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デジモンアドベンチャー 小説

Digimon Adventure Novels #1-3

These novels are an official publication, not fan-made. They were written by the show’s director, Hiroyuki Kakudou, and one of the screenwriters, Hiro Masaki. Therefore, information revealed in them can be considered canon. Notice the use of verb “can” here, meaning that it is not an absolute. You’ll discover as you read on that not everything is exactly as portrayed in the television series.

Out of the current five Digimon anime series, “Digimon Adventure” is the one that I have fallen hard for. All of the Digimon series are my favorites, but this one is a bit more special to me than the rest. I love the character development and I was very pleasantly surprised by the mature, often dark, themes it has brought up in its plot. Even though it was produced as a children’s anime, I feel that adults will enjoy watching it as well. The series has opened doorways for me to other genres of anime and manga, and it has helped me meet incredible people, fans just like myself. Although the zeal in my anime/manga hobbies is slowly fading with age, this is a series that I will never forget in my lifetime.
I sincerely hope that after you have finished reading these novels, you will have gained an even better understanding and greater love of the unforgettable characters in Digimon Adventure. 🙂
Everyone is greatly encouraged to share their feedback and personal thoughts about what you’ve read. This site is open as a safe place of discussion as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s similar between the novels and the anime?
Characters, both good and evil, are preserved.
What’s different between the novels and the anime?
Plot situations may vary. The novels provide finer detail of the characters’ thoughts, backgrounds, and much more that were only glossed over in the anime. This does not mean that one is ultimately better than the other, though. Both have their pros and cons. Because the two are not in tandem with each other, you may view the novels as a separate work from the anime if you wish.
Can I archive this?
While you have my gratitude for wanting to do so, I will have to decline. Due to the enormous effort I will put into this project, this translation is not allowed to be archived anywhere else. This includes the scans which I have provided. No exceptions. Please link to this page instead. This site isn’t going anywhere, and I will be keeping backups of all that I’ve translated in case of a random system failure. After translations of all the books have been finished, PDF files of my translated version will be available for free download within the table of contents below. In order to view them, you must have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.
Using quotes from the novel for your personal website does not fall under this category, and they may be used freely.

I’d love it if someone translated the novels to their mother language, but I don’t know if there’s anyone who’s as insane enough as me to do that. *laughs* Maybe. 🙂

Other Languages

Tradução em Português by Rayana
Traducción en Español

Epub version (English) provided by rika24 on Livejournal:
Book 1 translation


Taichi Yagami…….. A 5th grade student. Although he is brave and takes action, he can be somewhat reckless.
Agumon……………… Taichi’s Digimon partner.
Sora Takenouchi… A 5th grade student. Taichi’s best friend.
Piyomon…………….. Sora’s Digimon partner.
Yamato Ishida……. A cool 5th grade student.
Gabumon……………. Yamato’s Digimon partner.
Takeru Takaishi… A 2nd grade student. Although he is Yamato’s younger brother, they live separately due to their parents’ divorce.
Patamon…………….. Takeru’s Digimon partner.
Koushiro Izumi…. A 4th grade student with a speciality in computers.
Tentomon…………. Koushiro’s Digimon partner.
Jyou Kido………….. A 6th grade student. He has a strong sense of responsibility.
Gomamon…………. Jyou’s Digimon partner.
Mimi Tachikawa… A 4th grade student. She is a princess-like type.
Palmon………………. Mimi’s Digimon partner.


~Now The Adventure Begins~
ISBN-13: 978-4086300292
(pdf – coming soon)

Chapter 1 : Drifting Ashore

1 : That Summer
2 : On The Other Side of the Aurora
3 : Mysterious Animals
4 : Attack of the Kuwagata Monster
5 : Where Are We?
Chapter 2 : File Island
1 : Black Gears
2 : The Deceptive Mansion
3 : The Village of Beginnings
4 : Chosen Children
5 : Light and Dark
Chapter 3 : Escape of the Desert
1 : Server Continent
2 : The Crest of Courage
3 : Access
4 : The Pyramid’s Trap
5 : Taichi’s Trial
6 : Perfect Level Evolution, MetalGreymon
Digimon Adventure Character Catalog

~The Eighth Chosen Child~
ISBN-13: 978-4086300353
(pdf – coming soon)

Prologue – In A Remote Cabin
Chapter 4 : The Lake of Separation

1 : Temp Lake
2 : The Amusement Park of Goodbyes
3 : PicoDevimon’s Trap
4 : The Restaurant By the Lake Shore
5 : The Town of People
Chapter 5 : Vamdemon’s Castle
1 : The Inquisitive Heart
2 : Karaoke Princess
3 : The Secret of the Crests
4 : Gennai’s Underwater Mansion
5 : Operation Invade the Real World
Chapter 6 : Tokyo
1 : August 1st, 1999
2 : Night
3 : Shibuya-type Digimon
4 : Encounter
5 : Two Crests
Digimon Adventure Keyword File
Digimon Adventure Monster File

~Our Adventures Are Not Over Yet~
ISBN-13: 978-4086300391
(pdf – coming soon)

Chapter 7 : August 2nd, 1999

1 : Memories of Hikarigaoka
2 : Ambush
3 : Barrier of Darkness
4 : The Captured People
5 : A Chance Meeting at Tokyo Bay
6 : Escape from Big Sight
7 : Leaving Only a Smile Behind
8 : Ultimate Level
9 : Once More to the Digital World
Chapter 8 : The Dark Masters
1 : Spiral Mountain
2 : The Unmerciful Sea
3 : A Falling Out Among Friends
4 : The Forest of Hatred
Chapter 9 : The Last Enemy
1 : The Wall of Fire
2 : Collapse of the Cities
3 : Mimi’s Battle
4 : The Darkness Within the Heart
5 : The True Enemy
5 : Those Who Defy Evolution
6 : The Last Battle
7 : A New World
8 : And So, the End of Summer
Digimon Adventure Monster File

To download a .rar file of all PDF chapter translations, click here. (coming soon)

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