[drama cd] digimon tamers: original story, message in the packet

デジモンテイマーズ オリジナルストーリー

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This original story takes place at approximately one year
after the final episode of “Digimon Tamers.”
Takato and the others have entered a new school year.
The current season is between April-May.

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Note: Human character names have been written according to English versions of Chiaki Konaka’s site, as I believe they’re the accurate spelling. Icons come from this wonderful site and belong to their respective makers.

Takato Matsuda : Makoto Tsumura
Jianliang Lee : Mayumi Yamaguchi
Ruki Makino : Fumiko Orikasa
Juri Katou : Youko Asada
Hirokazu Shioda : Yukiko Tamaki
Kenta Kitagawa : Touko Aoyama
Shaochung Lee : Ai Nagano
Ryo Akiyama : Junichi Kanemaru

Producer : Kousei Baba
Script : Chiaki J. Konaka
Director : Yukio Kaizawa

01: タイトルコール~メッセージ・イン・ザ・パケット~ : TITLE CALL ~MESSAGE IN THE PACKET~
02: 一年後の僕たち : Ichinen Ato no Bokutachi
03: ジェンからテリアモンへ : Jian kara Teriamon e
04: ヒロカズとケンタ : Hirokazu to Kenta
05: タカトからギルモンへ : Takato kara Girumon e
06: ヒロカズからガードロモンへ : Hirokazu kara Gaadoromon e
07: ケンタからマリンエンジェモンへ : Kenta kara Marinenjemon e
08: ジェンとシウチョン : Jian to Shaochung
09: シウチョンからロップモン,テリアモンへ : Shaochung kara Roppumon, Teriamon e
10: リョウからサイバードラモンへ : Ryou kara Saibaadoramon
11: ルキとリョウ : Ruki to Ryou
12: タカトとジュリ : Takato to Juri
13: ジュリからクルモン,インプモンへ : Juri kara Kurumon, Inpumon
14: 再びタカト,ジェン,そしてルキ : Futatabi Takato, Jian, soshite Ruki
15: ルキからレナモンへ : Ruki kara Renamon e
16: Days-愛情と日常-(TVサイズ)(AiM) : Days -Aijou to Nichijou- (TV Size) (AiM)

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TAKATO: Digimon Tamers! Message in the Packet.

TAKATO: My friend lived here. The Digimon that I’d created.

[Thoughtful pause]

TAKATO: Just wait. One day, I promise I’ll—
JIAN: Takato!

[JIAN runs forward and stops.]

JIAN: I guess it was a bad choice to make this our meeting place. I’m sorry.
TAKATO: N—No, I’m fine.
JIAN: I’d never thought Guilmon Home would be surrounded by all this concrete…
TAKATO: We had no choice. The Digital Field could have gotten bigger again…
JIAN: Takato…
TAKATO: It’s okay! If Guilmon ever comes here again, well, he’s good at digging. Even if he can’t get out here, I’m sure he’ll pop up somewhere else!
JIAN: [laughs] That’s right. You’re right!

[TAKATO and JIAN laugh.]

RUKI: Are you two on a date? You’re creeping me out.
TAKATO: W—What’s with the sudden remark?
JIAN: [smiles] Hey Ruki! Long time no see.
RUKI: [thoughtfully] Do you… think Guilmon’s house is still in here?
TAKATO: …I think so…
RUKI: If Renamon had a room… Come to think of it, she never officially had one at my house…
JIAN: Renamon was always concealing herself somewhere.
RUKI: But we had a lot of rooms!
TAKATO: Ruki… you haven’t changed a bit.
RUKI: Being a sixth grader now doesn’t make me different from last year. So, what did you want?
TAKATO: Oh, that’s right. Jian, you said you had a proposition, right?
JIAN: Yeah.

[Sound of children running past them.]

JIAN: It’s been several months since we’ve parted from our Digimon, right?
RUKI: So what?
JIAN: When I become a researcher like my father, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to implement a system— or something like that, where both the Digital World and Real World won’t have to suffer any damage from each other.
TAKATO: Jian, that’s amazing!
RUKI: But he’s told us that before.
TAKATO: But I… I’ve never thought clearly on what I want to be as an adult yet. Have you, Ruki?
RUKI: Eh? …I…
JIAN: I don’t think it’s something to decide right now. I’ve just chosen mine already.
RUKI: But, I can’t wait until you’ve become an adult, Jian! I want to see Renamon again!
TAKATO: Well, I want to see Guilmon, and I’m sure Jian wants to see Terriermon, too! Don’t be so demanding!
RUKI: But…!

[RUKI pauses]

RUKI: The longer we don’t see them… everyone… might forget about us…
JIAN: Yes. We can’t see our Digimon yet. But, what if we sent them our voices?
JIAN: We can put our voices into a Packet and send it to the Digital World!
TAKATO: I see! That’s a good idea!
RUKI: Wait a second! The Digital World is really big! Besides, there are a lot of Digimon over there. How will I be able to send my voice to Renamon?
JIAN: Yes, that’s the problem. I’ve been thinking about that. It’s true that there are a lot of Digimon there. And it’s also not certain if the Packet will even reach Terriermon, Guilmon, Renamon, and the rest of them. But each Digimon has something called a Digital ID. Each of the Digimon who was with us were all unique.
TAKATO: Yeah! Guilmon is Guilmon, the Digimon that I created.
JIAN: We’ll send the Packet so that only the Digimon with the Digital ID it’s addressed to can receive it. If we’re lucky, Terriermon and the others will get them and be able to hear our messages.
RUKI: [hesitantly] What if… the Packet doesn’t come across Renamon?
JIAN: That’s… also possible.
TAKATO: Ruki, let’s try it! I’m sure everyone in the Digital World is missing us just as much as we do. If this works, they’ll definitely be happy to hear from us!
JIAN: Yeah! That’s what I want to believe!
TAKATO: Okay then, let’s get Hirokazu and Kenta! I’m sure Shaochung will be happy about this, too! [a small pause] Ah… but Katou-san is…

[The sound of a thud]

TAKATO: D—Daah, Ruki!
JIAN: Ruki! You’re not joining in?
RUKI: I think it’s stupid! We don’t even know if it’ll work!

[RUKI runs off.]

JIAN: [quietly] Maybe… it really is meaningless….
TAKATO: That’s not true! I’m sure Ruki wants to talk to Renamon, too! She wants to hear Renamon’s voice! I want to let them know that we’re all right, rather than doing nothing at all!
JIAN: …Yeah. You’re right, Takato.
TAKATO: Let’s try it!
JIAN: Okay, I got it. We can take the messages at my house.
TAKATO: Okay! I’ll let everyone know!

Terriermon, can you hear me? It’s me. Jianliang.
Yamaki-san will be sending out this Packet for me, and you’re the only one who’ll receive it. If it doesn’t meet you, it’ll turn into a Dust Packet and disappear. I hope from the bottom of my heart that that won’t happen, and you’ll be able to hear this.
How are you? I’m doing fine. So is Takato and everyone else. Shaochung’s been crying every day, but she’s gotten better. But everyone still misses you all terribly. Even me…
Mom’s been making manjuu [1] once every three days lately. The manjuu that you loved. She must also be…
[chuckle] This is bad, I just said I was doing fine!
I think the Digital World is at peace right now. We in the Real World can’t see what’s going on in yours, but the network has continued to progress since then. I guess your world has changed, too.
I’m studying networking and programming right now, so I can become a researcher like Dad. Dad and his friends, who had created the Digimon, are still continuing their research today all around the world. Both the Real World and the Digital World will be rapidly changing at this point.
Nothing lasts forever.
But, I also know now that there are some things that don’t change. The times I spent with you are inside of me, and my feelings for you will never change.
We were friends.
The best of friends. Right, Terriermon?
When you first came to this world, I was really perplexed. I couldn’t believe a Digimon from a game could appear in this world. I thought it wasn’t possible, or maybe even something that shouldn’t exist.
Yes… I was a little scared. You understood that part of me, didn’t you? Right from the start. That I really… wasn’t a careful person. That I was just a coward.
I wasn’t always like that. I… I hurt a friend using the martial arts that Cho-sensei taught me. Even though I knew I shouldn’t have used it for fighting, I couldn’t control myself. It was scary, feeling like there was a person inside of me who wasn’t me.
That’s why I learned to endure. I learned to accept anything. If I couldn’t accept it at first, I believed that with time, I could.
“Nothing lasts forever.” That’s what Cho-sensei taught me.
I think I was using those words as a convenient excuse.
When you came to this world covered in wounds, all I could do was be terrified. To someone like me at that time, you gently said,
“Moumantai.” [2]
I always wondered how you knew that Chinese word. Takato and the others thought you may have heard it from me or Dad and remembered it… but that wasn’t it, was it.
I’d always disregard it. I mean, you’d laugh and say ‘Moumantai’ all the time, so I never questioned it.
But, when you said those words to me in the end, and went back home to the Digital World, it was always on my mind. I wanted to ask you… why you knew the words “Moumantai.”
Is it possible that while you were in the Digital World, you heard my voice while I was playing the game? I hardly use ‘Moumantai’ normally, but it was different in the game. At that time, you shouldn’t have been able to receive anything from me but the power-up data I sent to you.
And yet, you heard my voice.
Maybe you were somehow able to feel my presence here. That’s why you came to me.
I’d always thought it was just a coincidence. But… if it was through your own will that you came to this world… then it wasn’t a coincidence at all.
You chose me to be your friend.
I… always wanted to tell you… that I’m grateful you came here.
[shuddering breath]
Wait for me.
Because we’ll surely meet again some day.

[1] Manjuu = Steamed bun cakes that are usually filled with sweetbean paste.
[2] Moumantai = “Take it easy” in Cantonese.

HIROKAZU: Eh? What do you mean, “packet”?… Haa? So it’s like leaving a message on the answering machine?
KENTA: Hey, Hirokazu! What’s Takato saying?
HIROKAZU: Shh, be quiet! …What? I can’t hear you! …Anyway, it means I can leave a message to Guardromon, right?
KENTA: Ehh?!! What about MarineAngemon? Hey, what about MarineAngemon?!
HIROKAZU: [furiously out of the corner of his mouth] I told you to shut up!

[HIROKAZU turns back to the phone]

HIROKAZU: Nn, where at? Jian’s house? …Alrighty, I gotcha! …Eh, Ruki? No, I haven’t seen her lately…
KENTA: [to himself] I can send a message to MarineAngemon… I wonder if he remembers me? I’m worried…
HIROKAZU: Ya, I got it. Thanks! See you then!

[HIROKAZU hangs up and turns to KENTA.]

HIROKAZU: Kenta, did you hear that?!
KENTA: Of course not.
HIROKAZU: Kaah, you suck at guessing! Anyway, I didn’t really understand much of it, but it sounds like a plan where we shoot a packet into the Digital World, and send our voices to our Digimon!
KENTA: [hopefully] W—Will they send a reply back to us?
HIROKAZU: Uh… I didn’t ask.
KENTA: [not as excitedly as before] We just… send them our voices?
HIROKAZU: [realizing] Yeah… just send them our voices.
KENTA: But… if it reaches him, and he’s forgotten who I am… that’ll be sad…
HIROKAZU: [scoffs] You think MarineAngemon can ever forget you?
KENTA: [not convinced] You’re… right…
HIROKAZU: C’mon! We can shout at them, saying stuff like, ‘Don’t you dare forgot about us!’ or something like that!
KENTA: [brightens] Yeah!
HIROKAZU: Because we’re their Tamers!
KENTA: That’s right! We’re Tamers!

[HIROKAZU and KENTA grin at each other]

HIROKAZU & KENTA: You, too, should aim to be a Tamer!
HIROKAZU: …like that!

[HIROKAZU and KENTA laugh]

KENTA: But… what should we say in the message?
HIROKAZU: Obviously…! …………Mm…
KENTA: I’m gonna try writing down what I want to say. Hirokazu, do you have any stationary?
HIROKAZU: Of course not. This isn’t a letter…
KENTA: But I’ve got to put everything in order, or else I won’t be able to say what I want to say… What about you Hirokazu?
HIROKAZU: Mm, me? [smirks] Someone as awesome as me has already…! ……………………………..Nngh…

Guilmon? Can you hear me? It’s me! Takato.
It’s been… a long time.
[awkward laugh] This is… a little weird. I remember things about you every day. Things like playing with you, eating dinner with you, sleeping with you, going on adventures and fighting together with you…
Everyone’s doing well. Dad makes Guilmon Bread every day. It’s pretty popular. Mom also talks about you sometimes. It’s a big change from how scared she was of you when she first saw you.
Uhm… Jian, Ruki, Katou-san, and the others are all fine. If… if Terriermon and the others don’t receive their messages, then let them know that, okay Guilmon? Everyone here wants to see all of you.
Ever since you were gone, I found a small Zone inside your Guilmon Home. I was so happy.
After you’d all gone back, we’ve been acting like nothing had ever happened. We’ve all returned to our normal lifestyles. Even the towns that the D-Reaper messed up returned to their original state, like they’d gone through a time machine. Like nothing’s changed.
I see them still doing reports on TV about the incident sometimes, but they’re gradually stopping. It really seems like nothing ever did happen. Everyone is going to school or work, acting like there was never any danger, and of course, that’s the better way to deal with things. I’m sure they’re doing that because they want to protect us, who had fought the D-Reaper, from unnecessary attention.
But, I don’t want to pretend that none of it had ever happened.
Ah, oh yeah, about that small Zone. When I found it, I thought that it could take us back to you guys, and I got really excited. It was a very small Zone, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to enter into the Digital World or not, but I believed it could grow bigger. I prepared my things so I could go during the winter vacation.
But then, Yamaki-san also found that Zone…
Yamaki-san, Jian’s dad, and the others worked hard on a boundary… or something… between the Real World and the Digital World… anyway, they made a firewall so that humans wouldn’t be able to cross between the two worlds. Yamaki-san also said that instead of getting bigger, that Zone will just shrink and disappear.
I got a little mad at Yamaki-san, and I even said some nasty things to him. All I could think about was seeing you again, Guilmon. I caused my parents to worry, and broke down the firewall while completely forgetting that I might drag everyone into danger…
Now the place you used to live in is completely surrounded by a concrete wall. They told me the Zone wasn’t there anymore…
But I still want to go to the Digital World! Jian already started researching so he could make that happen. Isn’t that amazing? He even told me that his dad and the others are working on transforming the Ark into an even better shape to give us a safe trip… kind of like a ship, I guess.
That’s why I believe that I’ll see you again. You believe it, too, don’t you Guilmon? You want to see me, right? Because you’re the Digimon that I created!
I really loved Digimon. I liked playing with the cards and the Pendulum, but what I liked most was looking through the illustrated Digimon encyclopedia. I got excited just looking at how they evolved, or how they grew stronger. Then I started thinking about making my own Digimon. The type I liked most was something that looked like Agumon, but stronger than him!
Yeah! At first I thought, I should make my Digimon really strong. All I could think about was how he’d be able to defeat the rest of the Digimon with his power.
But you weren’t just strong. At first you acted like a baby, but you gradually matured and grew level-headed. Not only that, but you got along with everyone else and not just me. You were able to become friends with anyone, and you were really nice.
When I grew filled with bad feelings in the Digital World, I made you evolve into the wrong evolution. When you became Megidramon, I was scared. What I was most terrified about was that it was me who had made you change into that frightening Megidramon. That’s why when you changed back into Guilmon and we evolved together, I was really… really happy.
It’s made me think this lately: Guilmon, it’s true that I was the one who made you, but the reason you became you is because… um, well… I can’t say it very well, but the reason you became the Guilmon that best suited you is because…
Mmm, do you get it? You know what I want to say, right? Anyway, it means I’m just the one who planned out your form.
When you were born and began walking as a Digimon, you were already evolving on your own. I think you became the Digimon you wanted to be by your own choices.
I thought up your shape. I thought it would be nice if Guilmon really existed. I’m sure it was the DigiGnomes that granted my wish. That’s why you appeared before me.
But as the Digimon Guilmon, you evolved using your own strength.
No, I’m not disappointed that I was just the project planner. I’m happy to have even been given a part in making it! What’s far more important than that is that, when I think about it, my heart becomes filled with this really warm feeling… That’s how much of an amazing Digimon you are. Not only were you strong, you were compassionate. You were the best Digimon!
You may have matured greatly, but I haven’t changed at all. But I can evolve too! [giggle] I think I said that before.
I want to go on adventures again, together with you. There’s still plenty of time before I become an adult, Guilmon.
So just wait! We promised each other. Don’t forget it, okay?
We’ll definitely, definitely see each other again. We will!

Yo! You all right there, Guardromon? It’s me, Hirokazu! Don’t copy me again.
Er, are you still Guardromon? Maybe you evolved into Andromon?! You aren’t sticking around as Kapurimon, are ya?
[grins] I guess I’m still the same as usual. Ma keeps yellin’ at me lately to take my entrance exams, but that’s just impossible for me, y’know?! But dude, since my Ma’s strangely youthful, she’s way too powerful for me. You remember how she kept on kickin’ you, right Guardromon? [laughs] Jeez, talk about mean!
You feelin’ lonely ’cause you can’t crack jokes with me? Well, you’re not the type of character to say “Yeaaah, I am lonely, Hirokazuuu.” [laughs]
But y’know, if you’ve forgotten about me, I’m gonna kick your ass! Hehe. Eh, just kidding.
I guess I can say this now, so, at first I kept sayin’ how I wanted to be the Tamer of an incredibly strong Digimon… but I liked Andromon. He wasn’t a strong type, but he was pretty cool and good-lookin’. So, when I first saw Andromon in the Digital World all beat up from Orochimon, I was honestly disappointed. But, well, I thought I might as well be flexible, and agreed that what you tried to do wasn’t bad.
And in the end, I became a Tamer. Andromon’s Tamer.
[laughs] You were always Guardromon when you were with me though! But you were still pretty strong! When I saw Guardromon shootin’ his Destruction Grenade, that was seriously the most awesome thing I’d ever seen in my life! I thought it was so hot! Or could I have been feeling this, pride of a Tamer thing? [smirks]
Even though a lot has happened… I had fun.
I’m startin’ to get a little too old to pull pranks now though, y’know? But sometimes I think, I wanna go wild with Guardromon again!
We were the best team, right?! Even buddies! Let’s team up again, man! We can do things with you as Andromon this time! Or maybe even, dare I say it… as HiAndromon?! That’ll be awesome! And I’m the great, almighty Tamer! Kaah, that’s too cool!!
Alright, it’s decided! We’ll definitely go with that! Make sure you evolve by the time we meet again! I’ll… I’ll do training for Tamers, too! …Well, I don’t exactly know what to do for training… But anyway! As the New Hirokazu and HiAndromon Team… let’s do this!

Hey, can I use this mic? [tapping] Just talk normally into it?
…Y’know, whenever I’m holding a mic, I feel like I should burst into song! It’s not going to echo, is it?
Eh? You’re recording right now? That’s too quick! Wait a second! I haven’t prepared myself yet— [bzzt]


[robotic tone] Hello, MarineAngemon. This is Kenta Kitagawa. How are you? I’m doing well. [page flip]
How are things doing in the Digital World? Things must be tough there, but since you were an Ultimate Level to begin with, I am sure you are fine. I am a little worried, though. A lot of days have passed since then, so I am worried that you may have forgotten about me. [page flip]
I think it was because I saved you that I became your Tamer. During the times I spent with you, I had a… a lot of fun… So…

[crumpling paper]

Um… I wrote a letter, but I’ll stop reading from it. I’m good at writing, but… I feel like I won’t be able to let you know what I’m feeling. Not this way.
Um, so… this isn’t really organized, but… I’ll talk without a written composition.
You didn’t talk like the other Digimon, so I was at a loss at first. I thought, if we can’t communicate with each other, how can I do anything as your Tamer? But those ‘pupu’ and ‘pipuu’ of yours… I was somehow able to understand what they meant. It’s strange to me as well, but I just knew what you wanted to say to me. I was really happy then. Even the things I talked to you about… maybe not all of them got through, but you were able to understand me as well.
You’re small, and you don’t look strong at all, but I thought it was pretty interesting that, despite that, you were an Ultimate Level. That’s why I had so many of your cards!
In truth, you weren’t very strong… but you had an incredible amount of power that could protect everyone. In the end, the one who saved Takato and the others was you. That made me so happy! Whenever I feel useless, I remember that time.
I remember that both you and I… we worked really hard.
So… I really do… want to see you again.
[sniffling] I… I hate not being able to see you again!
[crumpling paper]
[voice breaking] Hey… we’ll see each other again… right?
…I—I’m sorry. Stop the recording.

SHAOCHUNG: I can make a phone call to Lopmon and Terriermon?
JIAN: Not a phone call, a message. You talk, and then Lopmon and the others will hear it later.
SHAOCHUNG: Hmm. Then, when will Lopmon answer back?
JIAN: Well… I don’t know. I’m not sure if your message will make it to him or not either.
JIAN: But Shaochung, if you put your heart into calling out to him, I’m sure Lopmon will be able to find your message. That’s what I believe.
SHAOCHUNG: [beginning to cry a little] I want to see Lopmon… I want to see Terriermon…
JIAN: So do I. I’m not sure when, but we’ll definitely see them again. That’s why you should let them know that you’re fine and doing your best.
SHAOCHUNG: Jian-niichan…
JIAN: [nods] Mm, that’s it. If you don’t talk with a smile, even Lopmon won’t believe that you’ll meet each other again.
SHAOCHUNG: Okay! I’ll do my best!

Oh, right, this isn’t a telephone.
Um… uhm… hmmm….
Lopmon! Terriermon! Can you hear me~? It’s Shaochung~! It’s Shaochung, Lopmon’s Tamer~~~!
[a pause and then a sigh]
This is kinda weird. How can I talk when there’s no one on the other line to talk with?
Lopmon, how are you doing? You’re still not saying things like “nari” or “ware” [1] are you? I taught you to speak better, so fix it, okay?
I played a lot with Terriermon, but not that much with you, Lopmon. So next time we see each other, I’ll play with you until we’re all tired out! Playing together is an important job for a Tamer too! [giggles]
Um… uhm…
I’m not lonely at all! I’m not bothering Jian-niichan and Jari-neechan and telling them I wanna see you again. It’s true.
You’re lonely, right Terriermon? Are you crying because I’m not around to play with you anymore? Don’t do that. You’re a boy, Terriermon. If you keep crying, you’ll be a bother to Renamon.
I… have a lot of friends, and I have Jian-niichan, Daddy, and Mommy… so I’m not lonely at all! Not a bit!
I’m sure you two are brothers, Lopmon and Terriermon, so don’t fight and get along, okay? Listen to your Tamer. Okay?
[faint sniffling] So… until we meet again…
[in a stronger voice] Be good! Okay?
Even if I’m lonely…
I won’t cry!!
So, Lopmon, Terriermon… let’s hold on until we see each other again!

[1] Nari/Ware = Lopmon spoke in archaic Japanese before Shaochung taught him the more modern version.

[clears throat]
Cyberdramon, it’s me. Akiyama Ryo. It’s been a long time.
I got a text message from Jian. Luckily, I was on my way here from North Kyushuu anyway, so it was perfect timing.
Yeah. I’m still battling in card tournaments. Why? I don’t even know why myself. All my opponents are younger than me. There’s even more and more strong guys joining in. One of these days, I’ll probably go off to fight in a different game.
I don’t know how I’ll be like as an adult, but I feel alive whenever I fight. The one who understood me best… might have been you. That’s what I’ve been thinking lately.
Do you remember when you first showed up in front of me? It was at the competition two years ago, on the night of the finals. The night when I finally won against a girl whose strength I’d never seen the likes of before. [laughs] I was on my way back to the hotel in Ueno. It was already dark, and while I was walking down the main street, a Digital Field appeared there. Back then, I didn’t know what that fog-like substance was. Instead of completely Realizing, you called for me to join you on the other side.
I thought I was dreaming. I mean, a real Digimon had appeared right before my eyes and was speaking to me.
You were irritated with your inability to evolve, and said you needed a Tamer like me to get stronger. I decided right away to go join you in the Digital World. [chuckles] I didn’t even consider back then how much worry my disappearance would cause for my dad.
You weren’t much of a talker, but I think our relationship as Tamer and Digimon ran deeper than just as Digimon master and companion Digimon.
Cyberdramon… how are you doing?
I’m worried about you.
You were searching for enemies who were stronger than yourself, so strong that they held fearsome power. You thought it was your destiny to fight them.
With me, you were able to evolve to your Ultimate form, Justimon… but your strength didn’t exist just to crush the enemy. I knew that the best.
But the enemy that you were searching for… the enemy that you had to fight to the point of your own death… is a powerful being like that more stronger than the Four Heavenly Beasts? Could that strength not be considered a level of power, but the evilness of the heart? These thoughts have been spurring my anxiety.
Is it possible that the true enemy you seek… was actually closer than you thought?
Yes. Inside of you.
If you’re still wandering around and searching for strong opponents, I want you to listen to this.
Cyberdramon. To gain true strength the right way, you must defeat your true enemy — the being that is lurking within your heart. When you do, you can evolve to Ultimate in the truest sense of the word. Even without a Tamer.
[sighs] I… I really wish I can tell this to you face to face.
Cyberdramon… please live!

[RUKI is humming to ‘Yuuhi no Yakusoku’]

MUSIC: ♪ We’ll stay together
Forever and ever…

[RUKI’s headphones are pulled off]

RUKI: H—Hey, what’s your problem?
RYO: Yo, Ruki.
RUKI: R—Ryo?! What are you doing here?
RYO: I’m here for a Digimon Card Tournament exhibition. You’re not coming to them anymore.
RUKI: I’ve already graduated.
RYO: [chuckles] Well, I guess it can’t be helped since you’re a girl.
RUKI: [fiercely] That has nothing to do with it!!
RYO: [cringe] Sorry, sorry. You were always strong in stuff that didn’t concern gender anyway.
RUKI: Did you just show up in front of me so you could prattle about old times?
RYO: I see you haven’t changed. We haven’t seen each other in so long! It won’t hurt to be pleasant once in awhile.
RUKI: [sigh] You’re the one who hasn’t changed. [giggle]
RYO: I got a text message from Jian on my cell.
RYO: I just finished recording my message at Jian’s place. [pause] …I heard from him that you were against sending a message to Renamon.
RUKI: What does it matter? Just go ahead and send them, it has nothing to do with me.
RYO: But…
RUKI: Besides, I can’t agree with this! I had to separate from Renamon, and not being able to see her again—
RYO: You don’t know that.
RUKI: Then when can I see her? Tomorrow? A week later? The day after tomorrow? In ten years? When?!
RYO: T—That’s why… everyone’s researching on the Digimon and the Digital World… even Jian…
RUKI: This is stupid!

[RUKI runs off]

RYO: Ruki! Wait!

[RYO watches RUKI leave]

RYO: Ruki…

[Sounds of activity]

JURI: [to a customer] Thank you very much! [turning] Mom, I’m going to step outside for a bit!

[JURI runs forward]

JURI: Sorry about that, Takato-kun!
TAKATO: N—Not at all. I’m sorry for calling you out when you’re supposed to be helping in the store.
JURI: It’s not that busy tonight, so it’s okay.
TAKATO: It kinda… seems like it’s been awhile.
JURI: Eh? We see each other at school all the time.
TAKATO: I—I don’t mean that. I mean… being alone together…
JURI: T—That’s true…
TAKATO: It’s like… it’s kinda hard to talk at school or something…

[There is a pause as they both struggle to say something. JURI takes out her puppet]

JURI: Woof!
JURI: So that’s how much you like Juri! Woof!
TAKATO: E—Eh?! T—T—That’s…!

[JURI laughs and goes back to speaking in her normal voice]

JURI: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You don’t have to be that nervous!
TAKATO: Eh? Why?
JURI: Because… I also…


TAKATO: Ah, oh yeah! I came here to invite you to something, Katou-san!
JURI: Eh? What?
TAKATO: Jian came up with this. His idea is for us to send voice messages to the Digimon! By turning our messages into packet data, we can send them to the Digital World!
JURI: …Oh…
TAKATO: I already recorded my message to Guilmon. So did Jian, Hirokazu, and Kenta. I heard that Ryo-san even came from Tokyo and just finished his… Ruki’s been acting peeved about it or something, so she’s the only one who’s not doing it.
JURI: So… everyone’s faced their feelings for their Digimon.
JURI: I think that’s a good thing. I really do.
TAKATO: Would you like to join us, Katou-san?
JURI: But… my partner… isn’t here anymore.
TAKATO: Yeah. Your partner Leomon is no longer here. But you still have a Digimon who you got along with really well.
JURI: Got along with really well…?

[JURI thinks for a bit and then she smiles]

JURI: …You’re right.
TAKATO: That’s why I came to invite you.
JURI: Thank you, Takato-kun.
JURI: I thought you’d invite me to something else though.
TAKATO: Eh? Like what?
JURI: Um, nothing!

Culumon… do you remember my voice? It’s Juri.
You know… I have something that has always been bothering me. While I was depressed and convinced that no one could avoid the nastiness of their fate, you stayed by my side the entire time and comforted me. I was bothered that I couldn’t thank you properly for that.
At first, you tried to get along with others, but it didn’t work out and you looked very lonely about it. You must have thought that you simply couldn’t get too friendly with others. That’s why you stayed alone.
But… then you changed your own fate. As a Digimon, you desperately lived your life to the fullest.
You’re really amazing.
Because you changed your fate, you believed that even I could change my own, right? I’m sorry I didn’t realize that right away.
I heard afterwards from Takato-kun and the others that you once again unleashed the light of evolution in the Digital World. You were so worried about me that you even escorted my imposter all the way to Matsumoto. When I heard that… I… I couldn’t stop crying.
After Takato-kun and the others rescued us from inside the D-Reaper, it was barely seconds later that I had to separate from you, and…
Culumon… thank you. Thank you so, so much.
I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. To me, you’re a very precious friend… as precious as Leomon.
Take care, okay? I pray every day that you’ll stay your cheerful self, and be adored by everyone, and live in happiness. On the day we meet again, I want to hug you tightly and tell you my thanks.
[shaky sigh]
I’m sending this message to another.
Are you also doing well?
Hey. You understood, didn’t you? You asked if I would forgive you.
I… It was so strange for me, too. You took my precious Leomon and erased him completely from existence, and yet I forgave you without the slightest hesitation. Even though I’m not that nice of a girl.
I can only remember parts of it, but when I was trapped within the D-Reaper, you… I mean, Beelzebumon, risked his life to try and save me. The images I have back then are pretty fuzzy, but that was the one part I vividly recall. I knew what you were trying to do, but I didn’t allow myself to be saved.
But that wasn’t because I hated you back then! I was just… in despair. The form of Leomon that you showed me then thrusted me back into the curse of destiny.
I’m sorry. If I had opened myself up earlier back then…
I heard later that you had partners. That’s great. When Leomon was still around, there was a time once when I treated his wounds. If you had also died, I think… I really would have been unable to escape the clutches of destiny.
Takato-kun, everyone else, and Culumon saved me. Compared to them… I’m weak. I’m really not a good girl.
But from this, I’ve learned that even if one walks down the wrong path, there will always be someone who will pull you back to the right one. I don’t know who did that for you, but I’m sure that you’re walking down a straight path right now in the Digital World.
After all, you saved me.
I truly wish that you too, live in happiness.
[sighs and speaks a bit more cheerfully]
Don’t bully Culumon, okay? Be sure to get along with everyone.
I believe that we’ll see each other again. I’m sure you’ll be able to see Ai-chan and Mako-chan too, one day.
See you!

JIAN: You didn’t walk Katou-san back home?
TAKATO: Y—Yeah… she said she’d rather be alone…
JIAN: Could I… be doing something wrong?
JIAN: I caused sorrow for everyone who spoke their messages. We don’t even know if we’ll ever see them again, but I forced them to remember their feelings for their Digimon and re-live the pain. Maybe this was a really cruel thing to do…
TAKATO: That’s not true! I’m sure everyone is thankful for your idea, Jian. I am! It’s just a drag to wait for the day when we can meet again…
JIAN: Yeah. That’s what I had in mind, but Ruki didn’t even come, and in the end—
JIAN: Takato.
TAKATO: [forcefully] You can’t think like that! It’s not like you, and you’re wrong!

[TAKATO deflates a little]

TAKATO: …I think. I’m sorry for yelling. It wasn’t right of me to say you’re wrong.
JIAN: Takato.
TAKATO: [nervously] Eh?
JIAN: Thank you.
TAKATO: F—For what?
JIAN: Thank you for being a true friend.
JIAN: If friends simply get along with each other, that doesn’t make them true friends. They help each other, and when one of them walks down the wrong path, it’s a true friend who stops them, even if it means they end up fighting. We’re true friends. That makes me really happy.
TAKATO: [shyly] Me, too…

[The doorbell rings]

JIAN: Huh? Who could that be at this hour?

[JIAN goes to answer the door]

TAKATO: A true friend… huh?

[TAKATO laughs quietly. The door opens]

JIAN: She came.
TAKATO: So you met Ryo-san!
RUKI: This has nothing to do with that Sparkling Teeth. [1]
JIAN: You’ll send a message to Renamon, right?
RUKI: Everyone else is sending messages… if I’m the only one who didn’t, Renamon will feel bitter later.
TAKATO: [laughs] That’s true!
RUKI: [angrily] What’s so funny?!
TAKATO: [flinches] Sorry…
JIAN: Sit here. This is the mic. When you press this key, the recording starts. You can do it over again as many times as you like.

[JIAN moves to the door]

JIAN: Well, we’ll be in the other room.
RUKI: Okay…
RUKI: What?
TAKATO: Thank you for coming.
RUKI: Why are you thanking me?
TAKATO: I said it for Renamon. Now, go on!

[1] Ruki’s nickname for Ryo is “Sawayaka Kousen” (爽やか光線, literally “refreshing ray of light”) which describes someone with a bright and smooth personality.

From Ruki.
This is Ruki. It’s Ruki. [1]
Renamon… you’re horrible.
I know it’s not your fault. But you really… you really are horrible. You suddenly turned smaller and went back home… and you said convenient things like, “We’ll see each other again” and—
…Sorry. I know I’m the one who’s saying horrible things. I know. Ever since then… I’ve been feeling like a shell. Every day, it feels like time is going by really slowly. I was simply being single-minded back then, but the time I spent with you strung me up somehow. I don’t know which is better for me now.
Those fights, when my life was put into danger numerous times… To be honest, I don’t feel like I want to do them again. But… then… what should I do? I don’t even feel like playing card fights anymore.
Lately, I’ve been getting along pretty well with Grandma… and Mom… It’s still kinda strange though. It’s not that I don’t like it… I think… But you know, I don’t feel like I’ve just lost my partner Digimon.
I… Maybe this will sound strange, coming from me, but… Renamon, you only stayed with me at first and followed my orders to make yourself stronger in battle… right? It was the same for me. It was my top priority as your Tamer to make you stronger and… actually, that was my only reason.
But, after staying together all this time, and going to the Digital World together, and becoming one, and evolving… When we became Sakuyamon, I remember a warm feeling surrounding me. A warmth that I’d never felt before.
It sort of felt like… the big sister I never had. That’s what I felt from you, Renamon. Strange, isn’t it? [laughs smally] Even I think so…
[struggling] Hey, Renamon. I… wanted… to talk with you more. I’ve become able to talk normally with Grandma and Mom these days, but… not about everything. You were so similar to me, Renamon… but you aren’t me. You’re much… much stronger. That’s why I feel like you’re my big sister. Although that’s just a recent thought of mine.
That’s why… I wanted to talk to you about so many things. Not just about battles, but like… about my late father… and stuff. [laughs smally] I guess you wouldn’t really understand stuff like that, but… you were the one who understood my feelings the best.
Thanks to you, I realized what my true self wanted to say, as well as the things I really wanted. I’m sure that, now… I can become much more honest with myself. I think I’ll be able to speak honestly with you about my feelings.
In the confusion when we parted… it was only intuitive to me, but there was one thing that I understood then… that we can’t be separated from each other like this. That’s why… I couldn’t say goodbye to you, Renamon. I couldn’t smile and say that we’d meet again.
I felt so frustrated with myself after that. It was kinda pitiful.
I don’t even have a clear idea about my own future, so I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I’d just become an adult like this. I felt so disgusted with myself. I couldn’t help it.
The person that I am right now… I hate her.
What should I do?
Should I act like Takato and the others, and live positively with hope while believing that we’ll meet again?
… Don’t ask for the impossible.
Even I know… that things can’t stay like this. I’m sick of thinking hesitantly every day. If I’m not living for fighting, then… I must learn to just live here in the present and enjoy the air that surrounds me.
…Right? Renamon.
You’ll answer me with a “That’s right, Ruki!” …right?
That voice… [crying] I want to hear it so badly.
I wish… I could hear it right now.
[pause] …I guess I’m no good.
[forcefully] Get angry at me, Renamon! Then I can do my best! You don’t have to baby me, but get angry at me when I deserve it! Like a big sister, I guess. I can’t think of an example, but, Renamon, you really were— just like Mom said before once… you were a part of my family!
I really didn’t want to do this at first, but after talking like this for my message, I think I feel a little refreshed. At least I’ve come to realize that the person who I am right now, is the worst. [laughs smally]
Thank you, Renamon. For coming to me.
…Ahh, no, I don’t want to leave it on a strange note like that! But… if I just cut things off then you’d be pretty disagreeable to me later on, won’t you?
I wonder if the Packet that this message is put into will drift about like the Dust Packets we saw in the plains, until it reaches you, Renamon. Jian said that if you get close to it, you’ll realize what it is… but it sounds like… one of those stories where you put a message in a bottle and let the sea carry it away.
There are many things you don’t know yet, Renamon. I’ll tell you about them next time.
So… we’ll… we’ll definitely, definitely meet again! Because we’re family! Takato, Jian, Hirokazu, Kenta, Shaochung, Juri… [grudgingly] and even Sparkling Teeth… All of us had different bonds with our Digimon, but those bonds have an enormous strength in them. Being able to meet each other to create those bonds makes us really fortunate, don’t you think?
[sighs and then speaks in a slightly more cheerful voice] Starting tomorrow, I’ll do my best. I don’t know what I’ll do my best on, but I’ll work hard and find something I’ll be good at!
I won’t say goodbye today either. Because… I’ll believe as well! That we’ll surely see each other again.

[1] To clarify, Ruki is unsure how to speak, so she starts off very formal before returning to her normal casual speech.

The paleness of the sky and the blur of the day’s light continue endlessly
I’m unable to tell apart the excuses and lies in these repetitious days

I simply live here, questioning the meaning of my existence
Without answering, you stayed by my side and offered me a smile

Bury my heart, that’s entangled in love and the ordinary, with kisses.
Embrace me so tightly from now on that I may break
Closer, much much closer…

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  1. hola

    a mi me gusta mucho los digimons
    desde ke era pequeña, el capitulo ke me
    gusto mucho de digimons, es digimon tamers
    y el digimon ke me gusta es IMPMON

  2. Aw…reading the translation made me cry. I wish the Tamers hadn’t had to give up their Digimon…and it bothers me that the Digital Zone they found at the end of Tamers couldn’t be used to see their friends. It’s all so depressing…

    1. Hey Bev,
      Just so you know, there was a movie made that followed up the tamers season, it’s after the tamers and digimon are reuinited. It deals with Rika and her relationship/lack thereof with her father. Juts thought you should know.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I remember the first time watching the ending of this season, I cried. And years and years after that, I still cry when the Digimon go away. I never knew there was a drama CD to follow up because I didn’t get a chance to watch the original Japanese version. So thank you, this brings back tender memories of why I love Digimon so much. C:

  4. Couple of problems:

    From Juri to Impmon: “I heard later that you had partners. That’s great”.

    No, Juri did not hear about this later. She was there when Impmon announced his partnership with Ai and Mako just before high tailing it out of the Real World ahead of deletion.

    Secondly, when Henry’s father asked to borrow his digivice, he explained to Henry that the digivices were originally created in order to allow humans to communicate with the artificial intelligences in the Digital World. They presumably retained that original functionality, so is any of this really necessary?

  5. I’m not sure at what event you refer as “high tailing it ahead of deletion”, But remember that juri with creppy eyes is not Jeri, but Agent D-Reaper 01, and that she was not aware of anything beyond her torture at that point. If you are refering to the ending, then it is possible she simply didn’t imediately understand that the twins were actually Impmon’s Tamers, unlike the other Tamers and the Viewer that knew of their connection through dialogue Juri did not listen, and that later on explain it to her.
    Second, for the D-Arc to work it would require data, which in Grani’s case was a direct link was estabilished through hypnos, which is not the case with the digimon.

  6. Hmm…. do the tamers really meet with their digimon again??
    I thought that Ruki in this drama is already graduated and yet, in the movie, she still wear her usual clothes.

  7. In the movie, Ruki is still wearing her norml clothes because she probably has’nt grown out of them yet, graduation has no impact at all on what a person wears in public you know.

      1. I’m not sure I follow this statement. What canon? The material officially sanctioned by Bandai isn’t really any less significant of a definition of “Digimon Tamers canon.” Runaway Locomon, at least, doesn’t really contradict the series or the audio drama. If anything, you could say that the audio drama retcons stuff that was pretty flatly implied by the final episode.

        Is it just because Konaka wasn’t consulted on the projects? So what? He doesn’t denounce them, either. In fact, he praises Runaway Locomon, in spite of the fact that he wasn’t involved. I really don’t think he objects to it being considered part of the same story. Finally, the series was created by more writers than just him, not all of the things that happen in the series were his own inventions.

    1. huh? she didn’t wore that heart broken clothes anymore after eps 40++..
      her personality was barely changed in the movie, but in this drama CD I felt she had realized about it.. Well, she’s the type that can’t be honest about her feeling..

  8. Wait, Ruki’s LATE father? I thought he divorced Ruki’s mom, not that he was dead!

    Pity that couldn’t be explored more in the T.V. series.

    But Juri’s message hits me the hardest. She deserves more happiness than she’ll ever get.

    1. In the japanese version, her father dies, and like too many animes, they dumbed it down to divorce so it wouldn’t ‘traumatize american children’s sensitive little minds.’

      1. No, he’s actually alive. She says it outright in the Japanese version, that while she can sympathize with Juri over having lost a parent, she CAN see her dad at any time — she just doesn’t want to. Plus there’s a whole movie dedicated to all the anger and bitterness she holds over him leaving her and her family.

        1. yes he’s still alive..
          the audio said ‘inakunatta otousan no koto’
          means he’s gone.. could be dead or left Ruki’s family..
          But I think he left the family..

  9. I can’t stand it! I missed Digimon Tamers sooo much Lolz;D! They we’re one of my childhood shows. I just wish a season 2 for Tamers is to be made! I just wanna see all of the cast again! They we’re my most favorite in the entire series! well at least Guilmon is now declared a Legendary Digimon in the “Xros Wars”… I wonder, will Renamon and Terriermon ever make a appearance in any of those episodes. Oh wait–yeah! Terriermon did made an appearance! So could this mean that Renamon will too!? Oh man! I wish They go ahead w/ Tamers Season 2 Lolz;D! HAHAHA!!! Even for my 18 years in this world I still cried when I watched the entire Tamers season once more in Youtube! along w/ the movie “Runaway Locomon”…you know what, That movie teased me so MUCH! It left a major cliffhanger! And who is Ruki’s father anyway! I wanna know! will they every get to meet each other again? Will Takato ever play w/ Guilmon once more? Will the producers every make Tamers SEASON 2!? Oh I wish they will…also w/o changing their appearance just like in “Savers” just start the season from where the first story of Tamers ended and I will defiantly be pleased!

    God Bless to EVERYONE!!! and to my fellow Digimon fans who I grew w/ together!!!

  10. How I wish the producers will make a movie that is the scene that the Digimons come back and meet their Tamers, since the end of the last episode Takato found the Digital gate inside Guilmon’s house. Thanks for the thoughtful translation I could understand what the Tamers telling their Digimon when listening to the CD Drama. All the parts are so moving especially Ruki’s part which personally I found it the most emotional, especially when she told Renamon that she is still struggling to find her true self and how much she missed Renamon(She cried when she said she wanted to hear Renamon’s voice badly).

  11. *sob* i missed them so much… this is the most touching series than the rest.. and the only one who has a sad ending too.. but the audio cd ending is still hanging in the cliff.. i just hoping that someday there will be a sequel or just another audio cd.. *sob* i miss the 3rd season badly =(

  12. HI!!! thanks for rewrite this!!(my english sucks xD) i actually cried when i read this, i miss so much this digimon,QUESTION!! where can i find de audio?? :3

  13. This is so amazing. I thought the ending to Tamers was one of the best of any show I’ve seen, and this audio drama really enhances the bittersweetness of it. This is by far my favourite season of Digimon.

  14. Late father…Is Ruki’s father dead? I too was under the impression that her parents were divorced…

        1. Where did it say? Here in the translation, in one of Ruki’s line says late father when she was telling Renamon that she wants to talk more to Renamon. I want to know. : D

          1. She states that her parents are divorced but alive in episode 47, about 9 minutes in. Although it’s possible her father may have died in the meantime, it’s more likely to be a mistranslation.

    1. the audio said in japanese ‘inakunatta otousan no koto’
      it means ‘things about my gone father’
      Her father was still alive, he just gone from Ruki’s family..

  15. I’m anxious about Ryo’s story when meeting Cyberdramon for the first time.. He said that he met him by Digital Field.. And his reaction represents as if he hadn’t met a real digimon before..
    But actually he had gone through many journey in Digital World which you can see in the WonderSwan Game, and I think the story in those games were linked to Adventure era and Tamers era. But in this, he as if didn’t realize it.. Could this mean that Ryo had lost his memories about his past journeys?? I’m still hesitate

  16. “Inakunatta” means to have passed away/to leave. To me, there are a bunch of other ways the expression for Ruki’s father leaving could have been made, such as “leaving the house” or even “after divorcing.”
    Unfortunately the Chronicle book doesn’t embellish on this, so the truth of Ruki’s father remains in the dark.
    I am aware though that this could be a mistranslation, in connection with the anime, so I apologize and I’ll change it after I view all the information that is available.

    1. yea its meaning is really ambiguous..
      but the raw translation of “inakunatta” is “not here anymore”

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