[scans] digimon adventure 02: christmas fantasy short story


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Digimon Adventure 02’s Christmas Fantasy CD came with a short story inside its booklet, which has been translated below.

Where to buy this CD: Amazon.JP, CDJapan.

Written by : Genki Yoshimura


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Soon To Be Christmas

Tailmon: It’s going to be Christmas soon.
V-mon: Oh! Speaking of Christmas, Daisuke is all fired up about getting Hikari-chan a present!
Patamon: Eh? I think Takeru said the same thing…
Tailmon: Hmm~
Hawkmon: Tailmon, that “I know something you don’t know” reaction is very creepy. If there’s something you want to say, you should come out and say it.
Armadimon: It has to do with Daisuke having… that thing… for Hikari, you know, gya?
Hawkmon: “That thing”?
Armadimon: Hawkmon, you’re rather stiff in the head, so you’re oblivious when it comes to these things gya.
Hawkmon: Whatever do you mean? My head is a very soft head covered in feathers!
Tailmon: No, what he means is—
A shuffling sound is heard drawing closer.
V-mon: Hm? Who’s there?
Wormmon: Let me in on the conversation, guys… what are you all talking about?
V-mon: We’re talking about what everyone will be doing for Christmas. Daisuke is going to give Hikari a present.
Patamon: So is Takeru…
Armadimon: Iori said he was going to have a Kissy Kissy Jelly drinking contest with his grandfather dagya! He’s practicing Kissy Kissy at home every day gya.
Hawkmon: Miyako-san has been collecting things at garbage dumps for some reason and constructing something out of them. She says she isn’t sure if it will be finished by Christmas, but it is going to be a great invention or something or other…
Tailmon: Hikari is knitting a scarf…
V-mon: Eh?! For who?!
Tailmon: She won’t tell me…
Patamon: Ahh~ I know nothing~
V-mon: Wormmon, what is Ken doing?
Wormmon: Ken-chan? Ken-chan is making one thousand paper cranes right now!
Tailmon: …That’s sad.
Wormmon: Sad? Sad? Is it sad?
Patamon: Umm… yes.
V-mon: No, it isn’t! …Someone he knows is probably sick, right?
Wormmon: No, Ken-chan just likes to make origami. Hey, is that sad? Is that sad?
Tailmon: Well, all of the new Chosen Children seem to have some strange quirk about them, so… it’s a tough life for us.
Hawkmon: Yes, I agree.
V-mon: Me, too.
Armadimon: So do I, dagya.
Patamon: Hm? I haven’t felt it was much trouble.
Tailmon: You would…


7 thoughts on “[scans] digimon adventure 02: christmas fantasy short story

  1. MAGNIFIC I translated ’cause I know english since 9 years ago so in the both ideoms the play is so wonderful and I like who does Patamon and V-mon are surprise of what Takeru and Daisuke are going to give to HIKARI if it the same is going to be a good discution


    • She simply means that, for better or worse, Patamon is the kind of Digimon who doesn’t have trouble with Takeru. I don’t think the two of them have argued even once in Zero Two, not even after Takeru went into his RAWR-DESTROY-THE-DARKNESS mode.

  2. emm is there a continuation?

    and it was not .ks darkess destroy mode it was just something he got angry about which is reasonable…-.-. Seriously people are just taking this thing over the top, I mean if you would be have been deeply hurt of something than of course someone following that path would not be good and patamona s well as the others didn’t see anything bad in their =/…..just saying

    overall thanks for the translation^o^

  3. …and the scarf was for her brother, trollkari /shot
    And Patamon should get upset more often… he’s so easy going!
    Thanks for the translation!

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