[masterlist] digimon series 1-4: original story

ドラマCD デジモン オリジナル・ストーリー・シリーズ

Digimon’s Original Story Drama CD compilation

Truly, among all of Digimon‘s drama CDs, the Original Story series is something that all fans must look into. There are honestly no words I can say more than that. I’ll let each of them speak for themselves.

Digimon Adventure – Two and a Half Year Break
This CD drama takes place within a two-and-a-half year period, where we peek into how each Chosen Child is dealing with being back in the real world and the events that shape them into the people we see in “02”.

Digimon Adventure 02 – Spring 2003
Taking place in the spring of year 2003, we get a follow-up on how each Chosen Child is faring and preparing for the future. The closing message was written by “02” series director, Hiroyuki Kakudou.

Digimon Tamers – Message in the Packet
Using Jian’s idea to record each of their voices into a message and send them to their Digimon, each Tamer approaches the mic to face their feelings for their Digimon friends.

Digimon Frontier – Things I Want to Tell You
The human Warriors take the time out to offer their thoughts of people important in their lives in the form of a letter. As always with the Frontier gang, their letters range from sweet to utterly silly.

Digimon Original Story Special ~with~
This CD came in very limited stock, so it’s rather lucky that the original source was kind enough to share. It contains goodbye messages from each character (possibly ad-libbed), while the Tamers track even provides a closing act.

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13 thoughts on “[masterlist] digimon series 1-4: original story”

  1. Thank you very much or translating this for the fans who only speak English.
    Also, I think the last link is broken.

  2. Ahh, I love these greatly! Thanks for dedicating your free time in translating these. I would have only understood four words out of the dramas without the translations ^_^

    I second Zack… the last link is broken =[ Thank you for posting it, though!

  3. Thanks for all the translations! Wow, they’re seriously hilarious, some of them. And I finally feel satisfied now that I know who Izumi likes *coughcough*.

    Btw, do you have the translation for “Get the biggest fire” from the Digimon Frontier Best Hit Parade? I’ve never figured out what it’s all about 🙁

    1. Haha, my pleasure. Which Izumi coupling were you rooting for? ;D

      “Get the biggest fire” has actually been sitting in my drafts box for some time. I’ve been wondering whether I should post it up now or wait until I’ve finished some other Digimon translations and post it en masse. Since most people forgive waiting for a long, long time if you answer back with a translation dump. orz

      1. Actually, I always rooted for the Takuya-Izumi coupling, but I’m not averse to Kouji-Izumi either.

        Well, yeah, technically, I’m one of those people XD But you can take your time. It’s not as though I’m dying to know what happens because it’s not hard to pick out some of the meanings from the tone of it.

  4. I had to laugh so hard when I knew & heard the CD dramas…
    And I laughed even more by knowing tjose translations!! Even other translations too… I even appreciated the CD Dramas more when I know what’s going on. Thamks for the translations!!
    (BTW I would also like the “Get the Biggest Fire” Translation! It’s very funny just upon hearing it… xD)

  5. Thank you sooooo much for putting these up. I know it must take up some time… But I would really like if you could do “Get The Biggest Fire!”. I can understand it kind of, but just readin it through would make me enjoy it more instead of trying to translate what they’re saying and then missing what they say next. I wish I had more time to be able to translate. It could be a present from you to me 🙂 some people are requesting it, so maybe move it from the “draft box” to the “must get done now box”? I looked it up, and someone did post the “lyrics” to it on Youtube, but it’s in espanol, so I would need to learn a whole other language. If you do this one translation, I feel as though the collection would be complete… basically 🙂 Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for translating all this! I’ve been looking for these for forever!

    Also, your novel translations to Digimon Adventure is very much appreciated! Haha, you’re just about my favorite person in the whole world right now! I’m sharing the link to your website to every Digimon fan I know!

  7. is this the end? and even the tamers? this is the end of the epilogue right? no more audio?

  8. Wow thanks a lot for those translations onkei-kun. I have always been wondering what the CD dramas said. You’re the best!

    PS: Chibi Masaru in your pic is cute :3

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