[drama cd] digimon adventure 02: the door to summer

デジモンアドベンチャー02 ドラマCD

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Daisuke Motomiya : Reiko Kiuchi
Chibimon : Junko Noda
Mimi Tachikawa : Ai Maeda
Wallace : Nami Miyahara
Gumimon : Aoi Tada
Girl Digimon : Rumi Shishido

01: 一年振りの再会 – Ichinen buri no Saikai
02: Do I,Do You(チビモン&グミモン:野田順子&多田葵) – Do I, Do You (Chibimon & Gumimon: Noda Junko & Tada Aoi)
03: 少女との出逢い – Shoujo to no Deai
04: Open Your Heart(太刀川ミミ:前田愛) – Open Your Heart (Tachikawa Mimi: Maeda Ai)
05: 雪のニューヨーク – Yuki no New York
06: Only lonely(少女デジモン:宍戸留美) – Only lonely (Shoujo Digimon: Shishido Rumi)
07: データチップ – Data Chip
08: Reach for you(本宮大輔:木内レイコ) – Reach for you (Motomiya Daisuke: Kiuchi Reiko)
09: 夏への扉 – Natsu e no Tobira
10: Streets to the summer(ウォレス:宮原永海) – Streets to the summer (Wallace: Miyahara Nami)

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TRACK 01: Reunion After One Year

[City noises]

DAISUKE: Hyaaah, we’re here! We’re here again!
CHIBIMON: But Daisuke… You know, I’d rather spend my time relaxing in a hot spring instead of being in New York…
DAISUKE: What are you saying, Chibimon?! This time, we’re here to sightsee!
CHIBIMON: We did have it rough here last summer.
DAISUKE: [sigh] Summer sure isn’t as great as everyone makes it out to be.

Last summer vacation, when we searched for Taichi-san and the others after their disappearance, we turned up in New York. The situation then was tough, but this year’s summer wasn’t so great either.
We got owned in the Soccer District Competition, Hikari-chan refused my invitation to the beach, and when I was making plans to hang out with Iori, I find that he’s gotten himself a cute girlfriend without me knowing!
[sigh] Nothing good has happened so far this summer.
But one thing’s for sure… I expect to at least have fun on this trip in New York.

MIMI: Dai~suke-kun!
DAISUKE: Mimi-san!
MIMI: Long time no see! ♥

DAISUKE: You look like you’re doing well.
MIMI: Same goes for you, Daisuke. You too, Chibimon.
CHIBIMON: I’m doing great, but Daisuke’s really only pretending to be.
MIMI: Oh? Something wrong?
DAISUKE: [grabs the chain wall dramatically] Hn. Well… a lot of things have happened to me.
MIMI: [giggle] Waah, when you speak like that, it feels like you’re more of an adult, Daisuke-kun.
DAISUKE: Did I sound a bit like Yamato-san?
WALLACE: Who’s more of an adult?
WALLACE: It’s been a year, Daisuke.
DAISUKE: W—Wallace!
CHIBIMON: Gumimon!
GUMIMON: Chibimon! I’m glad to see you again.
DAISUKE: W—What are you doing here?!
MIMI: I invited him.
WALLACE: I can’t refuse an invitation from a cute lady like Mimi.
DAISUKE: The hell are you saying…
WALLACE: Daisuke, you should start thinking a bit more carefully before speaking. If you keep saying those rude words, even Hikari will reject you.
DAISUKE: [gulp]
GUMIMON: Wallace, don’t. Looks like it already happened.
MIMI: No way~! Daisuke-kun, you were suffering from unrequited love and I didn’t know?!
CHIBIMON: Also… he failed at a soccer match, and Iori’s become a man and gotten a girlfriend!
WALLACE: There’s a Japanese expression, “The bee stings when you’re already crying,” that comes to my mind.
GUMIMON: Also the expression “It never rains but it pours.”
DAISUKE: You guys, just shut up!
WALLACE: But we’re trying to comfort you.
DAISUKE: You are doing no such thing!

GIRL: [Come.]

CHIBIMON: What’s wrong, Daisuke?
DAISUKE: I… I heard… a voice.


MIMI: What voice?

GIRL: [Come here.]

DAISUKE: Listen, a girl’s voice.
CHIBIMON: I don’t hear anything.
GUMIMON: Me neither.
WALLACE: How pathetic. Maybe your head’s turned strange from the shock when Hikari rejected you.

GIRL: [Please.]

DAISUKE: [whispering to himself] I’m sure of it… I can hear her.

[Ominous noises]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke!
WALLACE: The scenery around us is… warping.
GUMIMON: This is kinda weird!

[Everyone screams while something blows through them. Then there is the sound of a can hitting the ground.]

DAISUKE: What’s… going on here…?
MIMI: There’s no one here… besides us.

DAISUKE: We were still in New York. It was Madison Square Garden. But… for some reason, we were the only ones there.
To make matters worse…

[Sound of wind]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke… I’m cold~.

DAISUKE: A cold wintry wind was blowing throughout the town.

CHIBIMON: [sneeze]
DAISUKE: Why is it winter?!
GUMIMON: I wonder why…
MIMI: There really isn’t anyone here… uuh…
CHIBIMON: [sneeze]
GUMIMON: No one’s here… and it’s cold… this place feels kind of lonely.
CHIBIMON: You think so, Gumimon? I agree… that it’s kinda lonely.
DAISUKE: We got pulled into another strange world again this summer! This is definitely your fault, you two! Isn’t this the world that Chocomon made?!
GUMIMON: I don’t think so… because… Chocomon isn’t here anymore.
WALLACE: Gumimon…
DAISUKE: …I’m sorry…

WALLACE: Is it possible that this world was born from your heart, Daisuke?
DAISUKE: W—Why do you say that?
CHIBIMON: Because, Daisuke, you got rejected by Hikari, you lost the soccer competition, and Iori has a girlfriend before you.
DAISUKE: …Stop repeating that every time!
MIMI: In any case, we should find some coats. If I stay any longer in this cold, I’ll die!
MIMI: …Since no one’s around… it’s okay for us to wear any brand of clothing we like, right? All~right!
DAISUKE: Umm, M—Mimi-san… I don’t think this is the time for that…
WALLACE: I’ll help you look for some, Mimi!
MIMI: Thank you, Wallace!
WALLACE: No problem.
DAISUKE: The more important matter here is to think about how to go back to our own world! Mimi-san— [sneeze, sniffle]
CHIBIMON: Daisuke, there’s snot coming from your nose. I think you should wear something warmer.
DAISUKE: [sniff] Damn it… Give me back my summer!

Do I, Do You
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Vocals: Chibimon & Gumimon (Junko Noda & Aoi Tada) (歌:チビモン&グミモン(野田順子&多田葵))

寂しいのは 何故?

寂しいのは 誰?


みんなでいるから ひとりぼっち
ひとりでいるより ひとりぼっち

nande kana?
nande kana?
sabishii no wa naze?

nanda kana
nanda kana
sabishii no wa dare?

taiyou wa mabushikute
bokura o terashiteru kedo
kimochi dake ga hikage ni iru yo

minna de iru kara, hitoribocchi
hitori de iru yori, hitoribocchi

muzukashii na
muzukashii ne
chobitto ronrii na samaa

I wonder why
I wonder why
Why is it so lonely?

I wonder who
I wonder who
Who is feeling lonely?

The sun dazzles
And shines radiantly on us,
But only our feelings lie in shadow.

Because everyone is here, I’m lonely.
Greater than if I were alone, I’m lonely.

It’s hard, it seems.
It’s hard, isn’t it?
A small, lonely summer.

TRACK 03: An Encounter with the Girl

[Sound of bell as a shop door opens and closes. There is music playing in the background]

WALLACE: I found a winter coat for you at a clothing boutique.
MIMI: Wow! Oh Wallace! You’re so thoughtful!

[Sound of Mimi wearing the coat]

WALLACE: Just as I’d thought, it looks very good on you.
WALLACE: I brought a jacket for you too, Daisuke.
DAISUKE: Whoa. Hehe. Hmmm. Thanks a lot, dude!

[Sound of zipping]

WALLACE: Just as I’d thought, you don’t look good in it at all. High-quality clothes don’t suit you.
DAISUKE: [twitch] Well, my bad.
CHIBIMON: But… there really is no one here. Not even in the stores.
DAISUKE: Yeah… man, I still can’t get over how it’s winter!
CHIBIMON: Wish it would turn back into summer again.
MIMI: This kind of… reminds me of an SF [1] I read a long time ago.
MIMI: Yeah. The protagonist had a cat who started searching for “The Door to Summer’ when it began to snow. The cat believed that somewhere in the house, there was a door that would lead to summer.
MIMI: Also, the protagonist himself was in the worst situation. His lover cheated on him, he was fired from his job, and he was tricked into having his own invention taken away from him.
That’s why he was also looking for it… looking for the door to summer in order to free the wintry coldness wrapped around his heart.
CHIBIMON: That main character is like Daisuke! Because… Daisuke got rejected from Hikari, and…
DAISUKE: I told you not to repeat that!

GIRL: […came.]


GIRL: [You came.]

DAISUKE: It’s that voice from before!
MIMI: W—What?
DAISUKE: Mimi-san, can’t you hear her?
MIMI: No, nothing.
CHIBIMON: Daisuke, it’s got to be because of what’s been happening all summer…
DAISUKE: That’s not it!

GIRL: [I want… to meet you.]

WALLACE: Daisuke!

[Sound of door being thrust open. Wind blows into the store]

DAISUKE: There’s… no one there.
MIMI: …Daisuke-kun? Are you okay?
DAISUKE: [muttering] Where… is her voice coming from?

[Sound of wind blowing stronger]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke, it’s coooold.
WALLACE: Look, snow.
GUMIMON: You’re right. It’s snowing!
WALLACE: No wonder it’s cold…


MIMI: Huh?
DAISUKE: What is it, Mimi-san?
MIMI: Fireflies.
MIMI: Look.
CHIBIMON: Wah, you’re right. They’re flying around.
GUMIMON: Firefly.
WALLACE: But it’s winter…

[Sound of can being knocked down]

MIMI: W—What was that?
WALLACE: Someone’s here!
CHIBIMON: Daisuke!
GUMIMON: Wallace!
DAISUKE: Is it a Digimon?
MIMI: Wait! …That’s…

DAISUKE: There, against the barren scenery… stood a young girl.

WALLACE: Wow! You’re cute! What’s happened to you? Are you lost in this world too? I’m Wallace.
GIRL: You came.
DAISUKE: …Wait… Are you… the one who called me?
GIRL: [running towards Daisuke] Uwaaah! I’m so happy! Hey, hey, what’s your name? What do you like?
DAISUKE: E—Eehh? Um…
MIMI: [giggle] Daisuke-kun is suddenly so popular.
GUMIMON: Too bad for you, Wallace.
WALLACE: Unbelievable.
CHIBIMON: Isn’t this great, Daisuke? Something good’s finally happened!
GIRL: What is this thing?
CHIBIMON: I’m not a “thing”! I’m Chibimon!
GIRL: Chibimon?
MIMI: I’m Mimi.
GUMIMON: I’m Gumimon. The one you just ignored is Wallace.
WALLACE: …I’m glad to meet you.
GIRL: And you?
DAISUKE: Ah, I’m Daisuke. Chibimon is my Digimon. Do you know what Digimon are?
GIRL: Huh?
CHIBIMON: [sniffing]
GIRL: W—What are you doing?
DAISUKE: Chibimon, what are you doing?
CHIBIMON: O—Oh… yeah… it’s nothing. It must be my imagination… Sorry!
GIRL: Hmm. You look like a good-for-nothing dolphin.
CHIBIMON: What was that?!
GUMIMON: She sure told you off, Chibimon.
CHIBIMON: I’m hurt.
GUMIMON: I think that instead of a dolphin, you look like a big frog with ears.
CHIBIMON: Gumimon, you look like a teru-teru bouzu[2] with a horn!
GUMIMON: Huh? Teru-teru bouzu? I don’t know what that is, but I don’t like it.
WALLACE: Stop it, both of you, Gumimon and Chibimon.
GIRL: Hey Daisuke, play with me!
GIRL:Let’s go! [pulls on Daisuke]
DAISUKE: W—Wait! What’s your name? Where did you come from?
GIRL: Where? I don’t know. You can give me a name, Daisuke.
GIRL: Yes. What name do you like?
DAISUKE: What name I…?
CHIBIMON: “Hikari,” right?
DAISUKE: Chibimon!
GIRL: Okay, Hikari.
DAISUKE: No! That name’s…
GIRL: I can’t have that one?
MIMI: How about Nat-chan? Because it’s summer[3], it should be Nat-chan!
DAISUKE: M—Mimi-san…
CHIBIMON: You gave her a Japanese name!
MIMI: I think this girl has amnesia. Heh, but stuff like that happens a lot, doesn’t it?
GUMIMON: No, it doesn’t.
GIRL: Daisuke, do you like that name?
DAISUKE: Huh? …Yeah.
NAT: Okay then. Nat-chan!

[1] SF = Science Fiction
[2] Teru-teru bouzu = a “doll” made out of tissue paper that looks like a ghost. When it rains, children write their wish for good weather on this paper, and hang it up out the window to make their wish come true. If it is sunny the next day, they bring it inside the house, but if it continues raining, they leave it hanging outside. [picture]
[3] Natsu = Summer in Japanese. Nat is short for Natsu.

Open Your Heart
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Vocals: Mimi Tachikawa (Ai Maeda) (歌:太刀川ミミ(前田愛))

あふれてる 恋の予感

照れ笑いしたね 今

「名前 聞かせてよ」と

恋の名前 ふたりでつけよう
不思議だね トキメキが止まらない
胸がDance Dance Dance
開けるカギ 見つけたいの

totsuzen no deai ni mo
afureteru koi no yokan

terewarai shita ne ima
kokoro de shatta kitta

“namae kikasete yo” to
me wo awasazu
kimi ga iu kara

koi no namae futari de tsukeyou
fushigi da ne tokimeki ga tomaranai
mune ga Dance Dance Dance
kimi no haato wo
akeru kagi mitsuketai no

Even during an unexpected encounter
There”s the anticipation of overflowing love.

With an embarrassed smile,
Even now, my heart begins to clench.

Because you ask,
“Tell me your name?,”
without meeting my eyes.

Let’s join together under the name of love
It’s strange, isn’t it? I can’t stop the throbbing
of my heart going Dance Dance Dance
I want to find the key
That opens your heart.

TRACK 05: Snowy New York

[Sound of church bells as everyone walks through the snow]

CHIBIMON: The snow… it’s not stopping.
DAISUKE: Digimental Up!
GUMIMON: Yeah, it’s really not stopping.
WALLACE: Digimental Up!
MIMI: Why not give up already? It doesn’t look like evolution is allowed here.
DAISUKE: [sigh] If they could evolve, we’d be able to move around faster…
WALLACE: I wonder how we can escape from this place…

[Silence. Daisuke sighs]

DAISUKE: In any case, we’ve got no choice but to look for it.
CHIBIMON: The door to summer, right?
DAISUKE: Yeah. [pause] …Huh?
MIMI: What’s wrong?
DAISUKE: There are claw marks on those trees.
WALLACE: You’re right. And they were big, sharp claws.
GUMIMON: There are some trees that look like they were mowed down too.


MIMI: L—Look! Even that house over there is destroyed!
CHIBIMON: How awful!
DAISUKE: …So that means a Digimon is here…and an incredibly violent one at that— Dah! Oww!
NAT: [giggle] I got you!
DAISUKE: What was that for? Take that! [throws snowball]
NAT: Kyaah!
CHIBIMON: [laugh] A snowball fight?! Me! Me! I want to join!
NAT: A puny dolphin like you wouldn’t be able to keep up.
CHIBIMON: I’m Chibimon!
NAT: Go on, move!

[Sound of Nat shoving Chibimon away. Chibimon hits the ground hard]

GUMIMON: Are you okay?
CHIBIMON: No, I’m not! What did I ever do to her?!
GUMIMON: Ah, you’re all covered in snow.

[Sound of Daisuke and Nat running and hitting snowballs at each other. The rest are sitting away]

DAISUKE: Heh, take that!
NAT: Aah!
MIMI: That girl sure is energetic. Besides, what was that all about? Throwing a snowball out of nowhere in such a friendly manner…at a time like this? [sigh] I don’t believe it~.
WALLACE: I really don’t believe it. She likes Daisuke more than me.

NAT: [falls] Aah!
DAISUKE: Are you okay?
NAT: Yeah.
NAT: What?
DAISUKE: The fireflies. They’re back again.
NAT: Fireflies?
DAISUKE: There’s a lot more than before. It’s so cold, so how could they be here?
Look, Nat-chan, they’re flying around you. They’re pretty aren’t they? Fireflies in the snow.
NAT: I hate them.
NAT: I hate the fireflies.
NAT: …Hey, let’s forget about Chibimon and the others and leave. Just the two of us.
DAISUKE: The two of us?
NAT: Me and you, Daisuke. Because, my voice reached you, didn’t it?
NAT: Let’s go.
NAT: Let’s go!
CHIBIMON: [from far away] Daisuke! Stop playing around and come over here quick! Daisuke!
DAISUKE: …Chibimon is calling for me.
NAT: Who cares about him?
CHIBIMON: Daisuke! It looks like the afternoon is waning!
NAT: What’s so great about that Digimon? He’s not cute at all! He’s noisy, weak, and he looks stupid. If it was up to me…
CHIBIMON: Daisuke! I’m hungry!
DAISUKE: Heh, geez. That guy always needs looking after. Nat-chan, let’s go back. [walks off]
NAT: Daisuke…

[Pause, then Nat walks towards Wallace]

NAT: Wallace!
NAT: Hey Wallace, what do you like? I want to know everything about you, Wallace. Tell me!
NAT: What do you like to eat? What do you do for fun? And also…
CHIBIMON: Daisuke, did you get rejected again?
DAISUKE: No… I didn’t…
MIMI: But Nat-chan just attached herself to Wallace now.
CHIBIMON: It can’t be helped. Daisuke, you’re just not lucky this summer.
DAISUKE: [sigh] I thought you’d comfort me, but you just made me feel worse.

[Sound of fire crackling]

CHIBIMON: So warm!
DAISUKE: Is this okay, to have broken into somebody’s house? We even lit a fire…
CHIBIMON: We had no choice~. Because…
MIMI: No matter how far we went, we didn’t see anybody around… we don’t know how to get back to our own world… and it’s possible there’s a vicious Digimon wandering around outside…
GUMIMON: Wallace, I’m hungry.
NAT: Wallace, I’m also hungry!
WALLACE: The meat will be all cooked soon.
MIMI: And Gumimon and Nat-chan only care about scrambling for Wallace’s attention…
DAISUKE: I really wonder who she is. She’s a little weird, isn’t she? …I wonder why she’s here… and why I was able to hear her voice…
MIMI: [giggle] Daisuke-kun, are you that interested in her?
DAISUKE: I—I mean, don’t you think it’s strange?
MIMI: So you are interested in her~.

[Sound of fire flaring]

CHIBIMON: H—Hothothothot!
DAISUKE: Chibimon! What are you doing?
CHIBIMON: I—I was wondering if the meat was done cooking already…
DAISUKE: Your hand’s all red! We’ve got to cool it off quick…

[Sound of Chibimon’s hand shoved into the snow]

CHIBIMON: The snow’s cold!
DAISUKE: But it’s good to be able to cool it off, right?
CHIBIMON: [shivering] It’s cooled off too much!
DAISUKE: Heh, you can jump into my jacket. It’s only your hand that needs to be cold.

[Sound of Chibimon bundled in Daisuke’s jacket]

DAISUKE: Isn’t it?
CHIBIMON: [giggle] But it stinks of sweat.

[Chibimon jumps out, and Daisuke re-zips his jacket]

DAISUKE: [annoyed] Hey…
CHIBIMON: [giggle] Thanks. I think I’m fine now.
DAISUKE: [sigh] I wonder what we’re doing here. It’s supposed to be summer now…
CHIBIMON: A lot of things have happened.
DAISUKE: A lot of those things have happened ever since you came to my place.
CHIBIMON: No one likes a guy who grumbles all the time. You should be more like Wallace!
DAISUKE: Hey, you. I thought this before, but you need to learn to shut up once in awhile.
CHIBIMON: Well, I thought this before, but the way you talk pisses me off!
DAISUKE: Well, you…! You keep depending on other people for so much, but you have such a holier-than-thou attitude!
CHIBIMON: Daisuke, you’re the one that’s making me worried! About a lot of things!
DAISUKE: Oh, is that so?! Fine! See you!
CHIBIMON: Where are you going?
DAISUKE: I’m going to take a little walk over there and cool my head off.

[Sound of Daisuke walking]

DAISUKE: Daaah! Geez, that guy sure knows how to piss me off.
…But when I think about it, we’ve always been together.

[Sound of following footsteps]

DAISUKE: Chibimon? I want to be alone for a little while. Don’t follow me!
NAT: I’m not Chibimon.
NAT: What happened between you and Chibimon?
DAISUKE: We… had a little fight. What about you?
NAT: Well… Wallace has Gumimon, and Mimi has a partner called Palmon, right?
NAT: I’m the only one who’s alone.
NAT: I’m kind of jealous of everyone…
DAISUKE: [chuckle] It’s not always a good thing… it’s actually pretty rough having a Digimon! They eat a lot, they move around a lot… they’re not even your family, but you’re around them so much that they get annoying.
I really… wonder what he is to me…
NAT: Even so, I’m still kind of attracted to that.

[Sound of wind]

DAISUKE: You might get a Digiegg too, one day. Ah, a Digimon is born from something called a Digiegg. I’m sure you’ll find a partner Digimon that’s much cooler and amazing than Chibimon!
NAT: …Daisuke, you’re really nice.
NAT: Maybe that’s why you heard my voice.
DAISUKE: Um, well… waah… t—this is the first time a girl ever told me that… that I was nice…
NAT: But, that’s not what I want.
DAISUKE: It’s not?
NAT: I don’t want a partner Digimon. I want someone like you, Daisuke.
DAISUKE: Like… me?
NAT: Yes. Someone like you.
CHIBIMON: Uwaaaah!
DAISUKE: Chibimon?!
NAT: Daisuke!

[Sound of Chibimon flailing in water]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke…! H—Help…!
DAISUKE: Chibimon!!

[Sound of Daisuke jumping in water]

NAT: …Daisuke…

Only Lonely
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Vocals: Girl Digimon (Rumi Shishido) (歌:少女デジモン(宍戸留美))

届かない 心も声も
凍えてるのは 私ひとり
誰もいない世界 氷のMerry-go-round

夢を見た あたたかい夢
ほほえみかける やさしい人
手を伸ばした途端 静かに消えたの


返事をして 抱きしめて
涙あふれて しまうよ
名前を呼んで つかまえて
冷たい指を あたためて

todokanai kokoro mo koe mo
koeteru no wa watashi hitori
dare mo inai sekai koori no Merry-go-round

yume wo mita atatakai yume
hohoemi kakeru yasashii hito
te wo nobashita totan shizuka ni kieta no

minna kirai
doushite watashi dake ga

henji wo shite dakishimete
namida afurete shimau yo
namae wo yonde tsukamaete
tsumetai yubi wo atatamete

Neither my heart nor voice reaches them.
I’m the only one, freezing alone,
In a world where no one is there, on an icy merry-go-round.

I had a dream, a very warm dream,
Of a kind person smiling at me.
But just as I reached out my hand, they quietly disappeared.

I hate everyone.
Why is it just me…?

Answer me, embrace me,
Stop my flowing tears.
Call my name, hold on to me,
And warm my cold fingers.

TRACK 07: Data Chip
NAT: [I… have no one who will save me. I have no one who will stay with me.]

[Sound of Chibimon and Daisuke shivering and teeth-chattering before the fire]

CHIBIMON: It’s so coooooold… I think I’m gonna diiiiiie…
DAISUKE: I’m the one who feels like dying…
CHIBIMON: B—But… when I t—tried to follow you, Daisuke, I s—slipped on the b—b—bridge…
DAISUKE: W—Why must you end up plunging into a river in this cold weather?!

[Sound of tea being poured]

MIMI: Here’s some tea. Drink it and calm down.
DAISUKE: Thank you, Mimi-san. [gulps and then sighs] I’ve been feeling that it’s all your fault that everything hasn’t been going well for me.
CHIBIMON: B—But, I did that because you went off by yourself, Daisuke!
GUMIMON: Just leave it.
DAISUKE: [sigh] I was at a good part, too…
MIMI: Eh? What, what was that?
DAISUKE: I—It’s nothing!
MIMI: “A good part” eh… perhaps with Nat-chan? Not bad, Daisuke-kun~
CHIBIMON: …You went to save me at a time like that? At a time when a girl looked like she liked you for the first time in your life?!
DAISUKE: That “first time in my life” bit was completely unnecessary.
CHIBIMON: Thank you, Daisuke!
DAISUKE: Hehe, you don’t need to thank me. I mean, you always fight to the teeth to save me.
WALLACE: Speaking of which, that girl…
WALLACE: She hasn’t come back yet.
MIMI: You’re right.

[Sound of Daisuke sitting up]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke!
DAISUKE: I’m gonna go look for her.
GUMIMON: We’ll go with you too!

[Sound of door opening. A fierce wind is blowing]

DAISUKE: Whoa… what an amazing snow storm!
MIMI: Nat-chaaaan!
CHIBIMON: Nat-chaaaan!
WALLACE: What’s wrong, Gumimon?
DAISUKE: They’re fireflies.

[Vibrating sound as the fireflies fly about]

MIMI: There’s so many of them.
CHIBIMON: They’re pretty but… they’re kind of scary!
WALLACE: No, wait. These aren’t fireflies.

[Sound of a firefly being knocked aside]

WALLACE: They’re chips. Data chips!

[Sound of something being shot out.]

DAISUKE: Chibimon?
CHIBIMON: Something… feels strange… Something feels strange!

[Sound of Chibimon breaking things]

DAISUKE: Uwah! What are you doing? Stop fooling around!
GUMIMON: Chibimon has gone delinquent! …Huh?
Uwaah! Wehh waaah!

[Sound of Gumimon breaking windows]

WALLACE: Gumimon, what are you doing?! Stop it!
MIMI: What is this? …Don’t tell me…
[forceful slap]
CHIBIMON: Mimi, that hurt!
GUMIMON: Vicious!
DAISUKE: …They turned back to normal…
WALLACE: What was that about…?

[Crackling sound]

MIMI: It was because of these. These chips. Chibimon and Gumimon started acting strangely just as these attached to them…
WALLACE: Are they also data chips? It looks like they have some bad data in them…
DAISUKE: So they weren’t fireflies. But why are these data chips here…?

[Sound of something falling to the ground]

DAISUKE: Chibimon!
CHIBIMON: Daisuke!


MIMI: Nat-chan!
DAISUKE: Thank goodness you’re all right! We were wondering where you… went…

[Pause. Sound of data chips flying about]

WALLACE: The chips…
DAISUKE: They’re circling around Nat-chan…
MIMI: That…! Look at that…!
WALLACE: The chips… are coming out of her body…
DAISUKE: No way… No way!
CHIBIMON: That girl is a Digimon, Daisuke! When I first met her, I thought she smelled like one.
DAISUKE: Then… those claw marks…

[Sound of Nat’s body changing]

MIMI: She evolved!

[Sound of Nat rampaging]

DAISUKE: Don’t! Stop that!
CHIBIMON: Daisuke, look out!
MIMI: Let’s run away!
CHIBIMON: That’s right! We can’t evolve here!

NAT: [Don’t go.]

WALLACE: Daisuke, hurry!

NAT: [Stay with me.]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke!

NAT: [Don’t be scared!]

MIMI: Daisuke-kun!

DAISUKE: …I can hear her. I can hear her voice!
CHIBIMON: Daisuke! I can’t hear anything!
WALLACE: Daisuke, c’mon, let’s run!
DAISUKE: I can’t! I can’t do that! Because… she’s terribly… terribly lonely right now…!

[Sound of Daisuke running. Nat roars]

MIMI: Daisuke-kun! Don’t get closer to her!
CHIBIMON: Daisukeeeee!

[Sound of gate opening and closing. Daisuke runs up some stairs]

DAISUKE: Nat-chan!!

[Sound of Daisuke running and opening a door]

DAISUKE: Nat-chan…

[Sound of wind and whirring]

DAISUKE: What you wanted wasn’t a Digimon, but a partner…
I’m sorry… I… I never realized it… That’s why you were so jealous of Chibimon and Gumimon…

[Nat roars. Sound of impacts]

WALLACE: Daisuke, it’s no good! That’s no longer the girl we once knew! That’s a terrible Digimon who’s taken in a lot of evil data!
GUMIMON: That’s right. Now that she’s become like this, she can’t turn back to normal… just like Chocomon…
DAISUKE: That’s not true! Because, she laughed so much with us! She was friends with us!
MIMI: Daisuke-kun, listen to me! Just give up! Don’t get any closer to her!

[Nat roars]

DAISUKE: I’m right here. I’m right here next to you. I’m not scared.

NAT: [Really?]

DAISUKE: Because… you are Nat-chan.

[Sound of Nat calming down, but moaning.]

WALLACE: It’s no use. She can’t turn back to normal after all!

Reach for You
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Vocals: Daisuke Motomiya (Reiko Kiuchi) (歌:本宮大輔(木内レイコ))





sekaijuu ga senaka wo muketeru mitai ni
kimi wa kitto kanjite iru ne

tameiki wo koorase nagara
naku no wa mou yamete
boku wa koko ni iru yo

kimi no soba ni iru
me wo akete goran
kimi no mae ni iru
massugu ni massugu ni
kimi wo mitsumete iru yo

kimi no soba ni iru
te wo dashite goran
atatamete ageru kara

I’m sure you must be feeling
As though the whole world has turned its back on you.

As you take little breaths
Stop your crying
Because I am right here.

I’m right next to you.
Open your eyes, and you will see
That I’m right in front of you
Looking straight at you.
Straight at you.

I’m right next to you.
Put out your hands,
I’ll warm them for you.

TRACK 09: The Door to Summer

[Sound of roaring]

CHIBIMON: Daisuke!!!

NAT: Daisuke. Thank you.
DAISUKE: Nat-chan!
NAT: Goodbye.

[Sound of explosion]


[Sound of wind]

GUMIMON: The fireflies are gone.
WALLACE: So is she…
MIMI: …Yeah…
CHIBIMON: Daisuke…
DAISUKE: If… If I had become her partner…
MIMI: Daisuke-kun…
DAISUKE: Because if I did…!
CHIBIMON: You can’t!
DAISUKE: Chibimon.
CHIBIMON: Daisuke… you’re my partner!


DAISUKE: You’re right.


MIMI: H—Hey, look! Underneath that tree!
WALLACE: It’s a Digiegg.

[Sound of Daisuke running towards it]

DAISUKE: …You’re right. Digiegg…

[Reverberating sound]

CHIBIMON: The sun…
WALLACE: You’re right…
MIMI: The sky is also… such a deep blue…
DAISUKE: It’s summer!

Like a shimmer of hot air, the snowy scenery disappeared… and the door to summer opened.

[City noises. Everyone is walking throughout the streets]

GUMIMON: It’s hot~ it’s hot~ it’s hot~…
WALLACE: Be quiet, Gumimon…
CHIBIMON: But it really is hot!
DAISUKE: Just keep walking.
CHIBIMON: We didn’t get to sightsee this time either.
DAISUKE: It’s not like we had a choice.
MIMI: We need to find her partner before the Digiegg hatches!
CHIBIMON: I wonder where they are… Nat-chan’s partner…
DAISUKE: They have to be here somewhere… New York is big, after all!
CHIBIMON: It’s too biiiig!
DAISUKE: Oh, stop grumbling!
CHIBIMON: But it iiiiiiis!
GUMIMON: It’s hot~ it’s hot~ it’s hot~…
CHIBIMON: Oh stop saying that it’s hot! Daisukeeee~
WALLACE: It’s too hot, so stop grumbling, please!
DAISUKE: Those are my lines! Hey Chibimon, hurry up!
DAISUKE: Should we hitchhike again?
CHIBIMON: I don’t wanna…

Streets to the Summer
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)
Vocals: Wallace (Nami Miyahara) (歌:ウォレス(宮原永海))

夏への扉 開けよう

僕らはまた ここに立ってる
光あふれてる この街角に

どこへ行こう? どこでもいいさ
風の向くままに 気の向くままに

夏への扉 開けよう
誰かがそこできっと 待ってるさ

ヘソマガリも やさしいヤツも
寂しい誰かも 連れてゆくのさ

出逢うために 僕らは生まれ
この世界の上 走り回るよ

夏への扉 開けよう
僕らの物語 始めよう

夏への扉 開けよう
誰かがそこできっと 待ってるさ

あの角を 曲がったら
そこにいる 君に会う
駆け寄って 笑いあって
声上げて 走りだそう

夏への扉 開けよう
僕らの物語 始めよう

夏への扉 開けよう
誰かがそこできっと 待ってるさ

夏への扉 開けよう
僕らの物語 始めよう

夏への扉 開けよう
誰かがそこできっと 待ってるさ


natsu e no tobira akeyou
dareka ga kitto matteru sa

bokura wa mata koko ni tatteru
hikari afureteru kono machikado ni

doko e yukou? dokodemo ii sa
kaze no muku mama ni ki no muku mama ni

natsu e no tobira akeyou
dareka ga soko de kitto matteru sa

heso magari mo yasashii yatsu mo
sabishii dareka mo tsurete yuku no sa

deau tame ni bokura wa umare
kono sekai no ue hashiri mawaru yo

natsu e no tobira akeyou
bokura no monogatari hajimeyou

natsu e no tobira akeyou
dareka ga soko de kitto matteru sa

ano kado wo magattara
soko ni iru kimi ni au
kakeyotte warai atte
koe agete hashiri dasou

natsu e no tobira akeyou
bokura no monogatari hajimeyou

natsu e no tobira akeyou
dareka ga soko de kitto matteru sa

natsu e no tobira akeyou
bokura no monogatari hajimeyou

natsu e no tobira akeyou
dareka ga soko de kitto matteru sa

la la la la…

Let’s open the door to summer
Someone is definitely waiting for us there.

We’re standing here once again
With light shining on this street corner.

Where shall we go? Anywhere!
Wherever the wind blows, wherever we feel like.

Let’s open the door to summer
Someone is definitely waiting for us there.

Whether there are wayward people, nice people,
Or even lonely people, we’ll take them all with us.

We’re born to meet each other
And run around in this world.

Let’s open the door to summer
Let’s begin our story

Let’s open the door to summer
Someone is definitely waiting for us there.

If we turn that corner,
we’ll meet you standing there.
Let’s rush towards each other and smile, shout,
and start to run.

Let’s open the door to summer
Let’s begin our story

Let’s open the door to summer
Someone is definitely waiting for us there.

Let’s open the door to summer
Let’s begin our story

Let’s open the door to summer
Someone is definitely waiting for us there.

La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la

La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la

Let’s go on and open the door! There’s someone waiting for us!


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