[masterlist] digimon series 1-4: original story

ドラマCD デジモン オリジナル・ストーリー・シリーズ

Digimon’s Original Story Drama CD compilation

Truly, among all of Digimon‘s drama CDs, the Original Story series is something that all fans must look into. There are honestly no words I can say more than that. I’ll let each of them speak for themselves.

Digimon Adventure – Two and a Half Year Break
This CD drama takes place within a two-and-a-half year period, where we peek into how each Chosen Child is dealing with being back in the real world and the events that shape them into the people we see in “02”.

Digimon Adventure 02 – Spring 2003
Taking place in the spring of year 2003, we get a follow-up on how each Chosen Child is faring and preparing for the future. The closing message was written by “02” series director, Hiroyuki Kakudou.

Digimon Tamers – Message in the Packet
Using Jian’s idea to record each of their voices into a message and send them to their Digimon, each Tamer approaches the mic to face their feelings for their Digimon friends.

Digimon Frontier – Things I Want to Tell You
The human Warriors take the time out to offer their thoughts of people important in their lives in the form of a letter. As always with the Frontier gang, their letters range from sweet to utterly silly.

Digimon Original Story Special ~with~
This CD came in very limited stock, so it’s rather lucky that the original source was kind enough to share. It contains goodbye messages from each character (possibly ad-libbed), while the Tamers track even provides a closing act.

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