[on-stage recording] reach the milky way! inazuma eleven GO tanabata festival – live post-recording stage

天の川までとどけ! イナズマ​イレブンGO 七夕フェスティ​バル
イナズマイレブンGOクロノ・ストーン特別編 七夕の逆襲

A live on-stage recording of an original story for Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone’s Tanabata Festival that aired on Nicofarre on 7/7/2012.
Until I find an FLV splitter that works, I have provided an audio copy and screenshots. Please do not re-upload elsewhere.
Edit: The subbed video of this page is linked here.

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MCs: America Zarigani (Tetsuya Yanagihara & Yoshiyuki Hirai)

Tenma Matsukaze – Yuka Terasaki
Fei Rune – Akiko Kimura
Kyousuke Tsurugi – Takashi Oohara
Takuto Shindou – Mitsuki Saiga
Ranmaru Kirino – Yuu Kobayashi
Taichi Sangoku/Yousuke Yashima/Sasuke – Kensuke Satou
Alpha – Kishou Taniyama (voice only)


Yanagihara: Now let’s move on! It’s this corner! Here it comes!
Hirai: As a special event that’s viewable here only, Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone’s voice actors will be doing a live recording right here on this stage.
Yanagihara: Then let’s get started! Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone’s special chapter, Counterstrike on Tanabata! Applause!
[Audience applauds.]
Yanagihara: So, we’ve reached this point. It’s the main dish!
Hirai: It is the main dish! They’re going to be jumping right into performance. No NGs.
Yanagihara: That’s right. This is also an original story with a full length of 15 minutes! They’re going to be voicing without stopping, the whole way! This is a pretty high hurdle. They can’t stumble over their words and they’ve got to keep the pace.
Hirai: Right.
Yanagihara: It’s going to be super difficult but I say we call them in, shall we?
Hirai: Then let’s call them in!
Yanagihara: Let’s go!

Hirai: First up, continuing on from part 1 is Inazuma Eleven GO’s main protagonist, Matsukaze Tenma’s voice, Terasaki Yuka-san!
Yanagihara: Here she comes!

Hirai: And next! Fei Rune’s voice, Kimura Akiko-san!
Yanagihara: Good to have you here, Kimura-san!

Hirai: And Tsurugi Kyousuke’s voice, Oohara Takashi-san!
Yanagihara: Oohara-san!

Hirai: Shindou Takuto’s voice, Saiga Mitsuki-san!
Yanagihara: Saiga-san! Cool! Cool!

Hirai: Kirino Ranmaru’s voice, Kobayashi Yuu-san!
Yanagihara: Kobayashi-san! Yuu-san!

Hirai: And last of all is Sangoku Taichi/Yashima Yousuke’s voice, Satou Kensuke-san!
Yanagihara: Yes, thank you! And so…

Hirai: The truth is we have one more person. The enemy of Tenma and the others here, Protocol Omega’s captain Alpha, voiced by Taniyama Kishou-san, who will be shown in the original story, but! But!
Yanagihara: But!
Hirai: Unfortunately he was not able to come to this event, so we have a message from Taniyama-san instead.
Yanagihara: Oh my. The message — I’m sorry, are you ready for this?
Hirai: Are you ready? I’m sorry that we have a lot of things jumbled up here. So, let’s have a look. Here it is.
Yanagihara: Taniyama-san’s message.

Taniyama: I’m Taniyama Kishou, the voice of Protocol Omega’s captain, Alpha. [peace sign] Yay.
So, at last, I’ve managed to join the Inazuma Family. Thank you. It is, after all, because I grew up watching Inazuma Eleven as a kid that I joined the voice acting profession in the first place. (Translator note: He’s lying) There’s really no greater honor. It’s like I’ve reached the highest I can go. I must be doing something right! That’s how I feel.
So today, after this, there is a live post-recording that’s going to be shown on this program; but unfortunately Taniyama Kishou, today on Tanabata — on this wonderful day that occurs only once a year, when Hikoboshi and Orihime reunite — has to go to an outdoor concert hall in Osaka. I have to go participate in a big karaoke competition there. (Translator note: He’s lying again) So I’m going to go and sing.
And so, that’s the reason why I’ve recorded my voice, Alpha’s voice, beforehand. I myself look forward to how it turns out, and I hope the audience at the studio and those watching on the net cheer on. I’d like to check on it afterwards as well.
So, please enjoy the Inazuma Eleven Fan’s Tanabata Festival to the very end! I’m going to go now and practice clearing my voice and get the championship. Aaah, aah! ♪Aaah, nice voice~ Good! Okay!
So please, continue to support Inazuma Eleven! This was Taniyama Kishou! See you again! Bye-bye!

Yanagihara: Rather fun person, isn’t he.
Hirai: He must be singing right about now.
Yanagihara: Oh yes, right about now.
Hirai: But over here we’ll be doing 15 minutes… all at once. Will you be okay?
Yanagihara: Also, you don’t normally do this in front of an audience, don’t you?
Oohara: This is my first time.
Saiga: There are some events where it happens every so often, but…
Hirai: You’re kind of lined up like a chorus right now.
Saiga: Well, we need everyone to have a good view, right?
Hirai: But seeing a sight like this is not usual.
Yanagihara: It’s 15 minutes and an original story… well, I’m sure you’ve practiced before coming here but since there’s no telling what will happen during the actual event, be careful! A lot of people are watching and it’s a live broadcast, so be careful!
Terasaki: May I clear my voice first?
Yanagihara: Eh?
Terasaki: May I clear my voice first?
Yanagihara: Of course you can!
Hirai: Please go ahead!

Terasaki: Fire Tornado…

Oohara/Terasaki: DOUBLE DRIVE!!!

Yanagihara: Magnificent.
Hirai: They’re okay. They’re ready to go.
Yanagihara: They’re good to go. When you said if you could clear your voice, I wondered what I was going to do if you said next “nice voice~”
[Terasaki bursts out laughing]
Hirai: No no, both sides were interesting. So, are you all ready?
Yanagihara: Are you ready to start?
Terasaki: Yes!
Yanagihara: You’re ready, right? Kobayashi-san, are you ready?
Kobayashi: ♪Ahhh, ahhh, nice voice~
Hirai: She’s okay. She’s ready to go. Everyone’s ready to go!
Yanagihara: Whenever I bring the subject to her, I’ve never gotten a disappointing response. Thank you. So let’s begin! I’m sure you’ve all been waiting! An original story that’s being exhibited to the public today only! It’s Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone’s special chapter, Counterstrike on Tanabata! Here it is!

TENMA: Kirino-senpai, over here!
KIRINO: Okay! Here it comes, Tenma!
TENMA: Nice, Kirino-senpai! You next, Fei!
FEI: Okay, Tenma!
TSURUGI: You’re in good form today, Tenma.
TENMA: Yeah! I get happy just playing soccer!
TSURUGI: Heh. I thought so.
SHINDOU: It looks like Tenma has gotten pretty comfortable in his role as captain.
SANGOKU: Yeah. The way he is now, we can leave Raimon to him without worries. But when he first came here, I never dreamed he would end up becoming captain.
SHINDOU: Yeah. By giving Tenma the captain mark, I meant to give to him the Raimon spirit and love of soccer that has been continually passed down within the Raimon soccer club.
SANGOKU: Yeah. I’m going to enjoy seeing the Raimon that he will lead. Hey, Tenma! Let’s take a break!
TENMA: Okay! You’re right, let’s rest for a bit.
TENMA: [sighs] The feeling you get after playing soccer sure feels great! Right, Tsurugi?
KIRINO: I hope we bring down the soccer ban soon so that we can play soccer with other schools.
SANGOKU: Yeah. It looks like we still have a long fight ahead of us, but we’ll do it to bring back our soccer!
TENMA: Huh? Sasuke?
SANGOKU: What, Sasuke?!
TENMA: What are you doing here, Sasuke?

SASUKE: Woof, woof!
TENMA: Okay, okay! Hmm? He has something in his mouth.
SHINDOU: What’s that?

TSURUGI: That’s… a tanzaku?
TENMA: Oh, I see! Today’s Tanabata! If we write our wish on this, it might come true, right? Oh, I know! Let’s all write our wishes down and hang them up on bamboo!
SANGOKU: Why not? I was planning to celebrate Tanabata with my mom anyway, so I bought a lot of tanzaku. I’ll share them with you guys. I’m sure I left them–
TENMA: C’mon, don’t lick me Sasuke!
SASUKE: Woof, woof!
TENMA: Sangoku-senpai, thank you, we’ll use these then. By the way, what are you going to write, Sangoku-senpai?
SANGOKU: Well, I think I’d like to be a better goalkee–
TENMA: Sasuke!
SASUKE: Woof, woof!
TENMA: Okay, okay! Look, if you keep licking, you’ll get the tanzaku all crumpled! Okay, good boy, good boy!
[SASUKE yawns]
SANGOKU: [coughs] So– / TENMA: What about you, Tsurugi?
TSURUGI: Me? I… I’ll wish for my brother, of course.
TENMA: Yeah. But your wish will definitely come true.
TENMA: Then, then, what about you, Kirino-senpai?
KIRINO: I want to play soccer with my best friend forever… I guess.
TENMA: Hehhh! Mmhmm, best friends are important! Then what about you, Shindou-senpai?
SHINDOU: Let me see… I… have someone I’d like to see again.
TSURUGI: Do you mean…?
SHINDOU: …! U–Um, no, I mean… er… like Coach Endou!
TENMA: Yeah! I thought you were talking about that tofu person. She was really pretty.
FEI: T–Tenma, let’s not…
TSURUGI: Hey, Tenma. It looks like the people around us here have no idea what you’re talking about.
TENMA: Eh? Oh, I see. This timeline is the one before we went to the Sengoku era.
TSURUGI: So it’s only natural they wouldn’t know.
FEI: Yeah. Everyone here will just have to watch the Time Traveling Arc starting next week.
TENMA: Yeah! I never saw Shindou-senpai like that before… [giggles] So, look forward to it, everyone! Oh right, what do you wish for, Fei?
FEI: Eh? I… I’ll write it on the tanzaku. It’s embarrassing. Anyway, what about you, Tenma? What do you wish for?
TENMA: Huh, me? Well, I haven’t thought about it… I guess mine would be to become a great captain!
SHINDOU: [chuckles] You will.
SANGOKU: Yeah! We have great expectations for you, Tenma!
TENMA: Thank you, Sangoku-senpai, Shindou-senpai! Also, Sasuke, stop!
SASUKE: Woof, woof!
TENMA: I told you to stop licking me, Sasuke! Huh? Now that I think about it, I haven’t heard your wish, Sangoku-senpai.
SANGOKU: Woof! …Um, right! That’s right. That was sloppy of me.
[Intercom beeping]
FEI: Yes? I understand.
TENMA: What’s wrong, Fei?
FEI: Bad news. It seems that El Dorado is making their move again. Doctor Aruno told us to be careful.
SANGOKU: Be careful? But careful of what?
FEI: Well, it’s the kind of warning you would expect from Doctor Aruno…

ALL: ?!
TENMA: You’re… Alpha!
ALPHA: Yes. I’m Alpha.
FEI: Alpha! Didn’t you get sent to Infinity Prison?
ALPHA: No. I have returned for payback.
FEI: What are you planning to do?!
SHINDOU: No matter how many times you guys try to change history, we’ll fight you! We will never back down!
TENMA: Are you trying to erase soccer again?
TSURUGI: What? Then why are you here? Don’t tell me you felt like joining us in playing soccer.
ALPHA: No. That will never happen.
SHINDOU: Then what do you want?
ALPHA: The process has already completed. I have eliminated something from you.
TENMA: But we remember soccer and we’re able to play it. There are no problems at all.
ALPHA: Is that what you think? I did not erase soccer, but I’ve erased something else.
SHINDOU: Something else?
TENMA: It doesn’t matter what you’re plotting, we won’t let you get what you want!
ALPHA: We’ll see about that. Haaaaah! [ALPHA shoots]
SHINDOU: A shoot! Watch out, Kirino!
KIRINO: That’s nothing I can’t handle!
SANGOKU: Kirino! I’ll stop this one!
TENMA: Sasuke! …Sangoku-senpai!
SHINDOU: No, Sangoku-san! If you take that on… you won’t last!!!
TSURUGI: Shindou-senpai!
FEI: It’s a strong one! It’s coming!
SANGOKU: Unassisted Ha– Han– Han— Hamburgers are my specialty dish!
ALL: Eh?
SANGOKU: ! …What am I saying?
SHINDOU: Sangoku-san…
KIRINO: His technique was a dud! And he mouthed off something inexplicable…
FEI: But he stopped the ball!
SHINDOU: Sangoku-san stopped the ball?!!!
SANGOKU: S–Shindou… But anyway, why did I blurt that out?
ALPHA: You will know soon enough.
SANGOKU: But I’ve stopped the ball! We won’t let you do as you please! Go, Shindou!
ALPHA: Don’t you understand? I purposely gave the ball to you so that you would understand the situation you are in now.

SHINDOU: Let’s move in for the attack! Kirino!
KIRINO: …What? The ball is gone!
TSURUGI: The ball is at Alpha’s feet!
ALPHA: Stealing from you is a simple feat.
KIRINO: I’ll defend here!
FEI: Alpha is coming! Be careful!
TENMA: Here it comes! Kirino-san’s The Mist!
KIRINO: Here I go, Alpha!
ALPHA: Hmph.

SHINDOU: Don’t tell me it didn’t work?!
FEI: Are you okay, Kirino-kun?
KIRINO: How could I have let that happen… I’m sorry.
TENMA: But I can’t believe Kirino-senpai missed The Mist.
SHINDOU: Kirino, how could you have missed The Mist? It’s not like you!
SANGOKU: Hey, don’t be so hard on him just because he missed The Mist.
KIRINO: I know… I know…! Don’t say anymore…
SHINDOU: Yeah, let’s stop here.
KIRINO: But it was strange. I tried to bring out my technique, but I couldn’t.
ALPHA: Yes. There was no way you could have.
TENMA: No way we could have? What do you mean?!
SHINDOU: Just what did you do?!
TENMA: You erased soccer again, didn’t you!
ALPHA: No. I told you, I haven’t erased soccer.
TENMA: Then what did you do?
ALL: …
ALPHA: …have taken out the super-dimensional in your super-dimensional soccer.

ALL: ?!
KIRINO: You took out the super-dimensional in super-dimensional soccer? Then that means…
ALPHA: That’s right. The only soccer you can play… is ordinary soccer.
TENMA: Ordinary soccer? So what! I love soccer! That’s no problem at all!
ALPHA: Is that so? Then why don’t we continue… this ordinary soccer. But before we do, I will prepare something that is essential for soccer.
SANGOKU: What do you have in mind? No matter what you do to us, we won’t lose!
[ALPHA snaps his fingers.]

YASHIMA: Whoa! I’ve suddenly been transported into Nicofarre! I thought I would be busy enough as it is with Sangoku-san and Sasuke, but now I suddenly have commentary to do as well! Having a soccer battle here on Tanabata, what a super development!
ALPHA: Then let us begin.
TENMA: Okay, let’s go!
TENMA: Okay!
YASHIMA: Now, it’s the kickoff! From Shindou to Matsukaze Tenma! Matsukaze runs for the goal! Oh?! Alpha’s going in to check him! What will happen?!
TENMA: I won’t lose!
ALPHA: We’ll see.
TENMA: Just because you took super-dimensional from our soccer, it doesn’t change anything! Soccer is soccer! Things will work out somehow! Here I go!
YASHIMA: Matsukaze gets ready to use his sure-kill technique! That technique is…!

TENMA: Soyokaze [zephyr wind]… sure feels great! …Huh? What is this?!
SHINDOU: What are you doing, Tenma? Pass it here!
YASHIMA: He can’t bring out his technique! What happened to him?!
TENMA: O-Okay! Shindou-senpai, use God’s Baton!
SHINDOU: Leave it to me! Kami no [God’s/My hair] …is all tousled up and bothering me… Huh?
TENMA: Eh?! Not Shindou-senpai too!
TSURUGI: Shindou-senpai, get a hold of yourself! I’ll go!
SHINDOU: I’m counting on you, Tsurugi!
TSURUGI: Okay! Here I go!
ALPHA: Hohh. You’re in posture for a shoot? Will you be able to pull off a proper attack?

TSURUGI: Death… Death… Death… DESU YO NE! [That’s that!] I knew this would happen.
SHINDOU: Unbelievable, not Tsurugi too! In that case, we’ll use our Avatars! Instrumentalist… didn’t think so. It won’t come out after all.
KIRINO: Avatars don’t work either, huh? This is what it means to play without super-dimension?
YASHIMA: What is going on here?! The techniques from Raimon’s side aren’t coming out at all! At this rate… At this rate the match is just too boring!
FEI: That’s true… without techniques, it’s rather boring.
TENMA: Boring, more like weird!
ALPHA: What a shame.
TSURUGI: This is bad, Tenma!
TENMA: This… This can’t be! Our soccer can’t be this boring!
SHINDOU: But… there’s not much I can say about this…
TENMA: Let’s try again! We’ve got to fight against our changed reality!
SHINDOU: Okay! Guys, let’s play as super-dimensional-ish as possible!
YASHIMA: Matsukaze, Tsurugi, Shindou, and Kirino move in as one to attack!
SHINDOU: Here it goes, Tenma! Uwoooohh! I pass to Tenma!
TENMA: Okay!
TSURUGI: Tenma, over here!
TENMA: Okay, Tsurugi! Centering at a moderate height!
TSURUGI: A normal shoot!
FEI: I see! You’re shouting out normal plays as if they’re techniques so you can get into the mood!
KIRINO: It’s no good, guys! Even if you shout them like technique names, it doesn’t feel the same.
ALPHA: Is that all you’ve got? Then I’ll start.
SHINDOU: Not good… at this rate…!
TSURUGI: He’ll beat us!
TENMA: Wait! There’s something wrong here, isn’t there? There’s clearly a contradiction here!
[TENMA taps.]

TENMA: Objection!
TSURUGI: Tenma, no. Wrong series.
TENMA: Alpha! You said earlier that you erased the super-dimensional, right?
ALPHA: Yes. So what?

TENMA: Then you being here is wrong!
TENMA: That’s because… in normal soccer, having an enemy that travels through time to attack us just can’t be possible! In other words, your very existence is super-dimensional!
ALPHA: W–What?! …T-That’s true…

ALPHA: Auuuuuughhhhh!!!

Yanagihara: Thank you!
Hirai: That was wonderful.
Yanagihara: Who would have thought that Alpha would end up grabbing his head like that?
Hirai: Who would have thought it was a comedy?
Yanagihara: And also, what was up with that? That treatment of Satou-san.
Hirai: He’s the comedic position.
Yanagihara: Please give everyone another loud round of applause! It was wonderful. How did you all feel, actually doing it?
Oohara: It was fun!
Kimura: Having the audience’s immediate reaction made me feel even more excited.
Satou: I had no time to swallow.
Yanagihara: I was watching from the sides but, seeing you all test the boundaries was very nice.
Oohara: Well it would normally never happen. It was very good.
Yanagihara: There was a camera placed on the other side and throughout the whole thing Satou-san is like “Smirk, I’ll get them to laugh again.”
Satou: No, no, no, no!
Hirai: It’s his immovable position.
Yanagihara: It was perfect. While we were watching, there were comments of “Whoa, Satou is awesome!” running through [on Nico].
Hirai: There were comments going through that all said “The usual”. [Translator note: “The usual Sangoku” meaning his inability to catch a goal]
Yanagihara: “The usual wwwww” it was.
Satou: That’s how I’m always treated.
Yanagihara: No, no, it was the best. It’s not something just anybody can do. Wonderful.
Hirai: Now, Yanagihara-san.
Yanagihara: Yes, what is it?
Hirai: Well, the main job of the voice actor is to speak, just like us, but they also have another side to them.
Yanagihara: Everyone — well, it doesn’t apply to all of them — but they also sing.
Hirai: Yes. That’s why for Inazuma Eleven GO, not only does T-Pistonz + KMC sing their songs, but there are many different character songs as well. So, since this is an occasion, we thought maybe we’d have them sing one song.
[Audience claps]
Yanagihara: I see! Well, since today is a special, just singing a chara song normally doesn’t seem right, right? Just singing normally–
Hirai: What, another parody?
Yanagihara: Eh? No, no, no, what are you going to parodize anyway?! If we went down that road, we’ll get lectured.
Hirai: Then how about this? The Ten-ma song that’s sung by Terasaki-san, Soyokaze Dream–
Yanagihara: Hirai-san, it’s Tenma’s song.
Hirai: What did I say?
Yanagihara: Ten-ma song. That’s completely Kansai.
Hirai: I’m sorry, my Osaka dialect came out. Damn it! I was born in Osaka! Damn it!
Yanagihara: He’s sorry.
Hirai: It’s Tenma, I’m sorry. We’d like to have everyone sing a collab of Tenma’s song, Soyokaze Dream. How about it?
Yanagihara: How about it? You want to hear it, don’t you?!
[Audience cheers]
Yanagihara: Since this is an occasion, let’s have Satou-san do his best one more time and have him introduce the song in his way. Then when Satou-san introduces the song, let’s go right into the song! And we’ll run off here!
Satou: Okay!
Yanagihara: Then let’s do this. Please go ahead!
YASHIMA: Okay! Then let’s hear it! Matsukaze Tenma’s “Soyokaze Dream” sung by Terasaki Yuka! Today is the collab mix version you’d only dream about! It will be sung by everyone here! Team Raimon Junior High, go for it!
Terasaki: Yay!
Yanagihara: Applause!

[Yanagihara, Hirai, and Satou walk off stage behind curtains, as Kobayashi, Saiga, Oohara, Kimura, and Terasaki begin singing Soyokaze Dream. Lyrics by my friend Splash here. Satou comes running back on stage during the chorus part to join them.]

Yanagihara: Thank you!
Hirai: It was wonderful.
Yanagihara: Hey, Satou-san, why did you run out?
Satou: I’m sorry, I just jumped out without thinking about it.
Hirai: Seriously, that was the first time I ever saw a full grown man jump out like that.
Yanagihara: Boy, I was shocked!
Hirai: Have some self-control!
Satou: People were calling for me so I thought it was okay.

Yanagihara: Calling for you… you should have seen the comments on Nico. “Satou is here! Satou is here! Sasuke is here! The dog is here!” It was a storm! “Satou, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!”
Satou: Thank you!
Yanagihara: What did you do that for!
Hirai: He couldn’t hold himself back.
Yanagihara: But it was great.
Terasaki: I had fun.
Yanagihara: Watching the video though, it was really amazing. There were leaves flying out and all during the song! It was like we were on the field!
Hirai: That’s what it felt like.
Yanagihara: It sure is a different level, this level of fan service!
Hirai: It is! It’s wonderful!
Yanagihara: Thank you, everyone! Please give them applause!
Voice actors: Thank you!
Yanagihara: They’ll show up again later. For now, thank you for the live recording and the song!

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