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Taichi Yagami : Toshiko Fujita
Agumon : Chika Sakamoto
Sora Takenouchi : Yuuko Mizutani
Piyomon : Atori Shigematsu
Yamato Ishida : Yuuto Kazama
Koushiro Izumi : Umi Tenjin
Mimi Tachikawa : Ai Maeda
Jyou Kido : Masami Kikuchi
Gomamon : Junko Takeuchi
Takeru Takaishi : Hiroko Konishi
Hikari Yagami : Kae Araki
Narrator: Hiroaki Hirata

01: Butter-Fly(TVサイズ)(和田光司) – Butter-Fly (TV Size) (Wada Kouji)
02: ドラマ「SOS!5年A組」 – Drama: SOS! 5-nen A-gumi
03: 勇気を翼にして~八神太一のテーマ(藤田淑子) – Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite ~Yagami Taichi no Theme (Fujita Toshiko)
04: ドラマ「武之内 空の「ときめきイエローカード!」」 – Drama: Takenouchi Sora no “Tokimeki Yellow Card!”
05: 明日はもっと~武之内空のテーマ(水谷優子) – Ashita wa Motto ~Takenouchi Sora no Theme (Mizutani Yuuko)
06: ドラマ「丈が歌手デビュー!?(前編)」 – Drama: “Jyou ga Kashu Debut!? (Zenpen)
07: 違う僕がいる~城戸丈のテーマ(菊池正美) – Chigau Boku ga Iru ~Kido Jyou no Theme (Kikuchi Masami)
08: ドラマ「丈が歌手デビュー!?(後編)」 – Drama: “Jyou ga Kashu Debut!? (Kouhen)
09: I wish(TVサイズ)(前田愛) – I wish (TV Size) (Maeda Ai)
10: 勇気を翼にして(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (Original Karaoke)
11. 明日はもっと(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Ashita wa Motto (Original Karaoke)
12. 違う僕がいる(オリジナル・カラオケ) – Chigau Boku ga Iru (Original Karaoke)

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NARRATOR: While not a continuation of the storyline on TV, in here, Taichi and the others have returned to Tokyo. What awaits them is a new adventure, which can only be heard through drama CDs.
But is this proper? Is it even right to be calling this an “adventure”? —No, no. I will leave that for you, the audience, to decide. In any case, the Digimon Adventure drama CD series starts now.

TAICHI & SORA: SOS! Fifth Year Class A

TEACHER: It’s time for Home Ec!

[a grinding sound]

SORA: Honestly, Taichi. You aren’t supposed to cut potatoes that way.
TAICHI: Who cares, Sora? How I like to cut it is up to me.
SORA: Well, how you like to cut it is wrong. Here, hand it over.
TAICHI: Tch. Fine, I’m going to fool around then. Agumon.
AGUMON: What, Taichi?
TAICHI: Evolve.
AGUMON: H—Huh? T—That’s really sudden to—
TAICHI: Just do it.
AGUMON: Oh, all right. Agumon, evolve! (spin spin spin spin spin)

[applause and cheers]

TAICHI: He’s spinning more than usual today!
AGUMON: (spin spin spin spin spin spin spin) M—My eyes are rolling in their sockets…
SORA: What are you two doing?
TAICHI: Fooling around! I told you!
SORA: Don’t be stupid.

[there is a thump. SORA jerks back]

PIYOMON: What’s wrong, Sora?
SORA: T—The potatoes… they’re dancing!
JAGAMON: We’re potatoes, potatoes! We’re potatoes, potatoes! We’re potatoes, potatoes! We’re potatoes, potatoes! We’re potatoes, potatoes!
TAICHI: N—No way! We never learned that potatoes can dance and sing in Life Studies.
SORA: Not in Modern Language class either!
AGUMON: A Digimon is causing this!
PIYOMON: The potatoes are moving outside!
SORA: Let’s go after them.

PIYOMON: Where do you think they’re going?
SORA: I don’t know… Oh, they’re crossing over Rainbow Bridge now!
TAICHI: Let’s follow them!

AGUMON: Ah. Taichi. There’s a bulletin board posted in front of the entrance to Rainbow Bridge. Let’s see here… “Do not cross at this end.”
SORA & PIYOMON: Ehhh?! Then we can’t use the bridge!
TAICHI: Let me handle this.
AGUMON: What are you going to do?
TAICHI: Taichi, evolve! Ikkyuu-san![1]
AGUMON: Taichi evolved!
SORA: I—It’s really him!
IKKYUU-SAN: Now, someone bring me a rope, if you please.
SORA: Here you go. A rope.
IKKYUU-SAN: I’ll catch the tiger with this rope, so one of you, please chase him out of the screen for me. [2]
AGUMON: Eh? But we don’t have a tiger screen anywhere.
IKKYUU-SAN: No need to rush. Let’s take a rest. [3]

[tick tick tick]

SORA: …Um, we’re kind of in a hurry, so… could you please get up from your lotus position?
IKKYUU-SAN: [laughs] Sora-san, you’re very impatient, aren’t you?
SORA: [twitch]
IKKYUU-SAN: Ah! I know! Instead of crossing at the end, we can just cross in the middle! [4]
SORA: Oh, I get it! Now that’s Ikkyuu-san for you! He’s the master of cunning!
PIYOMON: Um, but… this is more of an impersonation than an evolution, isn’t it?
IKKYUU-SAN: Well, I suppose you could say that. [laughs] Was it funny? Oh, it wasn’t funny, you say. Then excuse me for my intrusion! Goodbye!
SORA: Anyway, let’s keep moving!
PIYOMON: Sora, look!
JAGAMON: Jagamon!
NARRATOR: Jagamon. It’s a shame that we can’t show him to you on screen, but he is a Perfect Level Digimon shaped like a potato. He can fire parts of his body at you with his special attack, Smash Potato.
TAICHI: So he’s the one who made the potatoes stand up and dance!
JAGAMON: Smash Potato!

[JAGAMON attacks. TAICHI and SORA scream]

AGUMON: Agumon, super-evolve! MetalGreymon!
PIYOMON: Piyomon, super-evolve! Garudamon!
METALGREYMON: Giga Destroyer!
GARUDAMON: Shadow Wing!
JAGAMON: [wails] You’ve beat me! I’m sorry, I won’t play any more pranks! Please don’t hurt me potato!
SORA: [laughs] Let’s forgive him.
TAICHI: [laughs] Sure. Hey, give us back the potatoes you took from us!
JAGAMON: Yessir! Here you go— ah, potato, potato!
SORA: [laughs] Let’s get back to class, then.
TAICHI: H—H—Hey, wait! Who’s going to be carrying all of these potatoes back?
SORA: You, of course!
TAICHI: No way!
NARRATOR: And so, peace returned once more to Odaiba Elementary School. The end.

[1] Ikkyuu-san is the main character of this animation, who shares the same voice actor, Fujiko Toshita, as Taichi.
[2] Ikkyuu-san is based on a real Buddhist monk and poet who lived from 1394 to 1481. One of his most famous moments was when he was brought one day to the castle of a shogun, who took him to a large screen with a tiger painted on it and asked Ikkyuu-san if he could catch it for him because the tiger kept him up at night. The shogun said it as a test of wits to Ikkyuu-san, who responded without hesitation that yes, he could catch it, and asked for rope. Then, once he had tied the rope into a noose, he asked the shogun to go behind the screen and chase the tiger out of it so he could catch it.
[3] “Hito-yasumi,” meaning “a break,” is another pronunciation of “Ikkyuu” (一休)
[4] “Hashi” can mean “a bridge” or “end/tip” depending on the kanji used.

SORA: Sora Takenouchi’s “Heart-Thumping Yellow Card!”[1]
Hello to all students! This is your DJ from Fifth Year, Class A, Sora Takenouchi! Let’s keep each other company during this brief moment of quiet after lunch break.
I’ll start by reading a letter first. “I am a big fan of Piyomon’s voice actor, Shigematsu-san. By the way, Shigematsu-san’s first name is written with the kanji “flower” and “bird,” so should I read it as ‘Kachou-san’? From Second Year, Class C’s Hikari Yagami-chan.”
Hikari-chan! Thank you for your letter! Now, let’s ask this question to Piyomon directly.
Piyomon? What do you say?

PIYOMON: It’s pronounced Atori!

SORA: …is what she says!
Next question, from Fourth Year, Class B’s Mimi Tachikawa-chan. “Where did you buy your hat, Sora-san?”
[giggles] I don’t know! Sorry!
And lastly, we’ll end this broadcast by listening to Yuuko Mizutani’s song. The title of the song is “Ashita wa Motto.”
See you all tomorrow!

[1] This entire track is a spoof on Yuuko Mizutani herself, Sora’s voice actor, who acts as DJ to a few radio broadcasts.

JYOU & GOMAMON: Jyou’s Debut as a Singer?! (Part I)

[the sounds of a Digimon attacking Odaiba]

GOMAMON: Gomamon, evolve! Ikkakumon!
IKKAKUMON: Harpoon Vulcan!

[the attacking Digimon goes down]

JYOU: All right! I’ve saved Odaiba!
MIMI: That was amazing, Jyou-senpai!
TAKERU: You looked really cool!
HIKARI: Really!
YAMATO: You can do it if you put your mind to it, Jyou, just like us!
KOUSHIRO: We seldom get a chance to see that in action.
JYOU: …Hey, lay off!
REPRESENTATIVE: Um, excuse me…
JYOU: Yes? What is it?
REPRESENTATIVE: I’m from NEC Interchannel[1], and—
JYOU: I’m getting my singing debut, aren’t I?!
GOMAMON: This is great news, Jyou!
JYOU: Ahhh! My moment is finally here! But I wonder what sort of song I should do?
GOMAMON: Hey, hey, hey, how about this?

[in enka]
Tomorrow, Jyou will…
Tomorrow, Jyou will…
Not be celebrating his birthday either

JYOU: [sweatdrop] Maybe you ought to get a singing debut, too.
JYOU: I think I’d like something that’s more fit for an idol…
GOMAMON: Oh, really? Then how about this?

[in bubbly pop]
The boy who rides on top of Ikkakumon
Thank you, thank you very much!

JYOU: T—That’s not quite what I had in mind. If there was a tune that fit my character… I know! A song like this would be nice!

[1] NEC Interchannel is an entertainment company in Tokyo that helps produce Digimon songs.

Jyou’s Debut as a Singer?! (Part II)
JYOU: So, what did you think of this song?
REPRESENTATIVE: Actually, what I meant to talk about was the next Digimon CD where—
JYOU: I’m the main character?! Yes, I’ll do it, leave it to me!
REPRESENTATIVE: [firmly] No. The main characters will be Koushiro-san and Mimi-san, who have gotten a lot of fan requests— oh, and we’re thinking of involving Hikari-san as well in a love triangle!
JYOU: I see…
GOMAMON: Don’t lose heart, Jyou.
JYOU: I’m not, but… That does it!
[brightly] And so, the next CD will be featuring Koushiro, Mimi, and Hikari! Will it be Mimi who snags Koushiro’s heart? Or will it be Hikari? Listen to us next time for more on this very interesting development!
HIKARI & MIMI: Until next time!

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