    sorry the mistakes I’m from brasil and I don’t know speak english :X

  10. It’s funny how Kouji talked about not being telepathic at all like the twins on that television show because it turns out that he and Kouichi were thinking the exact same thing. Even down to the food their moms had made for them! It’s also the best on the track in my opinion. The twins have always been my favorite characters in season four!!!

  11. The twins track are also my favorite! So deep and touching and makes me refresh the memories when I watched the last episode of Frontier, Kouji and the rest barged into the operation room and they managed to get Kouichi back to life, the part when the twins hugged each other and cried is so touching although revival of Kouichi by Kouji’s tears and the Digivices looks illogical.

    And I really want to listen to Takuya’s track with his off-tone singing! It must be hilarious! Haha!

  12. I wish I knew who Izumi actually liked…They made it so vague…Takuya? Kouji? Junpei?

    The twins part was awesome!

  13. Twins part was touching. JP was kinda pathetic but funny. Tommy’s was good as well he has more insight than he lets on. Takuya’s was good(my favorite character). Zoe….if we’re speculating on who she likes I say she cares for everyone but probably likes Takuya the most judging from the series and how she ended her message to him.

  14. Wow, thanks for the translation. I really love reading these. Sigh, Junpei (JP) will never give up in earning Izumi (Zoe)’s love. Hahaha, but still, Kouji and Koichi, their story is interesting. Imagine if they make reboots for these kind of anime series, in about 2020? Hahaha!

    And yeah, I felt sad when I read them, but it was worth it.

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