[drama cd] digimon frontier: the train known as hope


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Takuya Kanbara : Junko Takeuchi
Kouji Minamoto : Hiroshi Kamiya
Izumi Orimoto : Sawa Ishige
Junpei Shibayama : Michael Shitanda (Masato Amada)
Tomoki Himi : Kumiko Watanabe
Kouichi Kimura : Kenichi Suzumura
Speaker : Masami Kikuchi

Producer : Hiromi Seki
Script : Hiro Masaki
Episode Director: Yukio Kaizawa
Acoustics Director/Song Selection : Hiroyuki Kakudou


1. CD Drama English translation
2. Cast and staff comments translation


TAKUYA: Digimon Frontier Blu-Ray Box Special Drama CD, “The Train Known as Hope.”

ANNOUNCER: The train will be jolting, so please be careful and hold on.

HIM: Are you awake? You were in a pretty deep sleep. Eh? Meguro? Meguro is already way behind us. Did you miss your stop? You must have been extremely tired. You have a busy schedule, huh? I hope you can relax now that it’s the end of the day.

TAKUYA: Hey, Tomoki.
TOMOKI: What is it, Takuya-san?
TAKUYA: Did you grow taller again? How tall are you now?
TOMOKI: Um, 180 centimeters.
TAKUYA: Man! Just the other day, you were only taller than me by a little bit, but you’ve sure shot up now.

HIM: Those boys in front of us hanging by the train straps. They look like they’re in high school. I wonder what they’re chatting about. Let’s have a listen.

TOMOKI: I’m sorry.
TAKUYA: It’s nothing to apologize about. By the way, what did you want to ask my advice on?
TOMOKI: To tell you the truth… I’m wondering if I should run for student council president.
TAKUYA: Whoa, that’s amazing, Tomoki!
TOMOKI: But there is one problem.
TAKUYA: What’s that?
TOMOKI: I’m a freshman.
TAKUYA: Well, duh, I know that already! I’m a third-year.
TOMOKI: The student council president is usually a second-year.
TAKUYA: Uh, so is there a school rule or something that says you can’t run for student council president as a first-year?
TOMOKI: No, there isn’t, but… The thing is, no one has ever done it before.
TAKUYA: C’mon, no one’s gonna have a problem with it! If they do, I’ll punch their lights out!
TOMOKI: Takuya-san… Please, anything but that…
TAKUYA: And Tomoki, I’m surprised at you! Why would you worry about a small thing like that? Doing what no one else has done is the frontier spirit, isn’t it? …Probably.
TOMOKI: You’re right. Okay then. I’ll apply for the running.
TAKUYA: Good! Now that that’s done, time for a strategy meeting. First, what are you gonna say as your catchphrase or slogan?
TOMOKI: I’ve already come up with a slogan.
TAKUYA: You sure you weren’t planning on running from the start?
TOMOKI: No, that’s not it. I was thinking about it so I could have it ready for next year.
TAKUYA: Oh, I see. So, what’s your slogan?
TOMOKI: ”Bullying and mean behavior is unforgivable!”
TAKUYA: Hey, that’s Chakmon’s signature phrase!
TOMOKI: Yes. There have been cases of bullying at my school, and as I was thinking on how I’d like to do something about it, I heard those words enter my ears.
TAKUYA: Maybe it was the voice of Chakmon’s ice spirit.
TOMOKI: Yeah, maybe. When I told Katsuharu and Teppei about it, they said they’d be glad to help me out.
TAKUYA: Katsuharu and Teppei… Those are the two guys who were with Angemon in the Digital World, aren’t they? The ones who pushed you into the Trailmon.
TOMOKI: That’s right.
TAKUYA: And now you guys are friends, huh?
TOMOKI: I know that getting rid of bullying isn’t easy. But if my generation can’t do it, then as long as it’s inherited by the next generation and the generation after that, then I’m sure that one day, bullying will be eradicated. I want to keep working on it with that belief in mind. That’s my campaign pledge.
TAKUYA: Haha! Come to think of it, I remember how you used to say that you wanted to become a hero of justice. How about becoming a politician?
TOMOKI: I haven’t thought that far ahead yet… But never mind that. Takuya-san, you’ll be continuing soccer even after you graduate, right?
TOMOKI: I heard from Izumi-san that you’re going to Italy! Is it Serie A?[1]
TAKUYA: Nope, Serie D. Going from top to bottom, it’s A, B, C, and D. D is the fourth-ranked league.
TOMOKI: That’s amazing!
TAKUYA: Yep! But I’m not staying satisfied. From there, I’ll keep building up experience, training my physique, improving my technique, and make it to the top league one day!
TOMOKI: You could do it, Takuya-san. You could definitely do it!
TAKUYA: To tell you the truth, I have someone that I admire! Maybe you’ve heard of him? It’s Sukehiro Tomita[2], who graduated from Urawa High School and scored tons of goals in Serie A! I wanna be a soccer player like Tomita one day!
TOMOKI: Haha. By the way, were you able to master the Italian language? You’ll need to know how to communicate.
TAKUYA: Uh… well… Not really… In fact… Not at all?
TOMOKI: Is Izumi-san not teaching you well?
TAKUYA: It’s not that, she just won’t shut up! She keeps going on at me about “forza, forza”! Ah, “forza” means “do your best”. I don’t need to be told to do my best, I’m already doing it! But there are some things in this world that are impossible no matter how hard you try!
TOMOKI: What are you saying, Takuya-san?! How could you just call it quits from the start?!
TAKUYA: U–Uh… Tomoki…
TOMOKI: Ah… I’m sorry. That sounded bossy.
TAKUYA: No, it’s fine. You’re right. If I don’t speak the language, they won’t use me in matches. I’ll just have to do it.
TOMOKI: That’s right! I’ll do my best, so you should do your best too, Takuya-san!

ANNOUNCER: We are arriving at Azabu-Juuban. The exit will be on the right. [in English] Arriving at Azabu-Juuban.

TAKUYA: Come to think of it, we kept losing to the Royal Knights and Lucemon in the Digital World so much that we all got fed up with it… But we still kept trying.
TOMOKI: That’s right. Once you give up, it’s all over.
TAKUYA: Compared to that, Izumi’s nag attack is no threat!

HIM: Did you hear that? They just said “Digital World.” Do you want to know what that is? Then let’s switch trains here.

ANNOUNCER: The train from Roppongi to Tochou-mae to Hikarigaoka will be arriving on the second track. Please stand clear of the doors. Please watch the gap between the train and the platform.

JUNPEI: [singing Italian opera]
IZUMI: H–Hey… No…
JUNPEI: What? [keeps singing]
IZUMI: Just… Junpei!
JUNPEI: [whispers] Is it just a bit too low? [keeps singing, louder]
IZUMI: Don’t sing inside the train!
JUNPEI: [keeps singing]
IZUMI: Ahh… You’re bothering the other passengers!
JUNPEI: Eh? Oh, c’mon… You were the one who told me to sing, Izumi-chan.
IZUMI: [hissing] What are you going to do about this? Everyone’s looking at us!
GIRL #1: [giggling] Who’s that guy? An opera singer? He’s pretty stout, so he looks the part.
GIRL #2: Never mind that, do you see that girl next to him? It’s her, isn’t it? That reader model[3] we often see in magazines… Um, what was her name… Oh, right! Izumi Orimoto!
GIRL #1: Oh my god! I gotta take a photo!

HIM: Oh? Are you also interested in that reader model and that man who looks like an opera singer? You have good instincts! Let’s listen to what they’re talking about!

IZUMI: [sighs] In any case, after hearing that song, I can’t believe you were able to get into H.U.[4]
JUNPEI: I’d sing more properly if I wasn’t inside a train.
IZUMI: But still, I was surprised that watching Shizuka Arakawa in the Turin Olympics was what made you decide to become an opera singer[5]. Junpei, you’re surprisingly quite the fanboy.
JUNPEI: I never said that. I’m training to be an opera singer so that I can have an even closer relationship with Izumi-chan…
IZUMI: What are you muttering about? If you have something to say, then say it clearly.
JUNPEI: [loudly] All right! I will! …Izumi-chan, have you decided what to do once you graduate high school?
IZUMI: I’ll be more or less going to university?
JUNPEI: Where?
IZUMI: I haven’t decided that yet.
JUNPEI: Then why don’t you come to my school?
IZUMI: H.U. is a bit… Um… Well, for starters, I plan on applying to 4-5 schools that look interesting, then go to whichever among them accepts me based on how I feel at the time.
JUNPEI: That’s rather leaving it up to the wind, isn’t it? As expected of the former Fairymon.
IZUMI: Fairymon! What a nostalgic name! Oh, speaking of which, when I was Fairymon in the Digital World…
IZUMI: I could see the different types of wind as colors. Zephyrs were celeste… Sky blue. Tailwinds were arancione… Orange. Headwinds were nero… Black. It wasn’t just colors. I could even hear their tune and smell the scent of the winds… Winds have a lot of different appearances to them.
JUNPEI: Ooh, I see.
IZUMI: Even now when I’m feeling the wind, I can kind of tell the sensation of that wind… Maybe Fairymon’s wind spirit is still within me. How about you, Junpei? Do you still remember the sensations from when you were Blitzmon?
JUNPEI: I… I’m not sure. I don’t remember much about it. In fact, back then I was at my wits’ end all the time, so I never got the chance to sit back and taste what lightning was like.
IZUMI: What about now?
JUNPEI: What do you mean “now”? Are you telling me to get electrocuted? I can’t do that, I’ll die!
IZUMI: [laughs] I see! Lightning is rather troublesome, huh?
JUNPEI: Heh, yes it is.

HIM: Those two are talking about the Digital World too. Aren’t you getting more curious?

JUNPEI: I–Izumi-chan… By the way…
IZUMI: What?
JUNPEI: I’ve got something to ask you, as a suggestion. Um… When you’ve been accepted into Uni, Izumi-chan, I have an idea on how to celebrate…
IZUMI: Wow! Grazie! Thanks! What are you planning to give me?
JUNPEI: It’s not a thing. Um… What do you think about traveling? We can take a trip to Italy and see the Roman Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Blue Grotto in Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and then lastly, we can enjoy opera in Milano’s La Scala!
IZUMI: Va bene! That’s a great idea! I approve!
JUNPEI: Yes! I got Izumi-chan’s approval! Khhh, it was worth it to bring out my courage and make a confession!
IZUMI: If we’re going, then the best time would be during summer vacation when university life has quieted down. Takuya should already be in Italy by then, and Kouji might be able to join us there. Which means the people leaving from here would be me, Junpei, Kouichi, Tomoki, and…
JUNPEI: U–Um… Izumi-chan? You aren’t thinking of taking everyone along, are you?
IZUMI: Of course!
JUNPEI: N–No way! Also, what’s this about Takuya being in Italy? What’s that all about?
IZUMI: Eh? Junpei, haven’t you heard? Takuya’s joining a soccer team there.
JUNPEI: No one told me that!
IZUMI: I see… Oh! I know!
JUNPEI: What? What?
IZUMI: Summer vacation and the opening games for the league will happen at the same time, won’t they? Then why don’t we all go to cheer for Takuya?
IZUMI: Listen. In Italian, “go” means “vai”! Vai! Takuya, vai! Goal! Goal!
JUNPEI: I–Izumi-chan… You need to keep your voice down in the train…
ANNOUNCER: Aoyama-Itchome. Aoyama-Itchome.

HIM: Sounds like they’ve gone off-topic from the Digital World. Let’s get off here and switch trains again.

HIM: Look. There are two boys there. They look similar, don’t they? They’re twins. I’m sure that those two will talk about the Digital World too. Let’s give them a listen.

KOUJI: You got an A-grade for medical school? That’s amazing, Kouichi! You’re as good as accepted.
KOUICHI: No, I can’t let my guard down just yet. A mock exam is still a mock exam. Besides, it’s you who is the amazing one, Kouji.
KOUJI: Huh? What’s so amazing about me?
KOUICHI: You’re gonna travel around the world! That’s incredible! The scale of that is so huge, I can’t even begin to imagine it.
KOUJI: Don’t think of it as that big of a deal. If I said it’s more like being a “backpacker,” would you know what that is?
KOUICHI: Yeah, I can understand “backpacker.”
KOUJI: I’ll be bringing my smartphone with me, so I’ll send you photos of where I go.
KOUICHI: Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to it. But even if we’re connected through the internet, it’s kind of sad that we won’t get to see each other for some time.
KOUJI: … [humming]
KOUJI: Hey, Kouichi? When you feel sad, just look up.
KOUICHI: What happens when I look up?
KOUJI: The sky is connected endlessly. Whenever you’re looking up at the sky, I’m probably looking up too. When you think of it that way, you won’t feel lonely anymore.
KOUICHI: [smiles] Okay. I’ll do that.
KOUJI: Oh, but… There is one thing bothering me.
KOUICHI: What is it?
KOUICHI: You can tell me anything. If it’s something that I can help with, then I want to help in any way I can.
KOUJI: Thanks. To tell you the truth, it’s about Mom. She’s a worrywart, so I think she might get herself worked up if I don’t come back home for one or two years.
KOUICHI: Yeah, that’s a legitimate worry.
KOUJI: I want to do what I can to make her feel at ease. I know, Kouichi! Why don’t you pretend to be me and go see her once in awhile?
KOUICHI: Eh? T–That’s…
KOUJI: Do you not like that idea?
KOUICHI: No, I’m not against it… I just don’t know if I can pull it off or not…
KOUJI: Sure you can! Compared to getting into med school, this should be a piece of cake.
KOUICHI: I don’t know if studying and impersonating someone should be compared at the same level…
KOUJI: Let’s give it a shot and practice.
KOUJI: Mom, I’m home! Now you.
KOUICHI: M–Mom, I’m home.
KOUJI: That’s stiff. Can you say it a bit more cheerfully? Mom, I’m home!
KOUICHI: Mom, I’m home… Like that?
KOUJI: Yeah, like that. But make your voice just slightly louder. Mom, I’m home!
KOUICHI: Mom, I’m home!
KOUJI: That’s it! That was perfect!
KOUICHI: T–Thank goodness…
KOUJI: The only problem left would be Garm…
KOUICHI: Garm? What’s that? The Garm in Garmmon?
KOUJI: Yeah. Garm is the name of my dog. He has a sharp nose, so I dunno if he’ll be fooled easily… He might bark or try to bite you if he knows that you’re not me…
KOUICHI: …Sorry… I can’t do it after all.
KOUJI: Ah… N–No, I’m sorry! I took advantage of your kindness and was being pushy…
KOUICHI: (*Sigh*… If only I had a little more courage… If only some of Duskmon’s strength still remained in me…)
KOUJI: (I made Kouichi feel depressed… If I was Wolfmon, I could have brought him light…)

HIM: What’s the matter? Why are you so surprised? Eh? There’s something behind the twins? …Yeah, there is. Digimon! Those are Digimon you’re seeing! Digimon come as various types, but those two look bigger and stronger than the humans.

WOLFMON: Hey, Duskmon. Did you hear what Kouichi just said?
LOWEMON: C’mon, Wolfmon, don’t call me by my old name. I’m Lowemon now.
WOLFMON: Oh, that’s right. Lowemon.
LOWEMON: Kouichi is wrong. Duskmon was strong because he was ignorant. He was strong because the only thing that he knew was to fight. All he ever thought about was defeating his opponents.
WOLFMON: But the truly strong are the compassionate souls. A merciful heart is necessary.
LOWEMON: It’s Kouichi who is stronger. I know because I’ve been by Kouichi’s side all the time, watching him. I’ve seen how hard Kouichi has been studying to get into med school.
WOLFMON: I’ll bet he has.
LOWEMON: It’s not just studying. He’s also been keeping up his part-time job delivering newspapers because he thought that a scholarship alone wasn’t going to be enough. Kouichi is an amazing person. As the Digimon who accompanied him as the Spirit of Darkness, I am very proud of him.
WOLFMON: Kouji is the same way. He humbles himself, always saying that he still has much to work on, but an uncut gem doesn’t sparkle. By traveling the world, Kouji’s light is sure to shine even brighter. I look forward to that day.

HIM: The Digimon are saying some nice stuff. Digimon and humans, by journeying together, help each other to grow.

ANNOUNCER: This train will be going direct on the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line running semi-express to Chūō-Rinkan. The next stop is Shibuya. Shibuya. After Shibuya, we will be stopping at Ikejiri-Ōhashi. For transfers, please take the Fukutoshin Line, the JR Line, the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line, or the Keio Inokashira Line. Please remember to take all of your belongings when exiting the train. Thank you for riding the Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon line.

LOWEMON: Kouichi and his brother are getting off at a later stop, right? Wolfmon.
WOLFMON: Futako-Tamagawa. But we’ll be getting off here.
LOWEMON: I know that.

HIM: Why are you staring into space? You’re getting off too! Follow those Digimon!

HIM: Let’s get on that elevator.

[The sound of an elevator going down]

HIM: This is your first time in this elevator, right? Where is it headed? To the terminal underground. From there, you will be going to the Digital World. It’s the frontier of the Digimon that you saw earlier. You were able to see the Digimon, right? It’s actually my job to guide people like you to the Digital World. Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Neemon, a Digimon. Nice to meet you.

PUMPMON: Yay, welcome to Shibuya!
GOTSUMON: The railway train going straight to the Digital World is gonna be departing soon!
WOLFMON: Who are you guys?
PUMPMON: I’m Pumpmon!
GOTSUMON: I’m Gotsumon!
LOWEMON: You’re in the wrong series!
PUMPMON: Oh, don’t be such stiffs!
GOTSUMON: Did you know? Just the other day, one of the staff members was waiting for the pedestrian light at Shibuya, and a young person who was a complete stranger apparently said this!
PUMPMON/GOTSUMON: ”You can’t have Shibuya without Pump and Gotsu!”
PUMPMON: That makes me so happy! Thank you!
CHAKMON: [running up] Hey, wait for me!
PUMPMON: Here’s Chakkamon[6] who will inspect our tickets!
CHAKMON: Ahh, it’s so cold! I brought hotpot! I’m gonna light it up now! Click. Click. Huh? I’m out of gas! —Hey, I’m not Chakkamon!
PUMPMON: Oh, my apologies! Checkmon!
CHAKMON: Let’s see here, I’m going to check the quality of this merchandise… Oh, it’s good… And the packaging? Not bad… The time of delivery is— I’m not Checkmon either!
PUMPMON: I know that! Chutneymon!
CHAKMON: Just as I thought, you can’t have curry without chutney!
FAIRYMON: …How long are you going to keep doing this, Chakmon?
CHAKMON: Oh, hello!
GOTSUMON: Well, well, if it isn’t Lady Fairymon!
FAIRYMON: Is there no women-only car here?[7]
GOTSUMON: Not at this time, unfortunately.
BLITZMON: It’s okay, Fairymon. I, Blitzmon, will risk my very life to protect you.
PUMPMON: Whoa, a human power generator! Nice! Like a Digimon stun gun!
BLITZMON: Oh souls warped by evil desires! My lightning will purify thee!
[Lightning falls and something blows up]
PUMPMON: Hey, there’s someone within the smoke!
AGNIMON: [theatrically] Agnimon has arrived!
PUMPMON: Is he in a period piece?[8]
AGNIMON: Quiet all ye! Oh souls corrupted by evil! Do thou not see this family crest of flames?!
PUMPMON: But why a period piece?
AGNIMON: If thou dost not know, then listen sharp! I call myself Agnimon, but my old name was different! I was born in Izumo and was originally a miko! I became a performer and put on shows as I journey! My kabuki dancing is world-famous! [in a girlish voice] If you’ve heard of Okunimon, that’s me!
CHAKMON: Go go, fire lady!
NEEMON: Allow me to explain! Okunimon is a female performer who is considered to be the originator of kabuki theater. She is a Digimon modeled after Izumo no Okuni.[9]
AGNIMON: My recompense be like a fiery chariot[10]. Pray, would you put a pretty coin in my purse?
FAIRYMON: [applauding] Wow…
BLITZMON: What an impressive show!
PUMPMON/GOTSUMON: Oh man, they’re going along with it!
LOWEMON: Hm? Wolfmon… What’s the matter? You look like you’re struggling with something.
WOLFMON: …Hey… Can I make a pervy joke?

[The Trailmon departs]

NEEMON: Now… At last, it’s time to set off for the Digital World! What sort of world do you think it is? This is so exciting!

GOTSUMON: Ahh! Oh crap!
PUMPMON: [banging on the doors] Let us out!
FAIRYMON: They were so wrapped up in fooling around that they forgot to get off…
BLITZMON: What a pair of clumsy bunglers.
PUMPMON: Damn it! If I can’t leave, then I’m gonna make a mess in here! Trick Or Treat!
GOTSUMON: Angry Rock!
CHAKMON: Ah… They hit Lowemon.
LOWEMON: You guys… Mind if I beat you up?[11]
LOWEMON: I can’t hear your answer zansu![12]
WOLFMON: That sounded like a mix of stuff there…

[LOWEMON attacks, breaking a window]

PUMPMON/GOTSUMON: Ahhh! We’re being sucked outside!
PUMPMON: Well, everyone, goodbye!
GOTSUMON: We’ll be going back to Shibuya!
DUSKMON: Those guys weren’t enough. Is there anyone else here who’s worth defeating?
AGNIMON: Oh crap. Lowemon’s degenerated into Duskmon! Let’s all put a stop to him! Fire Darts!
WOLFMON: Licht Sieger!
FAIRYMON: Brezzo Petalo!
BLITZMON: Thor Hammer!
CHAKMON: Icicle Lala!
DUSKMON: Geist Abend!

[Their attacks fly around everywhere]

WOLFMON: Hey, guys… I know there’s stuff going on right now, but am I really not allowed to make a pervy joke?

NEEMON: Look at that. We’re getting further and further away from Shibuya. Now look ahead. That’s the Digital World. The future where you’re meant to go. The frontier of hopes and dreams!

🎵 Throw into the smouldering heart a FIRE!!
🎵 Make your heart fly to the horizon
🎵 Once I’ve kicked up the feeling of running around in circles
🎵 I’m going ahead to the next frontier
🎵 It will be granted! Yes it will! The point of ignition is almost there
🎵 You can do it! Yes you can! Show them your explosion
🎵 Burn up ‘n Go!!
🎵 Jump over these trash cans to the future that’s ahead
🎵 Clad in light, get a fire power!!
🎵 Burn up blazing the might in your eyes
🎵 With unerasable courage, get a fire power!!
🎵 To the frontier full of unknowns
🎵 I’ll keep running “bringing you along”

[1] Serie A = One of the best professional football leagues in the world. Serie A through C are professional leagues, while Serie D is a non-professional league. [Link to Wikipedia]
[2] Sukehiro Tomita = Although not an actual soccer player, this man was the screenplay writer for the Digimon Frontier TV series. He did in fact graduate from Urawa High School in Saitama.
[3] Reader model = A “normal, everyday” person who is a model for fashion magazines meant to target the average person. [Link to Wikipedia]
[4] H.U. = Izumi uses the term “HonDai” which is a shortened term for “Hon*** Daigaku” (本大 or Hon*** University). Since, however, no actual “HonDai” exists, I translated it to H.U.
[5] Shizuka Arakawa in the Turin Olympics = This is a reference to Arakawa’s free-skate program during the Turin Olympics in 2006. The song used was “Turandot,” an opera by Giacomo Puccini. [Link to a video of Arakawa’s free-skate program on Youtube]
[6] Chakkamon = “Chakka” (着火) meaning “to ignite”.
[7] Women-only car = Some of Japan’s trains have cars that are designated for women only, in order to decrease cases of sexual harrassment in trains. [Link to Wikipedia]
[8] A period piece = Agnimon’s tone of voice indicates that he is acting in a “jidaigeki,” a period drama set in the Edo period to depict the livelihoods of samurai and people back in the day. [Link to Wikipedia]
[9] Izumo no Okuni = A reference to a real miko who became the originator of kabuki theater. [Link to Wikipedia]
[10] “Like a fiery chariot” = A saying that means your financial situation is tight and you’re in the red. It’s likely that Agnimon here is asking for money for his performance. I translated it literally to keep the “flame” reference for Agnimon.
[11] “You guys… Mind if I beat you up?” = The beginning of the catchphrase said by Ryutaros, a character from Kamen Rider Den-O. He is voiced by the same voice actor, Kenichi Suzumura.
[12] “I can’t hear your answer zansu!” = The second part of Ryutaros’ catchphrase, ending in Iyami’s “zansu” (a character from Osomatsu-san), who is also voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.





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