[drama cd] inazuma eleven go: eternal are the bonds!!


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Tenma Matsukaze: Yuka Terasaki
Kyousuke Tsurugi: Takashi Oohara
Shinsuke Nishizono: Haruka Tomatsu
Takuto Shindou: Mitsuki Saiga
Ranmaru Kirino: Yuu Kobayashi
Hikaru Kageyama: Ayumi Fujimura
Masaki Kariya: Yuuki Tai
Ryouma Nishiki: Ryou Iwasaki
Aoi Sorano: Sayaka Kitahara
Akane Yamana: Yurin
Midori Seto: Mina
Hakuryuu: Jun Fukuyama
Shuu: Miyuki Sawashiro
Shuu’s sister: Mariya Ise

Script : Ken’ichi Yamada, Atsuhiro Tomioka
Music : Shiho Terada, Yasunori Mitsuda, Natsumi Kameoka
Music Director : Toshihiko Nakajima

01: ワーニング
02: 雷門VSゼロ 激闘のあと
03: 温泉サイコー!
04: 恐怖の温泉!
05: これが超次元卓球だ!
06: 狩りの時間だ!
07: 激突!二つの戦い!!
08: 解き放たれる心
09: 最後の勝負!
10: 永遠の絆!!
11: イナズマイレブンGO 今日の格言 ドラマCD編
12: 【スペシャルトラック】アフレコやろうぜ!! (藤村、岩崎、戸松、大原、斎賀、ゆりん、美名、北原、小林、泰、伊瀬、沢城、福山、寺崎)

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TRACK 01: Warning
TENMA: Hey, everyone! When listening to the Inazuma Eleven GO drama CD, adjust the volume and be sure not to bother other people around you!

TRACK 02: Raimon VS Zero, After The Fight

[The long whistle blows as the crowd cheers “Raimon” and “Zero” in the background.]

AOI: The match… is over…! Raimon VS Team Zero ends at a 5-5 tie… but it was a great game wasn’t it? Midori-san! Akane-san!
MIDORI: Yeah, Aoi!
AKANE: Shin-sama was so wonderful!

HAKURYUU: They’re cheering… Are all of the trainees congratulating us on our match?
TSURUGI: Yeah, Hakuryuu.
HAKURYUU: We’ve exhausted the fullest extent of energy, so much that neither Zero and Raimon’s members can barely run anymore…
But this feeling of satisfaction…
Ahh, that’s right… I had forgotten all this time…
This is how one feels when soccer is enjoyable, and fun…

TENMA: Shuu! I’m sure that even soccer is happy that we got to play such an amazing and fun match!
SHUU: Tenma…
(smiles) You may be right!

TENMA: Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD! Eternal are the Bonds!

TRACK 03: Hot Springs Are Awesome!

[NISHIKI, KARIYA, SHINSUKE, and KAGEYAMA dive into a hot spring with cheers of “Wahoo!”]

NISHIKI: (sighs) Hot springs are awesome!
AOI: Thank goodness I’d thought to pack everyone’s bathing suits.
TENMA: Nothing less from you, Aoi! (sighs) I can feel the soreness draining from me…
AOI: Feels great, doesn’t it?
NISHIKI: Hot springs are awesome!
MIDORI: Geez, those guys…
TENMA: But still, I never expected this island God Eden to have a place like this.
TSURUGI: Hakuryuu, you did a good job finding this place.
HAKURYUU: Yeah, instructor Kibayama told me about it. He said it was a good way to heal the wounded body after training.
SHUU: There’s even a hot spring nearby that’s used by animals.
TENMA: Really, Shuu?
SHUU: Yeah. They also go there to relax and heal their wounds.
MIDORI: Still, in any case…
AKANE: This feels great.
SHINDOU: Kirino, let’s tell the others about this place later.
KIRINO: Okay, Shindou.
TENMA: Oh, now that you mention it… Where are Coach Endou and Coach Kidou?
AOI: They’re running around making arrangements for boats and everything so the trainees in God Eden can go back to their families.
TENMA: Eh? Maybe we should go help them?
AOI: They said we should take it easy until it’s time to leave since we’re probably tired out after the game.
TENMA: I see… So when do we leave?
AOI: Raimon is leaving last, along with Team Zero. Hakuryuu-san said they were okay with being last.
TENMA: So that’s why you’re here to show us around.
HAKURYUU: Yeah. Besides, I wanted to get to know you guys better.
SHINSUKE: (in the background) Hey, let’s race to that rock over there!
NISHIKI/KARIYA/KAGEYAMA: (in the background) Okay!
MIDORI: Those guys…
SHINSUKE: (in the background) Ready… go!


MIDORI: Nishiki! Shinsuke! Kariya! Kageyama! Quit splashing around!
ALL FOUR: (stop) Sorry…
HAKURYUU: (chuckles) If you guys want to play without bothering anyone, there are plenty of other hot springs further in. You should go check them out.
NISHIKI: Great, then let’s go! We’ll go into all of them and claim every last one! Hot springs are…!


AOI: (smiles) Boys are so simple-minded. They get excited just over that.
MIDORI: (sighs)
TENMA: (laughs) Let’s go too, Shuu.
SHUU: Okay!

[TENMA and SHUU leave. MIDORI looks hesitant for a moment.]

MIDORI: Then, I guess I’ll leave too. (gets up)
AOI: Midori-san! Wait for me! (leaves)
KIRINO: Shindou, want to go explore the island?

[KIRINO and SHINDOU also leave. Silence.]

HAKURYUU: The only ones left here are you and me, huh?
TSURUGI: Looks that way.

[The hot spring bubbles in one area. HAKURYUU and TSURUGI look towards it.]

AKANE: (pops out of the water with a gasp)
TSURUGI: A–Akane-san…?
AKANE: (giggles) I got great shots! Shin-sama looks wonderful even underwater! ♪
Now, time to take more and more pictures!

[AKANE leaves the hot spring, giggling.]

HAKURYUU: …Raimon has a lot of characters in it, I see.
TSURUGI: Sometimes even I don’t believe it.

[NISHIKI, KARIYA, SHINSUKE, and KAGEYAMA are walking through the wilderness.]

SHINSUKE: Nishiki-senpai, I see a hot spring! (stops) Huh? What’s this signpost?
KARIYA: Signpost? What does it say?
KAGEYAMA: It’s worn away here and there so I can’t read it very well, but… it looks like it’s a description of the hot spring! Let’s see… “This hot spring brings the benefit of accelerated growth. It works particularly well in helping you grow talle–“……Ehh?!
NISHIKI: Going into this hot spring…
SHINSUKE: Will make you grow…
KARIYA: Taller?
KAGEYAMA: Yes, that’s what it says!
NISHIKI: Soaking in this hot spring will make you grow bigger…?

[ALL FOUR laugh nervously.]

NISHIKI: No way! That’s not possible!
SHINSUKE: No one in the world would believe that, it’s just too good to be true!
KARIYA: Obviously! I’d sure like to see the face of the fool who believes this!
NISHIKI: Let’s check out another one, guys!

MIDORI: Hey, there’s another hot spring here! All right, time to claim them all before Nishiki!
AOI: Wait, Midori-san!
MIDORI: What’s wrong, Aoi?
AOI: There’s a signpost here.
MIDORI: Let me see… “This hot spring brings the benefit of accelerated growth. It works particularly well in helping you grow taller”…? (laughs) No one would fall for a lie like this!
AOI: (laughs) That’s for sure!

[MIDORI and AOI laugh. They hear splashing in the distance and look towards it.]

MIDORI: …Nishiki… Shinsuke… Kariya… Kageyama… (grins slyly and says louder) Oh, I see what’s going on here.
NISHIKI: W–What? We didn’t read that signpost!
SHINSUKE: We didn’t even notice it was there!
KARIYA: Yeah, yeah! We’re just innocently enjoying this hot spring!
KAGEYAMA: We aren’t thinking of making ourselves grow taller at all, nope!
MIDORI/AOI: (look at them with raised eyebrows) Hmm…

TENMA: (sighs comfortably)
SHUU: Tenma, this hot spring is special.
TENMA: Special?
SHUU: You’ll see why. Look, over there.
TENMA: Whoa, a monkey!

[Rustling, then a plop.]

TENMA: …It came in. Shuu, is this place…?
SHUU: Yeah! It’s the hot spring I mentioned earlier, the one that the animals like to use.
TENMA: Wow… But why this one?
SHUU: I don’t know… But it must have something that makes them feel that this is the best spot.
TENMA: I see… This is my first time sharing a hot spring with a monkey!
SHUU: (laughs) It’s not just that monkey. Over there…


TENMA: Wah! A deer and a boar?!

[A goat bleets.]

TENMA: Even a goat! …Huh? This goat… Are you the same one from before?

[The goat bleets.]

SHUU: It sounds like it’s saying “Thank you for saving me.”
TENMA: (smiles) I see… I’m glad to see you’re doing okay.

[Animals making animal noises.]

TENMA: …Wow, there’s a lot of them coming in. Wah, now a whole monkey family’s joined in all at once! Huh?! A whole crowd of deer! Another wild boar! And another goat!
…I can’t move… There’s too many of them in here, Shuu…
SHUU: S–Sorry! I can’t do anything about it either…


TENMA: …What’s that?
SHUU: That sounds like… It can’t be…
TENMA: Eh? W–What?

[Ominous growling.]

TENMA: What’s that sound?
SHUU: It’s the king of the forest.
TENMA: King? Then… you don’t mean…

[The beast comes out roaring.]

TENMA: A bear! B–But I can’t move! We’re gonna get eaten!

[The bear comes forward roaring, and plunges into the hot spring.]

TENMA: …Huh? Is it… enjoying the hot spring?
SHUU: Looks that way.
TENMA: (sighs in relief) Thank goodness!
SHUU: (breaks out into laughter)
TENMA: Huh? …H–Hey, Shuu! You were teasing me, weren’t you?!

TRACK 04: The Hot Spring Of Terror

SHINSUKE: Whoa… there’s a lot of steam around here. I can’t see ahead of me.
NISHIKI: There must be a hot spring nearby! Let’s look around carefully and find it!

[ALL FOUR walk further in. The sound of vapor being released from the ground gets louder.]

KARIYA: It’s getting a lot warmer…
SHINSUKE: Also… what’s that “pshhhhh” sound?
NISHIKI: Don’t be scared! We’re on a quest to conquer all of the hot springs!
KAGEYAMA: Hey, another signpost!
NISHIKI: What does it say this time?
KAGEYAMA: There’s a hot spring up ahead!
NISHIKI: See, what did I tell you! Let’s go!

[NISHIKI runs ahead.]

KAGEYAMA: Wait, Nishiki-senpai, there’s more! (trails off) …”However, because it is filled with geysers that constantly gush out hot water from the ground, be careful passing through.”
KARIYA: Constantly…?
SHINSUKE: Gush out hot water from the ground…?

[An enormous geyser spouts up, blowing away a screaming NISHIKI into the air where he disappears with a twinkle of light.]

SHINSUKE: Let’s go back.
KARIYA: I–I agree!
KAGEYAMA: Then let’s hurry…

[An enormous geyser spouts up, blowing away the screaming trio into the air where they disappear with a twinkle of light.]

HAKURYUU: (sighs) We rarely had times when we relaxed talking to each other like this.
TSURUGI: Yeah. Every day on this island was spent on nothing but training.
HAKURYUU: We didn’t have a reason to be close either since we were fighting to be number one of the trainees.
Our battles always ended in a draw. I wanted to make the difference clear today.
TSURUGI: Heh. You chose the wrong person.


HAKURYUU: You can leave first if you want.
TSURUGI: Speak for yourself. Your face is red.
HAKURYUU: You’re sweating pretty badly too. Leave before you get dizzy.
TSURUGI: Only after I’ve sweated some more.

[The two settle back down to see who stays in longest.]

ALL: Inazuma Eleven GO!

TRACK 05: This Is Super-Dimensional Ping Pong!

TENMA: (sighs happily) That was a great bath! The animals surprised me though. So, Shuu, Hakuryuu. Where are we going now?
SHUU: When you’re at a hot spring, “it” comes hand-in-hand!
TENMA: “It”?
HAKURYUU: That’s right. Even if you cut “it” away from hot springs, it can never be cut away completely.
TENMA: Do you know what they’re talking about, Shinsuke?
SHINSUKE: Not a clue.
MIDORI: You guys are thick! I know what they mean. Right, Akane?
AKANE: Yeah!
NISHIKI: What is it? Tell us!
MIDORI: No thanks!
KARIYA: What is it? Don’t keep us hanging!
HAKURYUU: Here we are. This is the place.
TENMA: That “it” thing is inside this building?
SHUU: That’s right. Well, come in!

[The doors open and a ball bounces.]

TENMA: Ping-pong!
SHUU: Bingo! Yep, it’s ping-pong!
HAKURYUU: It’s the main pastime on God Eden.
MIDORI: I thought so! When you’re at a hot spring, there can only be ping-pong!
AKANE: Even on school field trips, playing ping-pong in your slippers after soaking in the hot spring is a must!
AOI: Akane-san is unusually fired up!
NISHIKI: Ping-pong? What? Disappointing!
KARIYA: Seriously! What a waste getting our hopes up! Ping-pong is just swatting a tiny ball at each other back and forth.
NISHIKI: Playing a wiggly sport like that is boring!

[Ping pong balls are hit at NISHIKI and KARIYA’s directions.]

NISHIKI: W–What was that for?
MIDORI: You guys. Did I just hear you make fun of ping-pong?
AKANE: Unforgivable.
SHUU: Ping-pong is just as fun as soccer!
HAKURYUU: That’s right. Show some respect.
KARIYA: Respect? But you use your hands for it. Compared to soccer…
NISHIKI: Yeah, it’s gotta be a piece of cake!
MIDORI: If you’re going to say that much… Nishiki! Kariya! Let’s see how good you are, then! You’ll fight me and Akane in a doubles match!
KARIYA: If there’s a one-in-a-million chance that we lose, we’ll do whatever you tell us to do.
AKANE: You’re going to regret saying that.
SHUU: I’m counting on you, Midori-san, Akane-san.
HAKURYUU: Show them a thing or two!

MIDORI: Nishiki! I’ll give you a handicap. If you guys can take even one point from us, you win.
NISHIKI: You’re underestimating us! We don’t need that!
KARIYA: In fact, we ought to give you a handicap, Midori-san!
MIDORI: Yeah, yeah.
NISHIKI: Shindou! Kirino! Help act as our referees!
MIDORI: Let’s do a light warm-up first. Nishiki, try and make a shot.
NISHIKI: I think we’ll win easy without even having to warm up… but sure, I’ll play along.
MIDORI: Quit yapping and shoot.
NISHIKI: Don’t be surprised. I play seriously even when I’m warming up! (gathers up energy) Hereditary Treasured Sword Serve!
KIRINO: It’s fast! There’s no way she can shoot that back–
MIDORI: (bored) Back at’cha.
NISHIKI: Nnghhh?!! …In that case… Hereditary Treasured Sword Attack Remastered!!
SHINDOU: Its power and speed are greater than the one before!
MIDORI: (bored) Here.
NISHIKI: Dwohhh?!! …In that case, in that case… True Hereditary Treasured Sword Smash!!!
KARIYA: Wow! The ball is going so fast that it looks like a speeding bullet!
MIDORI: Heh, weak! This is what you call a smash!

[MIDORI hits back.]

SHINDOU: The ball caught fire! The flame must have sparked from the friction against the air!
NISHIKI: So what if it’s on fire! I’ll shoot it back!

[NISHIKI receives the ball but it continues to push against his paddle.]

NISHIKI: W–What’s with this power?!
KIRINO: Nishiki is being pushed back!

[NISHIKI succumbs to the shoot and goes backwards flying.]

SHINDOU: Nishiki! I can’t believe that light ball held that much force!
KARIYA: A–Are you okay, Nishiki-senpai?!
NISHIKI: Y–Yeah… (glares at MIDORI) You’re not bad.
MIDORI: Heh. Now do you know a bit about what ping-pong is all about?
NISHIKI: Hmph! This is nothing!
AKANE: Oh really. Then let’s start the real thing.

SHINDOU: Seto-Yamana team VS Nishiki-Kariya team.
KIRINO: We’ll begin with Akane’s serve.
AKANE: Okay.

[AKANE casually bounces the ping-pong ball.]

AKANE: Kariya-kun. Are you ready?
KARIYA: Of course!
(thinking) Akane-san is a delicate person, so she shouldn’t be able to shoot powerful balls like Midori-san. In other words, if I make the return ace, I win!
AKANE: In that case… Haunted Snapshot-of-a-Ghost Serve!

[The ball travels eerily forwards.]

KARIYA: (thinking) …Slow! Hah, by “haunted” did she mean “lingering around?” This is easy! Hunter’s Ne–
…Huh? What? I suddenly felt a chill…
Wah?! There are so many balls! What’s going on?!
AKANE: (giggles) Look. They’re behind you too.
KARIYA: (whimpers) W–Why?! (swatting everywhere) Stay back! Stay back!!

[The real ball drops to the ground.]

SHINDOU: P–Point to Seto-Yamana team. 1-0.
KARIYA: (whimpers) T–That’s not fair…
NISHIKI: W–What just happened?
MIDORI: (evilly) We’ll teach you from end to end just how much fun ping-pong is.
AKANE: (evilly) Upside, downside, roasted, and toasted. Okay?

[NISHIKI and KARIYA shiver in fear.]

[SHUU is warming up his shoulder with a paddle.]

SHUU: (dangerously quiet) Tenma. Tsurugi. You two won’t do something silly like make fun of ping-pong, right?
TENMA: O–Of course not!
HAKURYUU: Naturally. Now, let’s begin.
TENMA: Shinsuke, Hikaru! Please be our referees.
KAGEYAMA: Okay, leave it to us!
SHINSUKE: Now, Tenma-Tsurugi team VS Shuu-Hakuryuu team! We’ll begin with Tenma’s serve!
TENMA: Okay… Zephyr Wind Serve!
SHUU: Axe of the Demon Lord Receive!
TSURUGI: He’s fast! Death Return!
HAKURYUU: Take this! White Breath Smash!

[TENMA misses the ball and it falls to the ground.]

TENMA: Wow… it was so fast, I couldn’t catch up.
TSURUGI: Yeah. What’s more, the ball had a slight rotation to it, so that makes it hard to predict where it will go.
TENMA: You two are amazing!
SHUU: We’ve been playing this a bit longer than you have.
HAKURYUU: But you have a knack for it. As expected. Referees, what’s the call?
KAGEYAMA: Ehh?! …Shinsuke-kun, please make the call!
SHINSUKE: Well… since the table is higher than I am, I couldn’t see it very well.

MIDORI: Take this!
KARIYA: The ball caught fire again!
NISHIKI: Let’s work together to hit it back!

[NISHIKI and KARIYA bring their paddles together.]

KIRINO: Even together, they can’t hit it back!

[NISHIKI and KARIYA get blown backwards.]

SHINDOU: (in awe) Point to Seto-Yamana team… 100-0.
KIRINO: This is pretty much a done deal…
MIDORI: How about it, Nishiki, Kariya. Do you still want to play?
NISHIKI: (weakly) No, that’s… enough.
KARIYA: (enthusiastically) Yes, we lose!
MIDORI: Now do you see how amazing ping-pong is?
MIDORI: I can’t hear you.
NISHIKI/KARIYA: (louder) Yes, sir!
AKANE: If you lose, you’ll do whatever we tell you to do, was it?
MIDORI: Then how about you apologize.
MIDORI: (angry) I said, apologize to ping-pong!
NISHIKI/KARIYA: (panicking) Y–Yes, sir!
KARIYA: Ping pong-san– No, Ping pong-sama!
NISHIKI: I’m sorry for calling you a wiggly sport!
KARIYA: We will never make fun of you ever again!
NISHIKI/KARIYA: We’re sorry!!!

MIDORI/AKANE: Inazuma Eleven GO!

TRACK 06: Time To Hunt!

NISHIKI: I’m starving!
AOI: In that case, let’s settle down for a meal now!
NISHIKI: Let’s eat till we’re stuffed!
SHINSUKE: Huh? But I don’t see any food around…
NISHIKI: What’s the meaning of this, Midori?
MIDORI: Look closer. What is it you see in front of you?

[The ocean splashes.]

KAGEYAMA: You don’t mean…
MIDORI: That’s right, Kageyama! The blue ocean. The plentiful forest. Dive into nature and bring back whatever food you can find!

KARIYA: What the heck! It’s no different from how we were living on the island before!
MIDORI: Do you have a problem with that, Kariya?
KARIYA: I–I–I don’t, but… K–Kageyama-kun does.
KAGEYAMA: Ehh?! I–I didn’t say anything!
MIDORI: Just go!

[The boys run off.]

MIDORI: Geez, what’s with the behavior of young ones these days…
AOI: Midori-san, you’re only one year older…
SHUU: Tenma, there’s a really tasty fruit that can only be found on this island. Want to go find it?
TENMA: Really?! Let’s go, let’s go! As expected, Shuu! You know everything there is to know about this island!

[SHUU and TENMA walk off.]

KIRINO: We can’t leave everything to the lowerclassmen, Shindou.
SHINDOU: Yeah. Let’s go.

[SHINDOU and KIRINO walk off too.]

AKANE: Shin-sama is wonderful! ♪

NISHIKI: Alright then, I’m going to go for a one-strike hunt.
AOI: One-strike hunt?
NISHIKI: I’ll catch something in the water with one strike. The biggest one there is, bigger than anyone’s!
AOI: Good luck!
MIDORI: Hold it! The one who’s going to make the biggest catch here is me!
AOI: Midori-san?
MIDORI: Nishiki isn’t the only one who’s useful in a forest.
AOI: Eh?
MIDORI: Let’s have a match, Nishiki.
NISHIKI: Don’t expect me to go easy on you because you’re a girl.
MIDORI: I don’t have any intentions of letting the man hold my bags for me from the start.
NISHIKI: Then this match is on!
MIDORI: That’s the spirit! Aoi, give us the signal to start the match!
AOI: Eh? …Um…Ready… go!

[AOI hits a frying pan. NISHIKI and MIDORI run shouting war cries into the water.]

AOI: Nishiki-senpai… Midori-san… I get the feeling that those two would survive even on a deserted island…

HAKURYUU: Tsurugi. how about we walk through the island’s training course for old time’s sake as we search for food?
TSURUGI: All right.

[HAKURYUU and TSURUGI jump up.]

HAKURYUU: We had to run up and down this mountain multiple times to build up our stamina.
HAKURYUU: Do you remember, Tsurugi? That day when you and I had a one-on-one soccer battle.
TSURUGI: Heh. As if I’d forget that. In the end, it was a draw.
HAKURYUU: Ever since that day, our relationship began.

SHINSUKE: Hey! I see mushrooms!
KARIYA: Cool, they’re red with orange spots. I bet they taste awesome!
KAGEYAMA: Wait! I’ve heard that pretty-looking mushrooms are poisonous.
SHINSUKE: But I’m starving…
KARIYA: How about we try piling up as many as we can on the grill?
SHINSUKE: Yeah! Then if it smells good, maybe we’ll be able to tell if they’re edible or not!
KAGEYAMA: I don’t think that’s okay…
KARIYA/SHINSUKE: It’ll be okay!
TENMA: (coming from other direction) Hey, Shinsuke! Kariya! Hikaru!
SHINSUKE: Oh, Tenma! Shuu!
KARIYA: Look, we found mushrooms!
KAGEYAMA: I don’t think they’re edible…
KARIYA: Then you don’t have to eat them, Kageyama-kun.
SHUU: They’re edible.
KARIYA: See? I was right!
KAGEYAMA: I’m sorry!
KARIYA: Let me take a bite to see what they taste like…

[KARIYA puts the mushroom into his mouth.]

SHUU: Oh, I forgot to mention but…
SHUU: They’re okay to eat, but once you eat them you won’t be able to stop laughing, or you’ll start crying even though you don’t feel sad, or a whole bunch of other bad things will happen to you, so I don’t really recommend eating them.
KARIYA: (spits out and coughs) Say that sooner, Shuu!!
SHUU: Sorry, sorry.
TENMA: (sweats) If you find something and you don’t know if it’s edible or not, ask Shuu later. The two of us are going to that rock wall on the other side. See you.

[TENMA and SHUU walk off.]

KARIYA: You’ve gotta be careful, Kageyama-kun.
KAGEYAMA: Don’t you mean you?
SHINSUKE: (running up) Hey, look, I found this!
KARIYA: What’s up, Shinsuke-kun?
SHINSUKE: A bee’s nest! I bet it has a lot of honey inside!
KARIYA: …A bee’s nest?
KAGEYAMA: Don’t tell me…

[A swarm of bees come. They run away screaming.]

[The sound of a river.]

HAKURYUU: We used this river to build up kick power against its flow.
TSURUGI: No matter what training we had, we were always on equal level.

KIRINO: Shindou, let’s divert the fish here to swim into the trap below.

[KIRINO and SHINDOU splash the water with their hands. AKANE watches from a distance.]

AKANE: (giggles) Shin-sama catching fish in the river is so wonderful! (taking pictures) Wonderful! (click) Wonderful! (clicking and whispering dreamily) Shin-sama…
AKANE: (taking pictures)
SHINDOU: Um… Yamana?
SHINDOU: Can you move your camera? I can’t do very much when it’s right in front of me…
AKANE: Ah… when did I get all the way over here? Ah… I’m sorry!!

TSURUGI: We used this rock wall to build up our physical strength and concentration.
HAKURYUU: The training here was pretty difficult… but my feelings to win against you, my rival, made me stronger. Because of you, I got stronger.
TSURUGI: Heh. We were good motivation to each other.

TENMA: Shuu, how much further do we have to go?
SHUU: It’s higher up!
TENMA: Higher? We’ve been climbing up this vertical cliff for over 30 minutes now and it’s higher up?
SHUU: We’re almost there.
TENMA: Is that fruit only up there?
SHUU: That’s right!
TENMA: I see…

[The wind blows treacherously.]

TENMA: (thinking, frightened) Did we really need to risk our lives coming up here?
SHUU: (reaches the edge) There it is… We’re here, Tenma!
TENMA: (reaches) Really? It’s here?
SHUU: (nods) Yeah, look. This is the fruit I mentioned. Looks like it’s the last one.
TENMA: You’re right!
SHUU: It’s plenty ripe and just the right time to be eaten. Come, Tenma, you pick it.
TENMA: Okay!

[TENMA picks the fruit. The wind blows.]

TENMA: Ah… it fell…
SHUU: (sadly) …Shall we go back?
TENMA: (sadly) …Yeah…

[The ocean surges.]

HAKURYUU: We had to stay underwater in the ocean to improve our cardio-pulmonary functioning.
Tsurugi. I’m glad you were my rival. It’s because of you that I’m standing here right now.
TSURUGI: That goes for me too.

TRACK 07: Clash! The Battle of Two!!

[NISHIKI and MIDORI emerge from underwater.]

NISHIKI: I caught one! A one meter-long giant octopus!
MIDORI: I caught ten pilchards in one swoop!
NISHIKI: I win in terms of weight!
MIDORI: I win in numbers!
NISHIKI: I win in length!
MIDORI: If you add up the length of all ten, it’ll be over one meter 50!
NISHIKI: …Not bad! I didn’t expect you to be this good, Midori.
MIDORI: Right back at you, Nishiki.
NISHIKI: Whoever manages to take down the next prey we choose will be the winner.
MIDORI: Fine, just how I like it!


NISHIKI: …Did you see that?
MIDORI: Yeah… a giant moray eel about two meters long!
NISHIKI: Whoever catches it wins!
MIDORI: Okay! Ready… go!
NISHIKI: Superspeed War God Multi-Slash!
MIDORI: Super Ultra Mach Gusto Attack!


NISHIKI: Ngh! My Superspeed War God Multi-Slash didn’t work!
MIDORI: I can’t believe it dodged my Super Ultra Mach Gusto Attack!
NISHIKI: However good it may be…
MIDORI: We won’t hold back!
NISHIKI: That giant eel is mine!
MIDORI: It’s mine!
NISHIKI/MIDORI: I’ll catch it no matter what!


MIDORI: We’ll take this fight into the air!
NISHIKI: Ultimate Superspeed War God Multi-Slash!!
MIDORI: Super Quick Ultra Mach Gusto Attack!!


NISHIKI: (gasping) It didn’t work again!
MIDORI: (gasping) I’ll get it next time… Nishiki! I’m not losing to you!
NISHIKI: Neither am I! Furious Ultimate Superspeed War God Multi-Slash!!!
MIDORI: Super Quick Ultra Mach Dangerous Gusto Attack!!!

AOI: (watching) Just what is with those two…


HAKURYUU: (looks around) We’re back and no one’s even begun to prepare the food? (chuckles) Well, we’re all normal middle school kids. Without soccer, this is just about what to expect from us.
TSURUGI: Let’s start first. We can at least prepare the vegetables we’ve brought back.

[TSURUGI starts chopping. HAKURYUU watches.]

HAKURYUU: Not bad, Tsurugi. But…

[HAKURYUU starts chopping, quicker.]

TSURUGI: ?! Hmm…

[A bolt of electricity surges between TSURUGI and HAKURYUU as they glare at each other. Both begin to chop up a storm in a spontaneous chopping contest. Clang.]

HAKURYUU: Heh. Another draw.
TSURUGI: Looks like that’s our destiny.

[Sound of waves.]

HAKURYUU: I’m glad I came to this island. To God Eden.
HAKURYUU: I don’t mean being involved with Fifth Sector. I mean being able to have met you.
HAKURYUU: By fighting with you– no, with Raimon, I was able to remember what real soccer was. It was the long way around to reach this point, but everything I experienced on this island is the source of my strength.
Even now, I’ll continue to aim to be the best. Not by the ways of Fifth Sector, but by my own ways.
TSURUGI: Meeting Matsukaze Tenma and the Raimon soccer club is what changed me too. Our fight with Fifth Sector continues to this day… But we won’t lose.

SHUU/HAKURYUU: Inazuma Eleven GO!

TRACK 08: The Heart Set Free

[AOI walks around the forest in search of TENMA and the others.]

AOI: They aren’t here either… Just how far did those boys go… They said they were going to exercise a bit to help digest after eating that giant octopus…

[Rustling of leaves.]

AOI: Huh? Shuu-san?
SHUU: Oh… Aoi-san, was it?
AOI: Yes. What are you doing in the forest here all alone, Shuu-san?


AOI: Shuu-san… (smiles) Shuu-san, how did you become so good at soccer?
AOI: Tenma keeps complimenting you about how great you are.
SHUU: (smiles) Thanks. Well, where should I begin… This island has an ancient custom very similar to soccer that involves kicking a ball around in contest.
AOI: I see.
SHUU: That custom was used to make all of the important decisions for this island. Like who would be village leader and such.
AOI: Hmm… so that contest must have been very important to this island.
SHUU: Yeah. But while it was important, it was also absolute and no one could act against it.
AOI: Act against it?
SHUU: This island has a big drought once every few years that causes a lot of grief. The villagers thought that it was because the gods were angry at them, so they offered up a sacrifice to appease the gods’ anger.
AOI: A sacrifice?!
SHUU: They would choose one young girl and drown her in the ocean. Then, they believed, the village would be saved.
AOI: That’s horrible!
SHUU: Since they fought like cats and dogs over who would be sacrificed, it was decided in the end that through that contest the decision would be made. The girl who was affiliated with the losing group was to be sacrificed.
AOI: No way…
SHUU: One of the candidates to be sacrificed was the younger sister of a boy.

SHUU: Why do you have to be sacrificed?!
SHUU’S SISTER: We have no choice. It’s been decided by the village.
SHUU: If we lose this match, you’re going to be tossed into the ocean! You’re never going to come back! …I can’t agree with this. You haven’t done anything wrong!
SHUU’S SISTER: …It’s okay, Brother. I believe that you will win. If you win, we’ll be together always!
And… even if you lose, I’ll be able to save the village. I’m fine with that.

SHUU: I’ll protect you… no matter what I have to do!

SHUU: He wanted to do whatever it took to protect his sister. That’s why he asked the members of the other team to lose in exchange for money. He bought the match.
But then the villagers found out and he was banished from the village. In the end, he couldn’t even protect his own sister.
Alone, with the contest that he had once loved to play taken from him, the boy spent the rest of his days in quiet solitude and died.
If he had enough power that made him confident that he could win, he would have been able to protect what was precious to him! Unless you’re strong, you can’t protect what’s precious to you. Unless you’re strong, you’re worth nothing… that’s what he thought.
AOI: Knowing such a sad story is why you, who was born on this island, felt that power was everything?
SHUU: But… it looks like I was wrong. I realized that through today’s match. Tenma and the others taught me the truth.
AOI: Tenma?
SHUU: Having power on your side doesn’t automatically mean that you will win. In fact, there’s no such thing as an absolute strength. If there was such a thing… it would be the heart that chooses not to give up.
AOI: The heart that chooses not to give up…
SHUU: (nods) There was a clear difference in power between Team Zero and Raimon. But Tenma didn’t give up. Those feelings of his are what brought out a miracle.
Back then… if that boy had done the same, maybe things would have turned out differently. (sighs) He threw away the chance to change the future for himself and chose to rely on a different power. I’m sure even his little sister resents such a brother of hers for being so foolish.
AOI: (quietly) She doesn’t resent him.
AOI: I’m sure that little sister doesn’t resent her brother at all.
SHUU: That’s not true–
AOI: No. That little sister must have known how her brother felt. Her brother loved soccer. He would have hated himself for using money to ask the other team to lose. But, even if it meant throwing away the soccer that was precious to him, he tried to save his sister. So, she doesn’t resent him. I’m sure that what she would want to say instead is…
AOI (SHUU’S SISTER): “Thank you… Brother…”
SHUU: …!
AOI: Shuu-san?
SHUU: (crying softly) Thank you…
AOI: Eh? I didn’t do anything…
(thinking) Could it be that… Shuu-san is…?
TENMA: (from a distance, searching) Shuu!

[TENMA runs up.]

TENMA: Shuu! Aoi! Here you are!
AOI: Tenma! Where did you go?
TENMA: I was exercising! Anyway, Shuu! Let’s play soccer one more time, as a last memory!
SHUU: Yeah… (sniffs) Okay, Tenma!

TRACK 09: The Last Match!!

SHINSUKE: The island’s old custom that’s similar to soccer?
TENMA: Yeah! I want to try it! Shuu told me the rules. It’s pretty much the same as soccer, but without goalkeepers.
SHINSUKE: No goalkeepers?
SHUU: Everything else besides that is the same. Whoever scores the most goals wins.
KARIYA: That sounds pretty interesting.
KAGEYAMA: How should we split the teams?
MIDORI: (grins) Leave that the me. The five on my right verses the five on my left.
TENMA: That’s me, Hakuryuu, Hikaru, Kariya, and Kirino-senpai.
SHINSUKE: The team here is Shuu, Captain Shindou, Nishiki-senpai, Tsurugi, and me.
TENMA: Good to be with you, Hakuryuu!
HAKURYUU: Same here, Tenma. I’ll settle the score with you this time, Tsurugi.
TSURUGI: Heh. Just the way I like it.
SHINSUKE: I’m going against Tenma! This will be interesting!
SHUU: Good to be with you, Shinsuke-kun.
SHINSUKE: Yeah, same here, Shuu!
KIRINO: Shindou, I’m going to be playing this with all I have!
SHINSUKE: Naturally.

[The whistle blows.]

HAKURYUU: Tenma! (passes)
TENMA: Here I go!
SHINDOU: Bring it on, Tenma!
TENMA: Okay, Captain Shindou! Zephyr Wind Step!
KAGEYAMA: He dodges!
SHINDOU: Not bad, Tenma!
TENMA: Hakuryuu! (passes)
HAKURYUU: Okay! White Hurricane!
SHINSUKE: Full-Throttle Jump! …All right! I blocked it!
KARIYA: Gah! Are you serious?!
SHINSUKE: Hehe! Awesome, aren’t I?
HAKURYUU: Nice play!
SHINSUKE: Thanks, Hakuryuu!
TENMA: C’mon, let’s keep them coming!
NISHIKI: Kariya! Here I come! Sengoku War God Musashi! …War God Multi-Slash!
KARIYA: I won’t lose! Hunter’s Net!
SHINDOU: Instrumentalist Maestro! Harmonics!
TSURUGI: Sword Saint Lancelot! Lost Angel!
SHUU: Here I come, Tenma! God of Darkness, Dark Exodus! …Axe of the Demon Lord!
TENMA: I’ll shoot it back, Shuu! Demon God Pegasus Arc! …All right! I did it!
NISHIKI: Stop my dribbling if you can!
KIRINO: How’s this? Deep Mist!
KARIYA: Kageyama-kun, shoot! (passes)
KAGEYAMA: Okay, Kariya-kun!
KARIYA: Here it comes… Kageyama-kun’s technique!
KAGEYAMA: Extend Zone! Ukkiiiiiii!
MANAGERS: Ukkiiiiiii!

[All laughing.]

TENMA: Soccer… Soccer is incredible. Just by kicking the ball, our feelings get across. It brings smiles to our faces. Whether you’re a friend or an enemy just isn’t important anymore.

TRACK 10: Eternal Are The Bonds!!

AOI: You two haven’t forgotten anything, have you?
MIDORI: I regret not being able to catch that giant eel to the very end…
AOI: …………………What about you, Akane-san?
AKANE: I wish I could’ve taken more off-shots of Shin-sama…
AOI: …………………Am I just too serious? Or are my seniors just really carefree?

HAKURYUU: The only ones left on the island now are Raimon and Zero’s members.
HAKURYUU: …Tsurugi.
TSURUGI: Hakuryuu. Let’s fight somewhere again, some day.
HAKURYUU: Yeah. This time, I will win!
TSURUGI: Heh. Whatever you say.

TENMA: Shuu, we’ll see each other again, right?
SHUU: Probably.
TENMA: Thanks for the misanga. I’ll take good care of it.
SHUU: I’m sure your wish will come true. [Note: When you put on a misanga for the first time, you make a wish with it. When it falls off your wrist of its own accord, that signifies that your wish has come true.]
TENMA: (nods) …There were so many things I wanted to say, but now that the time’s come to say them, I just can’t find the words.
SHUU: (chuckles) It’s okay. Your feelings got across to me.
TENMA: Hakuryuu. Shuu. Holy Road will be over soon. We’ll make sure to win the championship. We’ll prove that Fifth Sector is wrong and bring soccer back to everyone. When that time comes, soccer is going to change.
SHUU: With you… With Raimon, I just know it will happen.
HAKURYUU: I believe in you.
TENMA: (nods)

[The ship horn blows.]

TENMA: We have to get going now.
SHUU: (nods)
TENMA: See you again, Shuu.

[TENMA and Raimon board the boat. As it sails away…]

TENMA: Goodbye! Shuu! I’m glad I got to play soccer with you!
SHUU: Thank you, Tenma! Goodbye!
TENMA: (fading) Goodbye!

SHUU: …Tenma… I’m really glad I got to meet you guys…

HAKURYUU: Shuu. We’re going too.
SHUU: Hakuryuu. Did you forget? I’m not going. I have to stay and protect this island.
HAKURYUU: I see… This place is your home, after all…
SHUU: (nods)
SHUU: Hakuryuu.
SHUU: Bye.

[The ship horn blows as it sails away.]

SHUU: Tenma… Hakuryuu… Guys…
Soccer… The soccer from now on… (his voice fading) is under your protection…

TRACK 11: Inazuma Eleven GO, Today’s Proverb, Drama CD Version

TENMA: Inazuma Eleven GO! Today’s proverb, drama CD version!
“Soccer is incredible. Just by kicking the ball, our feelings get across. It brings smiles to our faces. Whether you’re a friend or an enemy just isn’t important anymore.” That’s al–
NISHIKI: Stop right there, Tenma! We can’t let you take the good parts for yourself this time!
NISHIKI: Inazuma Eleven GO! Today’s proverb, drama CD version #2! “Hot springs are…”

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