[comic translation] Digimon World Re:Digitize Part 1

マンガ版「デジモンワールド Re:Digitize」前編

Published in V-Jump August extra-large edition, released June 21, 2012.


Original Concept: Akiyoshi Hongou
Comic: Kouhei Fujino
Original Product: Bandai Co., Ltd.
The first of a 2-part series!!

Red text: Our everyday lives evolve!!

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The young children dive into the Digital World…

[Please enter your password.]

[Confirming your account…]

[Account confirmed.]

[You are now logged in.]

Welcome to the world of Digital Monsters!
This game is an MMORPG service provided to you by Gigo Co.!!

You will now be transferred to the Coliseum!!

Nico: I’ve finally found you, Taiga!!
Nico: Even though I live right next door!!
Nico: I’m gonna beat you this time!!

Taiga: Fine by me, Nico!!
Taiga: I’ll be winning this one today, as always!!

Nico/Taiga: Fight!!!

Taiga: Huh?
Box: Taiga

Taiga: A… An error?
Taiga: It froze…

Sfx: Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong
Taiga: Wah!!

Taiga: Oh, it’s you Nico…
Taiga: Get your finger off my doorbell.
Nico: Dude, my Digital Monster froze from an error!!
Taiga: So did mine.

Nico: You serious?
Nico: So it’s not just me.
Box: Nico

Nico: Well damn, just when it was about to get good…
Nico: I had the perfect plan to beat you today.
Nico: Hey, I’m taking an ice cream bar.
Taiga: Jeez, I hope they get it repaired soon.

Nico: Ah, man, it’s hot…

Nico: Stuff like this seems to be happening a lot these days, you think?
Nico: Not just for digital monsters.
Nico: It’s like all network communications are unstable.

Taiga: Your dad’s a research technician for Gigo, isn’t he?
Taiga: Has he told you something on any network malfunctions going on lately?
Nico: Hah!

Nico: As if he’s even around to tell me.
Nico: He’s so caught up with work that he hasn’t even come back home.

Taiga: …
Taiga: I see.

Nico: Gigo Co. has a monopoly on the world’s wireless industries…
Nico: There’s the network acting up lately and my dad not coming home…
Nico: Maybe Gigo’s screwed something up?
Nico: Just kidding… Haha.

Nico: …Oh.
Nico: I got a hit.
Stick: You win

Box: Digital space
Box: Inside Gigo server

Mirei: There it is again…

Mirei: The number of these strange fluctuations shaking up the net world keeps growing by the day.
Mirei: As I suspected, there is something going on within the abyss of the network.
Sfx: tap tap tap
Box: Mirei

Mirei: And right now…
Mirei: I feel that I getting closer to finding out what it is.

Mirei: A number of years ago, servers suddenly went down worldwide without explanation.
Mirei: The only one at the time to succeed in maintaining their system and make rapid progress afterwards was Gigo.
Mirei: Through my independent investigation on this matter, I have come across a certain mystery.

Text: “Project Vitium”

Mirei: According to the fragmented records that remained on Gigo’s server…
Mirei: What happened those few years ago was caused by Gigo, with this project acting as the trigger.

Mirei: And the one responsible for it is…

Mirei: Dr. Yakov Petrov.
Mirei: Records of the project end with the statement that he has mysteriously disappeared…

Mirei: It appears that sniffing out the doctor’s whereabouts is the only path that will lead me to the truth…
sfx: Beep beep
Mirei: !

Mirei: Eh…?!
Mirei: There’s another Digimon signal besides mine in this area…

Mirei: How can this be…

Mirei: Be careful, you two!!

Mirei: !!?

Sfx bubble: Beep beep beep
Yuuya: Hehe…
Box: Yuuya
Yuuya: I’ve finally found you, Miss Hacker.

Yuuya: I noticed that there was someone lurking within the server lately…
Yuuya: But you’ve made it difficult for me to catch your tail.
Yuuya: For your fine hacking abilities, I commend you.

Yuuya: But as someone who will be leading this company one day, I can’t leave you to do as you please.

Yuuya: I will dispose of you right here.

sfx: flicker flicker
Taiga: Oh!

Taiga: They fixed it!
Taiga: I’m back online!
Nico: Awright!

Taiga: Huh?
Taiga: I’ve got mail.

Taiga: It’s a battle request.
Taiga: Let’s see…
Taiga: Nyanko Tamer?
Text: Let’s battle!
Text: Nyanko Tamer

Nico: D-Did you say Nyanko Tamer?!!
Taiga: Who’s that?
Nico: You don’t even know?!
Taiga: Nope.

Nico: His Digital Monster is ranked number one!
Nico: Everything else besides his overwhelming strength is unknown.
Nico: Players all over the world look up to him!

Nico: The guy’s a living legend…

Taiga: Wow!
Taiga: So he’s probably really strong!!
Taiga: Both Nyanko Tamer…
Taiga: And his Digimon partner!!

Nico: Ha–

Nico: Haaaah?! Of course he is!!
Nico: He’s not ‘probably’ strong, he IS strong!!
Nico: He’s ranked number one?!!
Taiga: Alright, I’ll send him the OK.

Nico: Whoa, whoa, wait, are you for real?!!
Taiga: Why not?
Taiga: I already sent it.

Nico: He might beat you so bad that you never recover!!
Nico: His avatar looks like an innocent kitty but he’s gotta be the devil inside, make no mistake!!

Taiga: I don’t mind.
Nico: Eh?

Taiga: I’m aiming to be the number one player too.
Taiga: So, I have to fight him and win sooner or later, right?

Taiga: Besides, I won’t be beaten that easily!
sfx bubble: Tap tap
Taiga: I have faith that my partner is the strongest there is!!

Nico: I…I see… You’ve got a point!
Nico: …But I still think the guy’s a devil…
Taiga: You think so…?

Akiho: Oh!

Akiho: He accepted my challenge.
Akiho: Now that’s what I like to see!
Box: Akiho (Nyanko Tamer)

Akiho: I’ve been a bit interested in these two for some time now.

Akiho: Especially this one.
Akiho: Umm…
Akiho: Taiga-kun, is it?

Akiho: I feel…
Akiho: Something strange coming from him.

Speech: You are now arriving to your designated Coliseum!!

Nico: There he is! Don’t let your guard down!
Taiga: Mmhmm!

Akiho: Here I go!
Taiga: Eh?

Taiga: Whoa…!!
Taiga: Run, Agumon!!

Taiga: Agumon!!!

Sfx bubble: Screech
Akiho: Huh? Is it over already?

Taiga: Agumon!!!

Akiho: Oh!

Taiga: Tha… That was close!
Nico: I told you not to let your guard down!!

Akiho: …Hmm.

Akiho: I was right, he is different from other people.
Akiho: He has a really high communicative bond with his Digimon.

Akiho: I thought I was the only one to hear the Digimon’s voices.
Akiho: Could he be just like me…?

Akiho: Well… either way.
Akiho: This looks like it’s going to be a fun battle!

Akiho: Well, that was a close one.
Akiho: It would have been really sad if you got beaten before you could even evolve.
Taiga: S-Shut up!!

Taiga: This fight’s just getting started!!
Taiga: It’s my turn next!!!

Akiho: A fighting will that does not fade.
Akiho: A heart that loves a challenge.
Akiho: You have a magnificent spirit.

Akiho: Kyaah!

Akiho: That surprised me!!
Akiho: What, what? What’s that sound?!
Taiga: T-The Coliseum’s wall…!!

Akiho: What’s this?
Akiho: What the heck happened?

Taiga: T-Those are…
Taiga: Digimon?

Yuuya: Now then.
Yuuya: I have you cornered.

Text: Who on earth is this…?!
To be continued in the second part!!

Update: Scanslation of this chapter done by A Bored Tamer.

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