[drama] digimon adventure 15th anniversary blu-ray box – special drama cd


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Wizarmon: Akira Ishida
Tailmon: Yuka Tokumitsu
Ogremon: Hisao Egawa
Yagami Hikari: Kae Araki
Leomon/Gennai/Narration: Hiroaki Hirata
Sora Takenouchi: Yuuko Mizutani
Yamato Ishida: Yuuto Kazama
Koushiro Izumi: Umi Tenjin
Mimi Tachikawa: Ai Maeda
Jou Kido/Shuu Kido: Masami Kikuchi
Agumon: Chika Sakamoto
Piyomon: Katori Shigematsu
Gabumon: Mayumi Yamaguchi
Tentomon: Takahiro Sakurai
Palmon: Kinoko Yamada
Patamon: Miwa Shigematsu
Gomamon: Junko Takeuchi
Naval Stone: Atsuko Tanaka

Original Concept: Akiyoshi Hongou
Producer: Hiromi Seki
Screenplay: Genki Yoshimura
Episode director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

01: 世界が終わる前の
02: デジモンミステリーファイル・千年の封印を解け!


NARRATION: “Before The World Ends.”

NARRATION: Back when the Digital World was still called ‘the Digimon World,’ there was a single boat crossing a river.

TAILMON: Wizarmon, there’s a rock up ahead. Be careful.
WIZARMON: Understood, Tailmon.
TAILMON: Rain, huh?
WIZARMON: This looks like it will be a storm. We should find land.

WIZARMON: There’s a cave over there.
TAILMON: Yeah. There’s also a tree here that’s perfect for tying our boat to.
[WIZARMON throws rope around the tree]
WIZARMON: I’ll go first. [jumps] It’s safe. Come jump down.
WIZARMON: Tailmon! Grab onto me!
WIZARMON: I’m pulling you up!
TAILMON: I’m sorry. Thank you for your help.
WIZARMON: I’m glad to be of service. But I did not expect someone like yourself to slip…
[The boat starts pulling away]
WIZARMON: Tailmon! This way!
WIZARMON: The river!
TAILMON: It’s being sucked up into the sky! It’s not even a tornado…
WIZARMON: That was a close one. If we had delayed a second later, we would have also been pulled into the sky.
TAILMON: What is happening to this world?

NARRATION: Tailmon and Wizarmon. The two of them were ordered by Vamdemon to journey in search of the Crests. However, as they watched the world fall apart around them one after the other, all they could feel was a vague worry.

TAILMON: It’s dark in here.
WIZARMON: It is a cave, after all. I’ll light a fire. We should go to bed for today.
TAILMON: Yeah. I’m a little tired.
[WIZARMON casts a fire spell]
TAILMON: Thanks, as always. I’m not good at starting a fire.
WIZARMON: This is an easy task. Tailmon, come closer to the fire.
WIZARMON: You fell into the water earlier. You must dry yourself before you catch a cold.
TAILMON: Yeah. You’re right.
WIZARMON: This is tea. Please, drink. It will warm you up.
TAILMON: Thank you. Hey, Wizarmon?
WIZARMON: What is it?
TAILMON: Have you ever wondered what lays on the other side of the horizon?
WIZARMON: The horizon? Well…
TAILMON: Also, this sky… In the afternoon, it is bright, but at night, it becomes dark. Have you ever wondered why?
TAILMON: Of course, it’s because the sun rises and falls, but where does the sun disappear to at night?
WIZARMON: Tailmon… What’s with this sudden behavior?
TAILMON: It’s nothing! I’m just feeling off today. Don’t mind me. Ever since this world started turning strange, I’ve been feeling my power draining.
WIZARMON: That shouldn’t be overlooked. If your health really is involved with what’s going on, we must investigate.
WIZARMON: To tell you the truth, there is something that I have always wondered.
TAILMON: What is it?
WIZARMON: What are these Crests that Lord Vamdemon wants us to find?
TAILMON: That again? What are you asking?
WIZARMON: Could it have something to do with the odd occurrences of this world?
TAILMON: Don’t ask questions, Wizarmon!
TAILMON: We must not ask questions about Lord Vamdemon’s words or actions. Got that?
WIZARMON: …Yes, sir. I understand. But…
WIZARMON: I feel as if we are heading, not towards light, but to darkness.
TAILMON: Darkness?
WIZARMON: Darkness… pitch darkness… evil… despair… We are approaching closer to that.
TAILMON: You have a point. I’ve heard rumors that the end of this world is almost upon us. Have you?
WIZARMON: No… but I have heard of something else.
TAILMON: Something else?
WIZARMON: No, it’s not important.
TAILMON: What is it? Tell me.
WIZARMON: It’s a nonsense fairy-tale.
TAILMON: Just say it.
WIZARMON: I’ve heard that there is another world that exists just like this one.
TAILMON: Another world?
WIZARMON: The other world is made up, unlike ours, of contradictory elements, keeping an equilibrium of pluses and minuses.
TAILMON: That is nonsense.
WIZARMON: I’m sorry.
TAILMON: But I understand why one would wish to think that way.
WIZARMON: …Hm? Hold on a moment. I think there’s someone… within the cave?

OGREMON: Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Echoes sound great inside a cave! I, the great Ogremon, would love to show off my beautiful dulcet tones, but… you can’t fight on an empty stomach! …Oh?! There’s a convenience store in here!
[OGREMON enters the convenience store]
OGREMON: The rice balls look tasty! Excuse me! I’d like these!
OGREMON: Huh? Is this place empty? Is anyone here?! …Well, if no one’s here, you can’t pay even if you want to! So, I’ll dig right in!

TAILMON: What’s going on? No matter how far we go, there’s no one here.
WIZARMON: That’s odd… It sounded much closer than the distance we’ve already walked…
WIZARMON: Careful!
TAILMON: What is this?
WIZARMON: A cliff, in here? …No, that’s not it.
TAILMON: Nothing can be seen there… It’s not an ordinary cliff.
WIZARMON: It could be a rift in time-space. Also… here is the mark I made earlier as a guide. It appears that we are lost.
TAILMON: We need to get out of here.
WIZARMON: Hold on.
TAILMON: What’s wrong?
WIZARMON: Do you see something over there?
TAILMON: Hm? Where?
WIZARMON: On the other side of that stalactite… Do you see a blue light?
TAILMON: I do, but… It’s too dangerous. Let’s not go there today.
[A whistle blows]
TAILMON: …Did you hear something?
WIZARMON: Tailmon?
TAILMON: …Is it… calling for me?
[TAILMON runs ahead]
[WIZARMON follows]

[OGREMON leaves the convenience store]
OGREMON: Getting to eat my fill must be because I have money! The world only bends to you when you possess money! Heh! When I sell this treasure to someone, I’ll become filthy rich and eat all the sushi and tempura that I want! U–Uh, what were these things called again? A Tag, did he call it? …Hm? Someone’s coming!
WIZARMON: Here it is.
TAILMON: What is this?
WIZARMON: It looks like an altar of some kind.
TAILMON: The Crests could be hidden here… Huh? I see light down that way too.
WIZARMON: There’s another road.
TAILMON: It’s a convenience store!
OGREMON: [runs up] Hey, you bastards! Who the hell are ya?!
TAILMON: You’re…
WIZARMON: Ogremon!
OGREMON: The treasure belongs to me! You guys will never have it!
WIZARMON: Treasure?
TAILMON: Is it the Crests?
OGREMON: Huh? What the heck is that? Quit yapping! Strong Maul!
WIZARMON: The altar!
OGREMON: [starts digging] Now then, where are they…
TAILMON: Wait! You’re not taking the Crests!
OGREMON: Hah? What are you talking about? What I’m looking for are Ta– Oops… If I say anything more, I’ll get killed…
WIZARMON: You aren’t looking for the Crests?
OGREMON: They should be around here somewhere… Ah! Here they are!
TAILMON: What in the world is he looking for?
OGREMON: These! These things! With these, I’m gonna be rich!
LEOMON: Ogremon! Stop!
OGREMON: [flies backwards] Ow! What are you doing?!
LEOMON: Ogremon. Give me back the Tags.
OGREMON: Hah? What are you talking about, I wonder?
TAILMON: What are Tags?
LEOMON: Don’t play dumb! I know everything about what you’re up to.
OGREMON: Gimme a break! I worked hard to gather this treasure, I’m not gonna give it up that easily!
LEOMON: You won’t listen to me? In that case, I will have to resort to violent measures. Juuouken!
TAILMON: Wow! Ogremon was blown backwards with one shot.
WIZARMON: It wouldn’t be wise to make him an enemy.
LEOMON: [picks up the Tags] If you had quietly given them to me to begin with, you wouldn’t have had to feel pain. Fool.

TAILMON: You’re Leomon? I am Tailmon. This is Wizarmon. There’s something I wish to ask. What are those things you’re holding? You called them Tags?
LEOMON: I don’t know much about them either, just that they are something that connects this world to another world.
TAILMON: Another world? It really exists?
LEOMON: Have you been feeling that the balance of this world is currently falling apart?
TAILMON: Yeah. I was almost about to fall into a rift in time-space earlier.
LEOMON: These things are something needed to restore the balance of this world.
TAILMON: Restore the balance?
LEOMON: If these things fell into the hands of evil Digimon, we would be in big trouble.
TAILMON: Evil Digimon… that would be…
WIZARMON: Would those things have something to do with Crests?
TAILMON: Wizarmon, keep your mouth shut.
LEOMON: Crests?
TAILMON: It’s nothing. Sorry, forget it.
LEOMON: Who in the world are you two?
[A wall breaks open]
WIZARMON: What’s that?
OGREMON: Gimme back my treasure!
LEOMON: Ogremon! You’re still here?!
OGREMON: I’m not giving up that easy!
LEOMON: You’re not taking them!
OGREMON: Haouken!
LEOMON: Hyakujuuken!
TAILMON: Stop! You’ll bring the cave down on us!
LEOMON: You two, make your way outside!
OGREMON: Now! Feint Punch!
[LEOMON drops the Tags]
TAILMON: Leomon!
OGREMON: You let your guard down, Leomon! Did you get a taste of my power?! Heh heh heh! The Tags are mine!
TAILMON: Leomon, are you okay?
LEOMON: Never mind me, get the Tags from him!
TAILMON: Tags… But Leomon…!
HIKARI: (W01010e nee01010d t01010hem to01010 prot01010ect th01010e wo01010rld)
TAILMON: What? What did you just say?
WIZARMON: Terror Illusion!
OGREMON: Gah! …Ah, I dropped them!
WIZARMON: Why are you picking them up? Are they that important to you?
OGREMON: No shit!
WIZARMON: Then that’s all the more reason for you not to have them! Prepare yourself!
OGREMON: I’m not gonna retreat just from that! Those things are mine!
TAILMON: …What’s that sound?!
WIZARMON: An earth tremor?
OGREMON: What? What?!
WIZARMON: This isn’t the sound of the cave falling down… It’s the sound of the balance of the world falling apart!
LEOMON: Anyway, let’s get out of here!
OGREMON: D–Don’t leave me behind!
LEOMON: The cave entrance is right up ahead!

WIZARMON: This is…
TAILMON: There should be a river right next to land here…
WIZARMON: But it’s the ocean…
TAILMON: When did it change into a sheer cliff? How?
WIZARMON: There is no reason. The world is turning strange.
LEOMON: The ground is falling out from under us!
OGREMON: [falls] Ahhh!
LEOMON: Ogremon!
OGREMON: Damn it! If this is the case, I’m taking the rest of you with me! Haouken!
LEOMON: What are you doing?! –Ahhh!
TAILMON: Hey! Leomon! –Ah!
WIZARMON: Tailmon! Hang on!
WIZARMON: Hang on tightly to my staff!
TAILMON: I’m losing… I’m losing my grip…
WIZARMON: Climb up, quickly!
TAILMON: Wizarmon… I’m sorry…
WIZARMON: Tailmon! Hang in there!
TAILMON: I’m sorry… I’m always causing you trouble…
WIZARMON: What are you talking about?! Hang in there!
[A whistle blows]
TAILMON: What is that sound?
TAILMON: That’s the whistle that I heard earlier.
WIZARMON: Tailmon! Get a hold of yourself!
HIKARI: (W01010e nee01010d t01010hem to01010 prot01010ect th01010e wo01010rld)
WIZARMON: Tailmon? Do you hear a voice?
WIZARMON: Listen closely to that voice!
HIKARI: (I need you)
WIZARMON: Someone needs you!
HIKARI: (I’ll be waiting for you. I will always be waiting)
TAILMON: What’s happening… I can’t hear it very well… But I can feel power surging through me…
WIZARMON: Hang on tight! Tailmon!

NARRATION: While their world was changing shape all around them, the desperate Ogremon’s attack caused Leomon to fall from the cliff, and the both of them disappeared into the ocean… along with the collected Tags, the convenience store, and the broken altar, all of it. It would be a long time before these Tags fulfilled their true role.

TAILMON: Leomon made a poor choice. If he had joined our army… No, that would never happen.
WIZARMON: I doubt that someone of his strength would die easily. If the fates allow it, I’m sure that we will meet him again. Tailmon, it is you that I am more concerned about.
TAILMON: I’m sorry. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now.
WIZARMON: I thought that we were done for earlier.
WIZARMON: You heard a voice then, didn’t you?
TAILMON: No. I couldn’t hear it clearly.
WIZARMON: But it appeared as if you regained power after hearing that voice.
TAILMON: I could barely hear that voice. But it sounded familiar. It felt very familiar. But how were you able to hear that voice as well?
WIZARMON: I can tell.
TAILMON: Tell what?
WIZARMON: That voice is one that comes, not from this world, but from another world.
TAILMON: Not from this world?
TAILMON: How do you know that?
WIZARMON: Because I am also one who has come from a different world.
TAILMON: A different world? Wizarmon, you aren’t from this world?
TAILMON: Then where are you from?
WIZARMON: That… I will tell you someday. Someday.
TAILMON: I see. Okay. Someday… tell me your story.
WIZARMON: Yes. One day, for sure.


AGUMON: “Digimon Mystery File: Release The 1000 Year Seal!”

NARRATION: The summer of 2001. Koushiro was on his way to visit his late parents’ graves, when the Shinkansen he was riding on went into suspended service due to an unidentified system error. He was stuck at Kyoto station.

KOUSHIRO: A system error, huh… I wonder how long I’ll have to wait…
[Phone rings]
KOUSHIRO: Hello? It’s been a long time, Jou-san!
JOU: Koushiro-kun? Thank goodness I was able to reach you! There’s something I need to discuss with you.
KOUSHIRO: What is it?
JOU: The truth is, there’s something strange happening at my brother’s university.
JOU: Ah, by the way, where are you right now?
KOUSHIRO: I’m on the Shinkansen, but I’m being held at Kyoto station right now.
JOU: What?! That’s perfect! I’m close to Kyoto station, so could you get off the Shinkansen and wait at the front?
KOUSHIRO: Yes, okay.

KOUSHIRO: I wonder what could have happened… Huh? What’s that? It looks like a strange, black mist… Eh? The bus service is also suspended because of a system error?
YAMATO: Hey! Koushiro! [runs up] It’s you, Koushiro!
KOUSHIRO: Huh? Yamato-san! What are you doing here?
YAMATO: I was buying a souvenir.
NARRATION: Yamato, who was on his way to visit family at Shimane, wanted Takeru and their father to spend more time alone together, so he made them go to Shimane ahead of him while he bought a souvenir for their grandmother in Shimane. He was just about to board the Shinkansen.
KOUSHIRO: The Shinkansen is being held at the station right now.
YAMATO: Ehhh… What do I do… I’ll have to wait around here then?
[JOU arrives by car]
JOU: Hey! Koushiro-kun!
YAMATO: Huh? Jou!
JOU: Yamato?!
YAMATO: What are you doing here?
JOU: Same to you!
SHUU: You must be the Chosen Children. I’ve heard about you from Jou.
YAMATO: Who are you?
JOU: This is my second oldest brother, Shuu-niisan.
SHUU: It’s nice to meet you.

NARRATION: For the time being, they all decided to drive to Shuu’s university.

SHUU: That’s right. At first, I thought the buildings got cracks because they were just old, but now there’s some kind of black mist coming out of the cracks.
JOU: And when you touch that mist, all electronic devices go dead.
KOUSHIRO: Now that you mention it…
YAMATO: What is it, Koushiro?
KOUSHIRO: The Shinkansen that I was on got stopped because of an unidentified system error.
JOU: Oh, so that’s what you meant about being held at the station.
KOUSHIRO: The bus navigation was down as well.
YAMATO: Eh? I see!
KOUSHIRO: And… I saw it… Something that looked like a black shadow lurking next to the bus.
JOU: Really?
KOUSHIRO: I can’t be sure, but maybe something has happened to the Digital World.
YAMATO: And it’s affecting our world.
JOU: What should we do?
KOUSHIRO: I’ll ask Gennai-san.
JOU: You don’t think we’ll get called back to the Digital World, do you?
KOUSHIRO: He replied!
GENNAI: (Koushiro-kun, hello. It’s been a long time. Are you well? It appears that something big has happened in Kyoto. From what I’ve analyzed here, it looks like a lot of data has been destroyed.)
BOYS: Ehhhhhh?!
GENNAI: (It appears that the source of it comes from the very center of Kyoto, and it’s broken data like spiderweb cracks in all directions. Koushiro-kun, I’m sorry, but could you go take a look?)
KOUSHIRO: Okay. The center of Kyoto, right?
SHUU: Come to think of it, there’s a Naval Stone in Rokkaku-do that’s been said to protect the center of Kyoto since long ago.

KOUSHIRO: This area is Kawaramachi Street.
YAMATO: It’s so lively.
MIMI: Guys! What are you doing here?
JOU: Mimi-kun! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in America?
MIMI: Yep! Since last month I’ve been in New York City, and next month I’ll be starting my new school!
KOUSHIRO: What on earth happened to you, Mimi-san, for you to be in Kyoto of all places… The amusement park seems more your style.
MIMI: Oh, you! That’s true, but when I was in America, people would ask me, “What’s Japanese custom like? What’s Japanese culture like?” and I have no idea about that kind of stuff at all.
JOU: I’ll bet… Yeah…
MIMI: So when I asked Daddy about it, he suggested that I go visit Kyoto before school started!
YAMATO: I see…
MIMI: Kyoto is so nice… I love it so much! I’m planning to buy tons of souvenirs for my friends in America! It was such a waste that I didn’t know about Kyoto before now! …Huh? By the way, where are you guys heading?

SPECTATOR #1: I’ve never seen anything like this before.
SPECTATOR #2: Are you serious?
JOU: Excuse me, what happened here?
SORA: They said that the Naval Stone has been turned upside down.
MIMI: Eh?! Sora-san!
SORA: Mimi-chan! Oh, the rest of you are here too!
JOU: What are you doing here?
SORA: Kyoto is where flower arrangement originated from, so I came here on a field trip.
KOUSHIRO: Ah, that’s right, your mother is the head of a flower arrangement school.
SORA: Yep.
YAMATO: So, what about the Naval Stone?
SORA: They said that when they went to see the Naval Stone early this morning, it was turned upside down.
ALL: Ehhhhhh?!
KOUSHIRO: Jou-san, this is probably the source of the destroyed data that’s coming from the center of Kyoto.
JOU: Yeah, I think so too.
KOUSHIRO: Ah, I have a reply from Gennai-san!
GENNAI: (To tell you the truth, the balance of all four directions in Kyoto is in connection with the Holy Beast Digimon.)
KOUSHIRO: Holy Beast Digimon?
JOU: Have you ever heard about them?
GENNAI: (The Holy Beast Digimon have been preoccupied with the Digital World, so they were unable to expend enough of their power to your world.)
KOUSHIRO: This is the first time I’ve heard that power from the Digital World affects Kyoto in the first place…
SHUU: Long ago, it was thought that the place that was once our capital was protected by the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Turtle. If the Digital World actually is involved in that, that would be a major surprise!
GENNAI: (So, I asked them if they could use their powers for the real world as quickly as possible, but they said it was impossible right now.)
MIMI: Eh?! Then what do we do?
GENNAI: (I’ll think of a counterplan and contact you again. Wait for me.)
JOU: I hope it works out.
MIMI: What should we do until he comes back with the counterplan?

NARRATION: The children decided to hide and wait until he reached them again. Shuu stood outside the gate to keep people from entering.

SORA: The sun’s gone down…
KOUSHIRO: It sure brings out an atmosphere…
YAMATO: I’ll pray that no ghosts pop out…
KOUSHIRO: I’ve got a response!
GENNAI: (Sorry to keep you waiting! We’ve reached a conclusion. As I thought, they are unable to spare their power for your world.)
ALL: Ehhhhhh?!
JOU: No way!
GENNAI: (As an alternative though, I’ll dispatch other Digimon your way, so you can figure out the rest on your own. Bye now!)
KOUSHIRO: “Bye now”… just like that?!
JOU: He cut off the connection…
YAMATO: But he mentioned “other Digimon”…
SORA: Which means… You don’t think…?
MIMI: Could it be…?
AGUMON: Agumon, evolve! …Huh? I can’t evolve!
YAMATO: Agumon!
SORA: Taichi isn’t with us. It’s a shame.
AGUMON: Ehhhhhh?! But I was looking forward to seeing him!
JOU: I’ll tell Taichi that you miss him.
YAMATO: Something else is coming!
GABUMON: Gabumon, evolve!
PIYOMON: Piyomon, evolve!
TENTOMON: Tentomon, evolve!
GOMAMON: Gomamon, evolve!
PATAMON: Patamon, evolve!
GABUMON: Huh? I can’t evolve.
JOU: Why are you all trying to evolve the second you get here, anyway?
GABUMON: Gennai-san borrowed the power of evolution from the Holy Beast Digimon for us. So we wanted to try it out. Also, we thought it would be okay to jump right into it.
SORA: R–Right! Jumping right into something is important!
MIMI: Yep!
KOUSHIRO: Please, from now on, keep it at hand until we really need you to evolve!
PALMON: Palmon, warp evolve!
JOU: Warp evolve?
KOUSHIRO: She’s made a big gamble…
ROSEMON: Rosemon!
JOU: She evolved!
ALL: Ehhhhhh?!
MIMI: Rosemon!!
ROSEMON: I’ve missed you– b–but… don’t hug me so tightly, I– I can’t breathe–
MIMI: Sorry, sorry.
JOU: What? What makes her different from the others?
YAMATO: And it was a warp evolution…
KOUSHIRO: I have no clue… Maybe it’s a difference in fundamental potential…
SORA: Mimi-chan power, huh?
GABUMON: I’m glad to see you all again!
PIYOMON: Sora! It’s been a long time!
GOMAMON: Hehe! Have you been well?
PATAMON: Yamato, where’s Takeru?
YAMATO: Takeru is in Shimane.
ROSEMON: What do you want us to do? We’ll do anything!
JOU: I’m really glad that you all came, but we’ll have to think for a moment about what we can do with these members…
SORA: We have to restore the energy balance of all four directions in Kyoto.
YAMATO: What were the four holy beasts that Shuu-san talked about earlier?
JOU: Do you mean the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Turtle?
YAMATO: What’s up, Koushiro?
KOUSHIRO: Azure Dragon means a blue dragon, right?
JOU: Yeah.
KOUSHIRO: This might be a bit of a stretch… but doesn’t Gabumon kind of look like a blue dragon to you?
SORA: Ah, I see… Then that means…
JOU: I see! Then the White Tiger would be Gomamon!
SORA: And the Vermilion Bird would be Piyomon!
KOUSHIRO: Let’s have Tentomon act as the Black Turtle.
AGUMON: Hold on! What about me?
JOU: Agumon, huh… I know! The Yellow Dragon takes place in the center, so Agumon can be the Yellow Dragon!
PATAMON: What about me? What about me?
KOUSHIRO: Patamon, you keep an eye on everyone and make sure that their powers are in balance.
MIMI: Oh dear.
ROSEMON: Mimi, hey, what about me?
JOU: Hmm… I’ve got nothing.
ROSEMON: Ehhhhhh?! But I warp evolved!
JOU: Come gather around the Naval Stone now, everyone!
ALL: Okay!
SORA: Agumon, you go in the center.
YAMATO: Stand on top of the Naval Stone.
AGUMON: Like this?
SORA: The four of you who represent the directions, why don’t you try holding hands?
FOUR: Okay!
TENTOMON: Ouch ouch ouch!
GABUMON: Something sparked!
PIYOMON: That surprised me.
PATAMON: Your powers are resisting each other because all four of you aren’t in balance.
JOU: When you think of it another way, that’s where the hint on what to do next is.
SORA: Maybe the four of us should try holding hands too.
JOU: Okay. Lend me your hands, everyone.
MIMI: What about me…?
YAMATO: Mimi, sorry. I’m sure that you’ll be of help later.
ROSEMON: Really?
SORA: Now, we’re all holding hands.
PATAMON: Try holding each others hands one more time, guys.
GABUMON: Let’s try it!
PIYOMON: It’s a little better than before, but…
TENTOMON: The feeling of resistance is still strong…
PATAMON: If you feel more of Yamato and the others’ power, you might be able to beat that feeling of resistance!
KOUSHIRO: Our power…
JOU: The only way to do that would be, of course… to evolve!
SORA: But they weren’t able to evolve earlier…
PIYOMON: It took energy to get here from the Digital World, so right now I’m a little…
SORA: A little?
GOMAMON: Starving.
JOU: I–I see…
GABUMON: I’m hungry.
AGUMON: Me too.
ROSEMON: I can’t eat anymore…
MIMI: Now don’t say that! Have some more! It’s good!
SORA: Mi–Mimi-chan?!
YAMATO: What are you doing?
MIMI: Well, I had nothing to do and I bought too many souvenirs so my bags were heavy and I thought, let’s have Rosemon eat them!
ROSEMON: Yatsuhashi is delicious… but I can’t eat anymore of it…
GABUMON: T–That looks delicious…
MIMI: Huh? Why are you all looking this way?
JOU: Everyone’s hungry so they can’t evolve. Mimi-kun, could you share that yatsuhashi with everyone?
MIMI: OF COURSE! …Thank goodness… I’m finally useful…
ROSEMON: Eat up, everyone!
ALL: Yay! Thank you! Delicious!
MIMI: Eat up!
GABUMON: I’m full! I can’t eat anymore…
MIMI: Ehhh, already?! I was just about to go make my original sweets!
SORA: Ehhh, Mimi-chan, that’s…
ALL: No, thank you!
MIMI: Ehhhhhh?!
JOU: W–Well then, let’s get ready!
KOUSHIRO: Evolve first, everyone!
ALL: Okay!
GABUMON: Gabumon, evolve! Garurumon!
PIYOMON: Piyomon, evolve! Birdramon!
GOMAMON: Gomamon, evolve! Ikkakumon!
TENTOMON: Tentomon, evolve! Kabuterimon!
AGUMON: What about me?
PATAMON: Agumon, you hold on for a minute.
SORA: Let’s try holding hands again.
JOU: Let’s do this!
KOUSHIRO: The four of us must unite our hearts as one!
BIRDRAMON: I can feel Sora’s power!
GARURUMON: Let’s hold hands too!
KABUTERIMON: The force of resistance is even stronger than before!
SORA: Urk!
JOU: Even we can feel the force of resistance that our Digimon are feeling!
KOUSHIRO: You can do it, Kabuterimon!
YAMATO: Use my power, Garurumon!
MIMI: Ahh…
ROSEMON: There’s nothing for us to do…
[The Digimon keep trying]
PATAMON: Guys! You can do it!
YAMATO: They’ve united!
SORA: I feel incredible power!
AGUMON: Wow… I can feel their power flowing into me…
PATAMON: Agumon, can you evolve?
AGUMON: I’ll try it! Agumon, evolve! Greymon!
[The Digimon sigh with relief]
BIRDRAMON: That feels much better.
PATAMON: By evolving, Agumon, as the Yellow Dragon at the center, has balanced your powers.
SORA: We feel much better too.
JOU: The balance of power is restored!
KOUSHIRO: What’s wrong, Patamon?
PATAMON: Once the balance is restored, the Naval Stone is supposed to go back to normal, but…
JOU: It hasn’t?!
SORA: Why not?!
KOUSHIRO: Patamon, has Gennai-san told you what to do in this case?
PATAMON: Umm, he hasn’t told me anything, but I could ask Naval Stone-san directly.
SORA: Eh?! This stone can talk?!
PATAMON: Naval Stone-san! Naval Stone-san!
NAVAL STONE: Who calls for me?
YAMATO: It talked!
PATAMON: The balance of power is restored now.
NAVAL STONE: I am aware.
PATAMON: Aren’t you going to go back to normal?
NAVAL STONE: I decide my place. I am where I choose to be.
NAVAL STONE: I am the Naval Stone that has protected the center of this city for 1,000 years.
JOU: This sounds like it’s going to be annoying…
NAVAL STONE: Lately there have been fellows who treat me without reserve. Is there no veneration for the one who protects this city?
MIMI: What is it saying?
SORA: It’s asking if we have respect for it.
MIMI: Oh! I respect you!
JOU: I do too, I do too!
SORA: From the bottom of my heart!
YAMATO: Me too! …I think.
NAVAL STONE: Verbal, all verbal. Verbally, you can say whatever you want. I have had enough of the flippant verbal promises of humans.
MIMI: What are you so mad about?
SORA: Ah! Mimi-chan, this is your chance to do something!
YAMATO: Are you serious?!
SORA: No! I’m just saying it without thinking about what happens next!
YAMATO: Oh come on!
NAVAL STONE: Do so humbly show me your heart.
MIMI: What?
JOU: It wants you to show your sincerity.
ROSEMON: Sincerity?
MIMI: To show sincerity, that would mean…
ROSEMON: Flowers.
JOU: Eh? Wouldn’t showing your sincerity mean giving cash…?
SORA: Jou-senpai! As the bearer of the Crest of Faith, you shouldn’t say such things!
JOU: Ah, right, that’s bad.
MIMI: Rosemon, go for it!
ROSEMON: Okay, leave it to me! Bloom, large-petaled rose of sweet scent! Roses Rapier!
SORA: Ah! She attacked it!
KOUSHIRO: What do we do now if the Naval Stone gets even angrier?!
NAVAL STONE: Ahh… Ahhhhhhhhh!
JOU: What now?! Is this the end of Kyoto?!
NAVAL STONE: Such sweet scent…
SORA: Ehhhhhh?!
YAMATO: It’s okay with that?!
KOUSHIRO: It appears to have liked it.
JOU: Really?
NAVAL STONE: Now then! I’ll go back to my normal position!
DIGIMON: All right! / HUMANS: Ehhhhhh?!

NARRATION: And so, the incident at Kyoto was safely resolved. It’s possible that Rosemon’s flower power was so effective because they were in the land of flower arrangement. The Digimon said goodbye to the children and returned to the Digital World.

SHUU: The Digimon were here? I wish I could have seen them!
JOU: I’m sure you’ll get a chance one day, Brother.
KOUSHIRO: Let’s go! The Shinkansen will be moving.
YAMATO: Oh, right! Then I need to get to the station! Ah, I’ll just barely make it to the one heading for Shimane!
SHUU: All right, I’ll speed us to the station!
SORA: But drive safely!
JOU: Guys! Let’s meet again in Tokyo!
MIMI: Come visit America, too!

GABUMON: It’s been so long since we’ve been in Yamato and the others’ world! It was so much fun!
AGUMON: It went by in a flash.
PIYOMON: I want to come back again!
PATAMON: I hope we can!
PALMON: I’m glad to see Mimi is doing all right.
TENTOMON: Koushiro-han is also the same as ever.
GOMAMON: I’m sure we’ll see each other again one day, right?

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10 thoughts on “[drama] digimon adventure 15th anniversary blu-ray box – special drama cd”

  1. Thank you so much for translating these! I always enjoy learning more about the mythos of the show. Interesting that Palmon warp-evolved so easily. I wonder how that will fit in to the new series? Thank you again for putting so much time and effort into translating the new drama CD.

  2. It’s good to know that Palmon still has her cute personality as Rosemon. It would be hilarious if the second drama CD get animated. Of course, thanks for your great translation, onkei.

  3. So excited for a new translation! Thanks for all your hard work! Any chance the third Adventure novel translation is in the works? The second novel ended on a cliffhanger (of course lol) and I’m dying to see how things play out in the final novel as opposed to the anime. I know you’re incredibly busy, but you have at least one fan of your work who waits excitedly for your next release. 🙂

    Again, thank you for all you do!

  4. Thank you so much for your efforts in translating this! I’ve had so much fun reading the translation above and can’t help but to feel curious of Wizardmon’s past and true nature. I remember the novelization has also mentioned him being cursed due to his curiosity of that certain book..

    While the first track has piqued my curiosity so much, the second track sure has made me smile and made me try to picture the scene in my head. Though I’ve had my difficulties imagining how Garurumon, Birdramon, Ikkakumon and Kabuterimon hold hands..? I mean, how could they? Weregarurumon will be able to do just that easily, but how should Garurumon and Ikkakumon hold hands when they have only got 4 feet? I was also wondering how Birdramon managed to do that, were they holding on her legs or her fiery wings? I can imagine Kabuterimon holding hands with no problem, since he has 4 hands to begin with. I sure had a lot of fun reading and pondering on the not-so-important issue as above. It’s also surprising that Palmon managed to warp-evolve to Rosemon!

    Once again, I thank you very much! Will be patiently waiting for any further translation done from you on Digimon Adventure!

  5. I really liked that first story a lot. Gatomon and Wizardmon are two of my favorite characters. When Gatomon is apologizing for burdening Wizardmon, it seems to be foreshadowing for his death when she apologizes for getting him “mixed up in this” and he replies there’s no need to apologize. It was also very atmospheric and surreal and seeing Gatomon, Wizardmon, Leomon, and Ogremon at the same time was cool. Plus, Ogremon cussing. Don’t get that in the dub!

  6. Hi !
    I am webmiss of french website Digimon !
    First, I am a very, very, very big fan of yours hard work and your investissment for the communauty Digimon. It is really, really, great !
    So, one of my numbered tasks is translations, too ! (I love it, then I am the only one of the team who speak english so… :D)
    This year, we worked on dramas digimon ! Because I used your translation, I give the link : http://www.digiduo.fr/dramas/digimon-adventure-15th-anniversary-blu-ray-box-special-drama-cd/

    PS : you should have a lot of comments today ! lol

  7. These CD Dramas are more interesting than i thought. I wish they made a Visual Novel which complied all the CD dramas of Adventure. This is where Tri seems to be conflicted in its execution, it wants to be slice of life stories like these CD dramas but its also obligated to be a regular digimon story and it ends up doing neither of those things particularly well as a result.

  8. Speak for yourself, Digimon Adventure Tri was the most action packed I’ve seen in Digimon. Not to mention, the mystery and suspense factors of the show kept me reeled in. Most of all, the relationship between human and digimon was explored in more depth in Tri. It did exceedingly well on that front.

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