[interview] the last episode is coming! minami takayama-san, riku sanjou-san exclusive on “digimon xros wars”!

もうすぐ最終回!高山みなみさん、三条 陸さんが語る”デジモンクロスウォーズ”!

Also contains a translation of the news post on TV-Asahi website.

Part 1 published on 3/16/2012 [Before Digimon Xros Wars II, episode 24 (78)]
Source: www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/digimon_xw/special_04.html

  • The Digimon Xros Wars series has gone on for about a year and a half. As we reach the climax on March 18th and March 25 (last episode), main characters from previous series appear altogether!
  • Minami Takayama-san who voiced “Taiki Kudou” the main character for Digimon Xros Wars, and Riku Sanjou-san in charge of series composition, along with Producer Sakurada, talk about their current feelings before the last episode airs.
  • ※ Names have been listed without honorifics.
  • ※ Thank you to all who have gathered!

■■ The next episode will be the last episode. How do you feel right now?

■ From the broadcast on March 18th, the main characters of all previous series will show up!!

Producer Sakurada (Below, Sakurada): Digimon Xros Wars which began broadcast on July 2010 will soon reach the last episode of its third season “Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time” on March 25, 2012. What are you thoughts about it?

Minami Takayama (Below, Takayama): It still hasn’t hit me that it will be over soon. I guess it’s like the feeling when a new script just isn’t coming and I ask my manager to go get it for me quick.

Sakurada: How about you, Sanjou-san?

Riku Sanjou (Below, Sanjou): Just as the subtitle “Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time” implies, “Hunters” is the special characteristic of the third season. A request I received from Director Kaizawa as we reached the climax was that he wanted to know the answer to “Why do we need Hunters?” That answer will be established in episode 78. Also, on top of that, it has been decided that the heroes of previous series will be showing up for the climax.

Sakurada: I also wished to make it into a showy ending that was as exciting as a festival, so I wanted the past series’ main characters to show up one day too.


■ Performing alongside main characters of the previous series

■ What actions will Digimon Adventure’s Taichi Yagami and Agumon take?!

Sakurada: How was it acting alongside the main characters of the previous series?

Takayama: It was one surprise after another. They were all characters who I was seeing for the first time, and all of them had their own characteristics. It was very fun.

Sakurada: It was great to see all of the characters up to episode 78, including Zenjirou and Akari, gather up again.

Sanjou: Not all of them talk, but the guest characters of the third season all show up too.

Sakurada: I think the unique thing about the scripts that Sanjou-san writes is that characters gradually receive influence from their actors. Unexpected things happen in a good way (lol).

Takayama: All of the actors were really amazing. They have many “drawers” inside of them. I think that Digimon Xros Wars in particular was filled with many good actors.




■ All main characters of the previous series appear

■ The Digimon who left an impression on Takayama-san, Apollomon. One of the Death Generals.

Sakurada: How was it writing the script for when all main characters of previous series were to appear?

Sanjou: Speaking strictly in terms of writing, I was worried about whether or not we would be able to get all of the past series’ cast together, so I wondered if it was really okay to write them in.
With that in the back of my mind, the first two (Taichi and Masaru) came and I put them in here and there with a sort of wait-and-see attitude.
As a result, it ended with everyone making an appearance, with the very people who made up the cast long ago showing up on top of that. I feel that it was extremely worthwhile to have been able to do this with full specs.

Sakurada: By the way, who is the enemy that left an impression on you, Takayama-san?

Takayama: There are so many that it’s hard for me to choose. Rather than my personal view, I’d say in Taiki’s case it was Apollomon who made Taiki’s feelings waver and made him think about many things. He couldn’t turn his back on someone being controlled by his split personality. Although he kept believing in him to the end. (lol)


■ The last episode is stuffed with love for Digimon!

Sakurada: Please give a message to the fans looking forward to the last episode.

Takayama: There are so many things I want to tell you! But all I can say for now is that things will still get tough from here on. As Taiki, things will be a bit hard for him unless everyone watches for his sake… in any case, please watch and support us!

Sanjou: I’d like for everyone to enjoy themselves. The love of Digimon coming from everyone involved is overflowing, and it gives off a festive feeling more than you can imagine. The enjoyment of not being able to go this far under normal circumstances adds to it, so please look forward to it!

Takayama: The whole of Digimon itself really is filled with much love.

Sanjou: There is a festive part to it where the characters of previous series appear, but please also keep your eyes on the conclusion to the Xros Wars Hunter series itself.

Takayama: The mysteries will finally be solved, so don’t miss it!










Part 2 published on 3/25/2012 [On the day of Digimon Xros Wars II final episode 25 (79)]

  • The Digimon Xros Wars series has gone on for about a year and a half. As we reach the climax on March 18th and March 25 (last episode), main characters from previous series appear altogether!
  • Minami Takayama-san who voiced “Taiki Kudou” the main character for Digimon Xros Wars, and Riku Sanjou-san in charge of series composition, along with Producer Sakurada, look back on the Digimon Xros Wars series now that it has ended.

■ A recording studio thick with excitement

Producer Sakurada (Below, Sakurada): When you heard that the “Digimon Xros Wars” TV anime series would begin airing as the new Digimon, what did you think? And by the way, Taiki was conceived as a character who lead an army.

Minami Takayama (Below, Takayama): I love it when a story has comradeship involved. I really love it when they tackle something together as a team, so he [Taiki] was a character who brought me a lot of happiness.
When my role as Taiki was decided and I was told who else would be performing as my colleagues, I thought that this was going to be way too much fun.
I thought that, along with being inspired, I wanted to make this series last as long as possible. Even the story made me excited, wondering “What will happen next?” every week. It was really a lot of fun.

Sakurada: At the Hunters arc, our group of members changed completely. New members joined us and our average age went down to a younger age range.

Takayama: The scent inside the studio changed too. During the Death General arc, it was “the inside of an athletics clubroom during summertime”. But during the Hunters arc, it was “a field of flowers.” We had a larger number of girls, so it changed into a good smell. (lol) The balance among our members was great too, so the atmosphere of the studio became very bright, just like the story.











■ If there was a new series?

Sakurada: If Digimon had a new series, what sort of character would you want or what story would you want it to be?

Takayama: Humans fuse together to become Digimon.

Riku Sanjou (Below, Sanjou): If it’s two humans together, where does the Digimon element come from? (lol)

Takayama: The Digiegg goes inside the human. It gets absorbed and responds to its human and becomes their buddy. But the egg can’t hatch on the power of just one person. So when two people combine their strengths, it gives it power, what do you think? (lol)

Sakurada: Sounds interesting. (lol)

Takayama: I can come up with more ideas just thinking about them. Since I’ve acted as both human and Digimon, I think it would be interesting if I were able to become a character who can act both. For instance, like if there were all sorts of eggs and whichever one you absorb makes you transform into that Digimon. As an actor, it’s like enjoying two flavors at once (lol). But I think having tons of friends in a big group will definitely make things fun.
With friends, the world expands. Although it would probably be difficult when it involves an army (lol).

Sanjou : That was what I found unique for this one. Even if I were asked what sort of Digimon I’d like to do if I were to make a new one, I think that I would have to think in fresh terms at that particular time. I found it rather difficult whenever I was finishing up a script (lol).









■ Last of all, a message to the fans!

Sakurada: Now, in closing please leave a message for the fans.

Takayama: Thank you for your support during the total of 79 episodes!
It still doesn’t feel as though it’s over, but I’m confident that it has made the fans enjoy themselves.
I believe we’ll see each other again somewhere, but until then please wait for a little bit.
Taiki says thank you too. (lol)

Sanjou : Thank you for your encouragement during this past year and a half.
We were able to broadcast the longest running Digimon series at 79 episodes. The final battle will be a huge uproar filled with high spirits.
I did my best with the belief that a day will come when we will meet Digimon again.
Please wait for that day to come as well, everyone. Please continue to keep supporting us!

Sakurada: Thank you for your support this past year and a half!
This year commemorates Digimon’s 15th year. Let’s move on while continuing to be charged up!