[drama cd] digimon adventure last evolution kizuna : where should we go?


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Daisuke Motomiya : Fukujurou Katayama
Ken Ichijouji : Arthur Lounsbery
Iori Hida : Yoshitaka Yamaya
Miyako Inoue : Ayaka Asai
Takeru Takaishi : Junya Enoki
Hikari Yagami : MAO
V-mon : Junko Noda
Wormmon : Naozumi Takahashi
Armadimon : Megumi Urawa
Hawkmon : Kouichi Toochika
Patamon : Miwa Matsumoto
Tailmon : Yuka Tokumitsu
Narrator : Hiroaki Hirata

Producer : Hiromi Seki & Yousuke Kinoshita
Script : Akatsuki Yamatoya
Sound Director : Satoki Iida
Recording : Satoru Matsuda
Sound Effects : Yuuji Furuya & Maki Takuma
Sound Production : TAVAC


🎵 The story has begun to revolve at full speed
🎵 Dyeing the earth red
🎵 On the map there lies an empty paradise
🎵 Let’s try to save it ourselves
🎵 We’re running as fast as we can now
🎵 Up the endless hill, far away
🎵 Stand up! There’s a hero inside of me
🎵 A target that towers over everything, there’s no way I can lose!
🎵 Burn up! My heartbeat burns within my chest
🎵 We’re gonna get back the tomorrow we’ve forgotten
🎵 With a heated battle!

NARRATOR: It’s early summer in the year 2010. Daisuke and his friends have each moved on to shape their chosen future careers, but with summer vacation approaching, they decided to form a plan. And in order to put that magnificent plan into action, Daisuke and his friends take a stand.

DAISUKE (Title Call): “Where Should We Go?”

TEACHER: Therefore, my emotions at this time would be choice C: “We could have continued on this together without abandoning all efforts.” Incident to that would also be “We could have continued, but we didn’t”—

[School bell rings]

TEACHER: That’s all the time we have, so that’s it for today’s lecture.

[Class stretches and yawns]

STUDENT: See you, Hida-kun!
IORI: Good work today. See you tomorrow.
STUDENT: Bye, Iori!
IORI: Goodbye. Please be careful on your way home.
DAISUKE: …I see you’re still talking formally to everyone as always, Iori!
IORI: Daisuke-san! And Takeru-san.
TAKERU: Hey there, Iori-kun. Long time no see.
IORI: It’s unusual for the both of you to come and see me. Did something happen?
DAISUKE: Sorry for the short notice, but we need to talk to you. Could you come with us?

FRONT DESK: Hello! Welcome to the Karaoke Palace! Do you have membership cards?
IORI: No, we’re not members.
DAISUKE: Three students, please!
TAKERU: Oh, but we may have more joining us later.
FRONT DESK: Understood. Should I add an all-you-can-drink option?
IORI: No, thank you.
FRONT DESK: You got it. How much time would you like?
DAISUKE: Three hours, to start!
TAKERU: Oh, but we might extend it later.
FRONT DESK: Understood. Please head to Room 505!

DAISUKE: All right, we’re here! Hey, V-mon, you can come out now!
V-MON: Yes! Daisuke, I’m starving!
TAKERU: Sorry to keep you cramped up in there, Patamon.
V-MON: Why did we have to hide?!
DAISUKE: Hey, don’t complain! I needed to save up from the admission fee that they would have charged you guys!
IORI: Well, that’s rather cheap.
DAISUKE: Get off my back!
ARMADIMON: Guys, long time no see, dagya!
DAISUKE: Hey, Armadimon! You came to our world too, huh?
V-MON: Oh, this is a karaoke bar!
PATAMON: Takeru, can I sing?
TAKERU: After we’re done talking.
DAISUKE: Okay, guys, first… Let’s get something to eat!

[Daisuke picks up the phone]

FRONT DESK: Hello, front desk.
DAISUKE: Three oolong teas and three orange juices! Also, a large order of fries, the fried food combination platter, and one of each pizza you’ve got! Also, the entire first page of the menu!

[Daisuke hangs up]

IORI: The entire first page…
TAKERU: [laughing] They must think we’re total pigs.
IORI: Who’s going to be paying for this…?

FRONT DESK: Thank you for waiting! Here are your drinks, a large order of fries, the fried food combination platter, pizza, and the entire first page of the menu.
TAKERU: Wow… That’s a lot of volume.
DAISUKE: All right guys, you can come out now! Go ahead and eat!
DIGIMON: Yay! Thank you for the food!
IORI: So, who’s going to be paying for this?
DAISUKE: Now look at who’s being the cheap one.
TAKERU: I could say that for the both of you.
DAISUKE: I’m not being cheap, I’m economizing!
TAKERU: Not that I care either way.
IORI: Putting that aside… What did you want to talk about?
DAISUKE: Oh, what I wanted to talk about was…
V-MON: Daisuke wants to go on a trip with everyone!
DAISUKE: Hey, V-mon! Don’t say it before I do!
V-MON: Oh, sorry…
IORI: When you say “everyone,” to what extent do you mean?
DAISUKE: I was thinking, first, Hikari-chan! Then Takeru, Ken, Iori, and Miyako. I thought about reaching out to Taichi-san and the others too, but our seniors seem pretty busy.
TAKERU: I think whoever’s busy can just come along if they happen to make it.
ARMADIMON: I heard from Hawkmon that Miyako is studying abroad in Spain right now, dagya.
TAKERU: Ichijouji-kun also mentioned that he has a soccer camp.
PATAMON: Wow, everyone’s so busy.
DAISUKE: Since we’re all more or less like that, I figured we’d ask Iori first about his schedule since he’d be the busiest with studying for college entrance exams and club activities.
IORI: Oh, I see. I have cram school and kendo practice during the summer, but I believe that I can arrange my schedule as long as it doesn’t take place on my training camp week.
TAKERU: Oh, great! That’s more flexible that I’d thought.
DAISUKE: That would be majorly helpful, Iori!
IORI: Going on a trip is fine and all, but what exactly do you guys want to do?
DAISUKE: Eat delicious ramen!
V-MON: See the ocean!
PATAMON: I wanna go gather firewood in the mountains!
TAKERU: …Firewood?
IORI: In this area, we could go to Izu for the ocean or Karuizawa for the mountains.
DAISUKE: I like that! Playing tennis with Hikari-chan in Karuizawa!
TAKERU: But the ocean is a great choice, too.
DAISUKE: I like that… Swimming underwater in the ocean with Hikari-chan… Hehehe…
V-MON: Daisuke… You’re kind of embarrassing me…
IORI: By the way, Armadimon, where would you like to go?
ARMADIMON: I want to go… to Nagoya, dagya!
ALL: Nagoya?
ARMADIMON [takes the karaoke mic]: “The castle is the mainstay in Owari, Nagoya!” as they say.[1] Its landmark, the Nagoya Castle, is famous for its brilliant gold shachihoko[2] on its roof! On maps, Nagoya is located at the very center of Japan as its central hub of culture! Containing the best of both the east and the west, it’s the number one place in Japan where a car is essential! Its four-laned highways on both sides that ignore pedestrians runs in all the four cardinal directions[3] , and the local favorite date spot is the aquarium! There’s even a few zoos and art museums! And what’s more— What else could represent Nagoya more than its gourmet food! Gourmet food is what Nagoya is all about! Miso pork cutlets, shrimp tempura hand rolls, deep fried chicken wings, and Nagoya’s famous special “fwied shwimp”![4] A round table full of breakfast foods! Slightly salty spaghetti with starchy sauce on top! Not pasta, but spaghetti! When you’re in a hurry, stop by at the train station for kishimen! I recommend the shops located on the uptown platform![5] Piping hot udon noodles boiled in miso! Super-super-spicy Taiwan ramen! The slightly expensive hitsumabushi[6], and last but not least, the Yamatoya ramen, dagya!
ARMADIMON: [breathes] So, that’s why I say let’s all go to Nagoya, dagya!
DAISUKE: I’m personally interested in the Taiwan ramen…
V-MON: Hey, why is it called “Taiwan” ramen if it’s popular in Nagoya?
PATAMON: Right? If it’s from Nagoya, then it should be called Nagoya ramen!
DAISUKE: You have a point.
TAKERU: I’ve heard that the “fried shrimp” is spoken with a Nagoya twist as if it originated there, but it actually didn’t.
IORI: This has always been on my mind, but most of Nagoya’s famous foods are rearrangements of already completed dishes, aren’t they? Take the hitsumabushi, for instance. Why don’t they just call it an eel bowl?
ARMADIMON: Huh?! Not you too, Iori!
TAKERU: Well, if you’re gonna talk about that, then that goes for the miso pork cutlets too.
DAISUKE: Yeah, the pork cutlet is kinda already a dish all on its own.
V-MON: And kishimen is just flattened udon noodles, right?
IORI: Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this, but I feel that a majority of Nagoya’s food menu is rearrangements of dishes that already exist with extra things added in. In other words, they’re ripoff—
ARMADIMON: REARRANGEMENTS! [pants heavily] Good grief, I wish you wouldn’t speak of such slander, dagya! Nagoya is the great metropolis that very nicely blends the east and west together, dagya!
KEN: Sorry we’re late, guys.
TAKERU: Hey, Wormmon! Hello!
DAISUKE: Ken and Wormmon are here!

KEN: I see. So that’s what you guys were talking about.
IORI: Do you have an idea of where to go, Ichijouji-san?
KEN: Hmm, well… If I had to choose… Maybe the hot springs?
ALL: Hot springs?
KEN: Yeah! Hot springs are great!
KEN [takes the karaoke mic]: The hot springs *obviously* must have free-flowing water. If possible, I think I’d prefer a quiet, rural flowing hot spring that’s surrounded by a moss-covered garden. Then I want to stay the night at a historical inn that focuses more on tranquility and wabi-sabi rather than wildness or beauty. I’m not looking for a lot on the food options, but the portions should ideally be neither too large nor too small. If we’re just going to relax our bodies, then I’d like it if there was a variety of hot springs to choose from. The water quality that I recommend for the ladies would be the hydrogen carbonate spring or the alkaline simple hot spring (these are otherwise known as simple hot springs with a basic pH of 8.5 or above), but my personal favorite is the hot sulphur spring! Incidentally, the hot sulphur spring is said to treat arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. If it were possible, I’d like to take my time there… At least stay for two nights! Ahh… Hot springs… Hehehe…
TAKERU: Y–You have some unexpectedly refined tastes!
DAISUKE: I wouldn’t say “refined,” maybe more “obsessive”…
PATAMON: I didn’t understand a single word you just said!
V-MON: Me neither!
WORMMON: Don’t make fun of Ken-chan!
V-MON: Then did *you* know what Ken said?
WORMMON: Hmm… Nope!
IORI: A place that has the ocean, mountains, and hot springs… How about Atami?
KEN: Oh, Atami! It’s mostly chloride springs there, but soaking in a colorless, transparent spring would be nice once in awhile!
DAISUKE: Ramen at a hot springs spot, huh…? That’s got its own charm, so I like the sound of that! Refreshing shoyu ramen with naruto on top, a nostalgic flavor that reminds you of times past! Mmm!
TAKERU: Yeah, the hot springs at Atami seem like a good idea!
KEN: If we’re staying at a hot springs inn, then I can recommend a few places there that I regularly visit.
DAISUKE: Regularly visit? What are you, an old man?
TAKERU: But that would certainly help us decide on things quickly.
IORI: Then it’s decided! Our trip destination will be in Ata—
TAILMON: It’s premature to be making that decision!
DAISUKE: Hikari-chan!
V-MON: And Tailmon!
TAKERU: When did you two get here?
HIKARI: We’ve been here for awhile!
TAILMON: You were all so absorbed in your conversation that you didn’t notice us come in.
DAISUKE: What are you guys, ninjas?
V-MON: Ninjas? That’s so cool!
TAILMON: I’m not a ninja.
TAKERU: Hikari-chan, since you object, does that mean you don’t like Atami?
HIKARI: It’s not that I dislike Atami, but I thought if we’re going to do this as a group, then it would be best to go to Spain where Miyako-san is!
ALL: Spain?!
DAISUKE: We’re talking overseas now?
TAKERU: Isn’t that a little too high of a reach?
MIYAKO: Not really!
DAISUKE: Whoa, now Miyako is here!
MIYAKO: ¡Hola!
HAWKMON: By the way, I, too, am here!


DAISUKE: Whoa, now Miyako is here!
MIYAKO: ¡Hola!
HAWKMON: By the way, I, too, am here! Also by the way, “¡Hola!” is how you greet others in Spain!
WORMMON: Hawkmon, long time no see!
V-MON: Now we’re all here!
HAWKMON: It’s been a while, everyone.
DAISUKE: Wait, Miyako, didn’t you leave for Spain?
MIYAKO: I did.
TAKERU: You came all the way back here just to meet us?
HAWKMON: Of course! It’s only natural for us to come since you said it was an important meeting.
V-MON: By plane?!
MIYAKO: No way! We used this!
BOYS: The smartphone D-3?
MIYAKO: That’s right! With this, we can open a Digital Gate and go anywhere in the world!
TAILMON: I see! We have that option!
DAISUKE: Which means…
KEN: Yeah. We can go anywhere in the world without taking up time!
V-MON: So that means…?
DAISUKE: It means, we can go anywhere we want in the world!
V-MON: Wow!
KEN: [laughs] Didn’t I just say that?
TAKERU: Anywhere…
IORI: In the world… Without spending money!
PATAMON: Wow, this is amazing! I’m so excited!
MIYAKO: …I feel like you guys are getting hyped about something else.
ARMADIMON: We can go to Nagoya whenever we want, dagya!
[The other Digimon talk excitedly]
HIKARI: I flat-out refuse that idea! Because… I want to visit Spain!
TAILMON: Hikari, I agree. I want to go to Spain as well. If possible, to the Basque region!
MIYAKO: Yeah! In all honesty, Spain is a great place. Their wines are delicious, whether in red or white, and their sangria is the best!
HAWKMON: Um, Miyako-san, we have underage people here.
MIYAKO: All of their foods taste amazing, and if you do an afternoon pub crawl, you can eat all sorts of tapas! Any restaurant you go in has exquisite dishes, and in their street market, you can buy raw ham and seafoods at a reasonable price!
HAWKMON: Miyako-san, you’re getting too worked up about this…
MIYAKO: So, Hikari-chan…!
HIKARI: Yeah! We have to convince the others!
HAWKMON: Miyako-san, you’re ignoring me, aren’t you…
MIYAKO: So… Listen up, everyone!
ALL: Huh?
HIKARI: We’re about to give you a presentation on just how wonderful Spain is!
MIYAKO: So be quiet and listen!

[They take the karaoke mic]

HIKARI: ¡Buenas!
MIYAKO: ¿Cómo estás?
HIKARI: Spain, the country of passion! Spain, the country of delicious gourmet!
TAILMON: Paella! Al ajillo! Spain omelettes!
MIYAKO: Spain, the birthplace of Antoni Gaudí!
HAWKMON: The Sagrada Família, the Park Güell, the Casa Batlló!
MIYAKO: Spain, where there’s the Liga Española!
DAISUKE: [jumps in] Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabéu, San Mamés!

HIKARI: …And you get the idea! Spain has a lot of famous tourist spots and their food, which goes without saying, is incredible!
MIYAKO: Their fruits of the sea and fruits of the land are better than you could ever hope for! Dare I say it, you could even call it the world’s capital for gourmet food!
HIKARI: It’s rich with art museums, and Barcelona has a huge zoo. Not a lot of people know this, but there’s even casinos!
MIYAKO: It’s low humidity there and the air is fresh, so it’s comfortable to live there! Also, the view of the streets is gorgeous!
HIKARI/MIYAKO: Let’s go to Spain, okay?
HIKARI: ¡Gracias!
IORI: …Everyone gave into that pretty quickly.
TAILMON: Then it’s decided! Our destination will be Spain—
ARMADIMON: Hold it, dagya!
ARMADIMON: I’m not letting go of Nagoya, dagya!
TAILMON: What if I said that *we’re* not letting go of Spain?
TAILMON: Are you picking a fight with me, Armadimon?
ARMADIMON: What if I said that I was, dagya?
TAILMON: Very well then! I’ll take you on!
DAISUKE: …Uh, what’s with this sudden change in atmosphere?
KEN: Wait, you two!
TAILMON: Hikari!

[‘Break Up’ music plays]

TAILMON: Tailmon, armor evolve!
ARMADIMON: Armadimon, armor evolve!
TAILMON: The light of smiles…
ARMADIMON: The steel wisdom…
TAKERU: Now hold on a second! If you evolve here, you’ll make a mess of the karaoke room!
ARMADIMON: You’ve got a point, dagya…
TAILMON: Then come outside with me. We’ll settle it there.
ARMADIMON: Bring it on, dagya!
IORI: Wait a moment! I don’t think you need to go that far.
TAILMON: Why not?
IORI: It won’t take any time at all to travel, so we can go to both places.
ARMADIMON: Oh… That’s right, dagya.
TAILMON: But are the rest of you okay with that?
KEN: Of course we are! …As long as we also go to the hot springs.
IORI: In other words… We can spend the night at a hot springs inn at Nagoya, and go to Spain from there.
PATAMON: Hey, then I want to go to the southern islands!
WORMMON: Going to the south in the summer is dull! Since it’s summer in Japan, we should go skiing in Australia!
DAISUKE: Wormmon… How are you going to wear the skis?
TAKERU: If we want to see a beautiful ocean, then why don’t we go to Tahiti? We could try diving there!
MIYAKO: Then I want to go to Taiwan next! The soup dumplings!
KEN: Wormmon, I just looked it up on my phone… If we take a car three hours from Melbourne, there’s a ski resort called Mount Buller.
WORMMON: Really?! Ken-chan, you’re so kind!
DAISUKE: [whispering furiously] No, seriously, how…?
IORI: Then if we go from Nagoya, to Spain, to Australia… What were the other places again?
MIYAKO: Guys, I’m fine with wherever we go, but don’t forget about foreign currency! You can’t buy anything without money.
KEN: Oh, that’s right.
MIYAKO: Especially the American dollar! As long as you have USD, you can rest easy! I mean, even the Digital World uses it!
TAKERU: Do you think we should carry our passports?
MIYAKO: You’ll need it in order to stay at hotels. Also, don’t forget to bring your toothbrush because some hotels don’t provide it depending on where you go.
KEN: Is that true?!
TAKERU: Yeah, it’s pretty common overseas.
V-MON: Hey, then, if we’re traveling overseas, should we bring rice with us?
PATAMON: And pickled plums?
HAWKMON: If you miss Japanese food, then you could just use the D-3 to come back to Japan.
ARMADIMON: We should always be carrying a bag of Yamatoya’s instant ramen with us, dagya!
HIKARI: We are definitely going to Spain, okay?
ARMADIMON: We’re all absolutely going to see the Nagoya Castle together, dagya!
MIYAKO: I’ll give you guys the tour of Spain, but… I do like the idea of braised pork rice bowl in Taiwan!
HAWKMON: Miyako-san! If we’re going to Taiwan, then I also recommend its night markets!
PATAMON: Tahiti!
WORMMON: Australia!
DAISUKE: Guys, listen to me!
ALL: Huh?
DAISUKE: My dream is to become a ramen shop owner in the future. I don’t know when I started thinking that way… But when I confided in Ken on my obscure feelings about ramen, he turned to me and said this: ‘If you really want to run a ramen shop, then you should form a concrete plan in order to turn that dream into reality.’
WORMMON: Ken-chan, you told him that?
KEN: Hmm, I might have.
DAISUKE: Hearing those words bowled me over because I was only vaguely thinking about owning a ramen shop. It made me realize that I was naive to think that just thinking about it was going to get me to accomplish it.
TAKERU: Yeah, just thinking about it won’t do anything.
PATAMON: Yep, yep!
DAISUKE: That’s why I circled around the ramen shops in my neighborhood in order to figure out for myself what delicious ramen is supposed to be like. I thought that I was getting somewhere with that, but this time, Iori saw what I was doing and lectured me.
IORI: I said something?
ARMADIMON: You don’t remember, dagya?
IORI: No, not at all.
DAISUKE: Iori said to me, ‘Ramen is deeper than it appears. Do you think you’ll understand it just by eating the ones from your local shops?’ So I studied up on the various ramen from all over the country! Asahikawa ramen from Hokkaido, Sapporo’s miso ramen, Hakodate’s shio ramen, Sendai’s chilled noodles, Fukushima’s kitakata ramen, Kanagawa’s iekei-style ramen, Tokyo’s niboshi ramen, Hachioji’s sweet broth with raw onions, Toyama Black, Wakayama’s tonkotsu-shoyu broth, Fukuoka’s tonkotsu ramen, Nagasaki’s champon noodles!
V-MON: Every kind of ramen was so tasty!
DAISUKE: Then Hikari-chan gave me a regional guidebook, and Miyako told me about the Seishun 18 ticket![7]
HIKARI: Oh, that was back when I was getting rid of stuff!
MIYAKO: You should have already known about the Seishun 18 ticket…
DAISUKE: As I traveled throughout the country, eating that region’s local ramen, I began wanting to learn more and more about ramen! I started seeing an albeit vague-but-getting-there idea of what *my* best ramen would be like! But at the same time, it brought to the front an issue of what I was clearly lacking.
KEN: Lacking?
IORI: What would that be?
DAISUKE: Experience. I had absolutely no experience as a chef. That’s why I’m attending a vocational school right now to become a certified chef. I’ll eat and make lots of ramen! I want to know more and more about ramen!
MIYAKO: Oh, I see…
IORI: I’m sorry, Daisuke-san… I had no idea you felt that way and we kept talking about what we wanted…
HAWKMON: So, what you’re saying is, you want to go on a trip not to spend time overseas, but to go somewhere famous for ramen to continue your research, right?
KEN: [smiles] If that’s the case, then why not?
WORMMON: We all love ramen!
PATAMON: I agree!
HIKARI: Seeing you pursue your dreams makes you look kind of cool.
DAISUKE: Huh?! Really?!
TAKERU: Then how about we let Daisuke-kun choose where we should go?
ALL: Okay!
KEN: But in return…
ALL: Huh?
DAISUKE: In return?
KEN: I hope you’ll let us try the ramen that you’ve come up with, Daisuke.
DAISUKE: Yeah, no problem!
[ALL smile]
MIYAKO: So? Where do you want to go?
DAISUKE: Right! So, the place I was thinking of going is…
ALL: ???

DAISUKE: [grabs a mic and yells] NEW YORK!!!
ALL: Why New York (dagya)?

🎵 Try to wait a while, ’cause anyone is
🎵 Totally different from yesterday
🎵 Try to look for a while
🎵 Even the silhouette of your profile looks mature
🎵 Hey you, yeah, you
🎵 I get why you feel like wanting to make excuses
🎵 Because if the world is like this,
🎵 Nothing’s gonna get done
🎵 Right! I wanna breathe in
🎵 Now! That feel-good breeze
🎵 So badly, so badly
🎵 Tomorrow my wind will blow
🎵 So keep all the doors in the world open
🎵 Tomorrow my wind will blow
🎵 So that cowardice of yours
🎵 Will be blown away completely
🎵 For a gorgeous life!

NARRATOR: The New York City eats! Daisuke and his friends land in NYC, the city of cutting edge gourmet food, in order to research on a new kind of ramen free of preconceived ideas! But what awaited them there was a phone call from an unexpected person. Next up, Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna! Now, the gate to adventure opens.

DAISUKE: Whaaat, after all that, it’s just Ken and Iori?
KEN: Now, now.
IORI: Hikari-san and Takeru-san said they’d join us on the second day.
V-MON: Daisuke, I can’t wait to see New York!
ARMADIMON: Let’s hurry up and eat that ramen dagya!
V-MON: Daisuke!
DAISUKE: Sure! Then let’s get going! Digital Gate open!

[The gate opens]

DAISUKE: Let’s go, guys!
ALL: Yeah!

[1] “The castle is the mainstay in Owari, Nagoya” (尾張名古屋は城で持つ) = There are different interpretations of this saying, one of them being that Nagoya is only famous for its Nagoya castle; the castle acts as the main tourist attraction that supports Nagoya financially.
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shachihoko
[3] Nagoya is filled with highways, sometimes even having as many as five lanes for one direction. Pedestrians often have to use pedestrian bridges in order to cross streets. An example of how wide car lanes are in Nagoya and how much traffic dominates it can be demonstrated on this YouTube video.
[4] “Fwied shwimp” = The comedian Tamori joked about how the Nagoya dialect pronounces “fried shrimp” with a more distinctly nasal, lazy sound, and restauranters in Nagoya ran with the joke to make fried shrimp one of Nagoya’s specialty foods. While it’s hard to translate from the Japanese, the joke was that “ebi furai” (fried shrimp) spoken in Nagoya dialect sounds like “ebifuryaa”.
[5] Kishimen on the train platform = At Nagoya station are many kishimen counters where you can stand while eating. People often stop for a quick bite of this as they are commuting.
[6] Hitsumabushi = In Nagoya, the eel over rice bowl which is called “unajuu” everywhere else, is called “hitsumabushi” because it’s the same dish but with additional condiments.
[7] Seishun 18 Ticket = This is a budget ticket that one can use to travel throughout Japan. Since it’s a known form of travel among citizens, Daisuke really has no excuse for not knowing about it.

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