[scans] digimon adventure: digimon secrets

デジモンアドベンチャーメ モリアルBOOK

Three scans from the Digimon Adventure illustrated guide book, “Digimon Adventure Memorial Book.”

Where to buy: No longer in production. Try sellers on Amazon.JP

Note: This is NOT the memorial book that was scheduled to come out in 2009. It’s an older version published in 2000 that only has Adventure storyline in it.

This scan really has no value; it’s not even a good one. I just like this image.

Digimon secrets that you’ll find in these pages:
*What Gabumon looks like without fur
*Tokomon’s teeth
*Tentomon without his arms
*Tailmon without her gloves
*HolyAngemon without his wings
*Palmon’s unique technique
*Nanimon’s armpits

It’s possible that I’ll edit this post in the future with more information if I deem it worthy enough to share, etc.

6 thoughts on “[scans] digimon adventure: digimon secrets

  1. How many pages are like this with these rarer “never before seen” kind of images? I found this book on ebay and the seller posted a few scans, but it looked like most of it was just stock pictures and screenshots so I wasn’t sure if it was really worth buying.

    • I bought it a long time ago when it was being sold, thought I’d lost it throughout the years, and then found it again in my garage. It might be pretty difficult to find now for selling or even viewing. ;;

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