[lyrics] 大門 大&アグモン、トーマ・H・ノルシュタイン&ガオモン – TEAM?

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Masaru Daimon & Agumon, Tohma H. Norstein & Gaomon – TEAM?
Track 11 in “Digimon Savers Best Hits + Character Songs” CD
Vocals: Souichirou Hoshi, Taiki Matsuno, Hirofumi Nojima, Kazuya Nakai (歌:大門大(保志総一朗)、アグモン(松野太紀)、トーマ・H・ノルシュタイン(野島裕史)、ガオモン(中井和哉))
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada (作詞:山田ひろし)
Composition + Arrangement: Michihiko Oota (作曲・編曲:太田美知彦)

俺たちゃ無敵 やるときゃやる
喧嘩上等 このまま行くぜ!

俺たちゃいつも こんなカンジさ
あいつらだけにゃ 負けたくねぇ!

クールに行こう まずはデータ
無謀なヤツは ほっとけばいい

ヤツらはいつも あんなカンジさ
それでもチーム 分かってるさ

ぶつかりあって つかみあって
それでもなぜか 分かりあってる

俺たちいつも こんなカンジさ
それでもチーム 信じてるぜ

俺たちいつも こんなカンジさ
最高のチーム 分かってるさ

oretacha muteki yaru tokya yaru
kenka joutou kono mama ikuze!

oretacha itsumo konna kanji sa
aitsura dake nya maketaku nee!

KUURU ni ikou mazu wa DEETA
mubou na yatsu wa hottokeba ii

yatsura wa itsumo anna kanji sa
soredemo CHIIMU wakatteru sa

butsukari atte tsukami atte
soredemo naze ka wakari atteru

oretachi itsumo konna kanji sa
soredemo CHIIMU shinjiteruze

oretachi itsumo konna kanji sa
saikou no CHIIMU wakatteru sa
wakatten no ka?
honto no toko
dou nan da yo!

MASARU: Alright! Just leave this match to street fighter, Daimon Masaru! Let’s go, Agumon!
AGUMON: Right! …Ah, wait a minute, I forgot the fried eggs!
MASARU: Hey, hey, Agumon!)

We’re invincible. We get the job done.
As first-class fighters, let’s go do what we normally do!

We’re always like this
Those two are the only ones we don’t want to lose to!

TOHMA: Gaomon! Use Attack Simulation Plan B!
GAOMON: Yes, Master! Double Backhand!
TOHMA: Great job, Gaomon!
GAOMON: *blush* Thank you, Master!)

Let’s go through this rationally, first with the data
Just leave that reckless duo alone

Those guys are always like that,
And yet we know we’re nevertheless a team

MASARU: Tohma! Why are you talking about all this crap? We just have to hit them with our fists!
TOHMA: Do you not have any brains in that head of yours?
MASARU: What was that?!
AGUMON: Hey, these fried eggs are really good!
GAOMON: Rolling Upper! Master, what are your next orders?)

We collide with each other, grab at each other,
And yet for some reason, we’re still able to understand each other

We’re always like this
Yet we believe that even so, we’re a team

We’re always like this
We know we’re the best team
But how are things
Really like?!

MASARU: That’s why I told you to let me handle it!
TOHMA: What are you talking about? This happened because you threw our teamwork out the window!
MASARU: No way, jerk! It was because you kept saying all that complicated stuff!
TOHMA: You’re really something else!
AGUMON: *enjoying fried eggs and ignoring everything else*
GAOMON: Master, I’ve memorized up to Simulation Plan Zero. What should I do next?
MASARU: Whatever, I’m just gonna do my own thing! Digisoul Charge!
TOHMA: *isn’t even listening to poor Gaomon* I just told you not to act like that! It never helps!
GAOMON: …Master?
TOHMA: Digisoul Charge!
MASARU: Bastard, I’m not going to lose to you! Digisoul Charge!
TOHMA: Damn it, I’m not going to lose either! Digisoul Charge!
MASARU: Overdrive!
GAOMON: … Why don’t we enjoy some tea before that?
TOHMA: Digisoul Charge! Overdrive!
AGUMON: Yum yum!
MASARU: Agumon! You’re not even evolving!!
AGUMON: But the fried eggs…!
GAOMON: This time, I’ve prepared an original blend…
TOHMA: What are you doing?! Digisoul Charge! Overdrive!
MASARU: You and your fried eggs!)

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