[scans] digimon adventure 02: private siesta

デジモン 公式大図鑑IV

Six illustrations that came in the Digimon Adventure Zero Two illustrated guide book, “Digimon Official Encyclopedia IV.”

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A time for rest, which they had for a long time coming. How does everyone spend it? Let’s take a peek at how each child uses their peaceful moment with their partners!!

A dream match realized!!

Destined rivals, Daisuke and Ken. Each of them welcomed Digimon as members to strengthen their soccer teams, and within the large crowd of spectators that watched attentively, the match finally began with the kick-off!
At the same time the whistle blew, Ken set off with an exquisite dribble. It was a personal technique that put the entire Daisuke Team at his mercy!
Daisuke: !? He’s done it now!!
V-mon: Are you okay, Daisuke?!
Ken: All right, it’s clear all the way to the front of the goal!
Ken centered the ball from the right side.
Ken: Go!!
Ebidramon (Ken Team’s forward) flopped around on its back in front of the goal…
Ken: !?
Guardromon (Daisuke Team’s goalkeeper) calmly caught the ball. He gave it a great, big kick towards the forward defense!
Daisuke: Time to counter attack! Bring the ball up, V-mon!!
V-mon: Leave it to me, Daisuke!
With an agile one-two, Daisuke and V-mon slipped through the Ken Team defenders. The last player blocking their way… was Ken, who had run all the way back there.
Daisuke made a flash of eye contact with V-mon. Gaining speed, he broke past Ken and shot!
Ken: At this angle… it’ll miss!!
But just at that moment, V-mon dove in with a head butt! Goal!!
Daisuke: All right! That was nothing!!
V-mon: We did it, Daisuke!!
Ken was on his knees, pounding the ground with a fist in frustration.
Ken: Why does my team only have Ocean type Digimon…
Stingmon: Don’t give up, Ken-chan!!
You… If you took the time to evolve, you could at least join my team instead of flying in the air and cheering for me, Ken thought.

Siesta Time after school?!

It happened when school was finished for the day and the setting sun shone brightly in the sky. Takeru and the others decided to take a nap on the bank next to the road they walked home on. Patamon lay down on top of Takeru’s hat, which he had taken off and put next to him on the grass, and was looking up at the sky before he realized that everyone had fallen asleep. And yet, for some reason, he could hear a crunching noise nearby.
Patamon looked over and to the left of Takeru’s body to see Agumon eating shortbread cookies. Suddenly, Patamon’s own stomach rumbled. Without saying a word, Agumon looked at him and held out a shortbread cookie. Moving a little forward, Patamon reached out and took the cookie, then moved back to his original place and took a bite. As he chewed, Agumon held out another cookie.
This exchange happened over and over until Patamon began feeling that moving back and forth was a waste of effort. Patamon began to think. What place is there that would not only allow him to take cookies without having to move, but would also be comfortable to sit on?
(How about on top of Takeru’s belly!?)
Patamon climbed on top of Takeru’s stomach and accepted the next cookie, crunching on it hurriedly. Seeing Patamon like this filled Agumon with much amusement, and he continued to silently offer his shortbread cookies one after the other to Patamon, as if he were serving wanko soba [Noodles that are served repeatedly one spoonful a dish].
Their movements gradually grew faster and more intense. Patamon’s violent shifting put pressure on Takeru’s stomach… but neither of them noticed as Takeru’s expression grew more and more anguished. The two of them ate their cookies in earnest.
About one hour passed…
Refreshed from their nap, the group cheerfully started to head home again, but Takeru was the only one among them who looked ill. The truth is, he had woken when Patamon had first started his strange game, and had known about it all along. But as he watched Patamon’s joyful, shy smile and smelled the sweet scent of his breath, Takeru could not tell him this.
Instead, he gave a long and heavy sigh. In any case, he thought, I’ll get home as fast as I can and have a proper nap this time.

Armadimon in Nagoya!!

Armadimon and Iori arrived in Nagoya for a trip. Koushiro and Tentomon went along with them as their guardians. Armadimon wasted no time in stuffing himself with Nagoya’s famous foods — kishimen, miso-katsu, tenmusu, uirou, etc.
Armadimon: Waah, this is paradise. Nagoya is a great place just like I always thought dagya~
Iori: A–Armadimon? You’re eating a bit too much!
Armadimon: What do you think you’re sayin’? There’s a mountain of delicious food here! If I don’t eat it all before we go home, it’ll be considered rude dagya!
Iori: But you should be considerate about Koushiro-san, who is buying all of that food for you! I’m really sorry about this, Koushiro-san…
Koushiro: Ha… ha ha. No, it’s all right, don’t worry about it. I’m actually more concerned about that one over there.
Iori: Eh? Oh… that one, huh?
“That one”… Now that they mentioned it, a rather loud and excited voice could be heard…
Tentomon: Uwah~ This is amazing! Wah, wah, what is this?! Uwaaah! All right, time for a commemorative picture. One, two, three, Petit Thunder!! Wow, I’m so glad I brought a camera along! Come on, Koushiro-han, come over here and Petit Thunder with me! Ah, I see something else that’s really cool over there! Whoaaaa, that’s…! Koushiro-han, I’m going to go get that!
Koushiro: O–Okay. Ha… ha ha ha ha ha. Haa…
Armadimon: Tentomon sure is in high spirits today gya. Iori and Armadimon, instead of making those drawn faces, why don’t you try eating with me? It’ll relax you both dagya! Ahh, this tastes so good~
The neverending eater Armadimon, and the neverending ball of peppy Tentomon. Koushiro and Iori, both carrying a trace of worry about the future of their lives, continued on their journey.
Armadimon: Alright, tomorrow we’re hitting Osaka dagya!
Koushiro: Wha–?!

A massive breakdown through cake making?!

Hikari was being taught how to make a cake from Sora, and once all of their members were there, they began their lesson immediately.
Hikari: Sora-san, what do I do next?
Sora: Next, you peel the skin off the fruits…
As Hikari worked with precision, Tailmon felt that she ought to do something to help. However, the entire process seemed to mainly consist of small jobs, and her large hands made it hard for Tailmon to help with those. “Am I unnecessary here?!” Tailmon began wondering to herself. A place where she could belong in this kitchen was starting to feel smaller and smaller. That was when Sora spoke up.
Sora: Now we put the flour through a sieve to sift it. This step makes or breaks the taste of your cake!
Tailmon’s eyes flashed upon hearing those words.
Tailmon: Hikari, I’ll take care of that!
Tailmon snatched the sieve from Hikari and began to swing it back and forth with a ferocious single-minded intent. The flour was being properly sifted, but it raised up clouds of flour on both sides.
Hikari: H–Hey, Tailmon, wait… cough, cough!
Hikari was unable to stop sneezing, while Andromon’s body began to short-circuit from the floating flour and blow out smoke.
Piyomon: Sora, don’t get too close!
Piyomon pulled at Sora, to keep her away from the flour clouds…
In the meantime, with sounds of bzzt-ing and crackling, Andromon exploded!! The ingredients scattered everywhere in the kitchen, and it was a scene from hell itself.
Tailmon: Hikari…… I’m sorry……
Tailmon finally realized what she had done. However, the damages she received from the explosion were heavy and her vision began to blur against her will. She tried to find Hikari’s face as she was on the verge of losing consciousness…
The last thing she saw before her vision faded was Wizarmon, who (for reasons she couldn’t comprehend) was standing stock still without a scratch on him and staring at Tailmon with heat in his gaze.

Beach volleyball – 2 VS 2 (?)

Miyako and the others arrived at the beach during summertime to play. Jyou’s older brother, Shuu, also came along as their guardian. Upon Mimi’s suggestion, they broke up into the Miyako & Hawkmon Team versus the Mimi & Lilimon Team to play beach volleyball.
Shuu: Okay, we’re starting. The Mimi-chan and Lilimon Team serve first.
Mimi jump-served! Hawkmon rushed forward in a panic to receive it.
Miyako: Kyaaah! That was wonderful, onee-sama~~! [Miyako’s nickname for Mimi. It means “Big Sister”]
Hawkmon: Miyako-san!! Which team are you supposed to be cheering for here?!
Fighting back bravely as his feathers scattered about, Hawkmon was the only one on his team who played seriously. The rally continued.
Miyako: Here I go!
Miyako threw a spike. Mimi received it with a precise eye. Lilimon quickly tossed the ball up into the air.
Lilimon: Go for it, Mimi!
Mimi: Okay! Take this!!
Mimi jumped up high into the air until the sun shone from behind her.
Mimi: Attack!!
Hawkmon: Bwooooh!!!!
Miyako: Kyaah! Kyaaaah! You’re so marvelous, onee-sama~~ ♥
Hawkmon: I’ve had enough…
Receiving the ball full in the face, Hawkmon flew back from the impact. He could feel his consciousness fading fast…
Without even bothering to look at the fallen Hawkmon, Miyako continued to stare at Mimi with hearts in her eyes.
Around that time…
Jyou, who had also come along with them, had lost to the heat of the sun and was now suffering heatstroke.
Gomamon: Jyou? I brought you some water. Honestly, you need to sharpen yourself up…
As Jyou lay there with dizzy circles for eyes, Gomamon readied the bucket he had filled with seawater to pour onto him. Apparently, he thought Jyou would be just fine as long as he got wet.
Jyou: ……Someone… please… get me to… the hospital…

Wishing on a shooting star…

Due to Wormmon’s continuous pestering, Ken took the two of them out for a boat ride at the lake during the night. The night sky was filled with stars, and the March moon glowed prettily. The air around them was very quiet and gentle. The noise and traffic of the city were far away in the distance. This place was a world that belonged only to the two of them.
Wormmon: Ken-chan. The weather here is really refreshing. It’s so quiet, too.
Ken: Yeah. It is.
Wormmon: Ken-chan. Look! The moon looks so pretty.
Ken: Yeah. It does.
Wormmon: Ken-chan. There are so many stars out! They look like they’re about to fall from the sky.
Ken: Yeah. They do.
Wormmon: Ah, Ken-chan! I just saw fireworks all the way over there! It feels kind of nice to look at them from a distance, too, like we’re doing now, doesn’t it?
Ken: Yeah. I think so, too.
Wormmon: The city lights make it look like a lit-up toy town. It looks beautiful.
Ken: Hmm. It does.
Wormmon: Oh, wow! Oh, Ken-chan, look at that! A shooting star!
Ken: Yeah. It’s amazing.
Before long, the two of them fell into a long silence. Only the faint squeaking of the paddles as Ken continued to row the boat could be heard. It glided through the water as the flat wooden paddles drew quiet shapes into the water surface.
Wormmon: Ken-chan…. Are you tired?
Ken: Why do you ask?
Wormmon: Because, Ken-chan… you don’t look like you want to talk…
Ken: No, it’s not that.
Wormmon: ?
Ken looked at Wormmon for the first time since that night. His smile seemed to come from the very bottom of his heart, a smile that was more pure and beautiful than anything that ever existed in this world.
Ken: I was just thinking that I wish this moment could last forever.
Those words filled Wormmon with so much happiness that he could have cried. In that moment, Wormmon’s misty eyes spotted another shooting star sailing through the sky.
Wormmon: Yeah. Me, too.

Tradução em português by Rayana

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6 thoughts on “[scans] digimon adventure 02: private siesta”

  1. Wow these were great. I’ve never seen these pictures anywhere before so it was a real treat to not only see the pics, but read the translations too! Thanks so much for sharing with us~!

  2. This is really amazing. It’s really from 2001, and I’m just now seeing these?

    There is something very shocking that I don’t quite understand. It’s about Wizardmon’s appearance. What I can’t figure out is whether they’re implying that he’s still dead (yet note how he doesn’t look translucent) or eventually became reborn and was there the entire time in the kitchen, but not mentioned until the end.

    Also, what’s the deal with the “heat” in his eyes? I’m not sure if that’s transliterated correctly, but he doesn’t look angry to me.

    I’m certain these scenarios are considered canon, but if anyone can clear this mystery up for me, I’d appreciate it.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing these scans.

    1. There is something very shocking that I don’t quite understand. It’s about Wizardmon’s appearance.
      They’re rather vague about that one, I’m afraid, but since it specifically says “without a scratch on him,” implying that he should have been hurt but wasn’t, I like to think that he’s there physically.
      As for the “heat” in his eyes, the words used were ‘atsui shisen’ “熱い視線” which doesn’t really indicate anger but a warmer, almost passionate, feeling. I guess interpret that line the way you want, because I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean either. ;]

      Glad you liked! Thanks for your comments!

  3. what an amazing story..great job for translating those..

    Anyway on the last part,what Mummymon and Arukenimon doing at Moon after all?

  4. Thanks again for translating it :). I really liked it and t.ks love for patamon was soo cute *-*. I also think it suggests that t.k is a bit like matt as well as tai or at least learned from them when he grew up as he tries to think to be more careful like matt did in the first series but also doesn’t hesitate to bring up courage to fight which he learned from tai (e.g. raidramon episode, irnoically there he is fighting with daavis to fight whereas in adventure tai was the one who was fighting with matt to fight but yeah that is why I think that t.k is carefull and logical and thinks with a plan (like in giga house he was trying to have a plan at start) so this us why I think he learned from both adults nd sees both of them as a brother. Sorry I just interpreted teh character after seeing this poster and I couldn’t help than to write it.

    Again very much thank you for translating it you are giving me hope to try to learn japanese by myself :D. And I lov eall of the posters and their pictures…it was afunny and wonderful at the same time 😀

  5. why is it that everytime that I end up looking at Wormmon’s and Ken’s relationship it looks as the though Wormmon has a crush on Ken of sort of >>;

    and because of this I now ship WizardmonxGatomon!! (although I already had the shipping feeling for them)

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