[masterlist] デジモン 10th ANNIVERSARY-夢への架け橋-

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Digimon 10th Anniversary ~The Bridge To Dreams~

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1. 永久に続け!! (八神太一 | 藤田淑子)
2. 明日 (本宮大輔 | 木内レイコ)
3. キセキの宝物 (松田啓人| 津村まこと)
4. Secret Rendezvous (神原拓也 | 竹内順子)
5. 夢のカケラ (大門 大 | 保志総一朗)
7. 想い出の向こう (宮崎 歩)
8. 小さなかけら (AiM)
9. 誇り~限りなき力の証明~ (和田光司)

Lyrics in kanji, romanji, and translations for each track are available by clicking on the respective link.

Translation of message inside this CD’s booklet:
This project began from a casual conversation.
It first took place at Bandai’s booth in “Jump Fiesta 2007,” which was held at the end of the year 2006 in Makuhari Messe. Bandai’s representative and I talked about how, because 2007 would make it 10 years since Digimon was first sold as a handheld game, we would at least like to set up some event for Summer 2007.
We figured that if we were going to do this, we should celebrate with something different from what we’ve already done before. I thought of a lot of things, but fell ill midway and had to semi-retire at the hospital for 50 days. After that, the representative for Bandai was changed, so the project was put to a temporary standstill.
But the “Digimon Chou Shinka Best!” CD that was re-released at the end of year 2006 became a big hit that sold over 20,000, and feeling that there must be something we could do to return the favor, the project idea was brought back into action.
At first, we considered forming a collaboration with an event, but it began to move in the direction of a CD collaboration that included the 5 main characters and the major artists from all 5 series. We’d never put all successive main characters onto one CD jacket before, and it was by sheer coincidence that our sale date was decided for August 1st, so we thought it may turn out to be the best present for the fans that we’ve yet created.
Everyone on the artist team was already skilled in making their own song and composition styles, so we received works that reflected their feelings for Digimon. Also, since the project was finally becoming a reality, I had a personal desire to hear those certain people sing new songs. With the tireless help of a large number of people, the project was able to take shape as you see here. Now I’d like to take this moment to give my deepest gratitude to everyone involved.
It will soon be 10 years since the anime first started as well.
It will make me happy if we can still do something precious for that time, in order to bring to mind once again the scenery we’d seen back then.
August 1st, 2007… I wonder if many people are gathering in Odaiba again for this year?
I hold anticipation that something will be born again from this memorial album…
And I pray that these “feelings” will reach the fans of Digimon all over the world…

The password is still, We Love DiGiMONMUSiC.

June 2007
Index Music
Matsui Shintarou

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