[scans] digimon tamers: tamers in holiday

デジモン 公式大図鑑VI
テイマーズショートストーリー テイマーズ in HOLYDAY

Four illustrations that came in the Digimon Tamers illustrated guide book, “Digimon Official Encyclopedia VI ~Digimon Tamers Ver.~”

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The Tamers on holiday… What do they do to spend their free time? We’ve taken a closer look at that part of their lives!!

Supervisor Yamaki playing the card game!!

It happened one day in the early afternoon, at the hiding place Takato and his friends used in Shinjuku Central Park. Four shadows could be seen in there. One of them was Yamaki, who looked rather upset, while the other was Takato, who looked unruffled. Both of them were holding cards for the Digimon card game. Apparently, Yamaki had been attempting to research the digimon from the card game’s point of view, but the match looked to be coming to a close…
The last two shadows were Guilmon and Juri, who were looking at the card players with broad grins on their faces.
Yamaki: Gooo! Attack Plug-in A!!
Takato: Ahh… so that’s how you’re going at it… but. Defense Plug-in C!
Yamaki: W–Whaaat?!
The Angewomon that Yamaki was attacking with, was defeated. This made it a total of 19 losses for Yamaki.
Takato: The problem is in your timing when you use your cards… you need to read more into the flow of the battle.
Perhaps because he was making consecutive wins against an adult, Takato looked a little triumphant.
Guilmon: Wow, Takato! Wow!! You took him down so fast!
Guilmon, all innocence, praised Takato.
Juri: Yamaki-san is pretty weak in the card game.
Katou-san, who also didn’t mean anything spiteful behind her comment, was smiling innocently.
Takato: Oh, don’t compliment me that much, Katou-san. You, too, Guilmon. Ehehe! So, Yamaki-san, how about another battle–
Before Takato reached the end of his sentence, Yamaki suddenly stood up. But because the roof of the playground structure they were sitting in was quite low, he bumped his head against it and gave out an involuntary yell.
Yamaki: Gah!
Takato and the others were surprised by Yamaki’s abrupt action. They looked at Yamaki with real worry in their wide, round eyes.
Yamaki: ……I–It’s nothing. I really envy you children. Uh… right. I have an appointment with the Wild Bunch to get to now. Um, you know. Karaoke. …Excuse me.
Fixing his lopsided sunglasses back on to his nose, Yamaki coolly got down from the structure. Then he fled, to get away from there as quickly as possible. As he was running, Yamaki thought. He definitely was not going to be going to Matsuda Bakery for awhile. No way was he going to be able to look at Takato’s face! Also, he wanted to go straight to someone right now and have them comfort him. Oh, that’s right, he had his good partner Reika. Surely she would comfort his tired self. Ahh, it’s so great to have a partner. Partners are the best!

— 10 minutes later —
Yamaki was scolded at by Reika. That was because he had forgotten to buy the Guilmon Bread that she had asked him to get at Matsuda Bakery. Reika was extremely hungry.
With drooped shoulders, Yamaki was forced to go buy the bread. And when he ran into Takato and the others at the front door of Matsuda Bakery, Yamaki felt even more awkward.

— 5 minutes later —
After buying Guilmon Bread, Yamaki headed back home. The expression on his face was bouyant and chipper, while in his hand, he held a bag filled with delicious bread and the “White Wings” card that Takato had given him as he cheered him up. While he held back something warm that came close to brimming out of his eyes, Yamaki thought from the bottom of his heart:
“Hn… I really do… envy you children…”

A mesmerizing gravure photo shoot?!

Flicker, flicker, flicker… Flash!
Ruki’s eyes were squinted as she underwent the constant barrage of flashing lights. Today, through Rumiko’s introduction, she was enduring a gravure photo shoot that was aimed at young women.
Juri: Ruki-chaaan, try smiling! Not every girl gets to be in a photo shoot, so we should look pretty for our pictures woof!
Contrasting with Ruki’s scowl, Juri was in high spirits. Although she wore a dress similar to Ruki’s, she did not let go of her usual hand puppet in her right hand.
Ruki: …I don’t care if I’m not pretty!
Ruki mumbled, keeping her eyes downcast as she said this. Maybe the reason why Ruki’s face was red was because she, too, didn’t really hate being in a photo shoot that much.
As if realizing Ruki’s mental state, Renamon nodded in a way that conveyed deep emotion.
Renamon: Ruki… you’re very pretty.
Ruki blushed even harder at Renamon’s words.
Ruki: W–What are you talking about?! Are you stupid?! I’m going home!!
Juri: Ooh! They still haven’t taken good pictures of us yet! Hang in there just a little more, okay?
Forcibly, Juri held Ruki back as she attempted to leave. It was at this time that Impmon arrived at the photo shoot studio.
Impmon: Yo, guys, what are you doing? Let me join, it’ll be an honor to you!
As Impmon said this, he ran in circles around the cameramen. At this rate, he’ll make a mess of the entire photo shoot.
Sensing this, Renamon instantly unleashed her special attack.
Renamon: I won’t let anyone get in the way of disturbing Ruki in her finest clothes! Koyousetsu!!
Impmon: W–What did I do wrong?!
Impmon was blown away, along with the photo shoot equipment.
Around this time, Culumon, clad in a dress and hat that had been put on him, was squirming at Ruki’s feet.
Culumon: Culumon can’t see in front of him, culu~

The melancholy of Lopmon

An early afternoon on a Sunday. Coming back home from an errand, Jianliang could hear the joyful laughter of Shaochung coming from further in the apartment.
Jianliang: That Shaochung, she’s playing house with Lopmon again…
Shaochung: Lopmon-chan, it’s time for your milk~
A smile spread across her entire face, Shaochung brought a toy baby bottle closer and closer to Lopmon.
Lopmon: Um… but one hath already receiveth one’s three o’clock snack from one’s mother dear–
Shaochung: ‘I.’ ‘Have’!!
Lopmon: …! I have…
Shaochung: And babies can’t talk!!
Lopmon: ……….
Shaochung: What a good boy! Drink a lot so you can become big and strong~
Lopmon stood at attention and froze, unable to finish saying what he had been attempting to. Paying no attention to this, Shaochung forcefully pushed the baby bottle into the area around Lopmon’s mouth.

— 1 hour later —
Jianliang: Oh, did she fall asleep?
The still young Shaochung had apparently gotten tired as she played house and had fallen asleep… Next to her, wearing baby clothes stood a paralyzed Lopmon, staring blankly in front of him. Shaochung was holding onto one of his ears as she slept, preventing him from moving away from there…
Jianliang: You’ll catch a cold, Shaochung…
Jianliang tenderly put a blanket over the gently snoring Shaochung.
Shaochung: …Mmnh… Lopmon… we’ll always… be together…
Hearing Shaochung’s sleep-talk, the two of them involuntarily looked at her in surprise.
Jianliang: Lopmon. Please keep looking after Shaochung from now on.
Lopmon: As one dost well aware already. One hath… I have made a promise. No matter what happens, I will protect Shaochung.
In that moment… Lopmon thought he saw Shaochung smile a happy smile.

An unscrupulous battle – Hirokazu VS Kenta, their struggle to the death

It took place in a certain park along a riverbed. The place had become a bit of a hot topic among the kindergartners who lived near the area, because, as part of a regional service, Hirokazu and Kenta performed a real Digimon battle there every day.
However, for some reason, the legendary Tamer, Ryo Akiyama, was among the spectators today?! When they thought about it later, it was his very presence that started the entire nightmare…
Kenta: Here I go! Card Slash! Steel Drill!
His voice was as authoritative as it always was, in that afternoon at the riverbed park. First, MarineAngemon’s legs became a drill, and he attacked, which Guardromon quickly turned to avoid. So far, everything was going the same as always.
However, immediately after that, there was a loud roar as MarineAngemon crashed into the ground, and what appeared was a large hole!! Normally, Kenta would never use this much power! Something about Kenta… was very wrong today!!
Kenta: He dodged it?! Then, Card Slash! Speed Sevens! Chase him down with your high speed!!
The drill sped up under his strict, demon-like instructions!! Guardromon dodged them desperately, but every time he did, there would form another giant hole in the ground!!
Ryo: K–Kenta-kun! That’s overdoing it!!
Apparently, Kenta’s simple desire to show off to Ryo had begun to get out of control?!
And then there was Hirokazu, whose eyes were already gleaming and bloodshot!!
Hirokazu: Heh heh heh! I’m much more amazing! Look! Card Slash! King Device!!
Ryo: That’s not good either! Hirokazu-kun, you’re being rash!
Hirokazu Slashed the forbidden card, making Guardromon grow like a giant!! But the sudden weight caused Guardromon to lose his balance, and he began to fall over!!
Hirokazu: Gyaaaah!
Ryo: What else did you think would happen?! That card can only be used by advanced level– Ah, hey! What are you doing?!
Oh no! Cyberdramon, who’d been standing impatiently at the sidelines, had now lunged into the fight! The riverbed park became a scene of carnage within minutes, resulting in the kindergartners running around trying to escape!
Ryo: Stop!!
According to the rumors later on, it is said that that fearsome battle went on for about three hours. After that, no Digimon ever came to that place ever again…

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